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Two bored, horny teenage boys, increasingly confident from booze, start to experiment when boredom sets in and realise they don't need girls to have a good time.
The Chatroom

Aaron Green and Caleb Thomas thought they had things figured out.

As they drunk from the cans of cheap Fosters they had managed to buy with Aaron’s fake ID earlier that afternoon, and hit up some Call of Duty on the Playstation wired up to the flatscreen in Aaron’s bedroom, they were the picture of contentment. The syrupy liquid tasted bitter but they put on a brave face in front of each other as they sipped from the metallic cans – it wasn’t about whether or not they liked it. It was about keeping up appearances, and for teenagers appearances were more than important. As they put the world to rights over a brewing Team Deathmatch raging in the Southern Afghan, they let the day wash over them and relaxed into the two-bucket seats in front of Aaron’s bed. It was raining outside; it always was around there, and from the bedroom window, which looked out across the park, the drizzle blew left and right miserably.

He lived with his Nana in the flats above a small retail block at the other side of a sleepy bedroom village somewhere on the edge of Manchester and he was just another typical fifteen year old. They both were. They were what you’d expect from two teenagers going through the perilous life of high school; good looking, clear eyed with easy smiles. They had hair moulded into styles and they cared a bit too much, taking a bit too long in a morning, with their looks. They wore labels; Lacoste and Fred Perry, Lyle and Scott and Ellesse, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss and they thought they understood life and how it worked. They were the perfect example of a reckless generation; sexually charged and promiscuous and good looking and careless. They posted too many half naked pictures for girls to drool over, chased girls who acted ten years older than they were and lived every day like it would be gone tomorrow. To the girls they were fuckboys and to the lads they were just that; lads.

Aaron took a deep mouthful, tasting the bitterness as it hit the back of his throat. Moving from cover, his fingers danced across the pad as he switched to his side arm and blew away some poor fuck with a double tap.

“You should see the stuff Ellie sends me on Snapchat,” he was saying to Caleb as the latter took a grenade to the face and cursed under his breath.

“Why’s that?”

“She’s filthy.”


“Yeah,” Aaron said with a devilish grin. “Played a game of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ with her the other night.”

Caleb died again, sniped by one of those camping fuckers somewhere outside the boundaries of play and he turned to Aaron and inclined his head.




“Fucking yeah.”

Caleb smiled. “Did you show her yours?”

Aaron shrugged. “Course.”

Caleb laughed and took a drink. “And?” he pressed.

“Amazing. Got her to flash me her tits early on. They’re small but fuck they look nice. Then she took off her top and just had on this sports bra. Her body is so tight, by the way. She had on some black leggings, and it took her a while to take them off. I had to tease her for a bit until she did. Fuck me, man. She had on this fucking tight pair of pink knickers that were well too small – I think she put them on on purpose. Shit, and then she took ‘em off and it looked amazing. She was freshly shaved and it looked so tight. Tried to get her to spread her lips but she was having none of it. Fuck I was so hard it was unreal. We stayed like that for a while talking.”

“What did you show her?”

“Started with my joggers, pulled down just so she could see my V, then took em’ off so I was just my in boxers and she could see my bulge. Teased her for a bit with it, and then when she took off her knickers I took off my boxers and showed her the full thing.”

Caleb was getting hard at the thought. He was beyond concentrating on the Playstation – especially with campers in play.

“You seen her since?”

“Not yet. Not even sure what I’d do. Fuck, I’d probably try and fuck her right there and then. Her parents are away next weekend so going to go round and fuck her all weekend.”

Caleb laughed again. The game had ended and they sat in a lobby waiting for the next map, a couple of geeks talking strategy on headsets. Aaron took another drink. He relaxed back into one of the Red and Black Recaro’s his Dad bought him last Christmas and thought about Ellie and her body. He had come so hard that night it felt like it was never going to end. He thought about their conversation, and about how she had said she had come too. He was led on his bed, shaft in one hand and hard to the point of pain. On the screen of his cracked iPhone, held by the other, the ten-second image of Ellie Carrier, naked from the top of her stomach down greeted him. Her defined stomach was tense with nerves, and below that was her naked sex, mons shaved and just the beginnings of prickles across her otherwise virgin skin. Her legs were spread, only slightly, but enough for him to see what looked like the beginning of moisture between her thigh gap. Each roll of his wrist moved the skin of his shaft up and down and each was greeted by the most sensational feeling. He turned his camera on and sent her one back, shaft pointing to the moon, hard and thick and his purple head coated by pre-cum and…

Snapping back to reality at the sound of Caleb groaning at the change of map, he turned and asked, “what about you and that Beth chick?”

“What about her?”

“You seen her since…?”

Caleb shrugged. “Been to see her a couple of times. Parents never leave her for long though so it’s a bit hard.”

“I bet it is,” Aaron laughed. “She’s what though … like twelve?”

“Nearly,” Caleb laughed. “Bro, she’s got the tightest pussy ever. Probably even tighter than Alice’s.”

“Fuck off. Not possible.”

“I’m serious.”

Aaron and Caleb had both been with Alice Pier, and she had been the tightest either of them had had. She was a ballet dancer and into her running and her body was amazing. Tight and toned and perfectly defined. Aaron had taken her virginity one afternoon when his Nana was out and it was just him and Alice hanging out on the park. They were flirting openly and taking pictures and nearly kissed by the swings until they were interrupted. They had gone back to Aaron’s because the rain came and had found Nana’s vodka bottle. It took two each before they were all over each other and one more before they reached the bedroom. They must have fucked five or six times that afternoon. She had been so tight when he had penetrated her for the first time that Aaron was sure he was going to tear her apart. “Aaron. Oh God, it hurts,” she had cooed into his ear as he slipped his length into her tight, warm cunt and through the fragile film of her virginity, and he had to think of every multiplication he could to stop himself from cumming right there. Aaron and Caleb had been having sex since they were fourteen, and between them had been with more girls than they could count, but even that experience nearly didn’t help him. When he did finally reach climax she had locked her legs around his back and pulled him so deep into her he reached a place he didn’t even know existed. He had filled her with so much of his seed that afternoon he was pretty sure he was empty for a week afterwards and had made sure she had gone on the pill. That much seed was enough to make an entire fleet of girls pregnant and neither of them wanted a kid running around.

Caleb had ended up with Alice under different circumstances. They had both been drinking at a house party one Saturday and they had slipped into a spare bedroom on a dare. He had pleased her so much that night that they had become friends with benefits for a while after. She now alternated between Aaron and Caleb – it was just sex.

Caleb continued. “She hasn’t even got hair yet. It’s amazing. The first time wasn’t so good, she cried a bit and there was a bit of blood, but now she’s an amazing fuck.”

Aaron raised his can. “This is the fucking life.”

“Second that, bro.”

They downed more cans and played more Playstation and at about six took a break to order pizza. Aaron’s Nana had left them a twenty on the sideboard in the kitchen. As they devoured the slices and washed them down with beer, Aaron said he was bored of Playstation.

“Yeah, me too. What you thinking?

Aaron shrugged. “Fancy Omegle?” he asked between mouthfuls. “See which dirty bastards have their knobs out tonight.”

Caleb laughed playfully disgusted. “Can’t wait.”

Aaron grabbed another beer from the fridge and took the rest of the pizza back into the bedroom. They loaded up Netflix and stuck on an Action film about a CIA agent and a Government conspiracy and ate the rest of the pizza and drunk.

Drinking soon overtook the pizza and the film became background noise – another let down after a promising premise. After two more mouthfuls and another new can opened they decided on Omegle and switched off the Playstation.

Aaron loaded up his laptop, connected it up to the flatscreen and stuck his Xbox camera on top of the TV. A few clicks later and Omegle was up. Chatrooms were fun, especially when it was strangers and Aaron navigated to the unmoderated section, and they sniggered as he accepted the warning of possible sexual content. Caleb sat back in the Recaro and took another drink. They had done this loads of times before, sometimes they got some cute girls to talk to and flirt with and once had convinced some Polish girl to show them all. Other times they just saw slobbish, overweight fuckers with tiny knobs jacking off. As the first chat loaded, Aaron took his wireless keyboard and joined Caleb back in the Recaro’s.

“Showtime,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

The first chat loaded and they looked at each other in disappointment. A young Asian kid, probably about twelve, with glasses too big for his face, sat blinking back at them. There was a stoic, awkward beat as they looked at the screen, and he looked back, and then the Asian kid half smiled and raised his hand and started to wave. Another beat past, and Caleb raised his can and Aaron laughed hard and hit the escape key and moved to a different chat.

“No knobs,” he said.

“Just a knob,” Caleb laughed back.

The second chat was initially more promising. A young girl was smiling back at them, brunette hair hanging over her left shoulder and a pretty face filling the screen. The screen told them that “Stranger is typing” but half way through the screen froze and the chat disconnected.

Failure followed on the next few chats, and the cans were going down quicker.

“Shit,” Caleb said, “at this rate we’re going to be the dirty bastards with our knobs out.”

Aaron laughed and finished his can. Caleb threw his empty one at him as he rose, and he disappeared with a stagger. “Find another chat,” he called back from the kitchen.

As Caleb loaded up another chat, and another heap of failure – a fat balding man with dinner still on his shirt – Aaron returned and tossed back a full can. Caleb cracked it and changed chat.

“Where the fuck is everyone?” Aaron asked as they moved through a couple more screens.

“Fuck knows. All we can attract is fucking bald men.”

Aaron took a drink and laughed. “Can’t even get a dick,” he laughed and they drank some more. After a few more rooms and a few more drinks, Aaron turned to Caleb.

“Should we?” he asked him.

Caleb took a drink. “Should we--” he asked back, “what?”

“Get our knobs out?”

Caleb laughed but Aaron was deadly serious. The booze made him laugh even more.

“On Omegle?”

Aaron nodded. “Fuck it, why not?”

Caleb took another drink. “Do you want?”

Another screen, another weird looking man with glasses.

“I will if you will?”

Caleb took a drink and thought. Aaron watched him.

“Fuck it.”

For a few moments there was silence. The two boys just kind of looked at each other, the “connection lost” screen on the television keeping their tete a tete private. Between them their eyes dared each other into going first. Caleb took another drink and then said “alright” and he rose, unsteadily because of the booze, from the Recaro and he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the fly so that the black cotton of his boxer shorts was visible in the gap.

He was already semi-hard at the thought and he stood, waiting, for Aaron to match his moves. Aaron took another drink before standing and matching Caleb in his beginnings of undress. Fly down, he started to roll down his skinny jeans until they dropped at his ankles and he kicked them off. Caleb instinctively looked down at the grey American Apparel boxers housing a bulge he could see was semi grown. Aaron followed Caleb’s eyes, and then looked back up at him, still with his pants up.

“Need me to do that for you,” he joked as he walked over and tugged at Caleb’s jeans until they dropped and then he stepped back. They looked at each other again for a second, and then Aaron said they should get down to business and he walked over to the TV and adjusted the camera so that it was pointing further down. He said it was so that their faces weren’t shown when they started. No point risking it, he said. He dragged the Recaro’s closer to the TV and then looked back at Caleb.

“On three?” Caleb said, hooking his fingers into the waistband of his boxer.

“Three,” Aaron said, dropping his underwear and kicking them off. For a second he stood there, naked from the waist down and Caleb admired what his best friend was packing. Below the toned chest, which sloped into a defined V from his pelvis, he was semi hard, brown pubic hair sprouting over the top of a nice looking, smooth shaft. Caleb guessed Aaron was about six inches fully hard, and he made sure to look him over before dropping his own boxers. Caleb was slightly bigger, and slightly harder. The purple tip of his member peeked out from under his foreskin. Aaron returned the examination and then he made a ‘not bad’ expression as he looked him over. They both grew a little harder. It was nothing knew to either of them, they had seen each other naked loads of times. They regularly showered together and undressed in front of each other before and after football practice. They’d never been in this situation though, slightly drunk and sexually excited and this was a new feeling. Aaron looked at Caleb, and then at his prick, with a different sort of look than he ever had done before. Neither of them were gay, and they had never had gay thoughts, but this was something new to both of them. Aaron picked up his can and handed Caleb his. They brought the two together, took a drink and then sat back in the Recaro. It felt cool against their naked behinds but they seldom noticed.

Aaron loaded up a new chatroom and they drank and waited.

There was an air of exhilaration about being sat half in the nude with each other. The beer flowed freely and they laughed and joked and stole glances of each other when they thought the other wasn’t looking. Aaron stuck a playlist on in the background and the music relaxed them as they passed through chatrooms of geeks in glasses and fat, overweight perverts and they drank more and cursed at the lack of activity. Aaron stood up and windmilled a group of young boys in glasses who looked about ten and told them to fuck off back to their geek videos on Youtube, and Caleb laughed and stood up and bent over in front of the camera and told the boys he bet they’d never seen a full moon like that before.

Chatrooms passed and each one became the same, bored mundane face on a different body. They were all the fat old man or the geek kids and Caleb was getting bored at the constant inactivity, and he leaned back into the chair and let the music and the beer wash over him for a second. He was drunk, he felt drunk, and a cool breeze passed over his naked lower half and he realised he wasn’t just drunk, but he was feeling pretty fucking good too. He reached down, curled his hand around his shaft and gave it a roll, moving his hand slowly up and down. He let a “fuck” leave his lips and he relaxed further into the chair, slowly rolling his hand up and down his slowly engorging member. Aaron caught him in the corner of his eye and he watched for a couple of seconds, finding his own prick, which was slowly going back flaccid, growing. He turned the music up and started to copy Caleb, feeling the pleasure wash over him as he worked his hand up and down his shaft. Caleb exclaimed that it was feeling great, and Aaron agreed and started talking about Ellie and what he wanted to do to her. Caleb moaned in agreement as Aaron talked of his thirst for her tight pussy and Caleb said he wanted Beth’s tight little cunt on him right that second and mumbled “fuck” again as he played it over in his head.

Caleb then stuck his head back into the chair and groaned hard. “Fuck! This feels so good.”

“Wish there was somebody else here to do this though,” Aaron said as he finished his can. He grabbed another from the side and popped the top and took another big drink.

“They say if you use your other hand…” Caleb started.

“You know that is bullshit,” Aaron laughed.

“Use mine then,” Caleb joked as he finished his own can and told Aaron to pass him one. Aaron did, and was silent for a few seconds. Caleb opened his eyes and turned to see what Aaron was doing. His hand had stopped and he was thinking. Then, after a few seconds, he turned to Caleb and said “well, go for it then.”

Caleb then thought and then his hand stopped too.

He reached out initially tentative, waiting for the slapping away of his hand and the comment of “fucking faggot” or something akin as Aaron laughed it off but no such hand came up to stop him and Caleb found himself closing his hand around the warm, thick, throbbing shaft as Aaron removed his own and leaned into the Recaro. It felt different to his own, and as his hand became accustom to the new member within his grasp, he felt himself growing just a little bit harder than he thought possible. He ached. Aaron’s cock was hard and smooth and as he rolled his hand up and down, from the thick purple head down to the full, hairy balls, he heard Aaron’s breath changing and he looked up from his handiwork to see his eyes pressed closed and his lips slightly parted. And then, as he continued to pleasure him, he realised the longing in his own balls wanted Aaron to reach out and do the same to him. With one hand still moving slowly up and down his own shaft, rolling his fingers from base to tip, his other hand explored Aaron. The head appeared and disappeared behind the foreskin, and then he was wanting more. He could see the glint of the precum as it laced the surface, could see the veins straining and suddenly he was looking at Aaron differently. Later, they would put it down purely to the booze but in the moment he wanted more. And then Aaron was opening his eyes and they looked at each other in the dimming light of a Saturday evening marred by alcohol, and he was telling Caleb to sit back. Caleb did, and Aaron’s hand came over the chair, over Caleb’s outstretched arm and then Aaron’s hand was on Caleb’s prick and Caleb inhaled sharply. Aaron was tentative, as Caleb was, as he explored what he was working with and then for the next few minutes they just sat there, drinking and pleasuring each other, exploring each other, arms moving in tandem.

Caleb groaned and told Aaron he was about to cum, and it took Caleb an extra couple of beats to register what Aaron said next. “Cum on me,” he was saying, and then his hand was released from around Caleb’s cock and his top was off and Aaron was sat there, naked and looking directly at Caleb. “I’m serious. Fucking cum on me.” He worked on himself again as Caleb stood up. Aaron opened his legs and Caleb stood between them, rolling from tip to shaft until his legs started shaking and an uncontrollable urge filtered up through him from his toes to his tip and then Caleb was moaning out “fuck!” and he was blasting two, three, four massive ropes of cum over Aaron, over his chest and his face and his groin and Aaron was moaning hard too and saying he was going to cum.

It was instinct that took over but Caleb sunk to his knees, between Aaron’s legs and he took back control over Aaron’s cock and he was leaning in, taking the tip in his mouth. Even if Aaron wanted to protest he couldn’t. It felt warm and hard and it was throbbing and knowing little, only going off what had been done to him before, Caleb started to flick the burning helmet with his tongue, moving his hand up and down and then he was bobbing and Aaron was moaning telling him, demanding him not to stop. A hand came onto the back of his head, a strong hand and Aaron was tensing and then rope after rope of thick, hot semen was plastering the back of Caleb’s throat. He swallowed what he could but the force and the inexperience took over and he was coughing and choking and his eyes were running as this hot, salty liquid filled his throat and then, as he pulled back, his face too and then it was done and Aaron was panting in the chair and Caleb kind of collapsed forward, not on Aaron, but hovering just in front of him, supported by the batwings on the chair.

They were in the kitchen in just their boxers getting more beer from the fridge before one of them finally spoke. Having used the bathroom to clean up they were now stood facing each other, exhausted and yet more satisfied than they had ever been. Caleb took a drink and then opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again. Aaron just laughed.

“That was fucking….”

“Yeah.” Caleb said.

And then they were looking at each other, two good looking teenage boys, and processing what they had just done and what had just happened. They drunk in silence.

“I mean,” Caleb said after a prolonged beat, “that beats looking at knobs on Omegle.”

“For sure. That beats a lot of things.”

“Yeah. What should we do?” Caleb.

“Next?” Aaron.

They were closer now although neither could tell you how the space had lessened between them. The booze was light. Things were woozy. A good woozy. They both felt the wooziness and then they were smiling at each other.

“Next best thing when there’s no girls around?”

“Don’t need girls to cum. Obviously.”

Aaron smiled. “Ever kissed a boy?”

“Not yet.”

Like the space what happened next could not be recounted with any accuracy but they were kissing in the kitchen, delicately at first as if the other was in fact a girl. Their lips explored delicately and then as the situation took over it became harder, and they became harder, and then tongues with the taste of salt still In Caleb’s mouth, entered the equation and now they were back in the bedroom and the boxers were being kicked off and they were on the bed and Aaron was on top.

Caleb’s hands were around him, touching him, feeling the heat and the sweat on Aaron’s body and then it was down at his firm ass and between his cheeks and the desire between each of their legs burned with lust. Aaron reached over into the night table and pulled out a tub of Vaseline from inside and their eyes met for a second, as if that was the chance for any objection but Caleb just looked back and gave tacit agreement and then Aaron was opening the tub and rubbing the lubricant up and down his shaft.

He told Caleb to get up and bend over, and he did. He moved so that he was on all fours and he leaned forward so that his face was on the pillow and his tight little ass was in the air and Aaron took some more of the lube and began to explore Caleb’s tight pink rosebud. Caleb shivered as Aaron smeared the mixture around the entrance, and then he moaned as he slowly started to insert a finger inside. He was tight. Tighter than any pussy he had ever been inside, and as he slowly loosened up the virgin hole with his fingers, Caleb moaned and Aaron’s prick throbbed. Applying a little bit more to the purple head of his cock, Aaron stood off the bed and positioned himself behind, against the entrance to Caleb’s virgin asshole and he shivered at the contact. He asked Caleb if he was ready and Caleb told him he was and then he was slowly pushing forward. There was initial resistance but it proved futile and as the tip of Aaron’s cock entered inside Caleb moaned out. It was a feeling of pain and pleasure, something he couldn’t quite explain. Aaron dipped his hips and the throbbing head of his member penetrated Caleb, who moaned out half in pain and half in lust. His sphincter was warm and tight and as Aaron flexed his hips again, dipping deeper inside, he felt an intense pleasure wash over him before withdrawing and leaving Caleb’s cavern empty and aching.

Aaron teased the pink rosebud of his conquest delicately before he inserted himself again, and Caleb undulated his hips in an attempt to take more of Aaron inside him. He groaned hard and loud as his steaming asshole was penetrated, and Aaron breathed hard, his hands clawing at Caleb’s back as the tightness compressed against his sensitive, longing desire. Aaron teased again; withdrawing and repeating the same teasing two-inch fuck until he could tease no more. He relented, slamming his burning erection deep into Caleb’s tight aching asshole and his body jolted and he screamed out “yes!”

Aaron was gentle as he gathered rhythm, and then he picked up his pace and he started to fuck Caleb like he fucked those girls he liked to bend over on his very bed. But this wasn’t like Aimee or Katie. It wasn’t a pussy he was slamming into, it was something tighter and more delicate and more pleasurable. He slipped out and slammed back in, his balls slapping against the penetrated ass and resting against Caleb’s naked skin. And then he was fucking him, and Caleb was clawing at the bedsheets as Aaron stroked hard, each thrust sending a wave of pain and pleasure the likes of which Caleb had never felt surging through his teenage body. He was moaning hard, hands of Caleb’s hips and the squeaking of the bedsprings matching the gentle thwack of Caleb’s asshole and then he felt what he so longed for, and Aaron tensed up and he screamed out that he was going to cum and then it happened – he released hard and stream after stream of pent up, oily semen burst inside of Caleb from the throbbing member and suddenly his asshole was full and he yelled out in climax, Caleb’s face deep in the bedsheets and Aaron behind him, still inside and on top of him, drained and releasing the contents of an orgasm that threatened to turn him inside out.

They didn’t speak for a while after. Caleb laid on the bedsheets facing the cracking plaster of the roof and he chased shapes that looked like dragons as Aaron’s seed trickled out from inside him. Aaron was next to him, drained and pleasured and satisfied. Caleb felt sore, but he also felt more satisfied than he ever had with a girl and as the alcohol made the shapes move he turned to Aaron.

“Never fucked like that,” Aaron said, not breaking eye contact with the roof but sensing Caleb’s eyes on him. Caleb laughed and looked down his naked body to the tool still glistening with their sex and the body he had never really looked at and he felt hard again, his cock engorging at the sight.

“I’ve never had an orgasm so hard without cumming,’ he said.

He leant down, delicately kissing the rising and falling chest of Aaron, the salty sweat on his skin warm in his mouth. He traced it down and then took Aaron’s cock in his hand. He teased the tip for a few seconds until life started to spring back and then he met Aaron’s gaze.

“I’m spent,” Aaron laughed and Caleb smiled and picked up the discarded tub of lube.

“Good. My turn,” he said and Aaron laughed and told Caleb to do his worst.

It was morning when they woke, naked and side by side on the semen covered bedsheets. They lazed for a while, gathering their bearings and then as the memories of last night came back to them they agreed they would never talk about it again. “For the best,” they said.

Aaron wasn’t even half way across the room before Caleb reached him, his hand coming around and turning him back so they were face to face. Still naked, Caleb kissed Aaron hard and his hand roamed down to the engorged penis stood alert and longing.

Aaron smiled. “Wondered how long that would take you,” he laughed.

“Shower?” Caleb smiled and Aaron’s cock twitched.

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2017-06-15 18:32:10
This was very well written and I can tell you were thinking about teen urges. My g/f and I used to think about boys and what it would be like having sex. My first major orgasm was with a older woman who taught me quite a bit.

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