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CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person's perspective. Dashed lines indicate where the sex in the story is. Important plot points are listed at the bottom.
Chapter Fourteen


Ranger Adarian knelt before me.

“Rise.” I commanded.

“My queen,” the ranger spoke, “our attack on the Terdini tribe failed. We lost most of my company, and Brock Terdini was not present. We did kill his wife.”

“I don’t give a shit about his wife,” I said angrily, “how does an elite company of rangers lose to a pack of beasts?!”

“Ranger Elena is with them,” Adarian explained, “she knows our tactics inside and out. She organized the orcs into a successful counter attack.”

“Elena,” I sighed putting a hand on my head, “Yavara’s dyke. I figured she’d join her.”

“She’s changed.” Adarian said.

“Changed how?”

“She’s dark like Yavara, but with blonde hair like us. And she has a penis.”

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“She has a penis.” Adarian said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“How the fuck did that happen?”

“I suspect Yavara did that somehow.”

“If Yavara can turn Elena dark,” I pondered, “she can do the same with other elves.”

“Shit.” Adarian muttered.

“Shit is right,” I growled angrily, “Yavara has escaped Ardeni Dreus without a single soul seeing her leave. Hundreds of beasts are flocking to the Great Forest every day to join her. How long before she has a force we cannot surmount?”

“My queen,” Adarian said, “we have information that leads us to believe Yavara and Prestira Rasloraca have left Ardeni Dreus aboard Titus’ vessels. His ships are headed Alkandra.”

“How accurate is this information,” I asked, “did anyone see Yavara with Titus?”

“No,” Adarian said, “but Titus did leave the city with ten chests of gold.”

“King Dreus wouldn’t pay off gangsters to leave the city,” I pondered “Yavara must be aboard one of his ships. Do we still have our contacts with the Sea Serpents?”

“We do.”

“Get one hold of them on the mirror in my office. Tell them of the bounty on Yavara and Prestira. Tell them I want them alive."



Yavara was tied to the mast of the ship, her hands bound above her head. Her face tilted upward with an intense growl as she gritted her teeth. Yavara had elected to get her nipples pierced (by my suggestion), and I was now tugging on the chain between them. She let out pathetic moan as the toys in her ass and pussy were thrust viciously into her, their movements controlled by my mind.

“This is how you wanted to learn telekinesis, Yavara, don’t get mad at me.” I teased. The vampires were all resting below deck to avoid the sun, leaving the entire open-aired part of the ship to us, save for Brutus who was steering the vessel. Yavara’s thick thighs tensed as she let out a cry, her pussy gushing yet another orgasm as I beat her down.

“Ahhh fuck you, Prestira.” Yavara gasped, her back curving from the mast.

“You can fuck me all you want once you gain control of those things inside of you.” I laughed.

“I’m not sure I’m getting the concept here,” Yavara said as she grinded her thighs together, “How is this different from telepathy?”

“You’re not looking for a connection between you and the object,” I explained as I pulled down on the chain connecting Yavara’s nipples, “you’re literally just trying to grab the object with your mind.”

“Oh,” moaned Yavara as her breasts stretched conically from her body, “I’ll give it another try.”

“I’m kind of hoping you don’t get the hang of this yet,” I smiled as I pulled out two giant dildos from my bag, “I’ve got all kinds of interesting things I want to try.”

A hint of fear mixed with the excitement in Yavara’s eyes. I pulled out the two dildos that were inside of her and floated the bigger ones in front of her holes.

“Ready?” I asked, licking my lips. Yavara excitedly bit her lower lip and nodded. My mind forced the toys into Yavara’s pussy and ass, her torso flexing under the strain of penetration. Yavara’s eyes focused in concentration, trying to pull the objects from her. I pushed the toys further into her, spinning them on their axis. Yavara’s concentration broke, her eyes rolling up in pleasure, her moans and gasps begging me to keep going. Her arms strained under her weight, her bronze body curving away from the mast. Her legs gave out as the toys entered her completely. I moved the lengths of the dildos in and out of her holes, her ass skin stretching from her body as her tight rim clung to the dildo greedily. Her pussy leaked with juices, her pelvis flexing uncontrollably as I moved the toy just the way she liked it.

“You’re not even trying anymore.” I sighed.

“Don’t stop, Prestira!” she cried.

I pulled down hard on the chain connecting Yavara’s pierced nipples. I hoped it would snap her out of her sexual fugue state, but it only brought her more pleasure. She moaned in my face sluttily as the pain aroused her further. I slapped her across the cheek, sending her head whipping to the side. She snapped her neck around and smiled.

“Please ma’am, may I have another?” she begged submissively. I slapped her again, a sharp cry spurting from her masochistic mouth.

“Please ma’am, may I have another?” I reeled my hand back and wrenched it forward. It didn’t move.

“What’s the matter Prestira?” Yavara laughed through her moans, “Don’t you want to hit me?”

“Nice job Yavara! Now we need to-” my hand whipped around and struck me in the face.

“We need to do what?” smiled Yavara.

I pushed the toys so deep into her slit and asshole they disappeared completely. Yavara let out a strained gasp as her cervix opened. My body was lifted into the air and my clothes ripped from me. Yavara held me in suspension and spread my legs. The contents of my fun bag were spilled on to the deck, and I gazed down in fear as the Dark Queen picked her instruments of torture.

“Ooo, what does this do?” Yavara asked as she raised a toy to her eyes. It was an expanding butt plug, an egg-shaped device made up of six pedals that opened outward. There was no way I was letting her put that in my ass. The dildos fell from Yavara as I focused my entire mind on the plug. She was already stronger than me, much stronger. My legs were pushed together and my cheeks spread. I strained with all my might, but Yavara advanced the plug closer to me.

“Yavara, stop! You win!” I pleaded.

“I know, I’m just claiming my prize.” Yavara teased as the plug came closer and closer to me.

“Yavara stop!”

“No.” she smiled. The egg-shaped plug pressed against my puckered sphincter.

“Stop!” The plug pushed past the resistance of my asshole.

“Yavara!” the egg entered me completely, my tight insides clinging around it. I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. And then she started to open it. Slowly, deliberately. My head flew back as I dangled in the air. It opened wider. I could feel my insides straining underneath the pressure. My teeth grit. My eyes flung open and twitched. A scream ascended from my mouth. I tried to close the plug. It wouldn’t yield. It opened wider and wider, my asshole stretching beyond capacity. My mind went blank. I stopped resisting. I hung limp in the air as my body was gently guided pelvis-first toward Yavara’s face.

“Oh Prestira, did I hurt you?” Yavara smiled, “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.”

Yavara’s luscious, wet lips wrapped around my clit. I moaned as she sucked on it, her mouth pulling backward and stretching my pussy skin from me. The plug in my ass expanded to its maximum width, the pain of it decreasing as my body grew accustomed to it. Soon I was crying my pleasure to the sky, Yavara’s mouth working me, her mind slowly rotating the expanded plug in my ass. My mind guided the two massive dildos back into Yavara, forcing a muffled scream from her lips. She kept me dangling in the air while I rapidly worked the toys through her holes. My pussy leaked with fluid, my asshole sent delicious shocks of pain up my spine. Yavara’s eyes widened as I drove the toys to new depths. Her lips pulled roughly on my clit. She let go of my upper body and I fell backward, my back curving as I hung upside down, my pelvis still suspended parallel to the deck. I felt the orgasm rising within me. I could feel that Yavara was experiencing a similar sensation. My voice rose higher and higher as the feeling expanded from my pelvis, my widened asshole twitching and my pussy gushing. Yavara’s mouth released my clit so that she could sing her elation to the sky. My voice joined hers, our bodies convulsing in pleasure. I gently collapsed on the deck, my chest heaving as the intensity of my climax subsided. Yavara still twitched in ecstasy above me, the toys in her holes driving frenetically into her. With a hoarse scream, her entire body curved from the mast, her arms straining against her weight, her pussy squirting its juices all over me. I knelt in front of her and let her spray my body, her warm fluids covering my pale skin. Yavara limply hung from her arms, her body recouping from her climax.


“Ship!” yelled Brutus from the wheel. I looked up to see three massive masts approaching us at intercept speed. They bore black sails with a red snake embroidered in their center.

Sea Serpents! I exclaimed to Yavara.


The Sea Serpents were the most feared pirates in the world. Our fleet moved into a counter attack position, but the pirate vessel navigated through the ships with ease, sending blasts of flame onto the decks of the vampire ships. I shot quenching spells on the burning ships to save the vulnerable vampires below deck. Yavara’s mind connected to a pirate on the deck and sent him on a rampage. The other pirates cut him down before he could do much damage, but Yavara grabbed another. The connection between the two was broken as five massive harpoons blasted through the hull of our ship. I could hear the shrieks of vampires below deck. The pirate vessel reeled us in from ropes connecting the harpoons. I blasted the harpoon ropes with flame while Yavara picked up three men and launched them fifty feet in the air. A volley of arrows came down on us. I threw up an arcane shield just in time, but didn’t notice the pirates jumping aboard our vessel. Yavara sent four of them screaming over the side of the ship. I lowered the shield so that I could set three attackers aflame. Another volley of arrows. Yavara shrieked out, an arrow protruding from her breast, inches from her heart. She collapsed onto the ground in agony. I came down to her aid. I felt four strong hands rip me from her. Something came down on my head and I blacked out.


The arrow was deep in my breast, blood flowing freely from the wound. I coughed in agony. The vampires came flowing from below deck, covered head to toe in black clothing and assaulted the pirates. I grabbed hold one of the men dragging Prestira off and made him kill the other. One of his comrades put a hatchet in the back of his head and continued to drag the woman away. I weakly titled my head up and launched the kidnapper into the sea. Another one grabbed hold of the witch and dragged her. The black cloaks of the vampires obstructed my vision, preventing me from aiding Prestira with my abilities. The vampires tore through the pirates with ease, sending their limbs in the air. A salvo of flame-shot burst from the torches on the pirate vessel. The clothes of the vampires were burned off them, and the poor souls roasted alive in the sun. Our ship lurched to its side as the harpoons disconnected. The Sea Serpent vessel turned heel and sailed away from the enclosing vampire ships. I reached out with my mind, focusing on the fleeing pirate vessel. It slowed down for a second, but I wasn’t strong enough to stop it. It kept going, it’s massive sails driving it further and further away from us. I felt gentle hands take me and carry me below deck. I was losing blood fast. I screamed out for them to chase the pirate vessel, but they didn’t listen to me. I screamed and screamed, tears streaking down my face. I felt myself growing weaker by the second. The ceiling began to spin. I began to fade. Titus’ concerned face blurred above me as the world went black.

Prestira, I’m so sorry.


“Wake up sleepy head,” Captain Timothy Two-Shot sneered as my vision came to me, “Prestira Rasloraca, you have made some powerful enemies.”

My wrists and ankles were bound together and my fingers entwined. I looked down to see a syringe was protruding from my forearm. Captain Timothy Two-Shot stood over me, his glass eye looking in the opposite direction as a cigarette smoked from between his lips.

“I’ve made some powerful friends too, Tim.” I murmured as I sat upright, “and they’ll be coming after me.”

“The vampires don’t have a ship fast enough to catch us,” Tim said smiling, “but you don’t need them to, do you? You just need to wait out until nightfall, and then you can reveal your true nature and slaughter my crew. That was your plan, wasn’t it?”

My heartbeat in my chest as my face fell in dismay. I looked down at the needle sticking in my arm.

“When we heard you and Yavara were aboard Titus’ ship, we figured he might have bit you. I mean, Titus wouldn’t just join you if you didn’t give him something in return, right? So we performed a little test, and lo and behold: the Witch of Ardeni has become a daywalker. We injected you with a garlic solution, you can’t turn on us anytime soon.”

“So what now, Tim?” I asked him.

“Well Prestira,” Tim said as he crouched down to eye level, “my crew was really hoping we’d get Yavara. There’s a half million-dollar price on her head, but we got the next best thing: you. What happens now, Prestira, is you’re going to Bentius to answer to Queen Leveria.”

“Yavara will make you a better offer than anything Leveria can give you,” I said weakly, “we have millions of dollars stashed away on our ships.”

“So I heard,” Tim laughed, “but I’m not making an enemy of a nation as powerful as the Highlands to join your doomed cause.”

Tim pulled out two small gems from his coat. “Do you know what these are?” he asked.

I nodded. They were neuron disruptors. They would prevent me from using my magic even if I got my fingers free. Tim placed them on my temples. The gems spun rapidly and dilled their way into my skull. My eyes watered in pain and I screamed out, collapsing on the floor of the deck. I watched my blood-connections between Titus and Yavara disappear from my mind. I was alone.

“Well Prestira,” Tim said as he got up, “we’ll make good use of you while you’re aboard our ship. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The Sea Serpents are always happy to accommodate our guests.”


Two men grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged me from the cabin. They pulled me across the deck and until we reached the hatch, and then pushed me down the steps, my body tumbling roughly to the wood floor. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hold. I gasped at what I saw.

This was a slaver’s vessel, and the crew had taken it upon themselves to “train” the slaves. At least thirty high elf women and twenty Ardeni human women were in holding, with ten of each being ravaged to capacity. The hold echoed with the moans and screams of the victims, their hands and legs chained to the floor, every single orifice being defiled.

“These will be your quarters, Prestira,” sneered an orc, “I hope they’re to your satisfaction.”

“They could use some drapes, maybe a few decorative pillows-” my witty comment was cut short by vicious slap across the face. My head spun to the side, my neck straining with whiplash. I was dragged between two she-elves who were being filled by three men each. Their eyes were glazed over and their hair matted with cum. They operated instinctively, their minds long gone, their bodies running on autopilot. They writhed and screamed and gushed their orgasms, obediently opening their mouths for the next man. The orc chained my wrist-shackles to a loop in the deck, and then bolted my ankle shackles to the floor. I was forced in a bent over position, my legs spread wide. A young human pirate walked in front of me with a ring-gag in his hands.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded.

I shook my head. A whip came slicing across my back. I screamed and curved my back as the pain shot through me.

“Open your mouth.” He said again. I complied this time, knowing they would keep whipping me until I submitted. The ring-gag was roughly forced between my teeth and strapped behind my head.

“Think of it as bitch training wheels,” the human sneered as he gazed on my humiliated face, “after a while, you won’t need it anymore.”

“It’s true,” panted the elf next to me as her pussy and ass were filled, “after a while, you just give in to them. It makes it so much better.”

“That’s a good girl, Twenty-Three,” the man said as he stuck a thumb in her mouth, “Our newest slave is called Fifty-One. She’ll be your roommate until we get to Bentius.”

Twenty-Three submissively sucked her master’s thumb. I don’t know how long it took them to break her, but I wouldn’t give in easily. I had to remain strong, I had to stay defiant. There had to be hope.

The human dropped his pants and pulled out his cock. He smeared his stinking junk all over my face. His scent stuck in my nostrils. He put the head of his cock against my open mouth and drove in. I gagged as his girth pushed against all sides of my throat, his length reaching to uncomfortable depths. He gripped the back of my head and forced it forward as he thrust. My wet, warm throat sucked on him, my gags only increasing the tightness of my oral rape. I felt the orc knocking at my back door. There was no way he was going to fit. I muffled my protests around the human’s cock, but he just laughed. The orc’s head pressed against my sphincter, pushing harder and harder against it. I writhed in terror as I felt the pressure growing. He broke through. I reared my head back and shrieked. My rim expanded further than it ever had. My back arched, my screams of pain muffled by the cock being shoved down my throat. The orc kept pushing and pushing, his head reaching depths I’d never felt before, his girth stretching me so tightly I thought I would tear. My eyes welled up with tears as the pain took hold of me. I heard the men laughing at my agony.

“You were being such a smartass Fifty-One, we decided to get Big Bill over here and teach you a lesson,” laughed the human as he thrust into my throat, “are you going to be a good girl, or does Big Bill have to keep going?”

I nodded. I’ll be a good girl! I’ll do anything, you fucking piece of shit! Just make it stop!

“I don’t think that was genuine, I think you’re trying to deceive us Fifty-One, you bad girl.”

Big Bill pulled out and pushed in again, my back curving concavely in agony. My eyes were wide and quivering, tears streaking down my face, my black eyeshadow smearing with it. Yavara might be able to handle this, but there was no way I could. His thick cock stretched my insides wide open, forcing my soft innards to part. I could feel his head pulsating deep in my lower abdomen. Every inch of my rectum felt like it was going to burst. His hands spread my cheeks as far apart as they would go. My arms and legs strained against the restraints as my body desperately tried to free itself, my elbows and knees scraping against the floor. Bill laughed cruelly as my hips twisted and shook trying to get away from him. Bill raised his arm and slapped my ass. I squealed around the human’s cock in agony. He pushed in again, his cock traveling through me, tearing me open, stretching me beyond capacity. I choked around the human as my whole body tensed with pain, saliva running down my chin as his thick cock plugged my throat. My expressions of anguish only served to encourage the slavers, their thrusts growing more violent by the second. The human gripped my hair and plowed into me faster, forcing lewd gurgling sounds to erupt from my throat with each thrust. Bill slapped his hands across my ass as he pumped into my stretched asshole. I could feel my torso deforming with his length. His balls clapped against my slit every time he thrust into me. The walls of my anus clenched around him like a vice, hugging his cock as it burrowed though them. He pulled out too fast, and I could feel my inner skin come out with him. My eyes rolled into my head. I was losing consciousness. The whip came down on my back, snapping me awake.

“Oh no Fifty-One, you’re not getting off that easy.” Sneered the human.

“Don’t you just love Big Bill’s cock?” asked Twenty-Three, her mouth smiling, but her eyes dead, “I get so excited when he comes around!”

“Twenty-Three has been on this ship for three months,” laughed the human as he thrust down my throat, “When she first got here she was a virgin, now look at her. That’s what we’re going to do you Fifty-One. We’re gonna fuck you every hour of every day until you know nothing else. Once we break you, we’re gonna do some psychological reprogramming in that head of yours. Soon you’ll be begging for Big Bill to rape that tight little ass of yours.”

I looked up at the human defiantly, my eyes squinting in hatred.

“Oh,” he laughed, “you don’t think we can break you? I love the defiant ones, they’re always so much more fun.”

The human draped the whip threateningly across my back. My eyes widened it terror. He sneered at me and brought the whip down with a snap. My back arched in agony. I screeched out around the human’s cock. The whip cracked across my back again. My spine curved down, trying to get away. Another strike slashed across me. I screamed again, my eyes pleading for him to stop. He didn’t stop. He laughed at me cruelly, his eyes wild with arousal at my suffering. Bill pulled out all the way and drove in as another blow from the whip came down. I sobbed in anguish and horror, but I did not break. The human stopped his strikes after the tenth lashing. My back was stripped bare, welts and cuts lining in a crisscross pattern.

“This one’s tough,” the human said, a hint of admiration in his voice, “hand me the wax, Bill.”

I gagged around his cock in terror as the human showed me his next instrument of torture.

“This will close the wounds on your back,” the human smiled, “but it’s not going to be fun for you.”

I thrashed and writhed as the hot wax was poured over my open cuts. It melted the flesh along the wounds, searing it together. He slowly dripped it on me, moving methodically along the gashes in my back. I shrieked and cried around his cock. My face grew red with strain. I felt blood vessels bursting in my eyes. I screamed and screamed until he stopped. My whole body was shaking in pain. My eyes were blurred with tears. The two men didn’t stop raping me. They kept going and going, fucking me while they tortured me. Under the right circumstances, this kind of abuse might have aroused me. But these men weren’t trying to pleasure me, they were trying to break my spirit. But they hadn’t done it yet. I regained my composure and stared up defiantly at the human.

“My, my,” the human smiled, “you are a tough bitch, Fifty-One.”

“Should we start pulling finger nails?” Bill asked his comrade.

“Naw,” the human said, “I’m getting the feeling that Fifty-One is used to pain. I think she might actually like it.”

“Are you a little masochistic bitch, Fifty-One?” Big Bill asked me. I didn’t respond. I wasn’t enjoying a thing they were doing to me, but they were right, I was no stranger to pain. I could take physical punishment.

“Well, how do we break her then?” Bill asked as he pumped into my destroyed anus.

“We’ll have to go another route,” the human smiled, “we’ll turn her into our little cum slave through chemistry. Bill, hand me the succubus blood extract.”

Bill handed the human a vial of purple liquid. The human poured the contents into the syringe sticking in my arm and pushed the plunger down. I felt it seep into my blood. Every part of my body began to tingle. Everything started to feel so good. The sodomy that had tortured me began to give me unbearable pleasure. I held out for a second, trying to retain my dignity. My mouth melted around the cock raping it. It throbbed and pulsated on my tongue. It stretched my throat so nicely. I could tell the human was loving it. His arousal was getting my off. I gave in. I hungrily sucked the human raping my throat. My tongue moved along the bottom of his shaft to pleasure him more. My defiance left me. The human was right; he could break me like this. Part of me was terrified of what this might mean, but most of me had already given in. Every bit of the pain that had tortured me turned to pleasure. My body was coursing with it.

I started to grind my hips backward against Bill. I looked lustfully into the human’s eyes and licked his shaft as it ran through my mouth. My body lurched forward with each of Bill’s thrusts, pushing the human deeper down my throat. I choked and gagged around him, closing my throat to make him feel better. I flexed my glutes and tightened my anal muscles around Bill. His cock tore through my resistances, forcing my soft inner flesh to part. He filled me up so nicely. I pushed my hands against the floor and arched my back lasciviously, a soft purr rising from my chest and escaping from around the human’s cock.

“Oh,” the human smiled down at me, “do you like my cock now?”

I nodded.

“Was I right about you, Fifty-One, do you like it when I hurt you?”

I nodded again and eyed the whip in his hand, licking his cock rapidly to show him what I wanted him to do to me.

The human draped the whip across my tortured back. I shivered in excitement. He raised his arm and snapped the whip across my ass. I let out a delighted squeal as the stinging pain ran up my spine. He whipped me again. I choked on his cock, the saliva dripping from the gag in my mouth. The sting of the whip mixed deliciously with the pain of my sodomy and the ravaging of my throat. My pussy gushed its approval.

The human unhooked my shackles and brought me upright, Bill’s cock still ramming my ass. He hooked my shackles to the rafters, stretching my body uncomfortably. My torso expanded with the bulge of Bill’s cock, the flesh rising and falling as he pushed my insides upward. I screamed my delight at the sexual savagery, my mouth heading no words around my gag. The human lashed the whip across my pelvis. My body jolted from the pain, an excited yelp erupting from my lips. Another lashing, this one across the thighs. A deep growl rose from my chest. The whip snapped across my breasts, welts forming across my nipples. I arched my back in pleasure. Bill spread my cheeks and drove into me harder than ever. My pussy was gushing fluids down my thighs. I leaned forward against my restraints, curving my body to the human with the whip, begging him for more. He tied the whip around my neck and tossed it over the rafters. He caught the handle behind my head and pulled. My neck strained against the rope as the air was constricted from my lungs. The human forced his hard cock between my legs and drove in. My face tilted to the ceiling in pleasure, the rope forcing my head to stay in that position. I had to get up on my tip toes to keep from passing out, but the thrill of domination just aroused me more. I felt like I was being strangled and crucified at the same time, all while the two slavers ripped through my holes.

Break me! Make me your little cum slave!

I could feel the orgasm ballooning inside of me. The pain mixed with the pleasure, the carnal mixed with the primal. I don’t know why I loved it like this, but I did. My pelvis and torso convulsed with spasms. I screamed out around my gag. I felt the two cocks inside of me pulsating and throbbing. My legs quivered beneath me. I thrashed in my binds, my arms straining against the weight of my body, my face filling with blood from my constriction. It built and built. And then it stopped. Bill and the human pulled out of me and left me dangling from the rafters. The feeling never reached its peak, I never got my release. I looked at the human, pleading for him to come back and abuse me.

“This will be how we break you Fifty-One,” the human sneered, “orgasm denial. Succubus blood extract doesn’t wear off until the user orgasms. We’ll be injecting you with this on an hourly basis. We’ll fuck you, torture you how you like to be tortured, and then we’ll leave before you can come.”

Oh god, please fuck me! I grinded my thighs together, trying to stimulate my clit. My juices ran down my legs like water. I gazed at the human, begging him with my eyes. All the other slaves in the hold were being fucked to capacity, but I was left dangling from the rafters. The sight of the women screaming their orgasms while they were defiled was making it worse. These women had been tortured until they broke, and now they existed for no other purpose than to service the men. They were simply cum-slaves, and their twisted minds loved it when they were raped. But that would not be my fate. I would not gain that satisfaction. I would be brought to the precipice of ecstasy and then denied it. This could break me. It already was. I didn’t have much time.



I woke up with a bandage wrapped tightly around my shoulder and left breast. The room was dark. My blurred vision barely made out the features of Titus.

“Prestira…” I moaned weakly. I couldn’t see our mental connection. She was my blood-mother, I should be able to see the connection from any distance. But it was gone.

“I lost her, my queen,” Titus said gravely, “I can’t feel her presence anymore.”

“Do you think she’s dead?” I whimpered, a tear running down my cheek.

“I don’t know,” Titus said, “but she’s gone. We don’t know where they went.”

“Yes you do,” I said, “They’re going to Bentius to claim their reward.”

“We can’t follow them there.”

“You can’t,” I gritted as I sat upright, “but I will.”

“Oh?” said Titus, “And how are you going to catch up to them? And what are you going to do if you catch up to them?”

“Take your clan to the ruins of Castle Alkandra,” I said, ignoring his question, “wait for me there, I’ll be there tomorrow morning.”

“Yavara,” Titus said as he followed me up the steps of the hatch and onto the deck, “what the fuck are you talking about?”

I looked up at the night sky. I could feel every splinter in the wood of the ship’s deck. I could feel the waves beneath me. I could feel Titus’ body next to me and the bodies of the vampires in the hold. I was connected to everything around me. I pushed off the deck of the ship with my mind. My feet rose from the wood. My black dress flapped in the wind as I ascended, my body bathed in the moonlight. Titus looked up at me in awe. I smiled down at him. I glided myself forward, pushing down on the waves below me, using the mental connection between me and every atom of water beneath me to keep me suspended in the air. I started to move faster, the night air blowing in my face. My hair whipped behind me. I felt the molecules in the air and I stopped the ones in front of me, preventing wind resistance from slowing me down. The waves parted beneath me as I lowered myself to the water’s surface. I traced a finger along the water as I shot above it. I smiled to myself as I rocketed across the sea.

Holy fucking shit, I’m flying.


Leveria learns that Elena has changed into a hybrid. Ranger Adarian tells Leveria that Elena repelled their attack on The Gorge.

Ranger Adarian tells Leveria that he suspects Yavara is on board one of Titus' ships bound for Alkrandra. Leveria tells him to contact a pirate group known as the Sea Serpents to intercept the ship and take Prestira and Yavara alive.

Yavara learns telekinesis from Prestira.

Yavara and Prestira are interrupted when a Sea Serpent vessel attacks their ship.

Yavara is wounded and Prestira is captured.

The captain of the pirate ship is called Timothy Two-Shot.

Prestira is restrained by neuron receptors that keep her from using magic, and given garlic injections to keep her from turning to a vampire.

Prestira is raped and tortured by the pirates. She's too resilient to pain to be broken through torture, so they give her succubus blood extract and deny her orgasm, which starts to break her down.

Yavara uses her telekinetic powers to fly by pushing her body off the surface of the water. She tries to find Prestira.
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