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A Young pregnant wife helps her husband take a new wife.
Chapter 2

Two months after being married I have fucked and or sucked all the dogs and three horses. I am tied up in the barn again when the farm hand Luke comes in I hear Sir tell him that he can fuck me in the ass but in my pussy until he puts a babe in me and I think back and try to remember when I had my period and I say oh no I can’t be. Luke unbuttons his pants and steps up he ask for lube Sir tell him no need he left a load in their already his dick is not as big as Sir so I don’t think it would hurt. He goes in ok and he starts fucking me hard and fast as he begins to pinch and pull my nipples and then he hits them and I scream he starts yelling at me to cum for him as I do he unloads on me slapping me anywhere his hands and reach calling me a good slut who comes from all the dirty things that he is doing to me and, he cums hard. After he pulls out he comes around and tells me to clean him I open my mouth and taste myself on his dick. I am so tired I tell Sir that I need to use it he tells me to go into the house as he follows he tells me it is time for me to take a test. He hands me a stick and tells me to pee on it I do and he takes it and shows it to me but I don’t know what it means it’s two lines he tells me that I will be giving him a son. I sit there in shock I tell him that I need to go to the doctor he says that he will take me soon and that I should make dinner and rest. After we eat I take a shower and get ready for my nightly fucking but he doesn’t come to bed so I go outside and see that the barn is open and I go inside to see that he is fucking the female dog may he is hitting her as he cums my pussy begins to throb so I start rubbing my clit and he looks at me with a smile as I cum he ask me if I liked the show but before I say yea he slaps me across the face because I forgot to ask if I could cum.

I am sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be called with Sir it’s been a week since I took the test and I am scared I don’t know how to take care of a baby. Sir has only had sex with me once but it was different I miss the old way and I have been so horny but he continues to have sex with the dog and his horse Betsy and I think she may be having a baby also and Sir as been easy on me. After I pee into a cup the nurse tells me that I am having a baby the doctor confirms this and says in about 7 months he tells me that I can continue with my normal activities Sir as about rough sea and the doctor says nothing to rough but I can continue. We leave with a lot of reading material to make the two-hour drive back home when Sir tells me he needs another woman he says that he doesn’t want to hurt the baby but he needs someone to full his needs and I want to cry I know that he doesn’t love me but I thought I would be enough for him. He sees young girl walking alone and he tells me to get out and talk to her find out where she is going and I know if I don’t it will be bad for me. I ask her if she needs a ride she looks at Sir I tell her its ok she tells me her name is Carol and I tell her my name I tell her we will give her a ride she gets in Sir tells her to get in the middle and we drive off. Sir puts is hand on her leg and she ask him what he is doing and he get that look that I know it will be bad he tells her to shut up and forces his hand between her legs. She begins to try to fight him so he pulls over and tells me to get out and drive. Carol tries to get out and run he grabs her by the hair and throws her back in he gets rope and begins to tie her up as I tell her to be quite before he hurts her. As I drive home he tells me to take the back roads and I do she continues to talk asking why are we doing this and Sir tells her because he can. I keep my eyes on the road making sure no one sees us. We finally get home and he tells me to get supper going as he hauls her into the barn where I hear her scream. After an hour, he comes in as I am putting dinner on the table with his shirt off telling me how tight her pussy is and how he can’t wait to fuck her ass I ask what about me he tells me that I will be getting mine he tells me that I can fuck the horses and make the dogs lick my pussy but I can’t fuck them because he doesn’t want them knotting me. I am so horny I am squirming he tells me to eat so we can go have some fun.

We go into the barn where Carol is moaning and groaning one of the dogs is licking her pussy he is trying to mount her but she is still chained up. I look at her she has welts everywhere from the whip Sir tells me that when I clean her up to shave her pussy he doesn’t want hair down there he also tells me that she will be helping me with the cooking and clean and tending to the animals and that I can use her. After he unchains her she falls to the ground he tells her to stand and she does he tells me to help her to the house and I do. I take her to the bathroom and run a bath for her she asks, me why I helps him do this I tell her to be quite or he will punish her and she stops talking. She is a pretty girl I stare at her nipples that a bruised and swollen I look at her bush and get out the scissors and a razor I tell her that if she tries to hurt me he will kill her she says that she wants to live. I have her get in the tub and I but some bath salts to ease her pain I begin washing her when Sir comes in and looks at us I tell Sir that I think she is pretty and he tells me good because he is keeping her. I open her legs and look at her I know that she is sore I have her sit on the side of the tub where I begin cutting her hair and then I smooth shaving cream on her and I shave her bare. I tell her that she will be sensitive down there. We get out and I dry her off I tell her that Sir doesn’t like me to sleep in clothes she asks, why I call him Sir and I tell her because he told me too and that she should also. I tell I don’t know where she will be sleeping and Sir says in here with us he took a shower in the other bathroom and is standing their naked he tells us to get in the bed. He tells me that it is my turn to use her and I say I don’t want to and he slaps me hard I look at him he tells her to get between my legs and eat me he also tells me that if I talk back again that he will whip me. I open my legs and she looks up at me now she knows why I did what I did she begins licking and my pussy start to throb.

She is shaky like she has never done this and either have I but I know what I like so I tell her what to do Sir get behind her and tells me to force her face in my pussy so I grab her by the head and do as he says and it feels good I am about to cum Sir tell me to go ahead as he slams his dick into her screams are muffled as I tell her don’t stop as he slaps her ass he tells her that he will be fucking her ass soon. He starts fucking her and I know that she is hurting and I don’t care because I am about to cum so I ask Sir if I can and he says yes as he begins thrusting into her hard and fast. He slaps her and tells her to cum and she does hard and so do I look at Sir and he is cumming and tells us to come and clean his dick and we do. I lay down and he tells her that she will be chained to the bed. I turn over and he kiss each of us and tells us to kiss each other and I taste myself on her I turn to Sir and he seems happy and he tells me that only one of us can be pregnant at a time and that he will be getting her birth control.

Chapter 3
As my stomach gets bigger I get hornier by the day and Carol and has been a good help to me. Sir has trained her and she now does most of the chores and cooking and she is a better cook than me. As Luke comes in he tells me that he needs us to come into the barn as we get their Sir tells us to strip and we do Luke tells me to lay on a bale of hay that he has covered with a blanket and he begins to fuck me and squeezing my breast and telling me that he can’t wait to I start getting my milk and how he is going to suck milk from them. I look over at Sir and see that he has got Carol bent over she is sucking one of the horse’s dick while Sir is fucking her in the ass.

Carol has come to like everything that Sir does to her she is hornier than I am at times Sir now considers her as his second wife she told us about her life. Carol was living with her aunt and uncle who really didn’t want her there and that she is 17 she had to share a room with her 3 cousins’ and they were mean to her and she had to walk to school and when we picked her up she was taking a walk to get away from them her uncle forced her to suck his dick. I felt bad for her but I am glad that she is here I have someone to talk to as I go through mood swings and dealing with Sir. Luke tells me to turn over that he wants to fuck my ass and I get hornier he lubes up and begins slow and I start to moan and tell him to do it harder I look up and see that Carol is cumming and it triggers me I am cum so hard Luke continues to fuck me and he pulls out and tell me to turn over and he fucks my face and cums in my mouth. I go over and kneel by Sir and as he cum in Carol he tells me to clean him and I lick him clean and after I attack Carol I lick and suck her pussy I love the taste of Sirs cum in her pussy as I run my tongue in and out of her hole I suck her clit into my mouth while finger fucking myself and when she cums so do I.

As time goes on my belly is getting bigger and so are my breast when they begin to produce milk Sir begins sucking them more and so does Carol and Luke sometimes. Sir tells us that after I have the baby it will be Carol’s turn to have his baby. As time goes on I miss being with the animals and I am always so horny I walk into the barn on day and I see the horse and when he sees me his dick begins to grow I reach under and rub his dick he get excited and I feel my pussy throb and my juices begin to run down my leg I look around to see if anyone is looking and I go down onto my knees and I put his dick in my mouth and I begin to suck the horse off and I get excited I put my hand on my pussy and begin to play with myself when the horse begins to cum I start to cum and when I look up I see Sir and he begins yelling at me I know that I am in trouble. I get up and Sir comes and helps me up he tells me that I will be punished because he told me to stay away from the animals while I am pregnant he slaps me in the face hard and pulls me by the hair he knows that he can’t whip me so he chains me up in the barn and leaves me here. After a while Carol comes in a brings me food and water I ask her is Sir mad and she says yes, he has a list of my punishments for after the baby she comes close to me and rubs my pussy and I start to get wet and I feel like I am about to cum when she stops I look at her and she tells me that Sir told her not to let me cum. I look at her as she leaves me alone chained up. After a while Sir comes and gets me down and carries me into the house where he tells me that I need to follow orders because he has an extensive list of punishments for me and he doesn’t want to hurt his baby put if I continue he will beat me. I look over to see that Carol is tied to the table and she has welts all over her Sir tells me that he beat her because he wanted to beat me. He fucks me nice and soft and I don’t like it I tell him to do it harder and he slaps me in the face and I cum hard he tells me that he doesn’t want to hurt his baby. After he fucks me he unties Carol and has me help her upstairs where I help her into the baby I kiss her and tell her that I will be good. I put my hands between her legs and I rub her to an orgasm I also tell her that I want to lick her pussy and she lets me. I lay on my back and I lick and suck her pussy and she has two orgasms.

Chapter 4 coming soon
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