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CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person's perspective. Dashed lines indicate where the sex in the story is. Important plot points are listed at the bottom.
Chapter Fifteen


Five days ago, we burned Sherok’s body. The Terdini and Protaki stood in solemn silence as Brock set the pyre aflame. He didn’t show his sadness, but I could tell he was in great pain. Brock began to whip the Protaki warriors into shape the next day. He was brutal and merciless with the ill-trained men, often times beating them into submission when they failed. It wasn’t lost on me that he was taking the pain of his lost wife out on the poor orcs. Despite his ferociousness, Brock was fair to the men. He fed them better than they’d ever eaten, and let them mingle as equals with the Terdini. The contrast between the two tribes was stark: every warrior of the Terdini was almost a foot taller than their Protaki counterparts, and at least a hundred pounds heavier. Brock had his work cut out for him. Today, Trenok and Certiok were married, and for the first time since the death of his wife, Brock smiled. The celebration devolved into an orgy (as most thing tend to do now), but I did not partake. I sat on the roof of a hut, smoking my pipe as I watched the debauchery below me. The smoke rose thick in the humid summer air, dancing in the moonlight as it plumed upward.

“You’re not partaking in the festivities?” Zander said as he sat next to me.

“I don’t feel like catching a dick tonight.” I responded as I took a puff.

“Oh, the Terdini know which way you swing,” Zander smiled as he packed a bowl, “none of them would dare touch you after what you did for them.”

“Yeah,” I said, pushing more tobacco into my pipe, “I’m just not feeling it, I guess. What’s your excuse?”

“I’m not a fan of orgies,” Zander said around his pipe, “unless I’m the only male present. I guess I’d make a concession for you, though.”

“Is that so?” I laughed, “Well come hop on my lap, Zander. Maybe you can shape-shift into Yavara for me.”

“That would be cruel.” Zander smiled. His smile faded as he looked at me. “You miss her, don’t you?”

“Of course I miss her.” I said looking away.

“She’ll be here any day now.”

“We haven’t heard from her in almost a week. Her sister’s the queen of The Highlands now, and Leveria will stop at nothing to kill Yavara. She hates her.”

“If she were dead,” Zander said as he put a comforting hand on my shoulder, “Leveria would have let everyone know. She’s alive, Elena, and she’s coming here. Prestira would never let anything happen to her.”

“Prestira…” I said as I puffed, “there’s a story between you two you’re not telling us.”

“We got married, it didn’t work out, we divorced. That’s the story.” Zander said curtly.

“Hmm, that’s an interesting story, Zander.” I laughed, “You do not have a future as an author.”

“I’m a scientist at heart,” Zander smiled, “I tell you all you need to know. If you want the whole story, I’m sure Prestira would be happy to tell you everything in gratuitous detail.”

“I’m going to keep prying.”

“Fine,” Zander conceded, “the truth is, it’s all my fault. Alkandi gave me the gift of agelessness so that I could put one of her incarnations on the Black Throne. It’s my only purpose; my destiny, if you will. You can understand, this goal is an all-consuming one. It doesn’t leave room for love. I distracted myself with Prestira for ten years, but I always felt Alkandi pulling me back to the wild. So, I left Prestira, even though I loved her. That was two hundred years ago, and it still pains Prestira even after all this time.”

“Prestira is that old?!”

“Prestira is five-hundred years old. She has the gift of agelessness, like myself. Only hers wasn’t given to her by a dark spirit, she took hers all by herself.”


“When Prestira was in her twenties, she came across a book that detailed the process of agelessness. It’s gruesome and timely task, and it requires you to devote your entire life to the process, with no guarantee of success in the end.”

“Details, Zander.” I said.

“It’s not something you should try, Elena. The process requires you to cut your youthful flesh from your body and store it. That’s right; Prestira flayed every inch of her body over the course of five years. You can imagine how horrific she looked, scarred head to toe with self-inflicted wounds. Even her scalp was stripped. She stayed in her hovel, an outcast, a crazy hermit. When she was ninety years of age, she had finally learned and done all that was required. She took her youthful flesh and threw it into a boiling cauldron, and then dove in after it.”

“Holy shit.”

“Can you imagine?” Zander said as he puffed on his pipe, “The strength and belief in yourself it would take to do that? To mutilate your body in the prime of your life, and then spend every waking moment of the rest of it perfecting something that might not work? To roll the dice on throwing your life away, just for the prospect you may have a chance at a longer one? When people say Prestira is crazy, it’s because she fucking is.”

“That’s fucking amazing.” I said.

“What’s even more amazing,” Zander said, “Is that Prestira wasn’t born with an ounce of natural ability. She learned and perfected the arcane arts all by herself. I was an infant conjuring rattles in my hands. I shape-shifted for the first time when I was five. I could cast perception spells, create an arcane shield and move objects with my mind all at the age of twenty. It took Prestira centuries to learn what she’s learned, and now she’s one of the most powerful beings on earth, all due to practice and patience. That’s why I loved her, why I still love her. Because no challenge is too great for her, no matter her limitations; she will surmount them all.”

“After Yavara sits on the Black Throne and the war is over, will you two get back together?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Zander said as he gazed into the night, “I’ve never thought that far ahead. Fantasizing about uncertain futures is a dangerous way to distract yourself from the problems at hand.”

“You’re right,” I said, “you should get back together the moment you see her again. Life is fleeting and uncertain, even ageless people can die with a well-placed arrow. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring or take from you. You should seize the now.”


“No,” I cut him off, “I spent my teen years hiding myself from Yavara because I was too afraid to just tell her the truth. I wasted those years, sitting in stasis, never moving, until the opportunity passed me by. I went to ranger school and didn’t see her again until fortune brought us together. Had she not gone missing, had she not discovered who she really was, I would have spent the rest of my days in this forest, looking at rocks and trees and shit, trying to fill my life with meaning that wasn’t there.”

“Maybe you’re right, Elena,” Zander said as he blew a cloud of smoke from his mouth, “we’re at war, and anything could happen at any time. Maybe I should.”

“Don’t give me this ‘maybe’ bullshit,” I said, punching Zander in the shoulder, “if you don’t get back with Prestira, I’m going to fuck her in front of you every day.”

“You act like I wouldn’t enjoy watching that.”

“You’re a pig.” I laughed.

“Your dark skin pressing against her pale flesh, your breasts squishing delectably against each other. Your soft moans echoing in the air as your bodies heave in ecstasy. I’m getting hard just thinking about it…” Zander peeked at my crotch, “…and so are you. And you said I wouldn’t make a good author; I should write erotic fan fiction.”

I blushed and pushed the erection down from underneath my cloak. Zander gave me a smile before abruptly transforming into Prestira.

“How many drinks would it take for this to work?” Zander asked, Prestira’s voice coming from his lips.

“I don’t know Zander,” I smiled as I lifted his cloak, “do you still have all the male plumbing down there?”

“Not if you don’t want it there.”

“Well, in that case,” I smiled as I leaned in toward Zander, “let’s get weird.”


Zander pushed her cloak over her shoulders, letting it drop down to her waist. My fingers moved to her shirt and began to unbutton it, revealing Prestira’s cleavage, which Zander had elected to make much bigger than the real thing. Zander pulled off her shirt, exposing her pale, ample breasts to me. She put her hands behind her and pushed her chest forward, smiling at me licentiously. I lowered my head and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking gently as my tongue flicked across it. Zander moaned and arched her back to me, her head tilting upward as her eyes closed in bliss. My hand moved down her torso and pushed into her pants. Zander’s lips curled into a smile as a soft cry came from her mouth. I moved my fingers back and forth along her pedals, teasing her, tracing her ever so slightly. She began to ooze with yearning, her juices leaking onto my fingers. I pushed three fingers past her lips and began to explore the shape-shifting wizard.

Zander pushed my cloak off a shoulder and kissed the bare skin. She pushed the cloak over my other shoulder and let it fall. I shuddered as the night air blew freely across my exposed breasts. Zander slowly shifted herself to her side, giving me better access to her body. She pivoted herself on one hand while her other hand pushed my cloak from my legs. Her soft, cool finger wrapped around my cock and began to stroke. A muffled moan slipped from my mouth and around Zander’s nipple. My fingers curled upward inside the wizard, pressing against her spot. Soft feminine cries oozed from her lips. She put her mouth on my neck and began to gently suck the skin. Her hand squeezed around my cock, a shot of precum bursting from it. Zander’s breast fell from my mouth, bouncing slightly from her chest, a string of saliva stretching from my lips to her nipple before it snapped. I leaned my head back and took a grip of her hair. She rose to me and pressed her mouth to my own, our lips sucking gently, our tongues sliding and entangling along each other.

Zander shifted herself until she straddled across my lap. Both her hands wrapped around my cock and twisted gently as she stroked. She released me from the kiss, smiling devilishly into my eyes. I pulled my hand from her slit, strings of her juices stretching from between my fingers. I tasted the sweet feminine nectar of the transformed woman, sucking on my fingers as I moaned. I pushed Zander’s cloak down her hips. Her thighs were thicker than Prestira’s usually were, and her ass was full and toned. She looked down at me, her eyes half closed in lust, her lips slightly agape and curled into a smile. Her hands left my cock and traveled up to my breasts. Her fingers sunk into my skin, the flesh protruding from between her knuckles. I moaned as she pushed her frothing lips against my shaft, gyrating and grinding along it, teasing until it was unbearable.

“Do you like being a woman?” I asked as I lifted my cock upright. Zander pushed her pelvis off me and hovered her slit over the tip.

“It’s an interesting experience,” Zander smiled as she slowly worked down, “when I was younger and strapped for cash, I’d go to the local whore house and make a small fortune.”

“Show me the whore.” I moaned as Zander’s pussy clung around my cock.

“Her name is Destiny,” Zander gasped as her pussy lips enveloped my base, “Do you want to meet Destiny?”

“I want to fuck Destiny.” I said, my fingers gripping her ass.

Zander sat upright, her hips swaying left and right as she grinded down on me. She lifted her arms and locked her fingers behind her head. With a golden aura, she transformed from Prestira to a very exotic looking woman. Her skin was tan, her face and body splashed with sparkling freckles, as though she had thousands of diamonds shining from her flesh. Prestira’s curly black hair turned auburn and wavy. Her narrow face widened, her cheekbones rising, her jawline becoming more pronounced. Her white irises turned pale blue. Destiny smirked down at me as I gawked at her beauty.

“Wow.” I said as my hands moved from her ass and grasped her breasts. Her sparkled freckles concentrated around her nipples. I noticed a similar pattern around her clit. It seems Zander had decided to highlight Destiny’s erogenous zones.

“Do you like her?” Destiny gasped as she gyrated back and forth on my cock.

“She’s beautiful.” I moaned with a smile. Destiny smiled back, a flow of auburn hair concealing one of her blue eyes. I took one of her sparkling nipples into my mouth and sucked. Sweet, warm milk poured from Destiny’s breasts, filling my mouth. I withdrew from her, licking my lips.

“Mmmm Zander, that was a nice touch.” I smiled as her milk leaked from the corners of my mouth.

“Squeeze them.” she gasped.

I sunk my fingers into Destiny’s supple breasts. White spurts of milk squirted from her nipples and onto my bronze tits. Destiny arched her back in pleasure, grinding down on me harder than before, her pussy gushing in delight. I kept a firm grip on both of her tits and began to drive into her. Her milk spurted from her with each thrust, as though my cock were pumping it out of her. Destiny moaned delectably, her headed tilted back, her eyes closed as her smiled lips twitched. I sat upright and nursed from her breasts as I squeezed them, her delicious milk seeping into my mouth and flowing down my throat. Destiny looked down at me and stroked my hair lovingly. I looked up at her, my mouth smiling as my teeth playfully bit into her sparkled nipple. Her smiling mouth fell agape and her brow furrowed. She took both her hands and pressed the back of my head forward, pushing more of her supple breast into my mouth. I sucked her harder, rotating and pulling as her milk leaked. Destiny’s eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth opened completely. Strained gasps and cries escaped her lips as her body grinded down harder on my cock, willing me to fill her. I kept the nipple in my mouth and reached around Destiny, filling my hands with her full, juicy cheeks and spreading them. Destiny pressed her body closer to me, resting her chin on my head, her mouth crying her approval.

“Elena,” Destiny gasped, “I want you to fuck my ass.” She moved her body backward, her breast stretching from her as I kept the nipple firmly in my mouth. “Please.” She begged.

I damn near blew my load into Destiny at the sound of her slutty voice begging me. “Not until I make you come from this hole.” I smiled.

Destiny gyrated her hips spiritedly, her pelvis pushing down, her frothing cunt gripping me. I thrust up against her violently, savoring the feeling of her soft insides giving way to my hard cock. My feminine cries mixed with her own, our bodies glistening in the moonlight as they writhed together. I felt her hands push hard on the back of my head. I resumed sucking from her sparkling nipple, her milk filling my belly. I felt the contractions in her pussy. She gripped me sporadically with her walls as each spasm shot through her. Her cries rose in intensity, becoming shriller by the second.

“Oh god,” Destiny cried, “I’m gonna come!”

I tried to hold back on my own orgasm, but it was hopeless. Destiny milked the cum from my cock. I screamed as the pressure grew to unbelievable heights. The feeling shot from my taint and up my shaft. Destiny threw her head back and cried hoarsely to the sky as we climaxed simultaneously. I filled her pussy with my hot cum, it seeped from her cunt and onto my pelvis, leaking wonderfully down my pussy and taint before pooling around my asshole.

“Sorry Zander,” I said sheepishly, “Having a cock is still kind of new to me.”

“That’s ok Elena,” Destiny smiled, “these things happen to those with less experience. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.”

“I didn’t say I was finished. Turn that sparkling ass around, girl.” I said with encouraging slap across her ass. Destiny giggled girlishly before spinning around. I spread her cheeks and admired her assets. Her pussy lips were completely covered in sparkling freckles. The freckles formed a thin line up her taint before surrounding her tight, puckered rim.

“My god you look delicious,” I said, licking my lips, “come up here and let me taste you.”

Destiny shifted herself until her legs straddled just above my breasts. Her pelvis pressed down on them as she descended to my loins. I felt her mouth wrap around my cock, sucking the spilled cum from it. I moaned my pleasure as I raised my head to her. My cum still dripped from her slit and onto my chin. I lapped my seed from her oozing pussy and drove my tongue between her pedals. I felt her body shudder in response, a muffled whimper coming from her mouth. I licked my way up her slit and along her taint, my tongue moving back and forth slowly as my head tilted to reach her. I reached between her thighs and hoisted her ass closer to my face. My lips wrapped around her sparkling rim and sucked. Destiny responded by sinking four fingers into my slit and three into my ass. My mouth sucked tighter around her rim, reciprocating the pleasure she was giving me. I pushed my tongue between my slurping lips and drove it into her anus. Destiny arched her back, her stomach pressing against my own, her tits squishing against my pelvis. I rotated my tongue slowly inside of her, tasting her walls. Destiny began to move her fingers back and forth inside my holes as she increased the pace and depth of her blowjob. I concentrated hard on pleasuring her, doing my best not to get distracted by the things she was doing to me. Nearly a thousand years of the wizard’s practiced movements finally broke me. My head tilted back and my eyes closed in bliss. Destiny pushed her ass over my face, her cheeks enveloping me. I resumed my meal as her mouth sucked perfectly around my shaft, and her fingers worked my holes in just the right way.

“Zander,” I cried from beneath her, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come!”

“That’s fine with me,” Destiny’s seductive voice sounded, “your seed makes me feel so good Elena, I need it inside me.”

Destiny didn’t stop her work, she intensified it. Her fingers pressed together against the membrane between my channels and moved slowly back and forth. My body thrashed involuntarily, gasps and cries flowing from my lips. Destiny reminded me of my duties with a teasing sway of her hips. Her full, sparkled cheeks clapped together lusciously, sending little ripples along her flesh. I spread her again and dove in. I pushed my middle and index fingers from each hand into her ass. Destiny muffled a scream from around my cock. I parted my hands, stretching her sparkled rim. Her pussy gushed on my chin. I puckered my lips and pushed my mouth between my fingers, kissing her gape as my tongue traveled into her. I felt a spasm shoot up Destiny’s taint and along her spine. Destiny rewarded me by taking my full length down her throat. My pelvis shot upward, the familiar pressure growing in my nethers. Her fingers worked me expertly as her throat gripped around my shaft. I squealed my elation into Destiny’s gape as I unloaded into her. Destiny gagged around me, my hot cum shooting down her defiled throat. She swallowed it all, greedily taking every drop of my seed into her belly. I continued to burrow my tongue into her ass while she drank from my cock. My female orgasm soon followed. I screeched into Destiny. My hips grinded against the grass of the hut. Destiny’s fingers danced with my body, reacting instantly to every spasm and convulsion, never letting up, always bringing the climax to greater heights. My head dropped backward, my breaths grew short and fast, my chest heaved in delight. With a final scream, I reached my peak, writhing and twisting beneath Destiny in my wanton lust. The feeling subsided. Destiny wanted more. I wanted more.

Destiny slid her ass down my body and lifted her torso upward. She straddled across my thighs, my cock pushed between her ass cheeks. Destiny spread herself wide, her sparkled asshole winking at me as she clenched and unclenched. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

“Oh Elena,” she moaned as her ass crack enveloped my shaft, “You came twice but you’re still so hard!”

Destiny rested her puckered, sparkling sphincter on the head of my cock. She moaned as she shifted her body weight backward. I grasped her full cheeks and guided her down, her asshole gripping my shaft tightly, her warm walls enclosing around me. I moaned with Destiny as my cock disappeared inside of her. A shudder ran through us both when her rim pressed against my pelvis, her asshole consuming my entire length. I began to thrust upward as she began to grind. Her asshole slid up and down my shaft, my cock reappearing to the head, only to be buried again into her tight rectum.

Our motions were slow and sensual. She gyrated with deep oscillations, her hips shifting from side to side, her ass lifting all the way up before slowly grinding all the way down. I pumped into her with long, deliberate thrusts, my cock retreating almost all the way out before driving gradually back into her. I savored the feeling of her tight rim slowly descending down my cock, her soft innards enveloping around me, welcoming me in, begging me to violate them.

We increased our pace. The sensuality of her movements gave way to carnal passion. Her circular hip motions became linear grinds. She backed into me violently, her ass pressing against my pelvis, her juices stringing from her cunt. I abandoned my sensual thrusts and drove into her with wanton ferocity. Destiny arched her back, her hands gripping my thighs. Her ass cheeks rippled and clapped, jiggling wildly. She cried out in rhythm with her penetration, her voice rising in unison with my thrusts and falling as I pulled out. Eventually her cries were a rapidly fluctuating stream of ecstasy; their rhythm in sync with the frenetic pace of my thrusts. I pulled her legs up, causing her to fall backward onto my body. Her frame shifted violently across my own as I blasted into her with increasing power. I pulled her thighs up further until her legs were stretched wide, her ankles dangling past her head.

“Oh my god, fuck me!” Destiny encouraged through her cries, “Fuck my slutty little asshole!”

I could feel Destiny’s rim stretching from her as I retreated. She fit me like a glove, clenching around me perfectly. I drove in faster and faster, the sweat glistening off me from the excursion. I gritted my teeth as I stretched the woman wide open. Destiny’s body writhed violently in the moonlight, her tits frantically bouncing to my rhythm. Her mouth was agape and her eyes wide open. She screamed the intensity of her sodomy to the stars. I screamed with her. Destiny’s cries grew longer and higher. Her asshole flexed uncontrollably, forcing her to wrench her back to a painful curve. Her head slipped between my breasts, her neck stretched back. She stared up into me as I ravaged her. I felt the climax coming. I felt her own orgasm rising from her nethers. She clenched around me tighter than ever as I drove into her. Her eyes rolled into her head, saliva flowed from her mouth. She basked in her ecstasy-induced coma as I drove both of us over the edge. I let go of her legs and squeezed her tits tightly. Her milk squirted from her nipples like a fountain as her pussy shot her orgasmic juices all over her abdomen. I screamed cathartically as I unloaded what was left of me into her, my hot seed shooting deep. We quivered together in mutual elation before finally collapsing in exhaustion. Destiny pulled herself from me and sucked my cock gratefully, cleaning my cum and her ass from my shaft. I let out a tired final moan before my head fell into the grass of the hut.


Destiny finished cleaning me off and crawled up beside me. She snuggled under my arm and rested her head on my shoulder, looking up at me with a satisfied smile. I leaned my head to her and shared a passionate kiss, tasting myself on her tongue.

“You know Zander,” I smiled down at the beautiful woman, “for a straight man, you sure like penis.”

“My male form is a straight man,” Destiny smiled, “My female forms are all bisexual.”

“You seem to be a very experienced female lover.” I laughed.

“If you live for as long as I have, you tend to experiment. I once spent five years married to a human prince, just because I was bored.”

“You’ve taken a lot of side-quests in your journey to put Alkandi back on the throne," I smiled, "I thought this was an 'all-consuming task."

“I was married to the prince while one of her incarnations worked in a brothel." Destiny replied, "I couldn’t convince her to go for the Black Throne, so I figured I might as well have my fun while I kept an eye on her.”

“How did you get out of that marriage?”

“I faked my death,” Destiny laughed, “the poor prince was so torn up about it, that one night I transformed myself into a ghostly version of his wife and made love to him all night, promising him that we would meet again in the afterlife. Needless to say, he became a devout servant of god. I visited him on his deathbed to reassure him that his religious devotion wasn’t for nothing.”

“You’re quite the romantic.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Destiny giggled, “The moment I saw what Yavara did to you, I began plotting a way to get in your pants. And here we are, my master plan finally achieved.”

“I hope I was worth the effort.” I laughed.

Destiny tiled her head back and kissed me again, “You were more than worth it.”

We fell asleep on the roof of the hut, the warmth of our bodies comforting each other in the cool summer night. I looked up to the sky at beautiful full moon. My eyes closed slowly. Somewhere in the world, Yavara was gazing up at this moon too. I hoped she was thinking of me.


“ we ran some tests, and it turns out that Prestira is half vampire, blood daughter of Titus. I’m betting Yavara is too.” Captain Timothy Two-Shot said to me from the enchanted mirror.

“That’s interesting. How is your progress with Prestira?” I asked.

“We broke her. She’s a slobbering slave right now, I can hear her begging from up here.”

“Good,” I said, “is your portal still active?”

“It is, but I don’t see why you’d need it.”

“I’d like to see her in person.” I responded.

“Can’t you just wait until she gets to the Highlands? She’s a dangerous individual, my queen, we lost quite a few men trying to capture her.”

“She’s not coming to the Highlands,” I smiled at the Captain, “I have other plans for her.”

“You should know that her psychological break isn’t a permanent one,” the captain said, “she wouldn’t break from conventional torture, so we had to try different methods. We injected her with near-lethal amounts of succubus extract and denied her release. The moment she orgasms, she’ll regain herself.”

“That doesn’t matter,” I said, “what’s important right now is that her mind is broken. I need to plant a little something in that shattered brain of hers before we release her back to Yavara.”

“You’re releasing her?! We went to all this trouble-”

“And you will be paid for it, captain. Bring her to the mirror, I have questions for her before I come over there.”

“Yes, my queen.”

I walked away from the mirror and down the steps to Glendian’s study. I didn’t bother knocking on his door and just burst right in.

“Glendian,” I said to the sleeping headmaster, “wake the fuck up, I need you.”

“What the fuck do you need, Leveria?!” the waking man groaned.

“Hypnosis potion, now.”

“Top shelf, far right. God knows what you need it for.”

“Killing my sister.” I replied.

“Of course.” he groaned.

“I’ll need you to open the portal for me, Glendian.”

“Where the hell do you need to go at this time of night?”

“Pirate ship. Get your fucking clothes on old man, and don’t question me.”


Brock begins training the Protaki warriors. He burns his wife's body, and his son, Trenok, marries the diseased Treco's daughter, Certiok, uniting the Protaki and Terdini through marriage.

Zander tells Elena of Prestira's past, how she was born with no natural abilities, and learned magic over the course of centuries. He also tells Elena' the gruesome way Prestira gained her agelessness.

Zander transforms into a more voluptuous version of Prestira and fucks Elena. Zander then transforms into a form called "Destiny," who he used as a whore when he was strapped for cash in his younger years.

Leveria learns that Prestira has been captured and broken down. Leveria tells the captain of the pirate ship she would like to see Prestira. Leveria then requests that Glendian, headmaster of the Highland temple, creates a portal for her to travel through. She also asks for a hypnosis potion.
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