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It was not hot steamy muggy night and I was unable to sleep. I had lain in bed tossing and turning until I could no longer stay there. During this time, I had thought on my Baby, who lived close by in another building. As I got out of bed, the moonlight covered my glistening body covered in sweat. My hardness stood out in the light too. I needed to take a shower.
After the shower, and still wet, I pulled on my lose shorts and baggy t-shirt and went for a walk. As I left the building, a thought crossed my mind…..I wondered if my baby was having the same problem with this heat. I went towards where she lived so that I could find out. As I came around the corner, I noticed that her windows were open. I slowly crept up to her window that was to her bedroom. As I looked inside, I could see my baby laying out on top of the covers, a small fan blowing over her, which made her nipples stand out tall. I gasped as I looked at the rest of her lovely body…..with the moonlight softly showing me her full beauty. I noticed the very small tuft of hair between her legs and wondered if she was dreaming of me. She was tossing just a bit and I thought she would wake to see me there, but then I noticed that her hands with moving over her body. Her left one was slowing rubbing her nipples, while her right was disappearing between her legs to her warm and soft pussy.
I watched this for a few minutes all the while I was getting really hard. My cock would throb as I watched her fingers disappear deep inside her…..
I slowly crawled through the window, making sure not to disturb her. I could smell the scent of her pussy as it drifted throughout the room. This only made my cock harder.
I crept over to the side of her bed and gazed down on her. Your titties were standing tall and your nipples were very big and puffy. I slowly bent over taking one of them between my teeth and stated sucking and biting it. Your breathing became even faster as the sensation of my tongue worked over your nipples. My fingers replaced yours as I started to rub and caress your wet pussy. I could feel your love button standing tall against my hand so I rub it rapidly between my fingers. You started to moan as you hips moved in rhythm to my hands. You lifted you legs up so that you could gyrate you pussy around my exploring fingers. My mouth continued to work over each of your breasts, making each nipple glisten with moisture.

As your breathing got faster and faster, my tongue worked its way down to your moist pussy. I worked my tongue deep inside taking in the aroma and taste of your juices. My tongue stiffened and made stoke after stroke inside you. Your hips were starting to buck all the while I was doing this. I found your love button and proceeded to nibble, bite and suck it. You started to moan louder, saying you were cumming and how it felt so good…I continued to suck and nibble until you could take it no longer and screamed out that you were cumming….I shoved my tongue deep inside tasting your juices as they flowed from you. As the throws of your orgasm died down, I proceeded to push my hard hot cock inside you. I slowly pushed it all the way inside. My you are so tight baby. It feels so good inside. I then stated making long deep stroked with my cock. You wrapped your legs around me, but I wanted it to go deeper still. I took a pillow and raised you up and placed it underneath. This left you wide open to my huge cock. I started to stroke you deep and hard, your breathing became faster and faster. I could tell that you were on the verge again and I wanted this orgasm to be even stronger then the first. I rolled over so that you were riding me. I could feel you sliding down my cock all the way. Your titties were bouncing in front of me, so I pulled you close so I could suck and bite them. Your nipples were very hard and pointed as I continued to suck them. Your pussy was squeezing my hard cock on each stroke. I could feel you milking it each time you slid down. As you got closer, your fingers traveled down your tummy to you pussy. Your fingers found your love button and started rubbing it as you continued to slide on my pole. As you started to cum, you slid down my shat burying it deep inside you. You squeezed and milked it as your orgasm overtook you whole body. Finally just as you started to subside from the throws of ecstasy, my hard cock started shooting its load deep inside. You could feel the juices as they shot from me, hitting you deep. I pulled you close to me, kissing you softly all over. Finally when we were totally spent, we just laid there unable to move.

After a short period of time, in which I continued to hold you close, I lifted you up and carried you off to the shower. I turned the water on and we both entered. I slowly rubbed water all over your body, taking special care to rub and massage you firm titties. I then ran water all over me, while your hands caressed my body. When you got close to my cock, it twitched in anticipation. Your fingers softly took a hold of it, caressing it. It started to grow in your hands. Your eyes lit up in anticipation. We hurriedly turned off the water and without drying off, ran towards the bed. Your titties bounced as you ran, while my cock swayed to and fro with each step. You jumped onto the bed as I laid down. You looked down at my rising pole and again your eyes were lit with hunger. Your fingers again started caressing and stroking my pole making it stand even taller. Suddenly you lowered your head, and your long hair hid your face from view. I could feel warm puffs of air blowing across the tip of my cock. Then just as suddenly, I felt moisture and realized that your tongue had started to trace around my head. That with your breathing, made my cock twitch madly. You had to grasp it firmly so you could continue. Then I felt your lips start to slide down my shaft. Your tongue was flicking and caressing the head, as your lips slid farther and farther down. I sucked in my breath, because this was a feeling I had never experienced before. As my cock slid deeper, I could feel your fingers massaging and playing with my rock hard balls. You continued to sick my cock ever so slowly, teasing me with the way your tongue would flicker across it as it went in. I tried to move your hair, but you would not let me. You wanted me to just lay there and feel how wonderful you were at sucking my cock. I could feel the tension rising within me as you continued, and I told you that I was going to cum soon. That’s when you started taking my cock deeper. The feeling of you taking it so deep was beyond anything I had ever experienced. My cock swelled and then started shooting load after load deep down your throat. You swallowed it with no problem continuing to suck and take it deep until I could leave no more. You continued to suck and play with my cock as it got softer, finally letting it go. When you looked up at me, I could see that some of my juices had dripped out, but that your eyes were so dark, and full of satisfaction. I pulled you up to me, holding you in my arms while you head lay on my chest. We finally passed out together and slept till well into the morning.


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there are some typeos that make it hard to follow

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