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I wasn't sure if my plan would work but I had to give it a go. I was fascinated with having sex with animals. Ok I was obsessed with the idea but I lived in an apartment so couldn't have a pet and was far too embarrassed to look for interest groups so I decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter to just be around the objects of my wanton desire.

I volunteered for the night shift that way I worked alone. Maybe some of the animals would be in need of some special attention? I quickly discovered many of the animals in the shelter would be put down which saddened me greatly - it also made me more determined than ever that they should die happy - one last night of passion before the chop - well I had to justify my depravity someway.

My first night began and I was a nervous wreck. I was patrolling the large dog enclosure and I was just about having orgasms on the spot. Man I wanted some dog cock inside me. I had never tried it but like I said - I was obsessed.

I wanted to taste a dog cock in my mouth and then feel a doggy cock fucking me the way they do - hard and urgent. I wanted to taste doggy cum as well as have it leaking from my body as I walked home.

I was day dreaming when I noticed a large german shepherd had his nose through the fence sniffing my crotch and his cock was out of it's doggy sheath.

Man he must have been already trained to fuck people - maybe just maybe my fantasy could come true.'

I double checked I was alone then called the dog into a seperate yard away from the other dogs. I patted his head and he jumped up placing his paws on my shoulders humping the air between us. Wow how easy was this going to be.

I quickly removed my clothes and then got on all fours. He mounted me before I had a chance to suck him and his cock found my soaked pussy with ease.

I was being fucked by a dog - man I was in heaven - how many people get to live out their darkest fantasies? Well I was and I was humping and screaming for all I was worth. Now I had read not to let the knot inside but in my excitement I forgot and soon I was in pain as the knot expanded. I wasn't going to let this ruin it for me though so I breathed through the pain until it too felt like pleasure and when the dog turned, tying us together - I masturbated myself and played with my tits waiting for his knot to subside.

I was in the position - - knoted to a huge dog completely naked when the police arrived. Now I remembered I was told they liked to call in from time to time for coffee but I had forgotten in my excitement at being fucked by a dog. Shit!!!!!!

I smiled meekly at the two black cops but they did not look in the least bit amused.

"Having fun are we?" Said the older one sarcastically.
"Hey guys I can explain - the dog started it - I just - well - well ok I wanted it too but can you just turn your heads until he lets me go - oh ok I'm free - hey let me have my clothes!!" The cops had taken my clothes from the pen leaving me naked with doggy cum dripping from my cunt.

"So aren't men good enough for you dog fucker?"

"I - hey I just wanted to try it and frankly I don't get noticed by men"

I was 5'4 and quite fat. I had red hair and freckles and at 16 that doesn't get you noticed by males of the human variety.

"So the deperate fat bitch had to fuck a dog to get laid - hey Joe I know some animals that would really love this slut - stay here I will be back" The older cop left leaving me with the other cop who looked at me as if I was a piece of shit.

"You disgust me slut. You filthy whore. How could you do that? You fat piece of shit - no wonder you can only get animals to fuck you - look at your fat ass and those tits are so massive you would suffocate any man who tried to kiss them - you disgust me."

I started to cry. I tried to cover my fat body with my hands but it was never going to work. I sat down in the corner and tried to hide. Doggy cum was still pouring from my cunt so I felt really uncomfotable. Then when I thought it couldn't get worse the dog decided it needed to pee and - you guessed it - its previous owner must have enjoyed golden doggy showers because he cocked his leg and peed on me.

The cop started to laugh at my humiliation.
"Oh shit that is classic - you stupid fat bitch - now you are covered in dog piss - man you are a mess." He continued to laugh until his partner returned.

"Hey man look what the dog did - fucked her then pissed on her - what a joke"

"What a good idea" said the older cop. "I don't want to fuck the fat bitch but this will feel good."

He had walked in to the pen and opened his trousers and was urinating on my head.

I tried to move but he followed so his trail of urine was always aimed at me. Now I wanted to die - please world send a bomb right now.

"Stand up fatty and come with us." I complied. I followed the two cops into another pen and then tried to run but it was too late. In the pen were about ten men who all looked mentally deranged.
"Look Joe - remember that psych transfer? I diverted it. Hey sugar these guys are all incarcerated for sex crimes and haven't had pussy for more than 5 years at least. I promised them an outing. Not sure what they will want to do with a fat dog fucking slut like you but it will sure be fun watching."

The sick bastard. He pushed me into the pen and then locked the gate. I tried to climb the wire but somone grabbed my leg and before I knew what was happening I was on my back being fucked hard by one of these maniacs. He was slobbering as he humped me - his spit running in my mouth. His fucking was urgent and fast and luckily quite short. He came and spat on me as he let the next man into his place.

I resolved to black out my mind and just endure but the second man started biting my fat breasts so hard I had to scream. The maniacs were all laughing and had now removed their clothing so I could see their cocks all pointing my way.

"Gangbang the fat bitch" screamed one and they were all upon me pinching, biting and pushing their cocks into my skin, my cunt, my ass, my mouth - whereever they could and I was powerless to stop them.

The assault lasted about an hour and I manged to block most of it but I can remember my ass being torn as at least one man forced his huge hand inside me and I remember my nose breaking as one of them fucked my face so hard the sides of my mouth split.

I thought it was finished when the cops blew the whistle but the cop was holding up a small dog. "She likes fucking animals make her fuck this."

The maniacs tried to force the small animal into my cunt and then used it like a giant dildo to fuck me somemore. I was close to death I was sure but still they continued.

"Make the fat bitch suck a dog cock." My fantasy - but somehow now it didn't seem so great. I took the dog cock into my bleeding mouth and let the dog do the rest. I was being held as I had no strength left and then blackness..................

I woke about a week later - a patient in a mental institution. My chart said I had acted inappropriately with the animals and they had had to remove a dead dog from my vagina. No mention of the men or the cops but I am guessing I know who my cell mates are!!!

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2016-09-22 03:52:45
Okay, Based off of this, i can see a time frame of before rape laws were really inforced. That being said, well thought out story, dark yeah, not my liking but to each their own. Keep up the work love. You'll do great.

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2015-07-13 13:59:38
Um wow I wanted a girl and a dog to fuck.

You gave me

Small dog die's while fucking sad fat girl. After just getting raped so hard that her mouth bleeds...

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2012-12-14 15:44:47
that was creepy. and would never happen in real life. if a girlsays she was raped they will look into it espesialy with her damige. if she tried she could get those cops arrested. and the place should have survalence cameras. she wou:ld get fined for fucking adog but all the dudes would be put in prisom.

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2012-08-31 04:17:29
I love fat girls and want to have sex with them

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2011-08-13 21:13:41
You sickkkkkk fuckkkkkk!!!!!!!

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