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After years of fantasising, finally I get seduced by a gay man
Ever since I was a boy I used fantasise about all sorts of taboo sex... one being seduced by an older man. Over the years I masturbated all the time about it but nothing ever happened in real life. With the advances of technology, my fantasies brought me to the internet where I'd look at porn. I enjoyed watching blowjob pics, but not to look at the girl - to look at the cock and wish it was me sucking it.

I lead a normal straight life, have a good job and a great girlfriend. I'm happy and ambitious but this urge to be with a man just keeps creeping in. I try to keep my mind from thinking about it but I seem to keep coming back over and over. I'm now 26 and use the internet to satisfy my urges... using chatrooms and gay sites. Each time I need a little more to satisfy me. I met this guy - a gay man aged 50... told him my urges and now I chat online regularly with him... he understands my position and knows how to satisfy me online. First it began with just text chats... then camming (but not showing my face)... then phone sex... texting... showed him my face... long sessions. I continued the contact for a year and a half, going further and further each time. I always wondered that if under the right circumstances came about, would I give in and go through with it in real life. I couldn't believe how much I had done with this man - he knew me intimately and was able to seduce me online very easily.

I let him know what turned me on, how my mind was when it came to the conflict of my normal life and my secret fantasy. He learned how to get my urges to come up to the surface and kept talking me into it deeper and deeper all the time. I wanted to let him push me further and further all the time... always teasing my mind with the possibility of it happening for real life. Online I'd let him take the lead and seduce me... telling me that I was his boy... getting me to admit that I was... that he was my daddy and I needed him more and more. This turned me on so much... letting go more and more and letting him take control of me. I fantasised so much about meeting him... in a hotel room, being slowly seduced and sucking his cock. Completely under his spell and then him fucking my virgin ass. I'd cum for him on cam so many times. He really liked that this hot 26 year old guy, muscled and lean with a great 7" cut cock was so turned on by him. I'm 5ft 9in, good looking, lean, blue eyes. I always knew I was attractive and did very well with the girls. He was 50, taller - 5ft 11in, slim, silver hair, had a fat 7" thick uncut cock.

When I was out and had a few drinks I'd get so horny and knew at times that if the opportunity was there I'd really go through with it. All the time when we were online we'd stack the odds in our favour so opportunity was there all the time - I even gave him my mobile number so he could text me anytime. I live in London but he lives in another city but would travel to London on work quite a bit. We used to go over what would happen if we met in great detail. As I was very nervous and apprehensive, I knew it would have to be very subtly done or I'd just run. We practiced this over and over online till he knew exactly what to do and say to get me comfortable and have me go all the way. I have to admit that although when I got really horny I'd want it really badly, in the back of my mind I didn't think it would ever happen in real life. But creating such a strong opportunity to be there tempting me all the time was exciting.

I never thought I was gay, I don't ever 'fancy' guys in that way - I wouldn't ever have to urge to date a guy. The urge is purely a sexual one. However, with this man I had exposed so much of my inner urges that it was like we had this bubble together, I felt vounreable and liked him to take control of me. It became such a warm feeling inside and he'd get me to tell him that I was his gay boy who loved his daddy. This turned me on even more and it did have another level of feeling with it. I was always let him know that my my big concern was that I didn't want anything to effect my normal straight life. He reassured me that this was our secret and he wouldn't want to do anything to disturb that. He'd tell me that this was our little bubble and that I could have both in my life and no one would get hurt. This helped a lot.

This kept going on and on, until one weekend he was in London. My g/f was away and I was on my own that weekend. I didn't know until I was chatting online to him that he was in London - I didn't let him know that I was on my own so I had an out if he put pressure on me to meet. It was late Saturday evening and we started our usual horny chat. We both had lots of free time on our own which is rare. We could really take our time and relax knowing we could have a really good session online. I knew the only way I'd go through with it was to have a few drinks, so for the first time online with him I had a drink. I opened a bottle of wine and had a glass of red wine. This relaxed me much more and I was getting so horny knowing that the opportunity was the best ever. I don't drink much, so even the first glass, combined with my fast heartbeat from being nervous and excited went straight to my head. I took another glass quckly to keep the effect going. I really felt I'd go further than ever tonight, even if I didn't meet him I knew I'd go naked on cam and show him my face too, close up. He was getting very horny and pushy too which excited me.

Then I told him. I told him I was on my own - this was such a rush knowing that he'd push me more and it would be harder for me to get out of meeting him. The chat got so steamy... I was so nervous and was trembling, but also so hard and horny. He kept talking me into it more and more. I took more wine, knowing the only was was that if I was drunk I wouldn't think about the consequenses. I let him call me on the phone and we spoke... he got me to tell him that this is what I want and I'm going to go to him tonight.. he got me to say it over and over again. I was half naked on cam, stroking my cock for him at the same time. I kept thinking about the experience for real... finally feeling another hard cock in my hand... having it in my mouth... my virgin ass taken for the first time... the feeling of completely giving in to a strong older man. I agreed and told him I'd go to his hotel.

My heart was pumping and I tried to keep my focus on his cock. Went out and got on the tube wishing the journey would be fast. We kept texting each other to keep the horny thoughts going. The alcohol helped a lot and did relax me considerably. I arrived at the hotel and was so nervous. I went in and went straight to the lifts, went to his floor and walked to the door. I just didn't allow myself to think of anything and knocked very lightly on the door. He opened it and very quietly said hi, come in. Without thinking I just walked in. The room was very dark (just as we had rehearsed) and he told me to sit down. I sat down at the end of the bed and he sat beside me. The curtains were closed and the only light in the room was the TV which was on with the sound barely audible. He said nothing and handed me a glass of red wine. I drank half the glass in one go. He was siting right beside me with his leg against mine. He knew not to say anything and we both just looked at the TV. He had porn on it - it was straight porn but it helped the mood and slowly seeing the cock get sucked on TV got me horny. He put his hand on his knee but gently touching my leg too. Very very slowly and carefully he moved his hand across till it was on my knee. He was very aware of how nervous I was and as I relaxed he moved his hand slowly up. Now I was getting very horny... the thought of experiencing cock for real just filled my mind and I knew I was going to get it for the first time.

I was fully erect and his hand was soon touching my balls... I was wearing jeans, t-shirt and jacket. He was in suit pants and a shirt. Then he felt I was erect and slowly and carefully started rubbing my crotch. We were both still looking at the TV as if nothing was happening. All this was rehearsed so many times we knew how this was going to go. He undid my top button and unzipped my jeans, then he slid his warm hand inside feeling my cock, skin to skin. It felt incredible to have a mans hand on it.. this felt so sleazy annd horny. He knew not to do too much as I was liable to cum easily. He took my wrist and slowly placed it on his crotch. I could feel the warm bulge under my palm... it was fantastic. He then helped me by undoing his trousers and placing my hand inside his jocks. This was the first time I ever felt a cock... it was so exciting, I was still barely moving with the nervousness, but soon I was massaging it nicely. As he sensed me loosening up, he took down his trousers and jocks to around his ankles, he parted his legs more to give me much better access. He put his other arm (left) around my shoulders while having his right hand over mine stroking his cock. He very gently whispered that's it... that's nice. he slowly but firmly with his arm pulled me down closer so I'd look at his cock while stroking it. It was so amazing to see it for the first time... I was really letting myself go and knew this was all going to happen as we planned. He gently pushed me further and further down until my face was right over his cock. I parted my lips and let his cock touch my lips. He started whispering to me - that's it boy... very good. I started to gently kiss his cock... feeling the foresking on my lips... it was quite moist from the precum... then I let my tongue come out a bit and slowly licked his cock. Before long I was licking the shaft, and then what I always wanted, I opened my mouth and took his fat juicy cock in my mouth. I let myself get into it more and more... and he started talking me though it... that's it boy... suck daddy's cock... this is what you've always wanted - you're mine now. I let the words take me over completely and caused me to give in even more. I used my hand to pull back his foreskin and felt his lovely cock head in my mouth... it was incredible. So warm and moist... I felt so perverse and slutty... it was amazing.

Then he took off his shirt and removed his shoes and trousers... and same time taking off my jacket and t-shirt. He told me to remove my jeans. We were now both completely naked. I relaxed a bit more and he told me to kneel on the floor facing him. I knew what to do... now I could really go for it as he spread his knees wider I could really give him a good blow job. He was now getting so strong and horny... more demanding and direct in his voice. Telling me that I was now his boy completely... that I was a gay cocksucker and there was no going back. I really enjoyed it so much. Then he pulled me onto the bed facing him... both of us kneeling... I kept looking down focused on the cocks as I was still too nervous to look at him in the face. He took my cock in his hand started rubbing his cock against it. Then he put his foreskin over my cut cock head and started pushing backwards and forwards over it. This felt so nice... I really let myself enjoy it. He then put his face against mine, cheek to cheek. I could feel his beard against my smooth boy face. He moved around until his lips were against mine and started kissing me. This made me even hornier. This was even better than all the times we fantasised about it.

He then placed me on the bed on my back... my legs apart and he kept rubbing his cock against mine. On my back with him on top psycologically caused me to be even more submissive. This was it.. I had crossed over and I knew I could never deny to myself that this was actually happening. He was so horny and powerful... he knew he was in charge and he had me... that make him even more demanding and told me to tell him that I was his boy... that this is what I've always wanted... that this is just the beginning I'll be his dirty little queer boy for life. I repeated everything to him... as I said the words they caused my mind to accept it. It was such an amazing feeling.. of completely letting go and letting him take me over. I knew nothing could stop him controlling me now... he could do anything with me. He leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed his digital camera. Then he moved up and straddled me, he put a pillow under my head so his cock was at my face... with one hand on his cock he gently slapped my face with his cock. With his other hand he started to take some pictures. Then he put the camera on movie mode... he told me that now he could blackmail me into meeting him whenever he wanted. He told me to tell him that I was his cock loving gay boy who loved his daddy... he recorded this and then got me to suck him more. He told me to get his cock ready to fuck me.

This was it... the ultimate in what I longed for all my life. He moved back down and stretched across to the counter again and started putting lube all over his fingers. He massaged my balls a bit and then rubbed it all over my ass. He ordered me to lift my knees up and wide apart. then he started to finger me... with one finger and then two. then he placed a condom on his cock. I was in ecstacy. Wanted it so bad. then he positioned himself over me and told me to guide his cock inside me. I reached under my leg and held his cock... i was so horny... wanted this to be the ultimate in letting him own me... wanted his seed implanted inside me, so I pulled off his condom and then guided his cock head to the opening of my ass. Feeling me take off his condom he told me I was a dirty filthy boy... that i was a real gay slut who loved his daddy. He told me to tell him that over and over again. I told him I needed him.. that I want him to fuck me so bad... that I'd do anything for him. He slowly pushed forward and I could feel the pressure of his cock head against my ass... he pushed a little harder and it started to enter... it was so incredible. Feeling his fat hard cock entering me... realising that there I was, a cock loving slut boy for real... the only thing I wanted more than anything in the world was his cock further and further inside me. He pushed right in... all the way... deeper and deeper... I told him I loved him... I loved him so much. He pushed so hard so deep... my whole body felt him inside me. He leaned down and kissed me.. a slopply kiss with loads of saliva and tongue... while fucking me deep... before long he started to thrust and thrust... I pleaded for him to cum inside me... I grabbed my cock and wanked furiously... my whole body ready to explode... the his body errupted... pushing as hard as he could as he gushed out gallons of cum inside me... the feeling caused me to shoot as my ass went into spasm around his cock. This caused him to cum even more and my cum shot all over my tummy, chest and even some on my face. He kiss me furiously. Then we both just collapsed... laying there with his cock inside me... our hot sweaty bodies lying there with cum all over.

I thought I'd feel terrible afterwards, but I wasn't too bad.. so exhausted and satisfied after the most pleasurable experience of my life. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and left quite quickly. On the way home I started to feel bad and guilty about it. The next day I did feel very bad about it. But later on I did get horny again and had a great wank thinking about it. After a few days, I was back online... back for more...


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Older, younger, same age--I'd like to be in your shoes and find out what I've been missing all these years.

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started sucking cock at 14 , he was 20, loved it then and still love sucking cock and getting fucked 40 years later

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Someone Fuck me!!!!! Do anything u want to me. I'm in Utah and my ass is begging for meat

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4297196 looking for some gay fun

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4297196 looking for some gay fun

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