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I'm Pete. I went to an all boys highschooland i had a crush on my best friend
I’m not gay! I’m not gay” I kept the words ringing in my head. I even thought I had whispered out.
“i can’t be gay.” I tried to convince myself, however, my dreams knew better. I stayed there just staring blankly at the door, although I did not even notice my roommate, Brian enter the room. Brian had been my best friend since we came to the school and I honestly liked him. He was only a month older than I was.
“Hey! Everything okay?” I heard the now very familiar voice ask. I still couldn’t get over the thought of fucking with my best friend in my dream. The worst thing is that I thought I liked it and even enjoyed doing it.
“Yeah!” I’m fine.
“is that why you’re holding your crotch?” He asked with a giggle.
Normally, we would have just laughed about the hard-on and even brag about a fantasy about a really hot girl. However, I just looked down to see a quite amazing dent on my pajamas and I was embarrassed knowing I had it just by thinking about he previous night’s dream. I looked up and I bet my face was red with shame.
“Clean up or we’ll be late for breakfast” he said. I took my towel and raced to the bathroom afraid of looking back lest Brian discovered what I was thinking about. On days I woke up with a hard-on I would usually ‘ take care’ of it in the shower, but not today because I’m not gay, I said to myself. However, the erection just wouldn’t go away and I had to do something. I slipped my hand down my belly and I felt my cock. I gave it a firm grip and I wanted to stop before it was too late but I couldn’t. I let the water flow down my body all the way down. I rubbed soap on my now raging cock and i started to stroke it slowly. Thoughts from the previous nights dream took control and all I could see was Brian blowing me, taking the full length of my cock all into his mouth until I came. He would then proceed to kiss me telling me how much he loved me. The memory of the dream was enough to drive over the edge and soon I was spurting cum onto he bathroom walls. I stood still, panting and out of breath as a sudden feeling of guilt took over. I still couldn’t believe I had gotten off to the thoughts of my best friend.
Being brought up in a Christian setting and being sent off to a Catholic High School, being gay was one of the things that were simply unforgivable.
However, at 16 I still had not explored the boundaries of my sexuality and I thought I liked girls because I was always able to fit in well into a conversation with or about them.

“That was a long shower you had…. seems you had business to attend to.” Brian said teasingly. This was the beginning of an even awkward day.
The day seemed to be dragging so slowly and the classes were endless. I did all I could to avoid making eye contact with Brian. He would occasionally wink at me as he always did when a female teacher bent over to pick up a pen or anything but I pretended not to notice. I did not even sit at our usual table during meals. Brian was such a special friend and I wouldn’t want to ruin anything our friendship just because of a dream. I just needed a little space to think. When the final bell rang, I grabbed my back pack and rushed to the room. I was sure I would miss Brian since I though he would go football practice. I sat on my bed tying to figure out what was really happening to me.
After about two minutes, the door opened and in came Brian and just like I had been trying to do the whole day, I was walking out. He stopped me before I even got o the door.
“What’s with you today?” he asked.
“Nothing, I guess.” I replied trying by all means to avoid a conversation or I would say something that would ruin everything.
“come here. Close you eyes. I just figured what’s wrong with you.” he said in a rather commanding tone, so I obliged.
I was going to ask what when I felt something touch my lips. Soon I realized it was his lips on my lips. At first, I thought it an accident until i felt his tongue. He was kissing me. I should have asked him to stop but I was really enjoying the feeling. I kissed him back. We kissed for abut two minutes until we collapsed onto the bed.
He broke the kiss and looked at me, and I could almost touch the lust in his eyes. He reached for the door knob and locked it. I was lying on my back wondering how the events had turned out so suddenly when I felt his hands unbuckle my belt. He pulled my pants down to my ankles leaving only the boxers. He went ahead and felt my dick though the boxers and it twitched on his touch.
“He’s eager to play.”Brian looked at me as he said. “Are you ready?”
“yeah!” He pulled the boxers down and went for my cock. He held it with a firm grip and started to stroke it slowly. I had discovered the art of masturbation years before but I had never had a sexual encounter with anyone before. It felt so good. He stroked it slowly as I moaned in pleasure. He had a nice rhythm. He kept stroking until pre-cum oozed from my cock. He bent down and licked it all. He continued stroking and occasionally licking. He then held it firmly and brought his mouth all the way down. He kissed every inch of my cock and then put it into his mouth. He started bobbing his mouth up and down. This was the best feeling I ever had.
“Don’t stop’ Please!” was all I managed to say.
“I’m cumming!” I screamed. I expected him to stop but he didn’t. Instead he sucked harder until I could take it no longer. I felt jets of cum gush of my dick into his waiting mouth. He swallowed it all. It was the best orgasm I ever had.
“I love you Brian” I said.
“And I love you even more. I better clean up and go for raining before they come looking for me.” He said and I nodded. I just couldn’t talk.
This was the beginning of an even better friendship.
"Next time don't call my name out when you dream" And that explained everything that had happened.

Dear reader. This is my first story on this forum and any feedback and comment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! i appreciate any kind of criticism.


2017-08-16 18:27:58
Yes it was a great story! Waiting for chp 2


2017-07-31 10:05:17
Thank you. part two will be coming soon

Johnathan M. GarciaReport

2017-07-30 02:59:39
That was a really nice read. Great job for your first time. I only wish it were longer!

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