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It's Saturday and Michael spends some time making new friends while Chloe begins to realize that her relationship is not living up to her expectations.
Second Chapter is a little long with sex scene at the end...

Nicole Adams could not believe what she had just heard. She was hoping to catch Michael alone and to confess her attraction to him, yet what she just saw and heard puzzled her. Michael could have come to her and she would have gladly given herself to him. She realised that she was not as attractive as Chloe was, but she did not understand why Michael had gone after Chloe instead of her. She stood paralysed for a few moments after the door to the upstairs staff lounge had closed. Tears began streaming from her eyes when she realised that she was never going to get Michael, or at least, she wouldn’t get him all to herself. As she walked out of the office crying, she could not help but remember all the times that guys had rejected her because of what she thought was her unappealing looks.

Upstairs, Michael and Dana began drinking shots as they talked about Michael’s first week working at Alexis, Springfield, Illinois Office. Dana was an experienced bartender and Michael was almost not able to keep up with her.

“You’re a pretty good bartender you know that Dana,” Michael said, taking another shot, “Plus, the drinks you make aren’t bad; in fact, some of them are pretty good.”

“Thanks,” Dana said, pouring another glass for Michael and for herself. Another thump was heard as the both of them slammed their glasses onto the counter.

“So, any luck with the ladies since moving to Springfield?” Dana asked, preparing another drink.

“Not yet, though I was close to one just the other night,” Michael replied, clearly drunk.

“Oh really? Tell me more.”

“I was giving her a massage and she was really hot, but I fucked up and groped her boob too early,” Michael said, in a slight slur.

“Sounds rough; where did you meet her?”

“Oh, I met her through a mutual friend,” Michael lied. The alcohol hadn’t made his mind gone blank yet, especially because he was still at work, and more importantly, with a colleague.

“Fuck, that’s the worst, probably because they’ll tell the mutual friend,” Dana said, taking another sip from her drink. Michael thought about it for a while but was not able to get past what would happen if Michelle found out about what had happened.

Michael and Dana continued drinking till it was very late. Dana still had her wits about her while Michael was completely wasted.

“We should be getting back,” Dana said, turning off the bar lights, “they’re going to lock the building soon.”

“Yeah, don’t want to be stuck in this crappy place, especially not for the weekend.”

As they walked down the stairs, Dana had to hold Michael’s hands and make sure he did not fall down. She guided him to his workstation where he got his bag and wallet. As they rode down in the elevator, Dana had to make sure that Michael did not fall over. After Michael had pressed all the buttons for all the floors, Dana had to painstakingly close the elevator doors on each floor.

It was not long before Michael was passed out in the lobby of his office building.

When the rays of the sun pierced through the windows in Dana’s apartment, the room was illuminated with a soft, gentle glow thanks to the beige colour on the walls. Michael’s eyelids began to move in the most frustrated of manners, as he tried to block out the morning sun. He turned where he was, looking for his usual pillow, but could not find it. Hoping to find it on the other side, he turned his body to the other side. Instead of finding his pillow, he found himself on the floor, face down on a blue shaggy rug. The smell and the sight of the rug were unfamiliar to him. He pushed his head up, looking around the apartment. He had a throbbing headache, which made it difficult to see. After about a minute of looking around, Michael realised he wasn’t in his apartment.

Michael jumped to his feet and observed his surroundings. He was alone in the nicely decorated apartment. He was obviously in the living area, obvious from the couch he had been sleeping on the coffee table right next to him. He could see the dining table and a kitchen on the other side of the room, all well-furnished and maintained. There were several doors around the walls of the room, 4 to be exact. He tried remembering what had happened last night, but all that he could remember was having drinks with Dana in the office staff lounge. It was then that Michael realised that his shirt was missing. He still had his trousers on from yesterday but his shirt was missing.

Michael needed to use the toilet desperately. His best bet was to try one of the doors and hope that it would lead him into a toilet. He tried to take the first step but his balance and head gave way, causing him to fall again. However, this time, he was able to catch himself on the couch and was able to push himself back up again. Slowly putting a foot in front of the other, he was beginning to walk normally again. He headed towards the first door. He knocked softly on it but there was no reply. Turning the knob, he pushed the door open.

Immediately stunned by the amount of pink in the room, Michael knew he was in a girl’s room. There was a queen-sized bed in the centre with a small bedside table on either side of the room. The room was painted pink, plain and simple. It was neat and tidy and Michael could tell that the bed had not been used for some days. It was pretty but it was not what Michael was looking for. Pulling the door, he turned the knob again, making sure not to make any noise.

When he got to the next door, he knocked softly again. After not getting an answer, Michael pushed open the door. It was another bedroom; this one vastly different from the previous one. The walls were painted grey, not pink. There were clothes all over the floor and on the furniture. The curtains were drawn and the room was in complete darkness. Most stark of the differences was that this bedroom had as occupant.

Sprawled out on the bed, was a gorgeous young lady, whom Michael did not recognise, who could not have been more than 5 years older than Michael. She was wearing a loose tank top with a pair of sports shorts. Sprawled out on her bed, legs wide apart and arms touching the edges of her bed, she was in a rather vulnerable position. Thanks to her loose tank top and her spread out arms, one of her large breasts had slipped out of her tank top, causing it to be exposed to Michael’s eyes. With half a mind to climb into bed with her, Michael crept into the room to have a closer look. Before he took three steps into the room, his body reminded him why he was snooping in other people’s rooms. He needed to go to the toilet. As he pulled opened the door to get out, he heard the mysterious lady stir in her bed. He instantly turned around and prayed that she would not wake up. Luckily for him, she was only slightly uncomfortable and there was minimal movement; she had just readjusted the positions of her arms and legs such that they were closer to her physical body.

With 2 more doors to go, Michael needed to make a decision. He had seriously contemplated simply urinating into the sink but that would be highly uncivilised; then again, poking around a stranger’s house us rather rude of him as well. Michael walked up to the next door and knock on it as well. There was no answer so Michael pushed the door in. This room was neat, though not as neat as the first one. There was also a young lady in the bed, though, unlike the previous room, the occupant of the room was wrapped in her comforter. Michael walked into the room slowly as he got closer, he realised that the sleeping person was Dana.

“Dana, Dana, wake up,” Michael whispered as he shook her shoulder slightly. Dana stirred slightly but didn’t wake up.

“Dana, Dana, come on, please wake up,” Michael repeated his plea while shaking her shoulder slightly harder. Dana grew more restless in her bed as Michael’s intrusions into her sleep became harder to ignore. Finally, blinking her eyes, Dana turned to face Michael, opening her eyes as she turned.

“What the fuck? What are you doing in my room?” Dana asked, annoyed.

“I don’t know where I am, I don’t remember what happened yesterday, I woke up in a strange place, I really need to go to the toilet,” Michael explained.

“Doesn’t explain what you’re doing in my room does it?” Dana replied, sitting up. She pushed her hair back and rubbed her eyes.

“Will you tell me where the toilet is or not?” Michael asked, ignoring her question.

“It’s over there,” Dana pointed to a door in her room, “fucking put the toilet seat down when you’re done.” Michael thanked Dana and rushed into the toilet. He barely had time to put the toilet seat up. When he was done, he remembered to put the toilet seat down and left. Standing outside the Dana, Dana was waiting to use the toilet as well. They swapped places and Michael headed out back into the living room. His head was still hurting so he decided to lie down on the couch that he had been sleeping on the night before.

“Do you want coffee?” Dana asked when she came out of her room? She had put on a silken night robe over the nightgown she had been wearing.

“Yes, please,” Michael replied, rubbing his face with his two hands.

“Is this your apartment?” Michael asked from the living room.

“No, no, it’s just some random apartment I came across yesterday and decided to invade and make my home,” Dana replied sarcastically, “of course it’s my apartment.”

“Sorry,” Michael laughed, “but what am I doing here and how did I get here?”

“You passed out in the lobby of the office building. The security guard helped me move you into a cab and I took you back to my place. I managed to get you to come awake before we arrived but you were super drunk.”

“Oh, sorry about that,” Michael said, must have been a lot of trouble. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air; urging Michael to get up after hearing Dana put a mug of coffee on the kitchen counter. He walked over and joined Dana, who had started on some eggs and ham.

“Didn’t you say that your boyfriend was going to pick you up after his family emergency?” Michael asked between sips of his coffee.

“He got called to work immediately after he settled his family emergency; his colleague fell sick and he has to take over.

“What does he do?” Michael asked.

“He’s a regional airline pilot,” Dana replied, “Can I make eggs and ham for you too?”

“I’d really like that.”

“Sure, coming right up.”

“He must travel a lot, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, he flies out of Chicago, so I don’t really get to see him often. He flies the 3 o’clock Chicago-Springfield route though, which usually gives us the weekend together.”

“But he’s covering for someone this weekend?”

“Yeah, a buddy of his is sick with the flu, so he has to fly the Springfield-New York route for the weekend. He should be back in Illinois by Monday but that means that I don’t get to see him again.”

“That’s rough man, I’m sorry. By the way, where’s my shirt?” Michael asked after realising he was still topless.

“You might have vomited in the elevator coming up here, and some of it got on your shirt,” Dana replied, “Speaking of which, I should probably throw it into the wash.” Dana put her spatula down and rounded the kitchen counter. She headed into the last of the door which Michael had not explored. Soon, there was beeping coming from the room before the familiar sound of a laundry filling was heard.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Michael addressed Dana when she came out of the room, “I could have done that myself, at my apartment.”

“It’s no bother, my stuff is already in the machine anyways,” Dana replied, flipping an egg in the pan, “I’m going swimming after, why don’t you join me? Usually, my boyfriend trains with me but he isn’t around today.”

“Oh, I haven’t swum for a long time, I don’t want to slow you down. Plus, I don’t have my swimming gear with me. It’s all the way back at my apartment.”

“That’s alright, I wasn’t planning on speed training today anyways, just some endurance and stamina work.”

“What about the gear?”

“Josh leaves most of his swim gear here, so I guess you could borrow some of his gear. You’re about his size, so I don’t think it will be a big problem. Plus, I don’t think he’ll mind anyways; I could really use a swim partner.”

“I never knew swimming was done in pairs,” Michael laughed, joined shortly by Dana.

“It’s settled then; the both of us will go swimming after breakfast. I hope you’re ready. What kind of sports do you do anyways?” Dana asked.

“All kinds, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse,” Michael answered.

“Lacrosse?” Dana quizzed, puzzled.

“Yeah, lacrosse,” Michael replied, “I’ve played it since I was a kid.”

Just then, Michael heard a door open. Instinctively, he turned around to face the noise, which had come from the door of the other occupant of the apartment. She was still wearing the shorts and tank top she had been wearing before, with one of her breasts clearly peeking out of one the large holes on the side of her tank top, which were meant for her hands. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were closed, avoiding the light which was coming into the apartment through the large glass windows by the couch.

“Um, Abi? We have a guest with us, joining us for breakfast in the morning,” Dana said from behind the counter. In response to this, the gorgeous young lady ran her hands through her hair pushing it backwards. She looked at Michael and gave him a completely judging look, moving her eyes up to down, eyeing him as if he was on display. She walked slowly to the kitchen counter, sitting next to him.

“You’re pretty hot, my name’s Abigail but most people call me Abi, but you can call me honey or baby, you know, whichever you’re more comfortable with,” she said, addressing Michael.

“I’m Mike,” Michael extended his hand, which Abigail took and shook.

“He’s hot, where did you find him?” Abigail addressed Dana while pouring herself a mug of coffee.

“He’s the new guy at work I was telling you about,” Dana replied.

“Oh, you’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you Dana; you already have a boyfriend and you found a boy toy on the side,” Abigail teased.

“Come on, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship,” Dana replied, laughing.

“Then explain this half-naked man sitting in your kitchen right now,” Abigail quizzed, “correction, the super-hot half-naked man sitting in your kitchen right now.”

“We were having drinks last night and he passed out,” Dana explained, “I didn’t know where he lived, so I brought him back here.”

“Always acting the Saint of Springfield this one is,” Abigail said, turning to Michael, pointing at Dana, “but always saving the hot guys, the guys with the big muscles and the stone-hard abs.” Abigail ran her hands along Michael’s body, starting at his arms, giving them a soft squeeze before moving onto his chests and abs. Her fingers continued to move south but Dana interrupted her before she could get to Michael’s trousers.

“Abi, don’t you want to fix your shirt, you’re showing a little too much skin; don’t you think?” Dana said, putting slices of ham onto a plate

“It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. I’m sure that it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before,” Abigail repeated again, turning back to the counter to take another sip of her coffee. Dana placed the plates of ham and eggs on the counter, joining them on the sides of the stools.

“Isn’t that right, big guy?” Abigail asked, scooping her exposed breast and tucking it back beneath her tank top. Michael had tried his best not to have had looked at the exposed chest when he could, but admitted to himself at he had taken glances at it. Now, it was tucked away; yet the large holes exposed the sides of her chest, short of her areolas and nipples. Michael was even more turned on by the sight of her barely hidden breasts than he was of her exposed chest. It now radiated with mystery and subtlety, even though he had already seen the secrets that were now hidden.

“So, Abi, what do you do?” Michael asked, biting into his ham and eggs, trying to change the subject of the conversation.

“I work in the mayor’s office,” she answered, “I work in the communications team and I handle most of his social media accounts. I’m also in his operations team, in charge of outreach to youth and teenagers.”

“Oh wow!” Michael remarked, “I would never have expected someone like you to work in the mayor’s office.”

“Someone like me?” Abigail repeated, “What? You think just because of the way I dress and behave I work in a brothel or a strip club, prostituting myself to anyone and everyone who pays me?”

“No, no, no; what I meant was I would never have imagined such a free-spirited and modern person such as yourself to work in City Hall,” Michael quickly tried to find an excuse for himself before he got into any more trouble, “you just seem like someone who wouldn’t take the bureaucracy and the monotony of governance.”

“Nice save,” Dana said, smiling at Michael.

“Yeah, nice save,” Abigail laughed, “I was just kidding with you just now, relax, don’t worry too much about it.” Michael heaved a sigh of relief. He wouldn’t know what to do if she had pursued her attack on him.

“Sorry if I scared you,” Abigail said, slapping Michael on the back. Michael smiled, not knowing what else to do.

“Are you still going swimming Dana? Josh isn’t in town, right?” Abigail asked Dana from across the curved counter.

“Yeah, I still am. I’m going with Mike. He hasn’t been swimming for a long time, so I’m going to have to refresh his memory,” Dana explained.

“Aw, I was so hoping for you to leave him here so that we can spend some quality time together with this hunk,” Abigail replied, first looking at Dana and then at Michael, biting her lip after she had finished speaking.

“Come on now Abi, he isn’t that hot,” Dana replied, stressing the word ‘that’.

“Ouch, that hurt,” Michael laughed, finishing up his food.

“Do you want more?” Dana asked him.

“No thank you, it was wonderful by the way,” Michael complimented her.

“It’s my recipe,” Abigail interjected and the three of them laughed.

“What about you? Are you going out today?” Dana asked Abigail after the laughter had died down.

“Nope, I think I’m going to stay home and just relax. I might go out at night, but I don’t have any plans yet. I’m going to make lunch, as I have been tasked to do on Saturdays,” Abigail whined as she picked up the plates off the counter.

“Come on Mike,” Dana called to him from the entrance of her room, “I’ll try to find something that’s suitable for you.” Michael followed Dana into her room where she began searching through her dressers and countless drawers looking for her boyfriend’s swim gear.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know where he keeps his stuff,” Dana apologised as searched through her closet.

“I should be the one to apologise,” Michael admitted, “I’m being such a bother.”

“Not at all.”

“Thanks anyways.”

“Ah, here we are,” Dana said, looking into the bottom drawer of a dresser directly opposite her bed, “everything’s in here. See if what fits and what’s comfortable and just throw it on. There are some normal clothes in here as well. They should fit you so it should be alright. Don’t worry about a towel, I’ll make sure to bring one for you. I’ll give you some time to change in here when you’re done, I’ll change and we can be on our way.”

Dana left the room, leaving Michael all alone in the unfamiliar place. Michael walked over to the open drawer and looked inside. True enough, Dana’s boyfriend was almost the same size as Michael, though he was slightly smaller than he was. Michael looked through the clothes and finally found a swim jammer which he thought could fit him. He found a swim cap and a pair of goggles as well. He took off his trousers and briefs and folded them neatly on top of the dresser. He put on the swim jammer, which he found was slightly too tight for him. It hugged his skin painfully. He stood in front of the mirror and saw that the outline of his manhood was clearly visible, although he was still soft. He tried his best to conceal it but the swim jammer was simply too small.

“Fuck!” he whispered to himself. Deciding to ignore it, he searched through the drawer again, careful not to mess up the neatly folded stacks of clothes. He found a pair of broad shorts and a t-shirt as well. He threw them on and made sure he looked alright in the mirror.

“Ok, I’m done,” Michael said, leaving the room. Dana was sitting on the couch, surfing through the phone.

“Thanks,” she said, putting down her phone. Closing the door behind her, Dana headed into the room to get ready for her swim training.

Outside, Michael sat alone, assuming that Abigail had returned to her room. When Dana came out, she was just wearing a racerback and a windbreaker over it, which highlighted her long and slender legs. Michael almost couldn’t stop himself from staring.

They took a cab to the swimming complex, which wasn’t far from Dana’s apartment. Dana usually drove but she had left her car in the office carpark after taking the cab home last night. The complex was an indoor complex used by schools to train on weekdays, after school and on afternoon weekends. When they arrived, Michael noticed how empty it was. It was a single hall with an Olympic-size swimming pool in the centre with benches on either side.

“Seems underwhelming,” Michael blurted out.

“What were you expecting? Water slides and Jacuzzis?” Dana replied.

“Why is it so empty?”

“They don’t really open this place to the public. I know the pool manager, so he lets me use the place when nobody else uses it.”

“Who uses it?”

“Oh, the schools around the area use the pool for their training. Weekdays after school and Saturday afternoons, which means I have this place all to myself Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings.”

“Wow! That’s a really sweet deal!”

“It is, isn’t it?” Dana asked, unzipping her windbreaker she left it on one of the benches and walked to the edge of the pool. She did some stretches before diving into the pool, starting her laps. Michael took off his shorts and t-shirt and placed them next to Dana’s swimming bag. He did some light stretches and walked to the same end of the pool. He climbed down and continued his stretches.

“It’s cold, isn’t it?” Dana asked after she was done with 2 laps.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cold,” Michael replied, putting on the swim cap.

“So, you coming or what?” Dana called out, some distance into the pool already.

When they were done, Michael was exhausted. He could barely keep up with Dana and she had outclassed him in the swim. He was just glad that the pool was empty and nobody was there to witness his embarrassing swim.

“You ready to go?” Dana asked, getting out of the pool.

“Yeah, I’ll be right out,” Michael replied, slowly swimming to the edge of the pool.

“How was your workout?” Dana asked as they walked towards the other end of the pool, where the changing rooms were.

“Yeah, that was really tiring; it was a super good workout.”

“Yeah, swimming is the best,” Dana replied. As they were walking, Michael realised that there were no signs for the changing rooms. He looked around the entire pool area but could not find any other door than the one they were headed towards and the door they had come in through. He figured that the changing rooms would separate once they entered through the door.

“You should swim more often with us,” Dana said, “I’m sure Josh would love to have a buddy to talk to while he waited for me to finish. I’m really surprised you managed to swim the entire time. I thought you would quit after the first hour.”

“I couldn’t keep up with you though, you’re really fast and you really have stamina,” Michael replied, making a tipping of the hat movement with his hands.

Dana entered the changing room, pushing the door open. Michael followed behind her but was surprised to find himself in a changing room already.

“Um, Dana, I think you’ve led me to the female changing rooms,” Michael said.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you? There’s only one changing room in this complex. They used to have two, but they had to convert one of them into an equipment room for some of the stuff that the schools were bringing with them for their training; so, they converted this one into a unisex changing room.”

“Oh, I see,” Michael replied, standing near the door. The changing room was small, barely even a room. There were two benches with hooks above them in the centre of the room, surrounded by shower heads along the walls, on either side, facing the benches. At the other end of the room were three cubicles, spread out along the width of the room and to the side of the entrance were the sinks.

“You’re not uncomfortable or anything, are you?” Dana asked him, putting her bag down on one of the benches. Michael headed to the other bench, which faced Dana’s.

“Here you go,” Dana said, handing Michael a towel. Michael took it slowly, opening it and putting it on one of the hooks on the changing room bench. He unfolded his broad shorts and t-shirt, hanging them up as well. Across him, Dana took off her goggles and swim cap and kept them in a special pouch in her bag. She then went to the closest showerhead and started the shower, rinsing off any pool water that was still on her. When she returned to the bench, she slowly took off the tight-fitting racerback she had on, but her years of experience made it seem like she was slipping out of it. Soon, she was fully nude, wringing the racerback she had been wearing. While she did this, Michael could not help but stare.

“Come on, stop staring, you’re making me feel awkward,” Dana complained while folding her racerback.

“Sorry about that,” Michael replied. Dana was now under the shower again, washing herself down. Michael quickly took off his swim jammer and went under the shower directly opposite Dana. He quickly rinsed herself and was putting on his broad shorts and t-shirt before Dana could even finish with her shower. Just as Michael was done, Dana turned off the water of her shower, turning around, seeing a fully-clothed Michael.

“Oh, that was fast,” Dana said, wiping her hair as she walked towards the bench.

“Yeah, I’m going to wait for you outside,” Michael said, picking up his swim jammer.

“Why? Are you uncomfortable?” Dana teased.

“No, it’s just that I want to give you some privacy.”

“It’s like Abi said, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”


“I used to stay in a co-ed dorm in college, so I’m pretty used to changing and showering in front of guys, though I have to tell you, we didn’t just shower in the toilets; we did a lot more, a whole lot more,” Dana smirked at Michael, laughing slightly as she finished putting on her clothes.

When they were done, they headed to the office to get Dana’s car. Michael wanted to walk back home from the office but realised he had left his stuff in Dana’s apartment, including his keys.

“That’s ok, we’ll drive over to my place and have lunch, after that, I’ll drive you home,” Dana offered as Michael cursed at himself for forgetting his bag which Dana had brought back even though he had passed out.

“Thanks,” Michael said, getting into the passenger seat of Dana’s car, “I’ve been such a burden to you today.”

“Not at all, it’s the least I can do for making you come swimming with me.”

When they arrived back to Dana’s apartment, Abigail was still making lunch, though she was almost done.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I invited Mike to lunch,” Dana said, putting her things down.

“Of course, I don’t mind, I don’t mind if you asked him to have lunch with us,” Abigail replied, “in fact, why don’t you invite him to stay? Heck, I might ask him to stay.”

“Come on Abi, be a little more civil,” Dana replied, ushering Michael into the apartment.

“Hey there Mike, I hope you’re ready for the best Pesto Pasta with Chicken you’ve ever tasted in your life,” Abigail said, just as Michael walked in.

“I can’t wait,” Michael replied, sitting on the couch.

“Mike, your hair is still glowing with chlorine,” Dana said, “do you want to take a proper shower?”

“Could I?”

“Of course, just use my bathroom,” Dana pointed to her room door. Michael got up and headed into the shower. When he was done, both Dana and Abigail were waiting for him on their dining table, which was right next to the kitchen.

“Enjoy!” Abigail said as she placed a plate in front of Michael, “so, did you enjoy your swim?”

“I haven’t swum in a long time, so it was pretty refreshing. Dana here is much faster than I am so I wasn’t really able to keep up with her.”

“That’s alright, I’m sure you’ll get better,” Dana cut in.

“What about you Abi, what did you do while we were at the pool?” Michael asked.

“Oh me?” Abigail began, “I stayed home, as you know, I mostly cleaned my room, washed the dishes from breakfast, masturbated…” Dana was thrown into a fit of cough when she heard what Abigail had said.

“In fact, I was masturbating to you,” Abigail continued, pointing at Michael, ignoring Dana’s coughing, “you know Mike, Dana here told me something interesting about you while you were in the shower.”

“Abi, stop, please, stop!” Dana said between coughs.

“She told me that Josh’s swim jammer was too small for you that your thick cock pressed so hard against the fabric that she could see the outline of your dick on the jammer,” Abigail casually said. Dana put up a stunned face.

“Abi! What the crap?” Dana interjected.

“Anyways, I don’t believe her,” Abigail continued, ignoring Dana again, “can you please show me your cock. Since I’ve been fantasising about it all morning, maybe you could show me?”

“Abigail! Stop it!” Dana spoke sternly.

“Oh, shut up Dana! You were the one who lied to him about the gym having a co-ed changing room just so that you could see his bare cock. It’s a pool they use for swim practice! For high schools for goodness sake!” Abigail defended herself. Dana turned a bright red.

“See Mike, it’s not just me, Dana wants to see your cock too,” Abigail explained.

“ABI!” Dana shouted.

“See Mike, the way I see it is that you owe us,” Abigail reasoned out, “we took you in, fed you, took you swimming and now you’re having lunch with us. Plus, Dana already showed you her naked body, but you were too fast for her to see yours, so it’ll be like you returning the favour.” Michael looked to Dana, who had her jaw dropped.

“I was just curious! She’s lying!” Dana defended.

“Come on Mike, you’ve already seen Dana nude, you’ve seen my tits, let us have a little peek at your pecker,” Abigail continued. Michael turned his attention to Abigail, staring at her in disbelief for a few moments.

“Oh, I get it, you’re shy and you need a little motivation,” Abigail said. Abigail stood up from her seat and put her arms beneath her shirt, she pulled it off, revealing her heaving bosom.

“Abi! Have some self-respect!” Dana cried out.

“That’s rich coming from someone who stripped naked in front of a guy less than a week after meeting him just to see his cock,” Abigail returned, “Come on Mike, I’ll even let you play with my twin jugs right here.” Abigail grabbed the underside of her breasts and bounced them up-and-down as Michael stared at her.

“Don’t you want to suck on them, Mike?” Abigail offered him, pulling and twisting her nipples.

“Abi! Stop it! Mike’s our guest.” Dana finally said. Michael turned his attention to her, ignoring Abigail for the time being. As he turned to face Dana, Abigail walked over to where Dana was sitting.

“Oh, I see, you need more motivation,” Abigail smirked. In a quick and swift motion, she had put her hands beneath Dana’s shirt and lifted it clean off, above Dana’s head.

“ABIGAIL! STOP IT! GIVE THAT BACK!” Dana shouted as Abigail ran to the other side of the room. Dana was now standing across from Michael, topless, just like Abigail.

“Mike, why don’t you take off your shirt too,” Abigail said, “we’re all topless now, it’s only fair that you take off your shirt as well.” Before Michael could respond, Dana was chasing Abigail around the room, trying to catch her to get back her own shirt. They finally stopped when Abigail was standing behind the counter, midway between each end of the counter and Dana was seated directly across her, trying to figure out which way Abigail would run.

“Oh, I was wrong I guess, even with your tits out, he doesn’t want to pull off his shorts,” Abigail teased.

“SHUT UP!” Dana shouted.

“Then again, it’s not like your itty-bitty tits could excite anyone really,” Abigail continued, “of course he won’t show you his cock!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Dana screamed, stomping her foot. She stormed off, running into her room. Michael ran after her, half because he wanted to make sure she was alright and half because he didn’t want to be left alone with Abigail. He managed to stop the door with his foot just before Abigail slammed it. He opened it slowly and entered the room.

Dana was sitting on her bed, her knees to her chest. Michael found a tank top which was sitting top of the table in her room. Dana took it and put it on, tears flowing from her eyes. Michael sat next to her, putting his arm around her, he began to rub her shoulder and with his other arm, he held onto her hand.

“Are you alright Dana?” Michael whispered into her ear.

“No Mike, I’m not,” she sobbed, “Abi is always acting this way. She’s always reminding me that she’s hotter than me, that she can get all the guys and that she can do whatever she wants.”

“I’m sure she didn’t mean anything she said out there. I would hate to see such a long-lasting friendship be ruined because of such a trivial manner.”

“Yeah, we’ve been friends since forever. But ever since we were teenagers, she would always show me up because of my looks. I have this disgusting swimmers’ body while she has the figure of a swimmer. I saw how you were looking at her. You wanted her, but you didn’t want me. It’s the same thing when we used to go out. All the guys would throw themselves at her and I would get her rejects. I was always her number 2!”

“Come on Dana, you’re a great girl. You’re cute, you have a wonderful figure and you’re the kindness person I’ve met since I moved here. Don’t put yourself down just because of what she says to you. You’re so much more than that.”

“You really think so?” Dana asked.

“I do, of course, I do” Michael replied, “and you know who else does. Your boyfriend, Josh. He’s probably up there right now thinking about you. He sounds like a wonderful guy and I’m sure he thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world.”

“Now you’re just making shit up,” Dana replied, laughing slightly.

“Ok then, I’m going to give you some privacy ok? I’ll head out now, thanks for everything.” Michael said, getting off her bed. Dana got up too and the both of them embraced in a hug. Michael knew in that moment made his first real friend since moving to Springfield, Illinois. He waited until Dana let go and then let go himself. He walked slowly to the door as Dana lied down on the bed. He exited slowly, careful not to disturb her.

“Great! The prude finally released you,” Abigail said when Michael had finished closing the door. She walked over to him and her hands were soon on the elastic of his shorts. Before she could push them down though, Michael had grabbed her wrists and pulled them away.

“Listen Abi, we need to talk,” Michael said, half-pushing, half-nudging Abigail to the sofa. He sat her down on the sofa and stood across her. He handed her the t-shirt she had pulled off herself but she promptly rejected the offer.

“Ok, that’s fine,” Michael said, sitting down on the sofa, “first things first is that as long as Dana isn’t ok with it, you and I aren’t going to happen.”

“Come on…” Abigail said.

“You need to have some self-respect for yourself.”

“You sound exactly like my dad.”

“Just listen for a while. You really made Dana feel bad about herself, especially when you said she had a small chest. Dana seems to be very self-conscious about her body and you teasing her just didn’t help.”

“Yeah, I know I didn’t behave myself,” Abigail admitted.

“Exactly,” Michael reassured her. The spoke for some time and Michael explained how Dana was feeling. By the end of it, Abigail was crying, just as Dana had been. After Michael calmed her down, he said that she should talk to Dana.

“Yup, I think I’m going to talk to her,” Abigail said, standing up. Michael stood up as well and Abigail opened up her arms, indicating she wanted a hug. Michael took a few steps forward and hugged her, embracing her and applauding himself for handling the situation so carefully. As she hugged him, Michael felt Abigail’s hands move down to his ass and squeeze them as she hugged him ever tighter, making her bare breasts squish against this muscular chest. When she finally pulled away, she had a smile on her face.

“After all of this is over, can I call you?” Abigail asked.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Michael replied. Abigail took the shirt which Michael had offered her and put it on. She thanked Michael again and headed into Dana’s room. Not wanting to overstay his welcome, Michael decided to go. He cleared the table and washed the dishes before heading out of the apartment door. He was careful to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind. He got into a cab and went home.

As his cab raced through the streets of downtown Springfield, Michael did not realise that his cab had just passed in front of one of his co-worker’s apartment. In one of the apartment complexes Michael had passed through, Chloe was enjoying a quiet afternoon with her boyfriend.

Chloe was currently on her knees, unbuckling the belt her boyfriend, Joseph was wearing. She had just experienced a wrecking orgasm after Joseph had rocked her world with a treat of his tongue. She was kneeling in front of him, with her juices flowing down her inner thighs, smiling as she unclasped the familiar belt facing her. She undid the button holding the waistband and pulled the zipped down. She pulled the trousers off, causing Joseph’s manhood to fling out at her.

“This is exactly what I want,” she said, grabbing the hardening member with one of her hands and licking it from base to tip. When her tongue got to the tip, she opened the mouth and took it inside her wet mouth, slowing lubricating Joseph with her lips and tongue.

“Aw,” Joseph let out as he felt the familiar lips wrap around his shaft. Chloe began to take more of it in, slowly bobbing her head in a forward motion. Every two or three downward thrusts would cause Chloe to pull out and like Joseph from base to tip again, with Chloe repeating this routine several times.

“Shove your cock in my mouth,” Chloe said, pulling back and stroking the shaft with her hands, before immediately going back down on him, taking in more of him than she had been doing.

Chloe rotated between stroking him, licking him and bobbing her head up and down with his manhood inside her wet mouth, getting faster and faster with each stroke.

“Oh, I love this cock!” she said while stroking him, before immediately going down on him and bobbing thrice and then pulling up again, “I love you fucking my face.” As she went deeper and faster, she was had run out of space to bob down deeper as her hand was blocking her. She pushed her hand back, allowing her to massage his scrotum gently as she continued to lubricate him.

“I love this cock down my throat,” she moaned as she adjusted herself so she could take more of it in. She continued her gustatory assault on the wood-hard shaft, stroking it even faster as her hands had been so lubricated with her saliva that they were slipping off people’s hands.

“Ok, ok, that’s enough,” Joseph said, putting his hand on her shoulder. He pushed her back, causing her to stand and back-up onto the couch. He sat down next to her and pushed his trousers off completely. Chloe took off her bra and straddled Joseph, putting her legs on either side of his, hovering above him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, as he guided his member into her dripping wet hole. Chloe began to bounce up and down, going faster as she went along, careful not to move too quickly or she would cause her pleasure toy to slip out of her. Joseph grabbed her beautiful breasts and squeezed them tightly, as though he had been to war and back.

As Chloe thrusts became faster and more violent, her moaning and screaming became louder. Her hands sunk deep into her boyfriend’s skin as her hips moved faster, screaming out his name. Joseph sank deeper and deeper into the couch as his scrotum slammed against Chloe’s buttocks; given hardly any time to recover before being slammed again.

“Fuck! Chloe! Calm down! Slow down!” Joseph ordered grabbing onto the side of her abdomen and trying to slow her down, “I’m going to blow my load if you continue like this.”

“Fuck this shit!” Chloe said, getting off her boyfriend. She sat down next to him on the couch and began massaging herself, sticking her index and ring finger into herself, with her legs spread open, inviting Joseph to take her again. Her other hand rested on the back of her neck, supporting herself such that she did not fall.

Joseph took a few deep breaths and adjusted himself in front of her, with one of his legs on the couch while the other stayed on the floor. He grabbed one of Chloe’s legs and pulled himself closer in, slowly pushing himself into her. He began to pick up momentum and it was not long before Chloe was screaming again.

“Fuck! Yeah! Fucking A!” she screamed with every thrust. Careful not to alert the neighbours, Joseph grabbed the nearest piece of cloth and jammed it into her mouth. It just happened to be her discarded lace panties. Joseph bent down slightly, allowing for his shaft to drive deeper into Chloe, pushing her legs towards her chest until they were just touching her breasts.

Driving faster and deeper into her, Joseph then placed his fingers upon the folds of her vagina, rubbing it as he thrust into her. His fingers moved in tandem with his hips as Chloe stared up at him with eyes of undeniable pleasure.

Joseph released her vagina, grabbing her leg again, he thrust into her hard, though not as fast as he had been going before. Chloe’s moans evolved to more of grunts as Joseph pounded his manhood inside her. Chloe still had the lace panties inside her mouth, biting down on it and savouring the liquid that it had absorbed from before.

Joseph pulled out of Chloe to readjust his position. As he did so, Chloe’s hands instinctively moved to her cherry, which she invaded with her fingers violently. Joseph re-entered her pushing her legs against her breasts, leaning against them. His face was just inches away from Chloe’s and they smiled at each other. His hips moved like lightning, plunging in Chloe’s snatch as fast as he could.

Without warning, Chloe felt him stop as her womb filled with a warm, stringy, sticky liquid. She spat out the panties and gasped.

“That was fast,” she complained.

“Yeah, I wasn’t really feeling it,” Joseph replied, standing up. Without saying anything else, he turned and walked away, leaving Chloe to finish herself off.

Chloe began to weep when she realised she now had to end her relationship.

Next time, Abigail and Dana make up and Michael goes to the restaurant for his first solo assignment.

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