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“The Tutor” is a work of total fiction. This chapter takes us back into reality where we meet an exciting new character.
I spent a good deal of the following few weeks doing some homework. Not for summer school, mind you. Instead I focused most of my attention embracing and researching my new fetish. The Internet showed me watersports fantasies enacted around the world. I saw lesbians drink each other’s piss at a train stop where men shouted obscenitites at them in Russian. One of them even got kicked by an old man as she squat to take a leak at the loading docks. Somewhere in Italy a group of men and women keep their fancy clothes on as they all take turns defacing their expensive looking outfits. The absolute best, however, were the Germans. Their women reveled in it, they demanded it, and there was no shortage of men to supply. They appeared en masse, cumming and pissing all over blonde bombshells begging for more. These were my favorite videos. The more I watched them, the more I found myself empathizing with the women at the center of it all. I wondered what it would really feel like to be on the receiving end of someone’s golden gift.

I had been too nervous to ever go back to Kyle’s apartment. There were a few times when I walked there after class, but as soon as I spotted that big blue door my heart would race so hard that it drowned out my hearing. Even if I had knocked on the door I had no idea what to say. I probably would have just stood there fumbling for words like a goon and gesturing bluntly at my penis.

So while I was caught up with all of these extra-curricular studies, my actual schoolwork fell to the wayside. I had failed my last three tests, and now I was so far behind that I couldn’t comprehend any of the new material. Not that it would matter even if I was caught up; all I could think of when I looked at Ms. Kontos was what she would look like sitting on my face. She was young for a teacher, mid twenties. She had a light boston accent and sandy blonde hair with bangs that slung across her forehead like a lazy hammock. For some reason it gave me a mental image of a tortilla, but in a good way.

I would imagine her putting her hand on my shoulder at the end of class, and saying “wait here, we need to talk about your grades.” She would then tell me that I needed some “extra help,” and that I should come to her house to get caught up. Once there she would pour me a glass of wine. “Innapropriate, but we’re both adults right?” she would ask.

My mind would then bounce directly from wine on the couch to me licking her piss-dripping pussy in the tub. I could never figure out what that middle step would be, but I was sure when the moment came I would surely know what to do. Just as I never was able to plan out that transition, I also wasn’t able to retain a single thing Ms. Kontos taught in class.

That’s why my heart stopped one day just as math was ending, and I was dozing into another fantasy. In this one she had told me she was “thirsty,” and I was midway through pissing all over that tortilla hair when the bell rang to end class.

“Joel, would you stay behind for a minute?” Oh God, it’s happening. I stayed in my seat as the rest of the class shuffled out. I already had an erection from my daydream and I was relieved to have a few moments to let it subside before I had to face the teacher. A few deep breaths later I was sitting in an empty room save for Ms. Kontos and me. I stood up and walked over to her as she leaned on the wall by the door.

She put her arm out and laid it gently on my shoulder and said “We need to talk about your grades.” It was all happening exactly like in my fantasies. Was I still dreaming? I dug my fingernails into my palm hoping the pain would bring me out of this. It didn’t.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better. Math isn’t really my strong suit,” I admitted.

Ms. Kontos smiled. “That’s ok, some people just need a little extra attention. Listen, I’m sorry if this is a little inappropriate, but I wanted to talk to you about getting some private tutoring done.”

“With you?” I blurted out. I was trying to go for calm, but it came out as a weird mixture of excitement and disappointment.

She laughed. “Unfortunately I don’t really have time, but I do know someone who is really very good. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve already called him.

Whew, it’s not a dream, just a few coincidences. A relieved laugh bubbled out of me as I relaxed. “Yeah, that would be awesome. I appreciate you looking out for me.”

“Of course, Joel. Here’s his name and number. I’ve already talked to him and he’s expecting you to call.” She handed me a business card. It read “Kyle Sanderson, math tutor.”

My head started to spin. I felt faint, and had to lean back on Ms. Kontos desk for support. “You ok Joel?” She asked.

“Yeah, its just funny. He uh, tutored me last year, its just funny that you recommended him too.” Thoughts churned in my head. Was this a set up? I tried to remember if I told Kyle I was taking summer school. Ms. Kontos probably wasn’t much older than Diana, could she somehow know about what I did with Kyle and Diana? Does she do those things with them too? Suddenly all my fantasies felt closer to preparation than daydreaming; was it possible that I might one day get to taste her liquid intamacy?

“I’ve known Kyle for a couple of years now, he’s managed to help every student I’ve sent to him. He really is fantastic.”

“I’ll give him a call right now. Thanks.” I meant it. As soon as I left the classroom, I ran as fast as I could away from campus until I knew there was no one around. I was in an alleyway between a grocery store and a strip mall. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed the number on the card. Kyle picked up on the third ring.

“Hello?” Kyle sounded suspicious and slightly annoyed.

“Hey Kyle, its Joel. From tutoring?” And that time we had a kinky piss party all over your roommate.

Kyle laughed and immediately changed his tone. “Joel! Hey buddy, how ya been?”

“Good. I wanted to talk about tutoring.” I said, though it came out like a question.

“Yep, Anna already filled me in a bit. Why don’t we meet up and talk about it some more?”

“Anna?” I asked, suddenly confused.

“Ah, sorry. Ms. Kontos.”

“Oh, right.” They’re on a first name basis? This definitely lends more credence to her being in on all of this.

“Are you doing anything tonight? Around 6ish? Why don’t you come over to my place and we will figure it out. You remember where my place is, right?”

“Yep!” How could I forget? “I’ll see you at 6.”

“6ish. No rush.” Kyle said, casually.

I arrived outside his apartment at 5:45PM, once again urgently needing to pee. At home I forced myself to drink 3 bottles of water, and jerked off to the dirtiest thing I could find. The video was of couple at the bottom of a busy public stairway. The woman crouched down to unbutton his pants and pull out his cock. He holds her head and face fucks her as people walk by. An old woman stares as he repeatedly slaps his partner in the face with his dick. Then, while still hard, he takes a piss on the stairs while she leans forward to drink as if from a fountain. You can tell from her face that she doesn’t love the taste, but she certainly loves the taboo. Once he finishes, she polishes off his cock with a few more sucks, then they wander off to fuck in the park. I came hard, overflowing my tissue with cum. It dripped to the floor as I rushed to deposit my spent rag in the toilet.

I walked up to the big blue door that separated me from his den of carnal knowledge. My heart raced, and I started to chicken out. I walked back up to the curb and thought of going back to my house. I was able to convince myself that this meeting had nothing to do with all the crazy stuff we did before. This is about math and teachers dammit!

A niggling thought persisted in the back of my mind that this could still be an elaborate setup. I redoubled my efforts to be brave and stormed the door like a man on a mission. I rapped loudly on the door three times and stared directly at the peephole, trying not to breathe too heavily.

The door opened suddenly, it gave me a start. Diana appeared in the doorway. Her hair was up in a bun, and she had a cream colored shirt on. It was tight and hugged her breasts in a way that told me she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her jeans showed off her shapely hips and long legs, and her bare feet boasted hot pink toenails.

“Hey Joel, come on in. You looking for Kyle?” She turned and walked back inside. The apartment was bright and sophisticated. An aroma of garlic and a home cooked meal lingered in the air.

“Yeah, Kyle’s gonna tutor me in math.” I stepped in and closed the door behind me.

“Oh, is that right?” She asked as if she already knew the answer. “Trying to get a head start for the fall?”

“Summer school, actually.” I said as I followed her to the sectional couch that took up most of the living room.

She took a seat, and reached over to the glass coffee table where a glass of red wine sat. “Would you like some? The bottles on the counter.” She gestured over to the bar straddling the kitchen area by the front door. A deep red bottle sat 3/4 full, and next to it stood two empty glasses. Was she expecting company? Was I the company?

I tried to casually say yes, but I think it was clear that this was to be my first sip of alcohol. I walked over and poured a small amount of wine into the glass.

“You can have more than that. I wont tell anyone.” She winked, and it made her seem powerful. I didn’t tell her the real reason for not pouring a full glass; I really had to pee from all the water I drank at home. I poured myself a little more to be polite and joined her back on the couch.

“Kyle’s just finishing up in the other room, he should be ready for you any minute.” Diana explained. “In the meantime you get to keep me company.” Her voice turned bubbly and light.

“Happy to oblige,” I said, sounding like a total nerd.

“So are you here just to learn math, or is Kyle teaching you anything else?” She asked provocatively.

“I think just the math,I didn’t know he tutored for any other classes,” I probed.

“He doesn’t,” She grinned and sipped deeply from her wine glass. I took a sip too. The wine tasted rich and dry. The aftertaste was pure bitterness, and left my mouth feeling parched for water.

Just then the door opened from down the hall, and Kyle walked out. His hair fell down his face in a ruffled mop, his glasses half hidden under his auburn curls. He wore a green V-neck shirt and gym shorts.

“Hey Joel,” Kyle said. “Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to fix Diana’s laptop in the other room. You ready to study?”

“Yup, lets do it.” I stood up and started to walk to him.

“Actually, lets study in here. Diana, you mind?” Kyle walked over to the counter, picked up the last glass, and poured half the remaining wine.

Diana grabbed her glass, and stood up slowly. “Aww, you mean I don’t get to learn some math too?”

“Nah, you already know everything,” Kyle chuckled as Diana crossed the living room.

“Just let me know if you need me for anything. I’ll just be skyping with Nancy.”

Nancy. I’d heard her say that name before. That was the girl from camp that she called out to. She was the one Diana recorded us for.

“Lets get started,” Kyle said as he sat down next to me with his full glass of wine. The leather seat depressed under his weight and caused me to slant slightly towards him. My full bladder groaned as my body resettled on the couch. “Where’s your backpack?”

Shit. “I, uh, I forgot it.”

Kyle laughed some more. “You were so excited to study that you forgot all your stuff, eh? I know how that goes. You’re taking Geometry, right?”

“Yeah,” I groaned.

“I think I still have my copy of that book.” He stood up, again forcing my bladder to resettle as he walked over to the bookshelf on the far end of the room. Kyle thumbed his way across a couple rows then pulled the one I recognized. He came back over to me, and opened up the large math textbook to the table of contents.

“Alright,” Kyle took a deep swig from his wine, “What chapter are you on?”

“Uhhh. I’m not super sure. Chapter 5?” I threw out a number at random. 5 seemed as good as any number to me.

Kyle raised a skeptical brow. “Well I gotta say, I think I know why you’re failing math.”

“I’ve got the curriculum online, I can check.” I pulled out my phone and swiped to unlock it. A Mack truck of terror smashed into me as the porn video from before immediately resumed playing. A loud “Uuuunnnngggg” rang through the apartment as the woman in the video runs her tongue across a cock mid-way through peeing. I hammered frantically at the home button on my phone.

“Shit shit shit shit! Sorry.” I said, horrified.

Kyle looked absolutely tickled. He was giggling like a kid next to me. He convulsed on the sofa in his fit of laughter and made my need to pee even more urgent than before.

“Sorry. I gotta use the restroom.” I started to stand up, but as I tried to walk away something anchored me in place. Kyle had reached out his hand, and held me by the wrist.

“Wait, wait,” he mumbled through his laughter. “Joel, be honest with me. You didn’t come here to do math, did you?”

“Well,” I conceded. “I don’t really know, to be honest. I kinda hoped that something else would happen. Something like last time?” For some reason I was tiptoeing around the subject. I somehow still had this unshakeable feeling that this was somehow a set-up. If I addressed our last encounter directly then somehow it could spoil the whole thing.

“You sure you want to waste all that pee in the toilet?” Kyle asked bluntly.

“No. I want to give it to Diana,” I responded almost before he had finished asking his question.

Kyle stood up, his hand still around my wrist. He loosened his grip and slid his long soft fingers down to my hand then intertwined them with mine. “Then come on, she’s already waiting for us.” He spoke softly and simply. I looked down at our clasped hands and noticed a bulge in his gym shorts. He wanted this too.

I nodded, and together we walked down the hall toward the closed door. I passed the bathroom; the door was slightly ajar and I felt a rush as I peeked inside at the room where I began this journey. We continued onward, and I could hear Diana talking behind the closed door. Kyle lifted his free hand and knocked gently before twisting the knob and inching the door forward. I could see a dimly lit room through the crack. Shadows danced inside, as if candles lit the room.

Diana called out to us. “Come on in, I’m not decent!”

Kyle pushed the door the rest of the way. Now that I had a better view I could see that the room was indeed lit almost entirely by candles. A lamp sat next to the bed, but it had a thin red square of linen covering it, projecting crimson on the ceiling. Diana was sitting cross-legged on the queen-sized bed, which faced the door. Her jeans were off and she was wearing frilly pink underwear that almost matched her toenails. She still had the tan shirt on, but part of it was riding up, exposing her midriff. Her navel poked out like a cute little button.

Between the bed and the wall to my right there was a large open space. The wood floor was covered in sheet plastic, and atop it sat a blue kiddie pool. It sat empty, though I had an idea of how I could remedy that.

Across from the bed sat a dresser with a laptop opened up. I stepped inside the room to get a better view of the monitor; a pale woman with black hair covered up most of the screen. In the bottom corner I could see a reflection of Diana sitting on the bed.

Kyle let go of my hand and hopped onto the bed with Diana, then spun around to face me and the computer. “Hey Nancy!” He exclaimed as he waved his hand enthusiastically at the screen.

“Joel, come sit next to me, I want you to meet Nancy.” Diana patted an empty space on the bed next to her. I climbed up and sat next to her; agonizingly aware that each step I took was being monitored from both the front and the back. As I settled onto the bed, my shoulder sunk into Diana, and our arms touched. The nerve endings all over my body tingled just from brushing up against her warmth.

I turned and set my attention to the laptop. “Hi Nancy, I’m Joel.” I waved. Nancy was a petite girl in loose white tank top. I could see her cleavage hanging with a sizeable gap between her breasts; she was clearly not wearing a bra. Her skin was porcelain white, save for a few freckles spotted around her nose, which was sharp and angular. Her long black hair waved down to her shoulders in a perfect mess. She had dark hazel eyes, almost black, and a smile that unmistakably conveyed mischief.

“So, you must be the mystery hose from that last video. I gotta admit, that was pretty hot stuff.” She spoke matter-of-factly. “You going to give me a live show this time?”

“Sure, if you like.” My casual voice was betrayed by a goofy uncontrollable grin plastered across my face. “Just make sure you’re a good audience member.”

My attempt at being provocative paid off. Nancy bit her lower lip and started rubbing her breasts. One of the straps of her tank top slid off her shoulder and her right tit briefly escaped from its confines. She had a large pink nipple that stood almost as erect as my penis and was surrounded by a generous areola.

“Oh, I’m not just an audience member. You all are going to be playing a little game I like to call ‘Miss Nancy.’”

“I love that game!” Diana shouted as she threw both her hands in the air. Her hands were balled up into fists as they pumped back and forth above her head. The bed shifted with each fist and I had to tighten my legs to hold my bladder.

“Stop that right now,” Nancy barked. Her wicked grin betrayed the harshness of her voice.

“Yes, Miss Nancy.” Diana shoved her arms down between her legs into the bed.

“And take off that stupid shirt,” she continued.

“Yes Miss Nancy,” Diana said again as she pinched the bottom of her shirt. In one clean motion she pulled her top up and over her head. Her breasts toppled out thankfully, and her nipples immediately began to swell. They looked incredible in the dim red light of the room. Tiny shadows danced across her areolas as her pricked up nipples caught the light of the fires cast from the candles beside us.

“You too, boys.”

“Yes Miss Nancy,” we both said eagerly. A rush of cold air sent a shiver through me as I yanked my shirt off.

“All of it.”

We spoke the words again, and I lingered for a moment as Diana slid her panties off. I worked blindly at my belt as she split her legs apart to sit Indian-style. The edges of her labia were spread apart so I could see just a little pink from where I was sitting. She was below me last time so I never really got to see her pussy until now. Kyle was better prepared than me; He pulled his gym shorts and boxers off quickly, and I could see the head of his cock peeking up from between his legs.

I finally got my pants off. I resettled on the bed. This time my entire side from shoulder to butt was touching Diana’s soft skin. Diana leaned back then put her arms around both Kyle and myself. I put my arm around her back, and I could feel Kyle rest on top of my arm as he did the same.

“Good. Feel each other more.” Nancy slid the other strap off her tank top and the shirt fell limply to her side. I could see both her tits now, and if I squinted I could even see myself in the corner. I watched my hand reach up and grab Diana’s breast. It was smooth and warm, and as I squeezed I could feel the softness inside countered by the firmness of the skin outside. As I released it popped back to its perky perfection.

“All of you touch each other.”

Kyle rotated himself to better lean over. He was lightly grazing Diana’s skin from the neck down. It made her body tingle as she let out a soft moan. He ran his hand over her entire body, taking some extra time to swirl around her nipples. By the time he got over to her legs, he crossed her right knee and continued onto mine.

“Is this ok?” He asked, as he inched his hand up my leg.

I felt suddenly out of breath. I hadn’t expected this to happen. He smiled gently at me. I nodded and let out an “uh huh.”

“Good,” Miss Nancy said. She bit her lip.

“You don’t have to touch me if you don’t want to,” Kyle said.

“Thanks.” I said. He slid himself forward a bit, creating a triangle between Diana and me. He began to mirror his hands across each of us, sliding his hands curiously up our legs, stopping for a moment at our hips. His fingers danced towards my cock as his wrist stayed anchored to my hipbone. His hand surged with a little more force up my torso. One of my hands was already on Diana’s breast, so he leaned forward a bit to caress her other one. His other hand ran its way up to my shoulder where it held tight. His head leaned forward toward Diana, and she leaned her head in too. They gave each other a tender kiss as he felt her. Then he leaned back, his hands running their way down our bodies again. He made his way down to our knees, only this time when he ran his hands back up they were on the inside of our thighs. His fingers ran up my balls so gently that I could feel the hairs tickling against my scrotum.

“You ok with--“

“Mhmm.” I cut him off as I reached forward with my other hand and grabbed onto his leg with my free hand. I slid my hand up his leg; it was firm. The skin was still soft, but I wasn’t really into all the leg hair, to be honest. As I got closer to his penis the hair thinned out. I rubbed back and forth on a bald patch by his hip, just before his shaved pubic area.

Over to my left I could see he was already playing with Diana’s clit, rubbing it slowly in a circular motion. With his other hand he slid his hand up my cock, and let two fingers dance around the rim of its head. My cock surged forward with his touch. My heart raced as my right hand leapt forward and grabbed his cock. His head was bigger than mine. I could feel it pressed between my pinky and ring finger. His cock twitched in my hand as thanks. I moved my hand to better grip his shaft. He was circumsized, but his skin still had a fair amount of pull as I pulled.

“Ooh, interesting development.” I heard Nancy say through the speaker. “Diana, suck Joels Cock.”

I turned to look at Diana. She locked her vibrant blue eyes with mine. They were hungry and burned with desire. She licked her puffy red lips, and without breaking eye contact said “Yes Miss Nancy.”

She leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips were the softest thing I had ever touched. Her tongue slipped through and flicked my upper lip. I opened my mouth and brought mine out to meet hers. She tasted like sweet cherries, and after our lips broke I felt my lips hum.

Her head descended and I could feel her golden hair tickle my ribs as she came down on my cock. As the lips I had just kissed wrapped themselves around my throbbing muscle, I felt an immediate surge of feral energy. My hand started jerking Kyle’s cock faster and harder. He circled over to my right side and let me lie down. He crawled over on his knees and brought his penis up close to my face. I could see the veins along his shaft throbbing with anticipation. The head was swollen and round, and I suddenly wanted nothing more than to have it in my mouth.

It must have been obvious, because the next thing I heard was Nancy’s voice ringing in my ear, “Do it, Joel. Suck his cock.”

I leaned forward and remembered what Diana had done last time; I lifted his cock up and ran my tongue all the way up his hard mass. I let go with my hand and let it fall onto my face. My breath shuddered as it tumbled softly across my features. A small wet streak of pre cum smeared my cheek and I wanted to taste it. I ran my tongue across his pee hole. A mild sweetness dribbled out and I washed it around my mouth. I opened my lips more and brought his cock fully into my mouth. At first all I could sense was his massive head, but then I took it further in and my tongue felt the split underneath where the bulbous flesh gives way to thinner skin. I took it all the way in until I could feel him threatening my gag reflex, and then I retreated. I released myself from his cock and inspected my handy work. It glistened in the red haze of the room, and I took it again.

I could still feel Diana sucking me off, and I did my best to mirror her movements. It took a few stop and starts, but I finally was able to get myself in rhythm with her until we became a perfect chain of cock sucking.

I heard my name. I ignored it. I heard it again. Nancy was calling my name. “Yeph Miph Namphy,” I mumbled out. I wasn’t sure which was more pleasurable, getting my cock sucked or sucking cock myself. The decision was quickly made for me as Kyle pulled out and backed away.

“Joel, knock it off and get to the kiddie pool.” Nancy pointed over to the other side of the room. Kyle was already climbing off the bed. He walked over to the laptop and rotated it so it pointed to the pool, then angled the camera down a little bit. Diana also got up and stepped into the pool.

“You got to be center of attention last time, Diana. Why don’t we give our newcomer a shot this time?” Nancy considered her words carefully. “Is that something you want Joel?”

I nodded, realizing afterward that the camera was now turned that it couldn’t see me. “Yes, Miss Nancy,” I said.

“Who do you want first?” She asked.

I climbed off the bed and joined Diana in the kiddie pool. I looked her in the eyes the same way she did to me before. “I want you.”

I climbed down and got onto my back. “Where do you want it?” She asked.

“Start with my cock, work your way up.” I said.

“Yes Mister Joel,” She said with a sly smile. She swung her leg and straddled me on her knees, just inches above my body.

“You ready?”

“You better believe it.”

I felt a few drops trickle onto my tummy, just below the belly button, then I heard a “sssssst” sound as my whole belly suddenly became warm. The stream danced across my cock. I rubbed my hand down my stomach and started jerking myself off using her piss as lube. She crawled forward on her knees, soaking my chest. A pool formed in the pocket of my neck and collarbone, and then finally she reached my face. Her stream was already starting to trickle out, but I was able to catch a little in my mouth. It was mostly water, with just a little hint of saltiness. I finally got a good look at her cunt as it hovered above my face; it was beautiful and pink. Her clit sat neatly at the top and poking out at me like a lustful eye. Her lips were tight and rounded inward, hiding all manner of delight. I pressed my face into her and started licking her clit. I sucked on it, brought it into my mouth and tongued it back and forward a few times until I settled into a rotation that stimulated all around. I felt her hips shudder and I redoubled my efforts; my tongue circled faster and harder and I could now feel my hips convulsing. My ass rocked up into the air as I thrust my cock into my hand, then came back down, slamming into the urine covered kiddie pool with a splat.

Kyle stepped into the kiddie pool behind my head. I cast my eyes up to see him standing over Diana and me. “Let me piss in your mouth,” Kyle said.

“Yes! Use her as a fucking urinal!” I couldn’t see Nancy, but she sounded slightly out of breath. I imagined her furiously fucking herself with a dildo.

“Do it, bitch. I’m your dirty bathroom whore,” Diana said and then spat on his cock. A drop of spittle stretched out like a bungee jumper. It fell onto my forehead and my cock surged into my hand harder than before.

Kyle took another step forward; his feet were on either side of my head. Diana took his hard cock into his mouth and began to suck. Kyle let out a moan as she pumped her head back and forth on his full tap.

“Slow down, I really got to go.” Kyle said in hushed urgency. Diana let out a snort, then slowed her head to a stop. It was silent a moment, then Diana let out a little “mmph,” sound. She dropped her bottom jaw a little bit and her lower lip became the lip of a lemonade pitcher. Piss cascaded down her body. It found an open chasm between her breasts to act as a funnel down her belly and onto my face.

In that moment I was convinced I was bearing witness to the most beautiful waterfall in the world. My eyes began to sting. I sealed them shut and opened my mouth. A drizzle of pee followed the groove in her vagina down to my expectant parted lips. I took in a mouthful; it was clear and milder in taste than Diana’s. I considered swallowing it all down with a big gulp, but instead opted to spit it straight up into Diana’s pussy. I used the force of my pee-spit to massage her clit. She let out a gasp of surprise then buried herself into my face again.

Diana let another mouthful of Kyle’s piss fall from her mouth. This time I wasn’t able to prepare since my eyes were shut. A mouthful of pee ran straight into my throat and forced me to cough. I slid myself downward through Diana’s legs then sat up and rubbed my eyes. There was still a little pee in my mouth and I let it dribble down my body. I turned around, now up on my knees, and pressed my body into Diana’s back. My cock slid forward between her legs and pressed into her clit. I leaned my head forward so that my chin rested on her shoulder.

“I’m thirsty too,” I said. Kyle pulled his dick out of Diana’s mouth; his stream was still going full blast. He gripped his cock and aimed just above my face. At first I could just feel pressure against my dry hair, but it quickly soaked through and brought warmth to my whole head. I rolled my head around, letting it soak in. I then brought my head up and opened my mouth again. I inched my head forward as his clear stream bubbled in my mouth. He got the message and closed the rest of the distance until his pissing cock was fully in my mouth. I closed my lips around his mass and inched my tongue up curiously to feel the stream coming directly from the source. The pressure from his bladder ricocheted off my tongue and tickled the sides of my mouth, which was filling up quickly. I dropped my tongue and his pee started to blast my throat. Instinctually I swallowed, and it felt right.

I let my mouth fill up again, but this time I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let it dribble out slowly. It ran down my chin where it met Diana’s shoulder. Our bodies came together as we formed a perfect riverbed for Kyle’s golden current.

My hips thrust back and forth; this was the closest my cock had ever been to a vagina. It would have been so easy to just pitch it upward and thrust. Instead I continued to revel in humping her from behind, dangerously close to penetration, but stopping just shy.

Kyle finished out his pee by spraying us back and forth in our faces. Diana took about a quarter of a mouthful then turned to me. She kissed me with her mouth open. As our tongues intertwined she rose up slightly and pitched her head down so her cache of urine would run down into my mouth. It was incredibly hot; I reached my arms around and started rubbing her tits. I let myself cave under her a little and as I thrust I think I felt the head of my cock enter her a little.

“What about you, Joel? Don’t you have any pee for them?” Nancy asked. I looked over at the screen. She was fully naked now, and had moved back quite a bit from the camera to reveal her whole body. She was on her knees, legs spread apart. She was holding something between them; I think it was a wine glass. “Even I’m giving them a tribute, and I’m not even there.” She started to piss into the glass. It was much more yellow than Diana or Kyle’s had been, and the surface began to foam immediately. She only went at it for a couple seconds, just enough to half fill the cup. Once she was done, she ran her finger along her cunt then stuck it in her mouth. After that, she sipped deeply from the glass, staring straight into the camera for the duration.

“I cant pee while hard,” I explained.

“Well that’s easily fixed. Diana, suck him off til’ he cums.”

Together, Diana and I both said “Yes Miss Nancy.”

“And Kyle, I want to see you cum too. Fuck her. Now.”

“Yes Miss Nancy.” Kyle said.

Diana got on her hands and knees and turned around. I sat back down on my ass; by now there was about a quarter inch of pee filling the kiddie pool. I leaned back a little and put both my hands in the pool. I wiggled my fingers a little and felt the combination of Diana and Kyle’s piss ripple between them.

Diana leaned down and started to suck my cock. As her head bobbed down, her long hair dipped into the pee on the floor. It came up wet and cold as it ran across my hips. Kyle also got down on his knees and began to thrust at Diana from behind.

“Oh fuck. That feels amazing.” Diana took my cock out of her mouth and moaned in ecstasy as Kyle began to fuck her from behind. She grabbed my cock and jerked it messily as she spoke; the combination of piss and spit on my dick made it easy for her to glide her hand all the way from the base to the very tip. It felt intense, almost better than the blowjob.

Her head descended again. As Kyle fucked her, she would bounce forward and use the momentum to fuel her cocksucking. It was almost as if Kyle were the conductor of an orchestra. His rhythm dictated Diana’s pleasure symphony, and I got to sit there and take it all in. I became an audience member in that moment, and stopped thrusting my hips. I sat perfectly still and let the eroticism of the moment wash over me.

A tingle started to form somewhere in the back of my head. It spread through my body like wildfire as I could feel Orgasm approach.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” I said with more urgency than I had anticipated. Diana didn’t slow down or even seem to hear me. I was consumed by my lack of motion. I thought of tapping her on the shoulder or pulling her hair up, but the mounting force dictated that I remain completely still.

I’ve cum a great many times in my life, but in some form or another I’ve always been an active participant in triggering my release. Whether it be stroking my cock with my hand, rhythmically pumping in a pussy, or just twitching from a blowjob, I’ve always had at least some degree of motion and control.

This time was different. I sat perfectly still as I felt my cock get manipulated. I felt it build up like water at a dam, remaining stoic until the moment the levy breaks. And break it did. I gave up all control over my body as a white current exploded into her mouth. Even as I was blowing my load, Diana didn’t even slow down.

I was being milked like a cow and it felt incredible. I watched intently as semen eventually escaped from her lips, oozing down the sides of my cock until it pooled around my hips. With a loud slurp, she finally released herself from my penis. She smiled, and I could see some cum running down the side of her mouth.

“Well that was fast!” She said, grinning from ear to ear. I shuffled back a little and got a better view of the scene. Diana was on her hands and knees as Kyle fucked her like a dog. Her perky tits hung lower than I expected, and slapped back and forth like those little red punching bags boxers use for training. Kyle grabbed her by the hips and thrust harder. His lips began to purse and his eyes became focused. Diana’s eyes on the other hand rolled back in her head as her eyelids fluttered. Her hands slid forward in the pool and she lowered down onto her elbows. Then her elbows inched forward too. Her head dropped and her forehead dipped into the piss pool. The arms continued to stretch out, and her face rolled to the side as it soaked more and more into the piss covered ground. Her right eye closed as it submerged itself in the pool. Her nostrils were just clear of the liquid and her heavy breath echoed sharply against the cheap plastic of the kiddie pool.

I suddenly mourned for my orgasm; I could already feel the appreciation for this magnificent moment beginning to fade. The sudden pressure on my bladder reinvigorated me. I stood up, and called out to the computer. “Miss Nancy, where would you like me to pee?”

“Hmmmm. Kyle’s looking awfully dry over there. You got enough lube to keep fucking her?” Without waiting for an answer, she continued. “Nah, of course not. Why don’t you help them out, Joel?”

I carefully moved forward, parting my legs like a cowboy to step over Diana. My legs made it past her shoulders, my balls were hovering just over her lower back. Kyle was on his knees, his dick was deep in her pussy. He noticed me watching and put on a show by pulling it out slowly, almost fully, then slamming it back into Diana with force. She let out an “Ungh!” each time, and I could hear her face sloshing in piss. I looked Kyle in the eye, he did the same and we remained fixed in our gaze for a moment. Then I started to pee.

I aimed for Kyle’s face, but my legs were too far apart and I couldn’t reach that high. I managed to hit him in the chest just above the nipples. His abs glistened as I emptied myself all over him. I watched my urine run down his body until it got to the place where the two became one. My clear liquid ran into all the cracks of their bodies, and as he continued to thrust inside of her the sound became louder and wetter. I aimed my cock down a bit to focus my stream on where the action was happening. I could see Diana’s asshole; it was tight, brown, and inviting. I aimed my stream directly at it, remembering how good it had felt in my dream getting licked there. As soon as my piss touched her anus, a major shudder convulsed its way through her body. Her head slid forward a little more on the kiddie pool and her clavicle settled into the pee pool as well. Her nipples grazed the surface of the pool each time Kyle slammed himself into her.

“I think she likes it in the ass,” Nancy said.

“I think you’re right,” Kyle replied. He brought his thumb forward and rubbed it around her asshole. I made a point to pee on his finger as he worked his way around her hole. He was increasing pressure with each rotation until his thumb finally disappeared into her.

“Oh FUCK!” Diana shouted. “Don’t stop you mother fucker!”

I lingered with my stream on her penetrated brown eye until I felt it had been sufficiently lubricated, then dipped lower to let a stream run up the small of her back. A good deal of her head was still dry and I aimed to fix that.

“Oh fuck, I’m about to cum too,” Kyle said. “Where do you want it Miss Nancy?”

“Do it on her face!” Nancy shouted. One hand had a fresh glass of piss, while the other had two fingers furiously twitching inside her cunt.

Kyle pulled his massive dick out of Diana and shoved her hips to the side, sending it crashing into the pool. A tidal wave of pee splashed over the side and spattered across the plastic sheeting laid across the floor. Diana slithered around in the pool until she could sit up properly. Her bangs were cemented across the side of her face. The entire right half of her hair had turned dark and wet, while the left half still remained dry, voluminous, and golden.

She looked Kyle in the eyes and spoke with an edge that sounded nasty. “Come on you fucking bitch, cum all over my face. Come on, baby, shoot your hot load right on my pretty little whore face.” She was rubbing her clit madly while grinding her cunt against the piss soaked floor.

Kyle furiously jerked his cock. He caught a groan in his throat, then shuffled his feet forward a few inches. “Get ready.” He brought his swollen mass over her face.

“Paint me like one of your French girls mother fucker.” Diana closed her eyes and mouth, and presented to Kyle a look of pure serenity. Her face became a canvas as he stroked masterfully. He decorated her with three long white ropes of cum across the face. They ran perfectly from her lower cheek, across her eye, and up her forehead. They both let out a massive sigh of relief once he had finished.

“Show it to me,” Nancy ordered eagerly.

With one eye plastered closed, Diana stepped out of the kiddie pool. She tiptoed across the plastic while carefully holding her hair back, which was dripping pee onto the plastic floor. “Yes Miss Nancy. What do you think?”

“Excellent work you three. That was really hot.” Nancy gestured over to me with her glass of pee, then took a sip. “You guys found a good one here. You should keep him.”

Diana rubbed the jizz from her eyes, then looked at me. “I could get behind that. Or on top of that.” She either winked, or had some leftover cum in her eye.

Kyle and Diana said their goodbyes to Nancy then went to the bathroom to turn on the shower. We all stepped in together, taking turns to wash each other. I explored their bodies for the first time without any ulterior motives. I played with Diana’s tits and grabbed at her ass playfully, but I also got to feel my way down the contours of her back. Kyle showed me his battle cry, which consisted of him beating his chest while wiggling his hips side to side so that his cock smacked repeatedly into his hips.

As we were drying off, Kyle turned to me and asked, “So how about it?”

“How about what?” I was confused.

“You want to make this like a regular thing?” Kyle asked with a smile.

Diana had her head in a towel, but I could hear her mumble, “Ooh yes please!”

I smiled and felt at home.


2017-12-02 17:26:22
Still hot hot


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Still hot hot


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Again, well written & very erotic!

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