Gooooood lord.
I closed out the webpage I was viewing. Today was the day. Her cast was coming off... Finally.

9:30am... only about 15 minutes.

I sat in my chair for a second and leaned back and thought. I thought about Allie and all the shit that had happened in the past year.

Her father leaving her in my hands, us falling in love, the car wreck... Jesus this was such a strage year.

I picked up my book and read about 3 chapters before my door swung open violently and it hit the wall.

"What the... Oh my god..." I said.

I was stunned. Allie stood in my doorway with her hands on her hips. Her cast was finally off.

"Hey handsome." She said sexily.

"Whats up?" I asked smiling.

"Nothin much..." She looked at me and raised her eyebrow.She licked her lips and she walked over to my chair. I marked the page and put it on the desk.

She wrapped her arms around me and she kissed me in my chair.

I kissed back and we played tonsil hockey for awhile. About 10 minutes of us kissing. I was hard as rock. In the 7 weeks she had been unable to fuck I didnt masturbate at all. Call me insane but I wanted to save it all for her.

She pulled away and panted. I leaned farther in my chair and unbuttoned my shirt. She unzipped her black hoodie showing she was wearing jack shit underneath.

"Good God!" I exclaimed. She was stunnig. Her belly was flat and her breasts were perfectly round. She took her hoodie off all the way and I threw off my shirt.

Allie rubbed one of her pink nipples and moaned. She slowly walked over to me.

She leaned in on me for me to kiss her and I pulled her onto me. I rubbed at her back as we kissed again.

She slowly eased herself on my lap grinding on my cock. I moaned in her mouth and I reached up to her tits and squeezed. Not hard but in a massaging way. She moaned back

I reached my hands into her pants near her ass and went lower and found the "whale tail" of her thong and I pulled back and let it snap her.

"Ooh dirty boy. Lets clean you up." She pulled me up and led me to our bathroom.

She pulled down her pants and thong and she turned on the water making it steamy.

I did as she did but as we went in I left the door open a crack so I wouldnt have to cut my hand to open it this time.

"Good call." She said.

"Shit yeah." I said laughing.

I looked at her. Head to toe. Her hair nice and wet. Her face incredibly beautiful along with those piercing blue eyes. I looked at her firm 32C tits and hard pink nipples. Her shaven pink pussy... This was going to be a HELL of a shower.

I walked to her and kissed her on the lips. Down her neck on her breasts and licked and playfully bit her nipple slightly. I went down some more and she moaned. I got to her pussy.

I licked up and down her lips and slowly went in enjoying the familar taste. Withen seconds her legs her shaking. I pulled away and let her lay on the floor as the hot water pelted us. I went back to her pussy and wrapped my arms around her legs and licked at her pussy somemore. Allie moaned. The way she was positioned in the water made the stream hit her tits at the same time making her even more horny.

I used my fingers to slowly open her pussy and lap at her. Slowly and then quickly gaining or loosing speed any time I wanted making Allie moan.

"Please baby... faster..." She cooed in the hot water. I pulled away. "Hey come on!!" She said.

I stood up and turned on the jet that makes the water come flying out like a super soaker. She moaned in a high pitch from the jets going right on target: Her nipples.

I went back down and licked up and down her pussy again. I was licking as fast as I could lapping up her cum as she moaned from the steamy water hitting her breasts.

Allies hands began slapping the water and she began bucking her hips in the air hitting me slightly in the face.

I started to swirl my tongue around like a spiral staircase right on her clit. Allie began shaking. JACKPOT.

"OOOOOH!!!! AH!!! MMMMMM FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" She yelled in the shower. I kept licking swallowing her sweet nectar.

I wanted to make her orgasm 3 times this time.

I pulled away for just a second because I hatched an idea. I made my fingers make a running man motion. My pointer and middle and made them go as fast as they could go.

"AHHH ADAM!!! KEEP GOING!!! AHHHH!!!" I looked up at her. her face grimacing with pleasure. Her tits bouncing up and down from her shaking and the water hitting her.

I moved my face back down to make her orgasm hard. I began licking her pussy again while keeping the finger motion going causing her to scream with pleasure. She came fast. Her juice flowed into my mouth.and I swallowed it all. One more.

Thankfully she started to finger herself too and she came rather quicky. This time not as much but she came nonetheless.

She panted as she sat up. Inbetween breaths she said "That... was amazing..."

I smiled. After awhile she stood up. "Be right back..." She said and she kissed me.

When she came back I nearly pissed myself.

The handcuffs were back. "Im going to try to deep throat again." She said.

I dropped the back brush I was using to scrub my back. "What?? I asked stupidly.

"Yeah. Now shut the fuck up and fuck my face," She said laughing.

"Oh my god... Are you sure?"

"Positive. Ill put on the handcuffs later," She said with a devious smile.

My mouth was dropped open. She came into the shower and put the cuffs on the shampoo rack. She kissed me on the lips and giggled. I was speechless. She kept going down. Then she was there.

"Ready?" She cooed stroking my rock hard cock.

"Uhhhh huuuuh...." I 'said'.

She took in 4 inches of my dick. and began bobbing her head up and down sucking on my dick. Every so often shed go down about another inch until she had all nine inches in her throat and mouth. This time she wasnt coughing. Instead she would moan and the vibrations were insanely pleasureable.

Then soon enough she was all the way on my cock humming and slowly going back and fourth. I put my hands on her head never wanting it to stop. I leaned against the wall for balance.

"Oh my... Holy fuuuck.... Im gonna.... Ahhh.... CUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!" I moaned louder.

Allie pulled back so only the head of my cock was in her mouth. She began stroking my cock with her other hand as I shot my load in her mouth as I broke into an orgasm.

My load was big because I hadnt had sex or jacked off in so long. Some went down her chin and down the drain. Poor cum :(

"Mmm.... howd you like it?" She said as she swallowed my cum.

"I LOVED IT." I moaned still recovering.

"Now... Fuck my ass." She cooed in my ear. She took off the cuffs and put them on behind her. "Please.... I want it so baaaaaaaaad!!! Jesus!!" She moaned as I went into her ass rather faster than I usually did.

I leaned on her back. "You want it hard or gentle?" I asked laughing. I sounded so retarted.

"FUCK ME ROUGH!! NOW!!" She yelled. She wanted to be fucked hard and thats what I gave her.

I wrapped my arms though hers and grabbed her tits as I started to go rather fast inside of her.

"FASTER BABY PLEEEASE!!!!!" She moaned.

I started to go rougher than I usually did back there. Going really fast at the start my balls hitting her ass as I roughly fucked her.

"KEEP GOOOOING..............!!!!!!" She moaned

I started going as fast as I did when I normally fucked her in her pussy. I began grunting as she moaned and soon we both orgasmed together

I pulled my cock out of her ass. It slightly popped and we both laughed as she removed the cuffs.

"That was great....." She moaned in my ear. She kissed my cheek and then kissed me in the shower.

I pulled away. "Now lets get clean." I laughed. I pulled down some shower gel and swirled it in my hands making suds. I moved behind Allie and rubbed it all on her shoulders going to her tits and washing them. Her cute pink nipples got slightly harder as I washed her here. I cleaned off her tummy and moved to her backwashing her top part of her incredible body.

Then I washed her ass and cleaned the cheeks and the crack making her moan. "Like it?" I said leaning over her and giving her a kiss.

"yeah..." She cooed.

I slowly went to her pussy and just cleaned it but made sure not to get any in her making her sting downstairs. Her pussy was shaven bald.I cleaned off her long sexy legs. She walked into the stream washing off.

"Your turn." She said.

She got some gel and made suds copying me. She started on my back massaging me (returning the favor) and went down my back. She wrapped her arms around me from the back and washed my stomach. She came up and spread her little hand on my chest. She kissed my neck as she stood on her toes.

She started to go south to my cock. She washed up around it making me moan. I had an erection again and she stroked my cock with soap in her hand. This was insanely good on my dick.

She eventually went away from my dick and washed my theighs and so on and I rinsed off.

"Best. Shower. Ever." I said to her and smiled. I kissed her as she giggled. I turned off the water and we both hopped out of the water.

"Aww shit." I groaned. I forgot the clothes again. I got out two big towels and gave one to Allie. We both dried off and I got two more towels for us to wrap up in.

We headed off to my room and we put on some clothes. Me wearing the remains of my morphius shirt and jeans (Hell yeah I was and AM commado.), and Allie wearing A pink Polo, some short shorts, and a white thong.

I kissed her on the lips. "I love you... And Im extreamly happy that your back. Its been all too long." I said and I gave her a hug.

"I love you too... That was.... hell in that cast. Im glad its off so we can finally get back to normal." She kissed me and I wrapped my arm around her as I looked at her and saw a tear roll down her cheek as she smiled. She sniffed.

I smiled back at her a little teary eyed but no tears. "Wuss." I said laughing.

"But Im your wuss." She said back.

"No... Your the Apple O' my Eye." I said smiling again.

"I love you..." She said. I Walked out of my room holding her and and we headed upstairs. I made us some steak and eggs seeing that it was only 12:30. Early for me in the summer. As we started eating we got to how we hadnt gotten to swim this year.

"Lets go swimming." She said nearly sounding desperate.

"Alright. After this shits done we can" I said after swallowing some of my food.

"Yay!" She said in a kids voice.

"Your a wierd chick." I said laughing at her.

"Ha.... So."

Okay thats all for awhile. I need this break and I need to make more. Ha. Sorry this took so long to post too. My computer got all fucked up before I had a chance to finish this so yeah. Hope you liked it.

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2008-07-10 21:37:15
one of best sries but read better but stil really good is t true story?


2008-03-14 17:52:13
Damn good series, ive read better, this is a CLOSE 3rd


2007-12-19 01:12:42
why are u talking about nectar?


2007-07-14 07:16:57
the best series i ever read good work 10


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one of the best stories/series

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