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This is my Fantasy
Damn my cock is still had, why did she stop jerking me off, what a cock tease that was the taught in my head as I walked home, I should have listened to the guys, they said she was a mean bitch, jerk and licking then stop.

That’s strange the lights are still on at the house, this was odd since mom and dad never stay up pass ten. So I open the door ever so quietly and sneak into the house, I was sneaking up over the stairs when I hear a strange sound “please daddy fuck my ass just like you fuck moms”, needless to say this peeked my interest, so I walk into the living room to a sight that took my soft cock and made it rock hard.

There was dad naked getting ready to put the biggest cock I had ever seen in my sisters ass, my mom was sitting in the lazy boy, with a dildo in both her twat and ass, that made dads cock look small, and my sister naked with her perky tits and very wet pussy from what I could smell and see, she had a look of pleasure on her face, that turned my hard cock into a full fledged erection, pre cum included.

I speak up and say “so sis when did you cum home from college”, from there on there was a mad rush mom tried to cover her sexy 43 year old body, and dad pulled is cock out of sis’s ass so fast it knocked her over.

“Don’t stop just because I am here” I said as I took off my shirt and pants, mom asks “what do you think your doing young man” I reply while taking off my underwear and a hard cock pops out “ I am going to do something that I have wanted to do for sometime now”, my mom asks “what” I say “fuck you mom, then fuck sis and if I have time and dad wants to we will Double fuck you and sis’s pussy”.

By this time mom is blushing red and dads gone back to putting his cock up sis’s ass, and “and by the way mom ever time I get, I will be cuming inside you and sis”.
But why son mom says “why would you want to fuck me, I am fat and ugly”, “mom you are not ugly, you have the body of a thirty year old, and you so very fine. If you where ugly my cock wouldn’t be this hard”, I take her hand and wraps her fingers around my eight inch hard cock, which is getting harder by the second.

With mom in the mood and slowly stroking my cock, I reach down and take the dildos out of her ass and wet pussy, and replace them with my fingers. “Damn mom you sure are wet”. Mom bends over the edge of the lazy boy and says “fuck my pussy son and don’t stop till you fill it with cum”, I slide my hard cock in to my moms twat and she starts to trust back sliding her wet twat over her young sons cock, I moan “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” that feel good mom, “keep that up and it won’t take long till I fill your twat with cum”. Then I hear a strange noise as dad pumps every last drop of cum he can muster into my sisters ass, while saying “daddy’s little girl likes it when he cum’s in her ass doesn’t she”, my sister replies moaning and groaning with cum dripping from her asshole “yes daddy I love it when you cum in my ass, now come her so I can lick your cock clean”, that’s when my dad gets his second wind and his cock springs into action.

Dad comes over leaving sis on the floor rubbing her sore ass, did I hear my son say something about double fucking his moms pussy. I say yes, as dad lays on the floor, his nine inch cock sticking up like a flag pole. I pull out of mom and she walks over and slides her self down over dads tent pole, I get behind her and push my cock in her twat to, she moans and groans getting the attention for my sister, she walks over and takes a look, asking mom how does it feel, we can barely make out what mom said with her heavy breathing and loud moans and groans “you have to try this, daughter it is the best damn thing I have ever done”.

“Mom your pussy feels so good, do you want me and dad to cum inside you”, “oh god son please fill me full of cum, cum inside you mom the whore and slut”, thinking to my self “where did that come from”. So me and dad pick up the pace and between the groans and moans of mom, and her begging me and dad to fill her twat with cum, man did we there was so much come it dripped out of her pussy and ran down her thighs.
Me and dad pull out of her and she just rolls to the side and falls a sleep, my sis gets down and takes a look and moms pussy I dripping cum, and sis starts to lick the cum off of moms pussy, dad tells her to stop and come over.
I say “hi sis, when did you get back from college”, she replies “two hours ago and when I came thru the door, dad had mom bent over on the floor fucking her, they didn’t even stop they just asked me to join in”.

“Come here sis” I ask “and lick our cocks clean”, she comes over and starts to lick and suck mine and dads cock, “oh sis, you sure are good at sucking cock”, “she should be” dad says “she sucked off every male member of our family, since she started at sixteen”.

I look down at my sister licking my cock and ask her “what took you so long with me”, she blushes and replies “mom warned me not to touch you; she wanted to be the first to suck you off”. Well I guess she got her wish, since she was the first to suck me off and take my virginity.

Dad pats me on the back “when your mom wakes up, she is going to be very happy, she has been wanting to fuck you since that night when you came to the room crying, with no underpants on, I think you where twelve, you just had your first wet dream, the doctor told us to not let you sleep with any underwear on since, you were very large for your age, you come in crying because you thought your penis was broken and bleeding. You asked mom to check to make sure and when she touched it you came all over her hand, the floor and her nightgown. I took you to the bathroom and told you what to do and you cleaned your self up, and I changed your sheets. When I came back to the bedroom, mom was on the bed naked, three fingers in her twat and licking the cum off her hand”.

That’s when we both made a pact that we wouldn’t be child molesters and would wait till you both turned sixteen, then we would ask if you would like to try family incest and when your sister turned sixteen I asked her if she would like to suck my cock, and boy did she suck it, there was so much cum it spilled out of her mouth and down on to her nice big tits. That’s when your mom came in and caught us, she licked all the cum off of your sisters tits and learned in the process that she had very sensitive nipples and like them sucked on. From then on me your mom and sister had some very hot and kinky sex, and she was getting hornery by the day, she kept saying that our son will soon be sixteen.

That’s why she setup this little show, you turn sixteen today, and she knew from the gossip in town that the girl you are dating is a real tease; it was just a bonus for us that your sister returned home from college.

So we return to the situation at hand, or I should say the situation in my sister’s hands, she sure can work magic, in five minutes worked two soft cocks into raging hard on’s.
Daddy can you and Thomas fuck me like you fucked mom, we both reply yes and I ask if we should lock the door, that’s I good idea and I go and lock the front door and wake mom up and follow dad and sis upstairs. Mom you should come up and watch this, so me and mom walk up the stair and dad’s lying on the bed with sis slowly stroking his cock.

Mom sits in the chair as sis positions her self over dads cock and slides her self down over dads hard shaft, she moans as she does this, she look at me and says “ come on little bro, fuck me like you fucked mom”. I get up be hind her and kneel down behind her and teases her ass hole with my cock, and slides it up next to dads.

She groans and moans as me and dad fuck her with perfect cowardanation, then she starts to talk, “come on and fuck me, fuck me like you did our dirty slut of a mom”, “fuck me harder and deeper, shove your cocks all the way in”. So we pick up the pace, and she liked it, mom liked it to since she had her dildo in her cunt.

Dad has her ass cheeks spread and I rub her ass hole, teasing her and as she begs me to finger her ass, I reach over and pull the dildo out of mom and shoves it up her ass, dad asks “what the fuck did you, her eyes are the size of dinner plates and she looks like she is in a state of pure pleasure “, I reply “ that I shoved moms dildo up her ass and I am working it in and out of her ass”.

All we can hear sis saying is “don’t fucking stop and cum inside me”, I look over at mom who is fingering her pussy and pulling anal beads out of her ass slowly, thinking to my self, who would a thought that I would lose my virgity like this, the way I have always wanted.

After ten minutes of pure pleasure for us and many multiple orgasms for my sis, I can feel myself loosing control, I moan and groan “I think I am going to cum soon”, a few seconds later dad says the same think and sis remind us “don’t fucking forget, fill my wet cunt full of your hot and sticky cum”, me and dad pick up the pace, giving sis one more orgasm and a pussy full of her dads and brothers cum.

There was cum all over sis’s ass and twat, I pull out of her and there was a sticky line of cum from her pussy to my cock, and she gets up off of dad and stands there, I walk over to her and rubs her clit and slides a finger up her well lubed cunt and gets on her other side and starts to lick her left nipple and I take her right, dad slide his finger in next to mine and, we both finger her as mom cleans up our cocks.

We suck her nipples and finger her twat, every once and a while taking our fingers out to have them licked clean by sis, “how does your cum martini taste” I ask, “the best I have ever had she says”. Me and dad get back to our duty of fingering sis and licking her nipples, man did she like it, her nipples where rock hard and her twat was very wet, and her mouth very dirty. I didn’t think she knew that many naughty words, or how to use them like that. So with her encouragement we each shoved two fingers up her twat and worked her like a dildo with twelve hundred RPM.

Then some thing happened that surprised us, but I think it surprised mom ever more, we were nibbling her nipples and fingering her twat, while mom cleaned the cum and pussy juice off our cocks, with the only thing she had her mouth. The trough the heavy breathing and the moaning and groaning sis said “please for the love of god don’t stop” as she ejaculated all over mom, and the we all went to bed.

The next morning while we ate breakfast, I broke the silence and asked, when can we do that again, mom and dad replied “ when ever you want, we taught you would be embarrassed”, sis says “what can I say he is a chip of the family block and we are going to have fun tonight”, and I say “we are going to have a whole lot of fun”.

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2010-08-22 21:47:22
nice but needed 2 things spelling and grammar checker im a guy and tht was so fyking hot i came 3 diffrent times from the same sex story conngraatz lol jk but it was great keep writing


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2009-08-08 04:06:25
Omg i would of loved to be the boy

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2009-07-29 22:31:01
damn that was hot.

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2009-04-16 06:18:26
i love it in i want to be the son


2008-01-03 09:39:37
Good concept-Poor delivery. Spell check would do wonders for your story.

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