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On a trip for cheating parishioners, Don gets separated and is forced to service many women.
Aleeka had been one of the few girls whose body wracks with orgasms every time I fucked her. At the age of about 24, this would be her fourth child.
It amazes me how the matriarchs of the colony know how and what to feed the female babies.
I have never been allowed to watch the girls eat, but whatever they do, it accelerates the growth of their bodies; about two years for one.

Beginning at one year of age, the girls receive some kind of supplement that makes them age twice as fast. That happens until puberty provides menstruation.
At that point, the supplement is discontinued and the girls are shielded from my sight in a nearby compound until they reach full growth, about eighteen.

Aleeka was still catching her breath as I drank the juice that would have me ready to go again, in less than an hour.
Her body gave her a period when her true age was 6, her accelerated age 11. She’s been one of my favorite fuck partners for the last six years.

The Moonah, what we would call a queen or ruler, insists that every girl gets fucked four times when she returns to the settlement.
Even that first time, Aleeka had orgasms every time I dumped a load of cum into her virgin pussy.
It took… she gave birth 9 months later.
Unfortunately, it was a male child. The Moonah never keeps a male, but, even after serving 12 years as the clan’s stud, I have no clue what happens to them.
My name is Don.
I was travelling with a church group in Nicaragua when we were stopped by an army of naked, female warriors, bearing crude, but sharp, weapons.
Quickly, we decided not to attempt fighting them.

The main reason for me taking the trip was Linda Meeks.
I was 19 and she was 32, married, with 3 kids.
Nonetheless, we had connected on a Sunday, at Sunday School; and she had my pants around my ankles on Monday.
Most of the members of Daylight Worship were on the trip for the same reason… everybody was fucking somebody they shouldn’t be. The motto when we left Kansas was, “What happens in Nicaragua stays in Nicaragua.”
Yeah, a very progressive thinking church…
Even during the flight, we all achieved membership status in the ‘mile high club’.

Back to the fateful day; our van had to slow down for a sharp curve in the narrow, jungle road.
Suddenly, the trail was filled with tits, bushy cunts and glistening, dark skin.
All of our women were shuffled back, along the passage we had just traversed.
The men, all six of us, were stripped and examined by a dozen or more natives.
Needless to say, all six cocks stood at full attention as the vixens touched, stroked, hefted and used their skilled mouths to empty every nut sack.

The other men were older than me, and their dicks didn’t recuperate as quickly.
Maybe that was why the Moonah bent before me, offering her pussy from behind.
I was pushed forward by her subordinates; one of which lined up my cock.
Since doggy style is my favorite position…
Yes, I fucked that stunning woman and eventually filled her with my fresh load of sticky cum.
As a result, her daughter is my first offspring.

I was celebrated, lifted from the ground and carried into the dense thickets.
Not long after the sun disappeared through the thick canopy, a hood was placed over my head.
I still have no idea how far we traveled; how long it took; or where we are located, in relationship to where I was kidnapped.
I remember being given the juice concoction before anything else.

I was taken to the largest hut in the compound, right next to the Moonah’s residence.
Inside were nine young women and girls; all were ready to become impregnated, but they would wait.
Moonah must have liked what I had, because that night was hers and hers alone.
During the next day and night, I must have fucked thirty females.
The parade of naked, willing women was constant… and the super juice was keeping me performing like a rabbit.

Eventually, the Moonah declared it was time for me to get some rest.
Yes, my young ass was worn out, but it was difficult to rest with a rock hard cock.
This was not the Moonah’s first rodeo; she knew what I needed.
One by one, half a dozen young girls sucked batches of baby batter from my body.
The super juice had been discontinued until I finally rested; which lasted nearly a full day.
If my shaft even began an indication of stiffening, a nubile body was there to relieve it with her mouth.

Once rested, there was a celebration, and I was the one being honored.
At first, I thought they were fattening me up to be sacrificed to their God of Fucking…
I eventually realized that I had become that God.

The routine became: super juice one day and fuck everything I could. Two days without super juice; one filled with keeping my balls sucked dry, followed by eighteen to twenty hours of rest. A person would think all that sexual activity would soon get old and a man’s desire would wane; it hasn’t.

Maybe the super juice is what does it, but twelve years later, I think I could fill cunts twenty times a day for the rest of my life.
I have learned a little of their language and if I understand right, my service to this tribe was about to come to an end.
My first daughter, with the Moonah, reached puberty four years ago.
Her status allows her to remain with the adult women, but the Moonah doesn’t want to take the chance her getting impregnated by her father.
I understand that new blood needs to be introduced into the village, but that kid is looking pretty damn alluring.

I’m sure Aleeka was bred with that previous round, but I fucked her twice more before changing to Wanie.
As I finished with her, the Moonah entered my hut and ran the other three outside.
She beckoned our daughter and ordered her to sit.
Tingtin’s tits had really developed for a girl of eleven (actual years), but as I thought about it, her accelerated age would be about sixteen.

The Moonah told her to watch us as we had sex; then she lay back and offered me her pussy. Needless to say, she was a fine fuck, but I believe watching my daughter’s nervousness made it even better.
She watched us have missionary, doggy style, side by side, cowgirl ride the saddle horn, and wound up the three hour session sucking a load down her throat.

After Tingtin was born, the Moonah only had one more child.
That girl was still pre-menstrual, and played with the others, all over the village.
When the Moonah was through with my hard-on and my cum, she sent Tingtin out and faced me, “Nuk nuk, potmen nuk, wheen pon nuk. Nikin dipen whood dish. Watthen pon nuk.”

I understood that I would no longer fuck her women.
I would leave, but I didn’t understand how; or where I was going.
The best I could figure, I was 32years old and was being put out to pasture… or killed.
It was time for them to find a new stud.

I was awakened during the night, lifted from the ground and carried for a long time.
I was able to tell the women that I needed to take a shit, so they stopped and put my feet on the ground.
The hood remained in placed as I squatted to do my business.
As a result, I scratched my butt cheek when I sat on a dead stick.
Once I was through, I was again raised over their heads and the journey resumed.

Suddeny, one of the women removed the hood; the sack containing my clothes was lying at my feet. They disappeared without a sound.
I could hear voices, but had to listen for a few minutes to determine which direction they were coming from.
Slipping into my clothes, the same ones I was wearing when I was kidnapped 12 years before, I eased toward the sounds, wary of what I may find; and very uncomfortable… it was the first time I had worn clothes in so long.

The sunlight became brighter as the clearing began materializing… it was a roadway.
As I peeked from behind a large tree, I saw a familiar sight.
It was the church van; the same fucking church van… in the same place.
Holy shit! Pete Andrews was standing in front of it, wiping the bugs off the hood and headlights… Pete Andrews! He hadn’t changed a bit!

The others were walking in the road, toward the van………
Everyone still looked the same!
Hesitantly, I stepped into the open and waved at Pete.
Linda, in the middle of the crowd walking back to the van, yelled, “It sure took you a long time to pee. Did you have to shake it a little extra?”
The rest of the bunch laughed and made similar comments.
Then it dawned on me… I had dozed off before Pete stopped for a bathroom break.

The whole damn thing had been a dream.
A fucking dream…
Helluva lot of fucking in the dream.

I caught Linda by the hand and pulled her away from the rest, “What do you say about us knocking off a quickie while everyone else is getting loaded up? My cock is rock hard and needs some relief.”
The rest of the troupe knew why we headed for the cover of some underbrush and didn’t mind taking their time.
David Eads talked Edna Droms into getting a quick piece, standing up, leaning against the back of the van.

As I slammed my cock into Linda’s willing pussy, I closed my eyes and imagined Aleeka and the Moonah.
I could see their dark skin, the high, firm tits and their thick, soft lips.
My dick was balls deep in Linda Meeks, but the women of the forest were receiving my hot blasts of cum…
I found myself regretting that my twelve years of being worshipped as the village stud was just a dream.

“Blessed Jesus, Don! I think Nicaragua has made your cock bigger and harder. You filled me up with a shit load of cum this time.”
I just smiled and kissed her, “I try.”
She wiped her mess as best she could and untangled my belt from a dead twig.
She ran her soft hand across my ass and asked, “How did you get this scratch?”


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