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The story follows a weekend at Amelia's house while her parents are out of town
With my circle of friends, our parents love go away for the weekends. So it is not uncommon for people to stay at each other's houses while they are gone and have some fun in the house. This was one of those weekends for Amelia's parents. Amelia was about 5 foot 8 inches, her boobs were about B cup almost a C cup. Amelia also has a fine ass which excited lots of guys. Amelia was pale brunette with a few freckles on her face. Still, she was one attractive girl.

Amelia was calling around to see who would want to stay over for the weekend. I was the only one to accept her invitation because everyone else had plans. I arrived at her house on Friday night expecting to see her slightly younger sister Ella in the house. Amelia essentially kicked her out to be with another one of her friends just for a sleepover. When Amelia opened the door, she was wearing a black tank top with athletic compression shorts on. She had already ordered pizza and was ready to sit on her couch and watch a few movies she had picked out. Most of them were the standard girly movies but it really didn't matter to me.

We started watching the movie with me sitting up on the couch with Amelia laying across my lap. Right in front of my face when I looked down was Amelia's tight tank top showing off her amazing boobs. I had to tell my self not to think about that because if I were to get hard, my 7 inch long dick would be sticking up into her back, and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. The movie proceeded with Amelia changing her position several times.

She ended up sitting up right next to me with her head on my shoulder with her arms extended around my stomach hugging me basically. My shoulder was splitting her boobs straight down the middle to where I could feel her heartbeat through her chest. As time went on, her heartbeat began to intensify greatly. I could get the sense that she was beginning to get a little horny. My hand was already on her thigh and I began to inch my way closer to her shorts. I was able to touch to outside of her shorts where her pussy would be and I felt that she was super wet. At the same time, Amelia started to get a little confident and moved her hand from around my stomach towards my pants where I was beginning to get hard. With her fingers she began to trace the outlining of my dick through my shorts.

She then looked at me with that look in her eye, and she leaned in a began to kiss me. First on my cheek, then moved her way towards my lips. She began to pull down my athletic shorts revealing my dick and leaned down towards it. She began to circle her tongue around the head before submerging her entire mouth around my length. I let out a few slight moans as she began to stroke my dick as well. I began to strip her clothes off as she continued to suck me off. First was her tank top which revealed those awesome boobs. They had a slight hang to them along with her perky nipples. Amelia briefly took a break from sucking me to take off her compression shorts which showed her shaved pussy.

We turned ourselves in the 69 position and began to pleasure each other right in her living room. I began to eat her out with my tongue circling her clit. Her moans began to vibrate through her mouth onto my dick. Amelia's pussy was so wet, three fingers were able to fit inside her pussy making her moan even louder. My fingering force her to cum right then and then. Soon after I was beginning to climax myself. My loads of cum went straight into her mouth.

We got up off of each other and she took my hand taking me upstairs into her room. She layer me on my back on her bed and straddled my waist. Her hips were pressed against my dick and she began to move her hips while my dick rubbed her pussy. She then lifted her hips off just enough to get my dick to the entrance of her pussy and she sat herself down on my dick. I knew she wasn't a virgin so she wasn't as tight as Madison and Grace were but she was still pretty tight. She moaned loudly as she slid down my shaft knowing no one else could hear her. She began to twerk her ass on my dick. With bit of us moaning in unison, Amelia's cum was beginning to drip down my dick. She continued to ride me as I reached up to grab one of her boobs pinching her fairly small nipples.

Amelia began to pick up her speed as I matched her pace moving my hips while grasping her ass. I was able to slips finger inside Amelia's ass without her knowing since she was in full excitement of her riding me like nothing in the world mattered. I felt her pussy tighten up extremely on my dick, causing me to climax as well. She screamed at me to cum into her pussy. My hips and her hips moved faster and faster until my load was unleashed into her. With my cum dripping out of her pussy, she continued to rub her clit violently as she squirted her juices out on to me releasing a loud series of moans.


Amelia and I fell asleep in each other's arm completely naked in amazement of what had happened in the previous night. It was sosmething both of us had never experienced before. Amelia was the first to get out of bed to walk over to her bathroom to take a quick shower. She stepped in not even bothering to close to curtains or the bathroom door. I knew she wanted me to see her shower. I began to get my self up and join her in the shower. Once I stepped in we shared a few kisses. My hands traveled all over her body from spreading her ass out to pinching her perky nipples that were super hard in the shower.

Our passionate kissing led us back to her bed, but with a different request from Amelia. She wanted my long dick up her asshole. Amelia sat herself down into my dick inside her super tight asshole. As she slid down ever so slowly, she released a series of loud moans that I'm sure could be heard from down the street. When I felt like she was somewhat comfortable with my length, I began to move my hips up and down. Each move made both of us moan in complete unison. I had one hand on her pussy rubbing and fingering her clit.

Amelia was getting use to my length in her ass allowing me to speed up my thrusts when..........

We see in the corner of our eyes a shocked Ella at the door of Amelia's bedroom!!!!

[Look for part two coming soon to see how the weekend ends for Amelia and now her little sister Ella]
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