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DOOR(S) 4:

I happened to be in a neighboring town to do some research on older mansions in their much larger library, when I noticed a van go by that I recognized. It was Arturo, an acquaintance from my youth who had built up a travelling X-ray business. He worked for doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and lawyers to do medical X-rays where the patients were when it was not practical to take them to the locations that normally administer them. He built up quite a clientele and was reasonably successful.

Since I had some serious issues on trying to access certain hidden rooms in my recently acquired family mansion, it occurred to me that he might be able to help. So, I called his number as displayed on the side of his truck and asked him to meet me for lunch. He pulled over and answered, then accepted my offer, especially since I was going to cover the charge.

As we sat in a booth at the local DENNYS and awaited our meals, I laid out my challenge. He was very quiet and contemplative for several minutes and then he offered, “Will, I will have to think this over some. My travelling van equipment wouldn’t help with this, since there has to be some kind of pickup for the images on the other side of the object that I scan. But, I have heard that there are new techniques and equipment available to accomplish this without that necessity. I have wanted to look into that anyway, since it would allow me to expand my professional repertoire and widen my business. Let me get back to you on that.

I informed him of the necessity of being discreet over whatever method that we would use, since the reason for the secrecy in the first place was the very real concern about neighbors knowing that a person has a facility like this in place. When disaster strikes, there are those who would not bother to go and obtain needed supplies then, but would not feel guilty at all about coopting readily available supplies near home and not be shy about using whatever means necessary to obtain them.

So, Arturo said that it would be possible to sneak the equipment in late at night and have the job done before most people would even be up in the morning. Besides, he could have it shipped to me, also. Have it boxed up like some new furniture or something like that to divert suspicion. As soon as he could find out about the newer equipment he would contact me. He was really getting into the challenge.

I had little concern about Arturo knowing about this room, since he lived a hundred miles away and would not be local if some kind of disaster struck. Besides, he was a normally very discreet and fine fellow.

After finishing our lunches and picking up the tab and tip, I gave him one of my introductory cards and we parted for the time being.

I then spent a few hours at the library and learned very little that was helpful. Evidently my mansion was very idiosyncratic in its development. I could find no other one that was described to be of its nature. Of course, others that might exist might be also closely guarded secrets, too. To protect the contents of their hidden rooms, also. So, having accomplished what I came for with very limited success, but having added the bonus of running into Arturo, I knew that I had to return home asap, since Gloria’s mom was coming to visit. I didn’t anticipate any problems with the visit of a gray haired lady in her eighties, but am very defensive about my digs of any strangers entering it.

As I was driving back, I reran the details and status of my search through my mind. I still get confused about how many hidden rooms that I had found and the locations of them. And though I had the location for at least thirteen so far, the interiors and contents of several of them remained a mystery. It is possible that the more important the room, the harder it will be to access it. And Uncle was not beyond having a little fun with people. If what Ramona (?) says is true and I was a favorite of his, he might have made a special effort to require me to rise up to the challenge in some of their regards. The sex room and the office had not been hard to locate, even the girls that visit me had known the location of the sex room and the main office would be needed by me, so its access was not intended to be a great challenge to me to find.

When I got home, Gloria was busy doing her thing in her bedroom office. She had really taken hold of the management of the mansion, and even the day worker maid thought that she was very pleasant to work with. The house was spotless, the larder full and everything was in order. She had restrained herself in inquiring about anything that she was not offered to know. This was in contrast to her exorbitant manner of addressing her part in my intimate needs. In that she was world class crazy and absolutely uninhibited in her offerings to me. I was already hopeful that things would continue between us. She was draining off a lot of my desires for the junior members of my intimate retinue.

At about six o’clock in the evening, Irma showed up. And what a grand lady she appeared as. She was tall, about 5’9”, slim, with gigantic breastworks, gorgeous silver white hair and a very mature and intelligent manner about her. She also seemed to have Gloria’s number, since Gloria was in a frazzled state just having her present. But, Gloria also showed her deep love for her mom in the way she acted, too. Evidently the two of them had been through an awful lot, even more than the usual mother and daughter drama.

I left for my office, the one upstairs to catch up on some of my research and other business. It had a connection to my main office which office is hidden and so I could do a lot of my work without entering the hidden one. One thing that I did was to begin to systematically catalog the locations, descriptions (as currently known,) entry methods and contents (also as so far determined) of each one. I then printed it out for me to carry in my pocket, hopefully to help defuse the regular confusion that I felt in trying to remember and access the prodigious amount of information in ‘real time’ as I went about my searches and inquiries.

As I was sitting there thinking of what to do next, I got a text message from Ramona, that she was coming to visit. I texted her back to proceed directly to the ‘sex room,’ and she replied, “Okay.” Then I accessed the room through the internal door from the elevator.

When she arrived, she immediately removed her clothing and after stacking it neatly, proceeded to the bureau and withdrew a black open-crotch teddy and then after donning it, she joined me on my lap as I sat in my ‘comfort chair.’ She then began her litany of minor offenses over the time since that I had seen her last. The most serious offense was her fucking the assistant manager of the drug store down the street for her having lifted some makeup. After getting his bell rung, he even let her have the swag that she had coopted.

So, in response I informed her that this double offense surely required some absolution and punishment of and to her. She smiled sweetly, kissed me avidly and then proceeded over to the stocks, this time letting me secure her hands as well as her head. I then to make things a bit more interesting for her, did not this time ease her presence there with the foot stool under her knees, but had her uncomfortably leaned over into the stocks. She did whine a little about that.

But, when I unsnapped the crotch of her teddy, that was all forgotten. I nosed up to her hinny and with her sagging down her back, managed to whip her butt cheeks, upper legs and crotch to a nice rosy tone. This was accompanied by some whimpers and light screams of her offering. Exaggerated, in my estimation, but it was her fun, so I let that go.

After several minutes of this newly acquired fun by me, I then anointed her reddened areas with the thick lubricant and she showed a brief temper as she awaited my further efforts. I got my trousers down, my dick up and into her pussy from behind. She was now very happy as she showed by her moans, whispers and shrieks. This all was spurring me on to my efforts to finish in to her. I had intended to move on to anal, but I couldn’t help it. With her physical responses to my thrusting, I emptied right up into her, to her evident satisfaction. She then redressed, gave me a big smooch and accepted her weekly gift to leave for the night.

When I returned to the sitting room, Irma was ensconced on the ‘conversation couch’ with a cup of hot tea in her hand in the process of cooling it to be able to enjoy it. There was a matching cup at my right hand on the side table next to my chair. She looked over the rim of her cup and with a scrunched up forehead inquired of me, “Mr. Dorn, did you happen to hear some womanly screams a little while ago. They seemed to come from the west side of the house?”

I looked up from my cup and remarked, “I don’t believe so, could it have been from the neighbor’s?”

She then after taking another sip, “No, I don’t think so. And there was this young thing coming around the side of the house when I peered out the window. I wondered what that was about.”

“Oh, that was probably the girl who does the lawn, inquiring about when she could mow it next. You see, I am sometimes about and around and don’t want her to mow it while I am not here for safety’s sake.”

With a very dim smile on her face, “That is very considerate of you, while she sees to other household needs of yours, I could imagine.”
With that statement, I recognized the challenge that this very sharp lady would pose and so changed the subject, “Where is Gloria, per chance?”

Irma smiled at the deftness of my return of the conversational serve and answered, “She has retired for the night and I have decided to stay in one of your other spare bedrooms if that is acceptable.”

“But, of course.” I replied and excused myself to move to my sleeping chamber also. She acknowledged that as I rose and left her company.

I quickly fell asleep in my comfy bed and drifted into a deep sleep. Much later, I thought that I was feeling the presence of a woman with me. But, if it was so, she wasn’t pressing me for any intimacies, only laying still against my back, so I just ignored it and continued in my sleep until morning. When I awoke, I could detect an aroma of perfume much like………….Irma’s. I decided that I would take that under consideration as the day played out.

At about ten in the morning, after sharing in a breakfast prepared by Irma this time, I excused myself to some duties around the house and got off the elevator at the main office. When I opened the door, the silent message alarm was blinking that a message was waiting for my attention. When I accessed it, I found that it was from Arturo and he advised me that he would be arriving at about two in the morning, that night, if that was acceptable. I emailed and texted back to him my acceptance.

Since I had nothing planned for the day, none of my little friends were coming by, and that I didn’t want to do my hidden room inventory with an outside audience, I decided to give my total attention to Irma. She seemed to be in no hurry to leave, and I certainly wasn’t going to mention that eventuality until she did, I just patiently awaited her in my ‘comfort’ chair across from the ‘conversation’ couch. And very soon after that she arrived in her daytime glory with two cups of tea and a full head of steam prepared to share with me.

I smiled to her and she asked if I could give her a little background on my past. I related to her that I was just a very average person before unexpectantly receiving this mansion and all of its responsibilities. Since that had happened I had been very busy drawing up proper plans for it after years of remodels, so that I could properly maintain and possibly include future technological advances into its existence as several generations of my family had done. I felt that the first active project was going to be incorporating a recycling center into the kitchen, and I was studying that room to see where the best place would be do so .

She showed an advanced perspective of me with that. “Very commendable, Mr. Dorn. It is a pleasure to meet another person who feels that at least some minimum efforts must be made to mitigate our presence on this beautiful planet.”

“Thank you for that thought, Mrs. …………. I am always surprised at people who won’t even try to do this to some minimum standard. Because so much of it is really simple.”

“So, True!”

“How about some background info on you and Gloria, just to give me a sense of what she has come from?”

Just then, Gloria passed by and looked at us both and said, “Will meet Irma. Irma meet Will. And be careful each of you in what you say about me.” With that she moved on to whatever chore she was up to at that time.

“Alright Will,” said with a smile. “Here goes…..”

“Our family was very ordinary with me and my first husband, Gunther, enjoying our three boys. But at a late mating age, we got the pleasant surprise of a beautiful baby girl. And she was just a regular girl until she reached the age of twelve and then for some reason her personality split off, with one stalled at twelve and the other proceeding ahead with a normal development. The stalled one adopted the name, Ria, and the progressing one named herself Glori; both derived from her real name Gloria.

We tried every medical avenue that we could identify, including psychiatrists, psychologists and identity disorder specialists. None of them could get to the bottom of the cause, much less bring on a cure. So, we decided to look beyond the normal mental treatments to find some relief for her. And we found accidentally a quack professed mentalist in Germany that recommended a very controversial treatment involving incest actions. My husband and I were horrified by this, but were also desperate to do something for our dear daughter. So we (with her actual age at eighteen) tried the best that we could and enlisted a sympathetic cab driver, Brad, to help.

This seemed to mitigate the worst aspects of this disorder, but did not even approach becoming a cure. Gunther and I studied some more and we independently came to the conclusion that the best hope for a cure was for her to become pregnant and have a baby. Hopefully, the hormone activities of pregnancy would overcome the evident hysteria caused by the beginning of her menses. And it worked out so, to a considerable degree. However with the melding of her two personalities into one taking on the new name Glorene, Brad to his deep agony was left behind. Her new personality didn’t even recognize him.
I lost Gunther about this time from the stresses of us trying to deal with Gloria’s condition, and soon after a previous romance with of Gloria with Steve became reinitiated and they soon after that married. It was to all appearances a very happy marriage. But, over the years once in a while Ria would briefly reappear and in that mode she would be again be drawn to Brad, who was now married to me. I had tried to help him over the heartache of losing Gloria and we had fallen in love in the process. While Steve was on duty in the military overseas, on one of these occasions, she forgot her birth control and she became pregnant with a boy, her first after three girls. Steve in the excitement of getting a son, put aside his resentful feelings and the couple renewed their marriage vows and seemed happy until lately.

His son is just finishing college far away and will not be coming back home to live. In his work, Steve is around a lot of young women and several of them have pierced through his marital defensive armor, leading to the ‘in process’ divorce action. Eventually Gloria will get her share, but she tells me that she is very happy here for the time being and maybe beyond the time of the fair division of the marital assets.

I think that brings you up to date on things that might affect you about Gloria and me.”

“Thank you for that detailed explanation, I think that it will help me to handle the situation with her. And as far as her duties, she is doing very well with them. And as far as I am concerned, she can stay here with me as long as she wants. As long as things stay workable between us. As you must know she is a formidable lover, which I have already experienced. But, she is also a bit ‘wonky’ at times, and I work very hard to not laugh at that. She has a sense of her condition as she goes along and seems to be very appreciative of my considerations towards her at those times. And they even now seem to very much be mitigated by the wildest sex imaginable.”

“Yes, that is the pattern, for sure. I suggest that you just ride with it, because the extraordinary sexual practices don’t hurt her at all and in fact seem to calm her down for periods of time. So, just ride with it and enjoy, I recommend.”

“Thank you for your understanding on that. By the way, could there be another member of your family that might need some accommodation due to loneliness issues?”

With that inquiry, I got a pretty little blushing by the fine lady before me. And she very shyly answered, “We shall see about that.” And that concluded that discussion as she moved on to other interests of hers in her bedroom.

At this point in the day, I decided to take a little nap to rest up for the hijinks with Arturo later in the night. While I was lightly dozed off, I again felt the presence of a lady cuddled up tightly behind me, naked and reaching around to hold me tight. Nothing else, and it felt wonderfully comforting to me and I slept a lot longer than planned in a pleasant mental state. Women have for generations been serving that up to their men.
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