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CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person's perspective. Dashed lines indicate where the sex in the story is. Important plot points are listed at the bottom.
Chapter Sixteen



They’d tortured me all day. Hours and hours I’d begged like a whore for them to make me come, but they just drove me to the limit and then stopped. They kept injecting me with succubus blood extract. It made it so much worse. I humiliated myself just to get them to fuck me, just to for them give me pleasure. I wasn’t Prestira anymore; they had broken me. I told them as much. “My name isn’t Prestira, it’s Fifty-One!” I cried when they asked who I was. I pissed all over myself just because they told me to. I enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed the humiliation because it meant they were paying attention to me, feeling me, penetrating me. They pet my head and told me I was a good girl. They promised to reward me. They said they’d let me come if I did something for them.

They took me up to the captain’s cabin. They chained my wrist shackles to the floor and bolted my ankles shackles with them. I was forced into a squatted position. Master Timothy Two-Shot came over to me. I begged him to fuck me. He pulled out his big stinking cock and put it front of my face. I leaned forward and took the whole thing into my mouth. I was so aroused by him. Maybe he would make me come. Maybe if I made him feel good, he’d make me feel good. I sucked him like the whore I was. I wrapped my lips around his cock and pulled until my mouth hurt. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.

“Well, well Fifty-One, you broke much faster than I thought.” He said as I greedily devoured him. I nodded.

I’m just your filthy cum slave, Master. Please reward me for being such a good whore.

“I have a special request for you, Fifty-One,” the captain said as he pet my head, “I need you to give a friend of mine some information. Every time you tell her something she likes, she’ll reward you. Does that sound fun?”

I nodded obediently, not wanting to take Master’s cock from my mouth. He tasted foul and disgusting, like he hadn’t washed in weeks. I loved it. It’s just what I deserve. A dirty whore mouth needs a dirty cock.

“That’s a good girl, Fifty-One. I’m going to pull my cock out, because you’ll need to answer some questions. Don’t worry girl,” he said caressing my cheek, “we’ll fill up every one of your holes later.”

Master moved out of the way. There was a woman’s face in the mirror. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She was a platinum blonde elf, her long cream dress split down the middle with a neck line that extended to her pelvis. She wore hooped earrings and bright red lipstick. She could be my master if she wanted.

“Prestira Rasloraca,” the woman smiled as she looked at me, “I’ve been waiting to meet you for some time.”

“She goes by the name Fifty-One now, my queen.” Master Two-Shot said to the woman.

“Oh,” smiled the woman devilishly, “I must commend you on your results, Captain. I thought her will would be stronger than this.”

“She was tough,” Master chuckled, “but they all break in the end. Ask her anything.” Master pulled out a long, thick chrome cone from beneath his desk. It had a dull point, and was about six-inches wide at its base and nine inches long. He placed it underneath me, the cold metal point pressing against my asshole. I shuddered. I wanted to sit on it, to have its full length inside of me, but Master kept me in the squatted position, and I had to obey Master.

“Fifty-One,” the woman asked me, “do you know who I am?”

“Master’s friend.” I responded.

“That’s right,” she smiled, “but I’m also a friend of someone you know. Do you know Yavara Tiadoa?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Well I’m her sister, and I’d very much like to know what you know about her. Every time you tell me something I like; your master will let you sit a little deeper on that cone. Think of it as a game, do you like games?

“Yes!” I cried with need, my pussy gushing down my spread legs.

“Good,” Leveria smiled, “where is Zander Fredeon?”

“With the Terdini at The Gorge.” I responded, looking up at Master hopefully. He pushed down on my shoulders, forcing the cold, metal point to penetrate my asshole. I shuddered with delight. My rim expanded as I was guided downward. It started to hurt in just the right way. I could feel myself straining against the chrome tip, my rim stretching thin. He kept pushing, and I kept moaning. Eventually I was screaming. I squatted down deeper, the cone pushing me open, stretching me wider and wider. It hurt so good. My head flung back and I let out a delighted squeal. Master stopped me about five inches down.

“Thank you Master!” I screamed. I heard Leveria laughing. She looked like she was aroused. She pushed her chair backward and showed me that she was touching herself. I licked my lips at her. I wanted to meet her in person, to be her little fuck slave.

“What is your relationship with Zander Fredeon?” Leveria asked.

“He’s my ex-husband!” I cried, my thighs grinding together with need.

“Oh?” Leveria said in surprise, “so you must know him very well.”

“Yes!” I cried, “I’ll tell you everything you want to know about him!”

“Why did Zander betray The Highlands?” she asked as she sunk a finger inside herself.

“He never worked for The Highlands, he’s been trying to put Alkandi back on the throne for a thousand years. He betrayed her once and he’s regretted it ever since.” I said rapidly, wanting to get this cone deeper inside me as fast as possible. Leveria nodded to Master. Master pushed down on my shoulders again. The cold metal cone drove deeper inside of me, stretching me open as it went. I lowered my head and watched the cone disappear beneath me. I felt my rim stretching past its capacity. I could feel little tears in my rectum; the hurt felt so good. I gritted my teeth as a deep, pained growl burned from my chest. Master didn’t stop me, so I kept going, greedily taking in more as I slowly and painfully descended, letting my body acclimate to the girth. Master grew impatient and pushed me all the way down. My head jerked upward, my eyes flashed wide open, my body strained as I thrashed in ecstasy and agony against my binds. Leveria pushed another finger inside herself and curled her digits until her knuckles were white. Her pinky finger traced her agape mouth as she pleasured herself to my sexual torture.

“Fifty-One,” Leveria said though her groans of pleasure, “do you still love Zander?”

“Yes!” I moaned, “I never stopped loving him!”

“That’s so sweet,” smiled Leveria, “Master Two-Shot is going to make you feel good, I want you to think of Zander while he does it.”

Master pulled out a fistful of long, thin glass rods. He took one of them and teased my slit with it, pushing the smooth, hard rod though my pedals, smearing the clear glass with my juices. I panted with need, my eyes begging him to fill me. He grinned down at me as he slowly pushed the rod deep inside. I shuddered as the thin object pressed against my cervix. He held it in place while he pushed another one to equal depth. My legs began to shake as the glass rods started to vibrate. He slowly pushed a third one in, causing them to vibrate even harder. I moaned as I clenched, trying to tighten myself around the rods. Master pushed a fourth one in and my legs began to tremble with pleasure. I was filled to capacity, the rods pressing together snugly enough that Master didn’t have to keep them in with his hand, and he still had three more to go. I licked my lips and moaned my desire. I wanted him to stretch me open. He took the fifth one and pushed it between the others. The glass rods vibrated violently. My pussy stretched uncomfortably, forcing little shocks of pleasure to shoot up my pelvis. My body began to move on its own, dancing lustfully as the pleasure rose. He forced the sixth one in. My pussy lips tightened painfully, my inner walls strained against the girth. The six rods vibrated so hard my lower body began to tremble with them. It hurt like hell, but it felt so good. I waited until I was used to the new girth, and then I begged Master for the last one. He pushed the last one in slowly. My pussy stretched to agonizing levels. My head fell between my shoulders and my brow furrowed in concentration as I watched the lass rod slowly ascend into me. My juices leaked on to the floor. My breathing grew short and rapid. My hips swayed by themselves as I reveled in my penetration. I looked up at Leveria and saw that one of her hands was completely in her pussy while the other was prodding a finger against her asshole.

“Thank you mistress!” I cried as the pleasure grew.

“No, Fifty-One, thank you,” Leveria smiled, “but I still need a little more information. What arcane abilities does Yavara have, and which ones has she mastered?”

“She’s mastered telepathy, can transform high-elves and has just learned telekinesis,” I groaned, “she hasn’t learned inferno or arcane shield yet.

“How many men does Yavara have under her command?” Leveria asked me, panting slightly.

“The Terdini, but Zander told me that they were going after the Protaki next. There are two hundred vampires in Titus’ clan.”

“That’s all?” Leveria asked me.

“All that I know of mistress!” I said through gritted teeth.

“You’re going to have to do better than that, Fifty-One,” Leveria sneered at me, “Captain, I think Fifty-One needs to be rewarded better, haven’t you trained a dog? Give the bitch what she wants.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, my queen.” Master replied.

“I want to see this filthy whore in her natural state. Bring your men in, I’ll take charge of the interview from here on out.”

Master walked to the door and guided five other masters in. They all took off their clothes. I stared up at their cocks, licking my lips hungrily, my juices leaking from my stuffed pussy as I slowly moved up and down atop the cone.

“Fifty-One,” Leveria asked through her lustful growls, “who does Yavara love most in this world?”

“Elena,” I said obediently, “we all wanted to kill her, but Yavara wouldn’t let us. She said she loved her.”

“That’s a good girl, Fifty-One. Men, give this bitch a shower, she looks like she needs it.”

The five masters aimed their cocks at me and pissed. I opened my mouth as their warm urine spilled all over me. I laughed and giggled in delight. I’m just a filthy toilet, cover me with your piss masters! I was drenched from head to toe in their stinking piss. My black curly hair matted down on my head. My body glistened with their waste. I filled my mouth with a stream and gratefully drank from them.

“That’s a good little slut,” Leveria gasped as she pushed her two finger in her ass, “now Fifty-One, the captain told me you’re part vampire, is Yavara part vampire too?”

“Yes, she’s a daywalker. She’s my blood-daughter.” I replied as I savored the feeling of the warm piss on my defiled skin.

“Now, I know you can kill a vampire with sunlight, but my rangers operate in the daytime, so that’s not much use to me. Can you tell me any other ways you can kill a vampire that I don’t know about? Something that my rangers can use?”

“Nadi arrows,” I said, “a Nadi arrow through the heart will kill a vampire.”

“That’s good to hear,” Leveria smiled, “you can unchain the whore and remove the toys, I want to see her gapes.”

The masters undid my chains and turned me around, bending me over to the Highland Queen. I looked backward to my mistress as one of them slowly pulled the cone from my ass. My brow wrinkled and my mouth opened. I savored the feeling as the cold metal pulled out of me, taking some of my inner skin with it. I grit my teeth and growled when I felt my asshole prolapse. I reached back played with the rose bud as I moaned like a whore for my mistress. On by one, the metal rods were taken from my pussy. The vacant feeling that was left once everything was pulled out was unbearable.

“Can you wink for me, Fifty-One?” Leveria’s kind voice asked me. I spread my cheeks and gave my mistress a lustful smile as I clenched and unclenched my sphincter. My asshole was ruined, gaping wide open, stretched from a day of constant abuse. I needed it to be filled. I needed as many cocks as possible to be pushed into it. I moaned my need, gyrating my piss-soaked hips to my mistress, my eyes begging for her reward.

“Please mistress,” I panted, “please tell them to fuck me!”

“Captain,” Leveria asked Master Two-Shot, “is your portal stable?”

“It is.” he replied.

“I’m coming over to meet my new pet.” Leveria smiled at me. I smiled back. Mistress was going to make me feel good. She drank from a vial and walked out of the frame of the mirror. A minute later, a portal appeared where an old dresser once was. Mistress Leveria walked through.

“Well, well, well,” Mistress Leveria said as she paced around me, “Prestira Rasloraca in the flesh, covered in piss and god knows what else. Do you like what these men do to you?”

“Yes mistress,” I said as I leaned forward and spread myself to her, “I love it.”

“I’ve heard they haven’t let you come yet. You’re soaking from your cunt, Fifty-One, it must be unbearable. Do you want me to make you come?”

“Please Mistress!” I begged, my fingers inching toward my pussy. I wouldn’t touch myself. The masters said I could only touch myself unless they said so. My pussy was aching to be filled, the desire was all-consuming. I moaned my desperate need as I writhed on the floor.

“I’ll make you come,” Mistress Leveria said kindly, her hand softly tracing my pedals, “but you have to do one last thing for me before I do.”

“Anything!” I screamed.

“That’s a good girl.” Leveria smiled. She took my chin in her hand and guided my face until our eyes met. “I’m going to take off those inhibitors on the side of your head. I trust you to be an obedient slave and not hurt me. Are you going to hurt your mistress?”

“I would never,” I said, groveling at her feet, “I would never hurt you, Mistress.”

“I believe you.” She smiled down at me. Her soft, cool hands gripped the gems on the side of my head. I let out a pained murmur as I felt the stones leave my temples. A connection shot out of my mind and arced from the cabin in two different directions. Two voices called for me, one was female and one was male. I recognized them, but I didn’t know who they were. They weren’t my master’s voices.

“Mistress,” I said, “people are talking in my head.”

“Oh that must be Yavara and Titus,” Leveria said, “just ignore them. The only voice I want you to hear is mine. Now Fifty-One, I’m going to put you in a trance. I want you to relax. I want you to tune out everything but the sound of my voice, can you do that?”

I broke the connections between Yavara and Titus. Silence filled my head. Leveria sat on a chair and beckoned me to her. I crawled on all fours to her, my hips swaying behind me lustfully. She spread her legs and pulled up her dress. I made my way to her slit. It was tight and leaking. I put my mouth on her. I felt her shudder in response.

“Good girl, Fifty-One,” Mistress Leveria said as she stroked my piss-soaked hair, “look into my eyes while you taste me. Look deeply into my eyes.”

Mistress Leveria’s nectar was so sweet. Her voice was soft and soothing. She was full of promise and love. She was a good mistress; I’d do anything to be her slave. She would be good to me, I knew she would. Her eyes were piercing blue. They looked at me with a kind expression. I felt her presence in my mind. It was a soft tingling spot in the back of my head. Her intrusion was warm and comfortable. My tongue slowly worked back and forth along her slit. She smiled down at me as I tasted her. She liked what I was doing. I wanted to do whatever she wanted me to do.

Fifty-One? her voice asked in my mind.

Yes mistress? I said.

This is surreal; I’ve never been in another person’s mind before. Mistress Leveria thought, We’re going to keep playing the game we played earlier. You do what I want, and I’ll reward you. Are you ready to play?

Yes, mistress.

Do you hear this sound? A song bird’s whistle rang out in my head. I’ve heard it before, but I couldn’t remember where.

I hear it mistress.

When you hear that sound, I want you to attack the people around you. If you’re near Yavara, Brock or Zander, I want you to kill them when you hear that sound. Kill Yavara before anyone else. Can you do that for me?

Yes, mistress. I complied. I barely knew who any of these people were. None of them was Mistress Leveria, and she was the only person who mattered to me.

Good girl, Fifty-One. Here’s your reward.

One of the men came up behind me and pushed his cock into my gaping ass. My over-sensitized body reacted violently to the intrusion. My back wrenched into an arch and my anus clenched. I moaned gratefully into my mistress, my hips pushing backward against the man, trying to get him all the way into me. I was too loose. I needed another one. Mistress Leveria was kind, she beckoned another man to fill me. The second cock pushed into my ass. I was stretched beautifully. I screamed my thanks against my mistress’ cunt. The cocks writhed together inside of me, forcing me open, expanding me painfully. They drove in as one, their pace brutally frenetic. My body lurched forward with every thrust. My elbows and knees scraped against the wood. I looked up into my mistress’ eyes and greedily slobbered her slit. She smiled down at me, pushing the back of my head forward into her. My gaze stayed locked with her own. I couldn’t move my eyes from her, and I didn’t want to. I curled my tongue against her ceiling and tried to please her. Her eyes narrowed and her mouth opened slightly. A moan left her beautiful, red, lips. Maybe one day she’d let me kiss her. That would be the happiest day of my life.

And do you know what else I want you to do? she asked.

I’ll do anything for you.

If you hear that whistle, and you’re alone with Elena, I want you to capture her and bring her to the rangers, they’re the ones who blow that whistle. Can you do that for me?

Yes mistress.

Your such a good girl, Fifty-One. I’m going to leave your mind now. I’m going to let you come just like I said I would.

My heart leapt with glee. Mistress Leveria pushed the gems back into the sides of my head. It hurt, but I didn’t care. She beckoned another man to me. He slid beneath me and pushed his cock into my pussy. I cried out in pleasure. Everything was so sensitive. I could feel his hard, warm cock ripping through my soft insides, electrifying every sensitive spot with in me. He pressed against the wall between my holes and grinded against the two cocks in my ass. I writhed on the floor, my hips jerking violently with the motions of my masters. My abdomen stretched and deformed as my pelvis was filled with cock. I was so full, it felt so good! Mistress Leveria pushed both her hands on the back of my head and made me lick her deeper.

“That’s a good little slut, Fifty-One,” Mistress said to me. I lapped into her, wanting to reward her like she rewarded me. She was so good to me. I pressed my tongue deep into her and ran it against her ceiling. I felt her pussy flex around me. She liked it. I kept doing it. I pursed my lips around her clit as my tongue licked between them. I sucked her bump, gently pulling her pussy skin from her. She tilted her head back and moaned louder than before. One of her pale breasts fell from her dress and bounced softly on her chest. My face pushed into her crotch violently as the men fucked me harder. Mistress Leveria’s breasts jiggled slightly as the force transferred to her. I felt her pussy contract, a spasm shooting through her. She was feeling good. I was making her come. I pressed my tongue hard against her inner spot and slowly grinded it back and forth. Her juices flowed into my mouth. She was so delicious. Another spasm shot through her. Her legs wrapped around my head. She squeezed tightly around me, forcing my face deeper in to her. She began to cry out melodically, her pleasure-filled voice pouring into my ears. I was making Mistress feel good. She would reward me for this! The cloth of her dress began to darken with sweat. Her face fixed in concentrative pleasure. Her abdomen flexed beneath her dress as she let out a cry. Her pelvis twitched wildly before gushing its orgasm all over my face. I kept licking her as she rose to her climax. With a final cry, she thrust her hips upward, her locked legs choking me. Mistress Leveria looked down at me. Her face wasn’t loving anymore; it was filled with hatred. I did something wrong. What did I do?!

She walked away from me.

“Mistress!” I cried, “I’m sorry!”

“Sorry for what, Fifty-One?” she asked as she lit a cigarette.

“I don’t know, I did something that you didn’t like, but I don’t know what I did!” I cried.

“You didn’t do anything, Fifty-One.” Mistress said with a puff, “I just hate you for who you are.”

“I’m sorry!” I screamed as the men rammed into me, “will you still let me come, Mistress?”

“I don’t know, Fifty-One,” Mistress smiled evilly at me, “you’ll have to put on a good show for me.”

Mistress walked over to me and held the lit cigarette threateningly in front of my face. She grabbed one of my wildly-jiggling breasts and put the burning end against my nipple. I cried out in pain and pleasure as the embers scorched me. My eye welled with tears.

“Thank you mistress!” I cried.

Mistress Leveria lit the cigarette again. She took the other breast into her hand and slowly lowered the burning end to my nipple. My head flew back and my eyes widened, quivering in my sockets. I felt my nipple sear with the burn. The pain mixed with the unbelievable pleasure of my triple penetration. I mouthed my thanks to my cruel mistress. She gave me a smile and lowered her head to me. Her tongue came out and licked the side of my face. She pushed my cheeks together and spit in my open mouth. I was her property. I was her little toy. Use me how every you want. Whip me, burn me, beat me. I’ll love it all. I’ll love you know matter what, Mistress.

The other two men came forward. Mistress grabbed them by the cocks and guided them to my mouth. They stuck both their cocks in me, my cheeks bulging as I tried to pleasure them both. I ran my tongue between their shafts as my mouth sucked on them. I felt mistress put another cigarette out on my back. I screamed around the men in my mouth, my body shivering with pleasure. Everything was so good. Everything felt so fucking good. I had twelve injections since they captured me, and I could feel every one of the dozen doses flowing through my veins. Every part of my body was an erogenous zone, and I was stuffed in every hole.

The men in my ass and pussy pushed harder into me. They grunted and growled while their hands squeezed my ass, hips and breasts. The men in my mouth started to fuck my throat faster. Both their cocks rammed down my esophagus, stretching it painfully wide.

Use me, masters. I’m your little whore. Use me like I want to be used. Fuck me to death.

I could feel the orgasm begin to rise with in me. I looked frantically over at Mistress Leveria; I needed her permission to come. She smiled at me. She adjusted her dress and walked toward the portal. She wasn’t going to let me come. She lied to me! Mistress Leveria turned around at the last second and spoke: “Give the bitch what she wants.”

I gazed gratefully at her. She gave me a wink and then walked through the portal. She was such a good mistress. The cocks inside me began to push harder and harder. It felt like I was being torn open. I screamed around the cocks in my throat. My body convulsed and thrashed. The men gripped my parts harder, their hands squeezing roughly against my breasts and ass, the skin deforming between their fingers. Everything hurt, but everything felt so good. The feeling built, and built. My eyes rolled into my head. I panted around the men in my mouth. I felt their cocks pulsating and throbbing. Inhuman carnal noises rose from my throat. The pressure in my nethers grew to unimaginable heights. It ballooned and ballooned. It didn’t stop, it didn’t dissipate. I was a slave to it. I lost my mind completely, my body simply reacting to every sensation. A whole day’s worth of pent up sexual frustration rose to its peak. My body twisted and writhed. My breaths were so short and hard it felt like I was hyperventilating. The feeling kept growing. Every muscle in my body tensed. I choked out a few breaths as my heart raced. And then it came crashing down. I fell from my climax as the wave of pleasure rushed through me. Every single man inside of me unloaded with a growl. I felt their hot cum burst into my defiled holes. It seeped into my inner flesh and burned within me. It ran down my throat, it shot into my colon, it blasted into my womb.


The feeling began to subside. The cum leaked from my holes. My heart slowed down. My mind regained itself. I wasn’t Fifty-One anymore. I was Prestira Rasloraca. I savored the post-sexual dopamine dump as the men pulled out of me. I collapsed in exhaustion on the floor, the men’s seed seeping from every hole. I spit out what was left in my mouth. My hands were quickly forced behind my back and my fingers twined together. I was too weak to protest. They would just do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. I was myself now, but the moment they stuck me with that drug, I’d turn back into their slave. It was hopeless. I had just told Leveria everything she needed to know. There was a blank spot in my memory. She did something to me, but I didn’t know what it was. I searched my mind as the men bolted my shackles to the floor. The five men left and Captain Timothy Two-Shot walked in, unbuckling his belt. I didn’t acknowledge him as he walked toward me, his erection standing high. My mind was still searching for the missing memory, but to no avail.

What the hell did she do to me?


I saw the connection between Prestira and I. I screamed her name, but she didn’t answer. I locked my eyes on the horizon, following the path of the connection through the waves. I saw the lights of the ship ten miles off. The connection disappeared again, but I had my target. I shot above the water like a missile, the air parting in front of me as I forced it forward. I pushed harder on the air behind me and the water beneath me. I closed in on my target at break-neck speed. I stopped above the ship. A pirate saw me and sounded the alarm. It didn’t matter. I felt my power coursing through my veins. I dropped onto the deck. A volley of arrows shot at me, but I stopped them all in midair. I turned them around, taking a moment to savor the fearful faces of my victims before launching the projectile into the men. Ten men fell dead on the deck.

The hatch opened and the slavers poured out. I lifted my arms over my head. The ship stopped abruptly, sending the men flying across the deck. The ship lurched. I could feel every board and nail that was holding it together. I could feel the keel of the ship. I grabbed the keel with my mind and pulled upward. The ship shook violently, vibrating under the strain of my power. And then it rose from the water. I strained under its weight, but I kept pushing. The vessel rose and rose, ascending to fifty feet before I stopped. The men stood in fear before me. The dropped their weapons and fell to their knees, begging for mercy. There would be no mercy. I planted my feet firmly onto the deck and rotated the ship. The slavers clung to every mast and handle they could grab onto. They dangled as the ship turned completely upside down in the air. They begged me to stop, pleading with eyes full of horror. I just smiled back. One by one, the men dropped, screaming as the fell into the crashing waves beneath me. Once the deck was empty, I turned the ship upright. I kept the vessel suspended in the air as I descended the steps of the hatch.

The hold was filled with women slaves, all of whom were secured to floor with shackles. They looked at me in awe and fear. Prestira was not among them. I walked up the stairs and to the cabin. I opened the door to find Prestira strangling the captain with her shackles. Tears streaked down her face as the metal dug into the man’s neck. I let her have her kill. Blood began to gurgle from the man’s mouth and flow from his nose. Vessels in his eyes burst. He choked out his last gasp and then died staring at nothing. Prestira collapsed on the deck, sobbing into the wood. I ripped the shackles from her with my mind and embraced her. She vented her fear and sorrow into my arms as I held her. I gently stroked her back. It was laced with burns and cuts. She was covered in piss and cum. Her wrists and ankles were raw and bloody, and her knees and elbows were scraped and bruised. I held her, pulling her close, murmuring soft loving words into her ear as tears ran down my cheeks. I pulled the gems from her temple and was immediately flooded with her thoughts. Leveria had been here. She had tortured her. She had coerced information from her. She did something to Prestira that she didn’t know about. Prestira cried her regret. She said she was weak. She said she was sorry. No, I said. I was weak. I am sorry. I am so sorry, Prestira.

Prestira cast a healing spell on her body. She told me she had to free the slaves from the hold. I told her to send them to Ardeni Dreus, this was their ship now. They could sell it and rebuild their lives with earnings. Tell the high elves they’ll always have a place in Alkandra; The Highlands have abandoned them. Prestira walked down to the hold. I looked at the mirror. I pressed my hand against it. A decedent empty room shown on the other side; it was my father’s office.

“Leveria?” I called softly.


“Leveria,” I called, “It’s your sister.”

The door at the far end of the room opened. Leveria walked through it, her face twisted in shock. She cautiously stepped to the mirror before sitting down in her chair. She was in her night gown, her face washed of makeup and her signature hooped earrings removed. I smiled at my sister. She regained her composure and smiled back.

“Yavara,” she said as she eyed me down, “you look different.”

“Do you like it?” I said as I spun around, showing her the body she’s been jealous of for so many years, “I think it suits me.”

“It has an exotic appeal,” Leveria conceded, “Where is Prestira-or should I call her Fifty-One?”

“She’s freeing the slaves in the hold,” I smiled, “I wonder how your people will take it when I show them Captain Two-Shot’s manifest. A slave ship bound for Bentius with high elves in cargo? That should go over well.”

“Oh you know how this works, Yavara,” Leveria smiled at me, “Deny, deny, deny. Redirect, attack the source, discredit the speaker. I’ve made a career off ruining the reputations of those in my way. You were easy, you’d already done most of the work for me.”

Leveria paused for a moment, cocking her head slightly as she smiled. “Mother was a little harder.”

“The moment I heard of her death,” I said, my smile fading, “I knew it was you. You always hated her, I don’t know why. She was a good mother, she loved you in her own way.”

“She might have loved me when I was a child,” Leveria said as she played with her nails, “but as I grew older, she began to grow weary of me. She told Father I was too ambitious, that I wanted too much, too soon. She thought I was a threat. She was right.”

“How?” I said, my voice shaking slightly, “how did you twist father into killing her? What lies did you tell him?”

“Oh I didn’t have to tell him too many lies,” Leveria said, still playing with her nails, “the fatal shot was really just the truth: Mother fucked a monster.” Leveria looked up at me, “Did you know that?”

I nodded.

“Well I just sprinkled a conspiracy theory over the top of that truth and Father had her executed.” Leveria smiled, “Simple.”

“And then father just gave you the throne,” I said, trying to remain calm, “just like that. You did something to him, Father never loved or trusted you enough to give you so much so soon.”

“Ha!” Leveria laughed at me, “You always assumed Father loved you the most. You were always the apple of his eye, the son he never had. You thought that just because he doted on you, he loved you more than I?”

“I know he did,” I smiled cruelly at Leveria, “and so do you.”

“Oh Yavara,” Leveria said shaking her head, “Oh my sweet, little sister. Mother was blind to what was going on, but I thought you might have known.”

“Known what?!” I growled, betraying my hatred for the first time as I lost my composure.

“You never once noticed the way Father looked at me?” Leveria said, provocatively crossing her legs, giving me a brief shot of her parts, “You never once wondered why’d we’d disappear for hours, or why my bedroom was moved to the high tower, just a few steps from his office? Are you connecting the dots, Yavara?”

There was no way. Father would never…

“You know Clartias Tiadoa as the warm, benevolent father figure who gave you everything you wanted.” Leveria smiled at me, “I know him as the sick, twisted man he really is. I love Father for who he is, and that’s why he loves me. That’s why his child grows in my belly.” Leveria rested her hand on her stomach.

A knot formed in my throat as my stomach dropped. All those years I looked up at Father as a good man, a man of morals and high standing, but he was a degenerate the whole time. I began to search my memories, wondering how many times I mistook Father’s loving gaze for desire. It made me sick to think about. It disgusted and enraged me.

“So you see Yavara,” Leveria continued, smiling at my shocked face, “I didn’t need to convince Father to abdicate, he did it through his volition, because he loves me and trusts me. And now he hates you more than anything in this world.”

“You two are perfect for each other,” I said through gritted teeth, “you sick fucking cunt.”

“Oh I know what I am,” Leveria said, still smiling sweetly, “I made sure Mother knew too. The night before she hung, I went to our precious, good mother’s cell. I tortured her like I tortured Prestira. I raped her and made her love it. I took her daughter, her husband and her dignity from her, and then I watched her die.”

I held back my tears, biting my cheeks hard to keep my face straight. I knew Leveria was telling me the truth; it sounded exactly like something she would do. I had no retort for it, no ground to claim. It was a mistake talking with her; manipulation was Leveria’s game, she was a master at it, and I was a novice at best. I could take over people’s minds with magic, but Leveria could break their will with just words. I just stood stupidly, looking at my sister’s sweet, smiling face as she poured her poison into my ear.

“Do you have nothing to say, Yavara?” Leveria asked, “you were the one that called me, and I’ve been doing most of the talking. You’re usually such a great conversationalist, and I was hoping to catch up with my beloved sister. Tell me, how is Elena doing?”

I didn’t answer, I had enough. There was no point in playing this game anymore, I’d already lost. I raised my hand to the mirror, but Leveria’s voice stopped me.

“Sherok’s dead.” Leveria said plainly. I stopped my hand.

“She was killed in a raid,” Leveria said, “caught an arrow through the eye. I was told Elena was there when it happened. I hear she’s changed, that’s she’s grown dark like you, and for some reason, she grew a cock. She’s not even a woman anymore, not really. I don’t know what you’d call her. Maybe just call her ‘it.’ I’ll make sure It is taken alive; I’d like to try this abomination before it’s put to the rack.”

“Leveria,” I said, my voice shaking, “when this is over, you’ll beg me for death.”

“Oh Yavara, that’s not you,” Leveria laughed, “you look foolish when you make tortuous threats. But that’s all they are: threats. Threats made by a petulant child with no means to act upon them. I don’t make threats; I make promises. I promise you, Yavara, that you will watch everyone you care for die.” Leveria’s smile was still sweet and innocent as she spoke, “One by one, I’m going to torture and kill those closest to you. One day, you’ll look upon the ashes of your kingdom and wonder where it all went wrong. You’ll walk atop the carcasses of your fallen loved ones and stare blankly at their skulls. And then you’ll see me, walking to you through the ashes with arms outstretched. You’ll embrace me as your sister, and I’ll kindly slip the dagger between your ribs. And the last words you will utter on this earth will be ‘thank you,’ as you look upon my face.”

My fist collided with the glass, shattering the mirror. The last traces of Leveria’s laughter echoed through the cabin as I nursed my bleeding hand.

I walked from the cabin to see Prestira healing the wounds of the other slaves on the deck. I walked among the shattered women and washed the filth from their bodies. The Ardeni women blessed and thanked me, the high elf women stared in horror and awe. I simply smiled kindly to them and told them they would have a place in my kingdom if they wanted one. I lowered the ship to the water and the former slaves divided up their duties. I lifted Prestira into my arms and guided us off the deck. As we flew, I pushed the vessel on course to Ardeni Dreus. Prestira held me close as I guided her across the sea. Leveria’s words rang in my head the whole way.


Prestira tells Leveria of her relationship with Zander, how far Yavara has come in her training, how many men Yavara has, and Yavara's relationship with Elena.

Leveria uses a hypnosis potion put Prestira in a trance. She tells Prestira to kill Yavara when she hears the sound of a ranger's whistle. She also tells Prestira to capture Elena if she hear's the whistle.

Prestira is allowed to orgasm, bringing her out of her sexual subservience.

Yavara flies to the ship and rescues Prestira, but Leveria had already left.

Prestira cannot remember being put under a trance. The idea Leveria put into her head remains dormant as her mind heals.

Yavara confronts Leveria through the enchanted mirror. Leveria manipulates Yavara to the point of rage, and Yavara smashes the mirror.

Prestira frees the slaves in the ship and gives them the vessel to sell and remake their lives.
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