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My 14th Birthday Gift continuation--- This story follows the morning after my 14th birthday. Your comment and storyline suggestions are welcomed are appreciated!!
Madison and I wake up the next morning laying in the bed. We are both laying there naked looking at each other still thinking of what took place the previous night. After staring at each other, Madison leans over and begins to make out with me. Madison moves her body to where it was rubbing against mine. She positioned her legs to they rubbed against my morning wood. As the make out session intensified, I began to move my hands around her body touching her. I start at her boobs, squeezing her nipples as they were becoming harder by each passing second.

I next move my hands down towards her already wet pussy. Madison breaks out kiss and moves the bed sheets out of the way to begin sucking my cock. She moved her warm mouth up and down my shaft moving her tounge constantly around the head of my dick. I spin her body around into the 69 position and begin to eat her pussy. Within moments, Madison begins to moan on my dick. She began to moan even faster with the pace on my tongue rubbing her clit. After a few moments, I inserts a finger into her wet pussy, and I gradually add two more fingers. Her moans vibrated on my dicks forcing me to become harder than ever. With the three fingers inside her pussy hitting her G-spot repeatedly, her pussy tightening up around my fingers as she began to cum and release her juices on my face.

She excitedly got on top of my dick, rubbing the head against her pussy lips, then let my dick enter inside her. As she was sliding down, she released several moans as she was getting use to my length again. She twerked in my dick as I too began to sound a few moans. I grabbed her ass, lifted it up and began to fuck her as I lifted my hips to meet hers. As this was going on, Madison and I began to passionately make out once again. Madison's moans vibrated throughout both of our mouths as she was still getting fucked. With all of this going on, I began to climax myself. I flipped Madison over to where my dick was over her face. She stroked my dick before releasing my load all over her face. Some even got down to her boobs.

After I came, Madison and went to the shower to quickly clean up because she had could get home so her parents wouldn't get worried. We cleaned up and she was gone not before giving me another kiss upon the lips thanking me for a great night. Once she was out the door, I went to my apbasement to watch some tv and check my phone. I look at it noticing I had received a text from another friend of mine named Grace. Grace was not only a good friend of mine, but she is also Madison's best friend. Grace was taller for her age. She was blonde with amazing blue eyes. She has a perfectly toned body with a little bit smaller sized boobs and ass than Madison but she was definitely still developing.

Grace's text consisted of her thanking my for inviting her to my party the previous afternoon, but there was another text that popped up. Madison must have said something to Grace about our night because Grace asked me all about our night. Then she popped the question of could I come over to her house and basically spend the night with Madison. I knew Madison's no Grace had experimented somewhat with each other. I knew that had kissed once or twice and some touching here or that but that was it. I also knew that Grace was also a virign, and she would only invite me over unless she wanted to do something with me.

That Evening--

I arrive at Grace's house and I was immediately pulled in by both girls who were already naked. Grace immediately goes straight for my mouth and began to make out with me while Madison was taking off my gym shorts and boxers and began to suck my dick. Grace's soft lips began to kiss around my neck and cheek until she got around my dick and began to suck me off. That is when Madison moved her way up my body and began making out with me. I moved both girls over to the couch when Madison hopped on my face so I could eat her out. Grace finished sucking me off and moved her hips to on top of mine. She grabbed my dick and moved it across her clit making her moan extremely loud. Grace was extremely wet, so she began to sit herself on my dick releasing several screams as I had just popped her cherry. She sat herself slowly on my dick trying to get herself use to my length. Her pussy began to drip with her juices. Having two girls moaning at the same time made my dick harder than ever. Madison got up from my face and began to rub Grace's clit as she was still getting fucked by me. This made Grace climax on my dick as her pussy tightened up around my dick with her cum dripping onto my dick.

Grace unseated herself from my dick and allowed Madison to hop on and enjoy my length. Grace began to multitask as Madison was getting fucked by my dick. Grace began to rub Madison's pussy as she was making out with her. While Grace was doing this, it gave me the perfect opportunity to began to finger Grace. I was able to slip two fingers in since she was still super wet at the time. Her cum drenched my fingers as I was fingering her. Grace rubbing Madison's pussy led her to cum and tighten around my dick. All of this led to myself climaxing and shooting my load across on both of their faces.
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