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Dr. Rita uses her naughty futa-cum to heal her sexy patients!
The Futa Fairy – Futa Doctor's Hot Wish
Chapter Three: Dr. Rita's Naughty Healing
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

I groaned as my patient's pussy rippled about my cock. Her moans were so sweet as she spasmed on the hospital bed, her thighs locked about my hips. The pain was wholly gone from her face. Her arm twitched in her sling, the bones healing as my futa-cum spurted into her depths.

I shuddered, my large, ebony tits heaving before me as the pleasure rushed through my body. My own pussy convulsed, juices flooding down my dark thighs as my girl-jizz pumped and over into her pussy. Her pale face was flushed, her blonde hair flying.

“Dr. Rita, yes!” she howled, bucking so hard. “You're healing my arm! Oh, wow, your cum is amazing! It's magic!”

“It is,” I panted, my orgasm peaking through me.

My cum was magical. And it was all thanks to a wish I made to the futa-fairy. I had wanted to heal the coma patient, Carly Wright, so badly. I had fallen in love with the blonde, sleeping woman. And it was so sad knowing she would never wake up. Since I knew about Leanan Sidhe after my encounter with the futa-cop, I had wished with all my very being to heal Carly.

And she had answered.

Last night, she made me a futa and I had healed Carly. She was discharged from the hospital today and owed me and nurse Pita a hot cup of coffee. The three of us would have a wild date. I had already called her.

So it was thanks to her, my sleeping beauty, that my futa-cum was now healing Clarissa's broken arm. The young woman shuddered, the hospital bed creaking as she thrashed a final time. She let out a throaty moan, her face twisting as her pussy convulsed so hard about my dick.

Sending such pleasure through me.

And then she collapsed, her orgasm petering out. “Oh, my god, Dr. Rita, that was amazing.”

“Told you,” I grinned, the last blast of my futa-cum spurting into her pussy. “Now don't go try hanging Halloween decorations by yourself on a rickety chair in your backyard.”

“I won't, Dr. Rita.” Then she gave me a naughty look, her pussy clenching on my still-hard dick. “But if I did, you'd have to cure me.”

“Oh, you are a wanton one,” I laughed, pulling my cock out of her pussy. My hot cum spilled out, soaking into the bed. “Now you get dressed. I'll have the nurse discharge you.”

“Fine, Dr. Rita,” she groaned. “I guess you have other women to 'cure.'” She winked a hazel eye at me.

“You are saucy,” I laughed, giving her a big smile as I bent down and pulled my light-blue scrubs up my dark legs. I didn't bother with underwear, just let my hard cock rub on the material, her pussy cream leaving a wet spot. I tied them tight. “Now stay out of trouble.”

Then I pulled on my top, hiding my ebony tits and walked out, doctor's coat in hand. I pulled it on as I walked to the nurses desk. I handed over the chart and instructed her to discharge the patient. “She's made a full recovery.”

“Another of your miracles, Dr. Rita?” the nurse smiled. She had a round face and plump lips. I bet they would feel great on my cock.

I was about to offer to show her how my miracles work when my beeper went off. I snagged it out of my pocket and looked at the message. “Pita, lab results finally back.”

A shiver ran through me. I thought those results would be back after twenty minutes not two hours. I hurried from the nurses desk to my office, my doctor's coat trailing behind me. A wicked shiver ran through my body, my pussy clenching. I was so eager to find out what the lab said about my cum.

I hoped there was something in my semen I could isolate and turn into a proper cure. There was only one of me, and it was amazing what it could do. But I had a feeling the magic came from me, too, and there'd be no way to synthesize it. I reached my office in no time, bursting in and finding Nurse Pita already waiting.

The sexy, Hispanic nurse was my partner in crime, so to speak. She had caught me healing Carly last night and had joined the fun. The three of us had two hot romps, fucking each other, enjoying my cock, eating lots of yummy pussy. Now she was as eager as I was to explore my new healing cum. She had a round face and a curvy ass, her skin a delicious shade of brown. Wavy-dark hair framed her beaming face.

“Well?” I asked, spotting the lab report in hand. “I know you've read it.”

“Your sperm count is way high,” she said. “Way above the average. Even above the largest amount in the literature.”

“Interesting,” I said.

“Chemical wise, it has all the usual components of male semen. Your blood type was able to be determined. There was only one other anomaly.”

“Besides the volume I produce and how much sperm I have.”

“The temperature. This is what took so long. Your sample maintained a temperature of 36.99 degrees.”

“That's body temperature,” I said. “That's what it should be fresh.”

“It never decreased. The technician was baffled. He put it in his freezer for an hour and it came out at 36.99.” Nurse Pita shivered, taking a step closer. “Dr. Rita, your cum stays...fresh.”

“We can store it,” I said. “Have it on hand to give out as cures. Maybe even at small dosage, put in with another solution. We could even give it to men who come in.”

“While you can still heal the women in your more...special way,” Pita purred, moving closer, her eyes so glossy. She rubbed at the wet spot on my scrubs. “Mmm, like you just did. I bet you had so much fun pumping this big, thick girl-dick in and out of her pussy, making her feel better, healing her body.”

“Oh, yes,” I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as she reached the tip of my cock, rubbing the material of my medical scrubs into them. Tingles raced down to my pussy. My cunt clenched, my nipples hardened. “I had so much fun.”

“I bet.” She licked her lips then pressed closer, her boobs rubbing on mine through our tops right before she kissed me.

I groaned, savoring the heat of her lips, how soft they were. My hands snagged her curving ass through her lavender scrubs, squeezing hard, pulling her closer. She moaned into the kiss, her thumb rubbing harder at the tip of my dick, my precum soaking through the cloth separating us. It was so exciting.

Our tongues met, caressed, danced around each other. I groaned, shivering at the heat she was conjuring. My hips swayed. My pussy clenched. It was so exciting to be kissing her. To have our tongues dancing together.

I shivered when she broke the kiss, a naughty smile on her lips. “Oh, yes, Dr. Rita, we need to collect so many samples.”

“Using your pussy?” I groaned. “Is that what you want? You want my cock buried in your cunt?”

“Oh, yes, Dr. Rita.”

“Everyone does. You, Carly, my daughter.”

“You've fucked Pattie?” asked Pita, her eyes so wide. “Oh, that's so wild. It must have been so delicious feeling that tight, underage cunt on your cock, enjoying your daughter.”

“Oh, it was,” I purred, her thumb rubbing faster and faster. “And if you keep massaging my cock like that, I'm going to cum.”

“In your scrub bottoms? That would be such a waste.” The nurse licked her lips. “I know a much better place for you to—”

My beeper went off.

I groaned, pulling away from her. I was a doctor. I couldn't just fuck her when I had patients I had to see to. She let out her own moan of disappointment as I stared at the message. I had a patient waiting for me, admitted from the ER.

“¡Me cago en la leche!” Nurse Pita groaned.

“I know,” I told her. “But we'll make arrangements to collect my cum. Okay?”

She nodded her head. “I'll gather specimen containers.”

“Syringe bottles,” I said. “We can start experimenting with dosage tomorrow, figure out what we can get away with.”

“How?” she asked.

“We might have to...injure each other,” I said. “Then we can test it. Nothing severe. Small cuts with scalpels.”

“That's not sexy at all,” Pita muttered.

“No, but necessary.” I grinned at her. “And we have our date with Carly on Saturday. It's both our night off. The three of us we'll have a lot of fun.”

A huge grin crossed Pita's lips. “So I get to be one of your girlfriend's, eh, Dr. Rita?”

“Well, you said my cum has more sperm than a man's,” I shrugged. “It makes sense to me.”

Her laugh followed me out of my office. I strolled through the hallways to the elevator and rode it down to the first floor where ER patients were admitted from. I stopped by the nurse's desk where a thin, Black nurse sat, her hair puled back and tied with a colorful scarf.

She had a giggling smile on her lips as she handed me the chart.

“What's so funny, Denise?” I asked as I took it.

“Oh, we're going to be laughing about this one for weeks,” she giggled. “The whole hospital.”

I opened the chart. There was the standard diagram of the human body, front and back, where the admitting ER nurse would note where the patient's injury or symptoms were. There was a marking at the vagina and a note on the side: “Glass bottle stuck in vaginal canal.”

“Oh, my,” I said, a smile curling my lips. “Someone was getting adventurous.”

“With a champagne bottle,” Denise giggled louder. “Can you imagine something that big in you?”

My cock throbbed. It was as big as Officer Cindy's, and hers girl-dick was the biggest thing I had ever taken. I didn't have the girth of a champagne bottle. “No. I bet it was wild until she couldn't get it out.”

“You saying she came so hard her pussy clamped down on it and won't let go?” sniggered the nurse.

“Maybe.” My dick throbbed and a naughty idea popped into my mind. “I have a feeling I know just how to fix it.”

“You sure you won't need a surgical consult?”


“Another miraculous cure?” Denise asked. “I hear you healed a broken bone.”

“That's already going around? I just did that.”


I winked at her. “I'm a futa.”

Then I turned and headed to the room, feeling Denise's eyes on me the whole way, knowing her mind was grappling with what I said, wondering just what a futa was. It made me feel so naughty, my dick throbbing so hard.

I loved my wish.

I knocked once on the door then entered. “Hello, Fatima.”

“Mrs. Abboud,” the dusky-faced woman, head head wrapped up in a sandy-beige scarf, said when I entered. She spoke swiftly, her cheeks so dark. “And you cannot ever tell my husband about this.”

“About you inserting a champagne bottle into your pussy?” I asked. “He wasn't there?”

“It's not a champagne bottle,” she huffed. “It is sparkling grape juice. I am a good, Muslim woman.”

“Right,” I said. “A good, Muslim woman who shoved a sparkling grape juice bottle into her pussy.”

She squeezed her eyes closed. “I...was masturbating.”

“Clearly,” I said, moving to the bed. She lay on it, her legs in exam stirrups, spread apart, a hospital gown covering her.

“I just...wanted to try something...thicker.” She shivered. “And my husband has not been...attentive. He works hard. And... You mustn't tell him. He can't know the shameful things I do when he's not in our bed.”

“Oh, I won't tell him,” I said. “But I do have to take a look.”

She nodded her head, looking up at the ceiling and away from me. She said something in Arabic, but I understood it nonetheless: Why did I do this?

“You're hardly the only person to show up at the ER with something in stuck in her pussy or asshole,” I said, drawing back the gown to expose lush, dusky legs leading to a hairy bush. Her pussy was spread wide around the sparkling bottle. She had inserted it neck first and managed to get maybe half of it in her.

I touched the base, moving it around.

She groaned, squirming, making such a throaty sound. “Please, don't do that, doctor.”

“It's Dr. Rita,” I told her. “And I have to make sure that I can't work it out normally.”

I manipulated it again, my left hand stroking her thigh. She groaned and shivered, the hospital bed creaking. My dick was so hard and throbbing, stretching my scrubs. I could smell her excitement, a delicious, sweet musk that had my mouth watering.

I twisted it, making her groan again. She bit her lip as my left hand swept down her thigh. And then I reached her pussy. I caressed her thick bush, stroking her labia. At the top I found her clit, pink and peeking out.

She gasped. “Dr. Rita!”

“Stimulation may jar it free,” I told her, massaging her clit and gripping the bottle. “Just relax and enjoy.”

“We're both women, Dr. Rita! I am a married woman!”

“And I'm helping you,” I purred. “Besides, I'm a futa-doctor and this is a medical procedure. So just enjoy it.”

My thumb grew slippery as I massaged her clit. She whimpered again, spasms rippling through her body. I twisted the bottle another half-inch, her legs spasming in the stirrups. I grinned, loving the pleasure crossing her face.

“Oh, yes, that's it, Mrs. Abboud,” I purred, lowering my face. “Just enjoy everything I'm doing. We'll get this naughty bottle out of your cunt.”

“Cunt?” she whimpered.

“Your naughty, whorish, married cunt,” I groaned, my lips nuzzling into the top of her pubic mound, her silky hairs caressing my cheeks and chin. I moved lower and licked her clit.

“Dr. Rita!” she gasped as I licked at her clit, her body squirming. I pulled harder on the bottle as her juices started flowing in her pussy. It slid out an inch. “What are you doing?”

“Getting your naughty cunt so hot and wet, Mrs. Abboud,” I groaned. I nipped her clit.

She gasped.

The bottle slid free a little more.

My tongue swirled around her clit. I gripped the bottle in both hands, pulling harder. Her pussy sucked at it. She gasped and moaned, her face twisting, her headscarf shifting. Some of her black hair spilled out as she groaned and thrashed, the stirrups squeaking. More and more of the bottle came out, streaked with her cream.

Her sweet, tasty cream.

I sucked on her clit hard, making her buck and heave. The bottle slid out of her pussy, her labia clinging to it, down the narrowing shoulder to its slender neck. Then it was free. She gasped and moaned, shuddering, spasming.

“Dr. Rita!” she shivered, my fingers plunging into her hot pussy. I gripped the bottle in my left hand, the right fingering her hard, feeling her pussy's juicy depths. “This is so sinful!”

And then she came. The married, Muslim woman spasmed hard on the bed. Her pussy convulsed about my digits. Her moans echoed through the room. I sucked on her clit, her juices gushing past my hand, bathing me in her hot passion.

My dick ached. I had to fuck her. I had to give her the healing medicine contained in my ovaries. I sucked hard on her clit one last time, making her shudder again as she groaned through her orgasm. Then I rose, my fingers still buried in her spasming cunt, and stared at her twisting face.

“I bet your pussy is still so sore from being stretched open, Mrs. Abboud.”

“Yes,” she gasped. “It is. So sore. Even with the pleasure. Your fingers... Oh, Dr. Rita, it is so sore.”

“We'll need to administer your cure as a suppository,” I told her, pulling my fingers free. “I'll need you to lean over the side of the bed so I can insert your cure.”

“Suppository?” Her eyes widened. “You mean...”

My dick throbbed. “Hurry up, Mrs. Abboud. The cure will feel even better than pulling out the bottle. You'll cum even harder. Your married cunt will go crazy.”

She obeyed, obviously lost to the lusts that the futa-fairy's magic surrounded me in. It was so amazing. I groaned as she pulled off her hospital gown entirely, revealing her shapely, dusky body. She was in her late thirties, my age, and so deliciously firm in all the right places. She unhooked her cream colored bra, her breasts bouncing out.

I just grinned at her, pushing down my hospital scrubs. Her eyes widened at the sight of my big, Black dick. The Muslim woman let out a groan, her tongue flicking across her lips. Clearly, she liked big things shoved inside of her.

And I knew this was bigger than her husband.

“Oh, yes, give me my suppository, Dr. Rita,” she purred, her accent so exotic and naughty. She still wore her demure headscarf, making her nudity and wanton desire even more stimulating. She bent over the bed, wiggling her ass at me, her dark bush peeking between her thighs.

And glistening with her juices.

“Oh, I will,” I promised her, my precum a flood dribbling from the tip of my dick. “I'm going to enjoy this so much.”

She shivered in utter delight, her ass clenching. “Yes, you will, Dr. Rita. I just know it. I've never done...this.”


“Yes,” she groaned. “This is haram. It's such a wicked sin.”

“Yes, it is.” I brought my ebony cock to her dusky butt-cheeks. I prodded the tip of my dick between them, savoring the silky softness of her ass. I shivered, groaning as my cock pressed between the cheeks of her ass. Trembles ran through me as her butt-cheeks caressed my spongy crown. They were so silky. So amazing.

I rubbed on her sphincter, my eyes fluttering in my head. This was what I craved. This was what I needed. To violate this delicious ass. To give her the curing medicine of my cock. It sent such a wicked thrill through me.

I was such a naughty doctor. I loved taking advantage of my patients.

The married woman gave such a wanton moan as my cock pressed against her sphincter. She shivered, wiggling her hips. She stirred my cock around, her back arching as I pushed forward. Her sphincter was so tight, so resistant to let my cock in.

But my precum slicked the way. My futa-dick wouldn't be denied.

“Dr. Rita, yes!” she groaned. “May Allah forgive me for enjoying this sweet sin.”

“Such sweet sin,” I agreed, shuddering as my dick slid deeper and deeper. Her bowels embraced my cock. The rough velvet made me shudder. My eyes rolled back into my head as the friction burned along my shaft.

Deeper and deeper I delved into her bowels until my dark bush tickled her dusky butt-cheeks. She sucked in a breath, her married asshole clenching around my dick as she shivered. She groaned, the hospital bed creaking as she wiggled.

She loved it. I could tell. I traced her spine with my finger, making her shiver, savoring her bowels clenching and relaxing on my girl-dick. Then I drew back. Not fast, but slow. I took my time, the pleasure caressing the head of my cock.

It was intoxicating.

I rammed in again, making her groan and gasp and wiggle beneath me. Her body shuddered. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She let out mewling moans of pure pleasure as I used her. As I plunged my girl-cock over and over into her depths.

Savored her married bowels.

“Allah forgive me, this is incredible,” she moaned. “Oh, Dr. Rita, yes, my pussy is being soothed by your big cock.”

“My futa-dick,” I groaned, thrusting harder, my ebony dick plunging over and over into her dusky ass. I gripped her butt-cheeks, parting them, staring at the hot sight of my huge dick stretching her so wide open.

Her flesh clung to my shaft.

It was so intoxicating.

I thrust harder and harder, plunging with such speed into her. I made her groan and gasp. She shivered and shuddered. She worked her hips from side-to-side, stirring her bowels around my cock as the pleasure surged through her.

I could hear it in her voice how much she loved my futa-cock. How much it pleased her.

“Oh, yes, you are such a sinful woman,” I panted. “You're going to cum so hard on my dick!”

“So hard,” she moaned, her supple back arching, her headscarf swaying about her shoulders. “Yes, yes, yes, Allah be merciful on my sinful soul! I'm going to explode on your girl-cock, Dr. Rita!”
Her bowels clenched so hard. Heaven embraced me.

My pussy burned. Juices dribbled down my thighs as I plowed her. I loved healing with my cock so much. It was so amazing. So wonderful. My crotch slapped over and over into her ass, her cheeks rippling as I pleasured her.

Delight rushed through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I thrust so hard. I savored the slap of flesh. The pressure boiled inside of me, aching to escape. My dick throbbed in her bowels. I had to cum in her.

Cure her!

“Oh, yes, cum on my cock, you married slut!” I groaned. “You Muslim whore!”

“Such a whore!” she gasped. “A sharmota!”

Her bowels went wild about my dick. She screamed out in Arabic, her words so musical, so full of her bursting passion. I loved it. I savored it. I drank it in. There was something so amazing about her passion as her asshole milked my cock.

Begged for my cure.

I buried into her, my pussy clenching. My entire body tensed as the pressure swelled and swelled. It needed its release. The force rushed to the tip of my cock as I drew back through her spasming bowels. The friction was incredible.

“Yes!” I howled and came.

My futa-jizz rushed into her bowels. I shuddered, pumping load after load into the married, Muslim woman. It was so hot to flood her asshole. I shuddered with each spurt, healing her pussy while enjoying her asshole so much.

Thank you, Leanan Sidhe.

Her bowels milked every drop of jizz from my cock with such hungry passion. She groaned, slumping over the table, her hips shifting. I smiled at her, stroking down her back to her ass. I gave her one last squeeze.

“Now don't go shoving bottles into your cunt,” I purred.

“Yes, my daughters might get the wrong ideas about me,” she panted. “And my husband...”

I shivered, pulling my cock out of her asshole and pulling up my scrubs. I left her like that, my cum leaking out of her bowels. I stepped out into the hallway, breathing heavily, and smiled as Nurse Pita hurried up.

“How did it go with the woman and the champagne bottle?” she asked, her smile large.

“Sparkling grape juice,” I corrected. “I was forced to give a suppository, which means my instrument needs cleaning.”

I shouldn't have been shocked that Nurse Pita would drop to the floor right then and there, yanking down my scrub bottoms, and engulfing my dirty cock. She sucked on it so hard, tasting the sour flavor of Mrs. Abboud's bowels.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. It was so nasty. Shivers ran through my body. I leaned back against the wall, gripping her dark, silky hair as she bobbed her mouth, taking so much of my dick. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my pussy.

“Oh, you just spoil me,” I panted, breathing so heavily as she sucked so hard. “Mmm, yes, Pita, you do.”

Her dark eyes stared up at me with such smoldering passion. Her cheeks hollowed.

She sucked so damned hard.

Her suction tightened my pussy. My ovaries felt the pull, building another load of cum for her to swallow. Her hand found my cunt, rubbing it before inserting three wonderful fingers to plumb the depths of my pussy.

I groaned, the pleasure she stirred shooting to the tip of my dick buried in her mouth. It throbbed, the pressure swelling more and more in my ovaries. She was such a naughty nurse, so eager for her reward of my thick cum. She stimulated my G-spot.

“Damn, Pita, you are such a cum-hungry slut.”

She moaned about my cock.

She took more and more of it as she massaged that special spot. My eyes widened as the tip of my cock reached the back of her throat. And she kept going. I groaned as the nurse deep-throated my cock, committed to clean every bit of Mrs. Abboud's sour musk from my girl-dick.

“Yes, such a devoted, cum-hungry nurse,” I groaned as my cock slid down her throat. Her lips pressed down my ebony shaft to my dark bush. Her fingers rubbed harder. “Jesus, I'm going to cum so hard down your throat. Just pump it straight into your stomach. That's what you want.”

Nurse Pita nodded.

“You must have a tummy ache and are in need of my creamy treat,” I panted, my ovaries tensing. “Oh, I'm going to pump so much—”

The commotion through the double swinging doors that led to ER admittance drew my attention. A moment later, the door burst open, two nurses, a blonde named Abby and a Vietnamese woman named Jean, pushed a gurney through. Abby worked a bag valve mask, pumping it to breathe for the patient, while Jean pushed the bed itself.

“Hurry, we're losing her,” Abby cried.

The woman on the gurney was young, maybe eighteen or nineteen, her torso naked, her shirt cut away by the paramedics. She had a large bandage over her chest soaked in blood, her skin pale, her auburn hair spilling over the sides of the gurney. She wore a party skirt and fishnet stockings, a stiletto heel still on one foot.

“What's going on?” Dr. Lindsey Murray asked, stepping around the corner in green scrubs, her black hair tied back behind the nape of her neck. She had her hands already in gloves, prepared to do emergency surgery.

“GSW. Near the heart. Massive trauma. BP falling,” Abby reported as they pressed her into a nearby operating suite.

My cock throbbed in Pita's mouth. But she was already sliding her lips off my dick. “Go, Dr. Rita,” she moaned. “Save her.”

My dick was on the edge of erupting. It was like Pita had primed me just for this patient, fluffing my cock to be ready to heal the shot girl. Maybe this was just a big coincidence or more of the futa-fairy's magic at work, spreading something good along with something naughty.

I held my scrubs up in my left hand, the right fisting my cock, keeping me on the edge of erupting. I hurried down the hallway towards the operating center. It was awkward. My dick throbbing. I hit the doors, busting through and rushing to the operating theater.

All three were around the table, working fast, Dr. Murray shouting her orders. I came rushing up, fisting my girl-cock so hard. My pussy clenched. My dick was on the verge of erupting as I came at the patients' face.

“Pull away the bag valve mask!” I called. “Clear her mouth.”

“Yes, Dr. Rita,” Abby said out of reflex.

I shuddered, fisting my cock hard, and erupted as I rushed at the table.

It was a premature explosion. I thought I was too far away, but I just couldn't stop it once it began. My cum fired everywhere. Great ropy lines spurted from my dick, falling on the patient's exposed breasts, striking the bandages. More shot up her body and hit her pale lips and splattered across her bloodless face. The white jizz dribbled across her flesh.

The orgasm that exploded through me was so powerful. My pussy clenched hard. Rapture shuddered through me as the girl spasmed on the table. Before my second blast exploded out of me, her blue eyes fluttered open. She gasped.

“Dr. Rita?” gasped Jean right before my cum took her right in the face, hitting her mask and soaking through it. More splattered up around her slanted eyes, bathing her pale-olive skin.

“Oh, wow,” Dr. Lindsey gasped, my cum splattering across the front of her scrubs, soaking through the green material to her breasts beneath.

“BP is rising,” Abby reported.

“Oh, my god,” the patient moaned, her eyes wide open. My next blast hit her open mouth. She swallowed it, shuddering and ripping the bandage from her chest.

The color was returning to her pallid skin, her flesh pinkening as her blood pressure rose, her life returning to her body. The wound between her breasts smoked. A bullet worked its way out of her wound and then rolled deformed across her stomach before tumbling off onto the bed. The wound closed so fast, melting into real skin, the blood vanishing from her flesh.

By the time my fourth blast of jizz spurted, striking Abby right in the crotch and soaking into her pink scrubs, the auburn-haired patient was healed, alive, and moaning in pure delight. Her hands shot down to her short skirt, hiking it up to reveal a thong.

“You saved her, Dr. Rita,” Jean moaned, ripping off her surgical mask. Some of my cum and bled through, staining her lips. She licked them and shuddered at the taste of my futa-jizz.

“You did, Dr. Rita,” Dr. Lindsy nodded, her hands rubbing at her breasts. Then she ripped off her rubber gloves and pulled off her top, revealing her yellow bra stained with cum, her nipples hard. “Another miraculous cure.”

“Saved me,” groaned the patient, her fingers shoving her thong to the side and exposing a shaved snatch. She plunged her fingers into her hot cunt, shuddering on the bed. Her now healthy breasts jiggled before her as she frigged herself. “Being healed is so fucking awesome!”

“Yes,” Abby moaned, ripping down her own surgical mask then bending over to lick at my cum pooling on the patient's heaving tits. The blonde nurse wiggled her hips as her tongue licked up at a dark-red nipple and engulfed it.

The patient shuddered in delight.

“So this is how you've been doing all your miraculous cures,” moaned Dr. Lindsey, her hands grasping my cock, stroking my ebony shaft with her dark fingers.

“Such an amazing instrument,” groaned Nurse Jean. She fell to her knees and licked at my shaft, her tongue sliding up the bottom to the spongy grown. She gathered the jizz beading there.

“Just excellent,” moaned Dr. Lindsey.

Then she fell to her knees and joined the nurse, licking at my big, Black girl-dick. I groaned and shuddered, the pleasure surging through me. Both their tongues were licking at me. They swirled around my cock, adding such delight.

“Let me help you, Abby,” Pita moaned. She must have followed me in.

She joined the blonde nurse lapping at the patient's cum-stained tits. I shuddered, my pussy clenching at the orgy breaking out in the OR. Two tongues swirled about my cock, meeting around it, the nurse and doctor kissing between caresses, both moaning.

The patient writhed, fingering her shaved pussy. She had a fiery landing strip leading up her pubic mound half-hidden by her thong. Her moans sang through the operating theater as the two nurses diligently lapped up my girl-cum.

In no time, her breasts were clean.

“Oh, let me help you with your pussy,” Pita said.

“Thank you, Nurse,” moaned the patient.

“Oh, yes, she needs to cum so badly,” moaned Abby. “I know I do. Dr. Rita soaked my crotch. Her cum bled through my panties. It's reached my pussy.”

“Yum,” moaned the patient. “I was hoping to get some pussy when I went clubbing.”

Abby didn't need to be told twice. The nurse shoved down her pink scrub bottoms and panties, revealing her blonde bush coated in stringy jizz. I shuddered, my dick being sucked on by both the doctor and nurse as Abby hopped up onto the bed, straddling the patient.

And lowered her pussy to hungry lips.

It was such a hot sight. Pita buried her face into Abby's cunt, licking and lapping hard, her tongue flying through her pussy lips. Making her squirm and shudder. Her moans echoed through the operating room, partially muffled by Abby's blonde-furred muff.

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick aching, my pussy clenching. Both the doctor and nurse were pleasuring my cock. “You two are just hungry for my girl-cum.”

“Uh-huh,” Dr. Lindsey moaned. Then the White woman engulfed the entirety of my dick. Her ivory cheeks hollowed as her tongue bathed my shaft in warm delight.

I shuddered, feeling the suction reach into the depths of my pussy. My cunt clenched. Such rapture rippled through me as she sucked and sucked. I squirmed, my hips undulating as I enjoyed every moment of her licking and sucking.

It was fantastic. Amazing. It made me tremble in delight. I groaned. Juices dribbled out of me. And right into Jean's mouth. The Vietnamese nurse nuzzled into my dark bush to lap at my hungry pussy. Her tongue swirled pleasure that shot straight to the tip of my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my pussy,” Abby groaned, peeling off her top, her breast bouncing in a flowery bra. “Oh, you are so good.”

“The other nurse is inspiring,” the patient moaned.

“Mmm, I just love helping the patients,” moaned Pita.

“She does,” I moaned, Lindsey's mouth sucking so hard on my cock, my pussy clenching on Jean's probing tongue.

I shuddered, my entire body quivering. That tongue swirled around the depths of my pussy. It made me shiver and groan. My ovaries tightened. Another load of cum building and building, aching to burst out of me and into the doctor's hungry mouth.

“Oh, yes, Dr. Lindsey,” I panted. “Oh, just keep sucking my big, Black dick and I'll give you so much futa-jizz to enjoy.”

Dr. Lindsey moaned about my dick, her vibrating pleasure down my shaft.

Jean's tongue swirled through my pussy. I convulsed. On the bed, Abby squealed out as she came on the patient's mouth, grinding hard on her face. Abby's breasts heaved in her bra. A jolt shot through my body as I watched the hot, lesbian display.

This was all caused by my magical cum.

My orgasm burst hard through me. My cum fired into Dr. Lindsey's mouth. The White woman gulped my Black futa-seed down with such hunger. I shuddered as the pleasure writhed out of my convulsing pussy.

Jean's tongue lapped through my folds, licking up my pussy cream as I pumped more and more jizz into Dr. Lindsey's hungry mouth. I swayed, loving the two women pleasing me while Abby screamed out in rapture.

“Oh, yes, Dr. Lindsey, that is how you get my futa-medicine out of my cock! Mmm, you were such a fast learner.”

She pulled her mouth off my cock, her cheeks bulging with my cum. She hadn't swallowed any of it. She held it all in her mouth, some trickling out the corners. She grabbed Jean's short, silky hair, pulling her from my pussy. They kissed hard, snowballing my girl-cum back and forth, great white wads clinging to their tongues.

I groaned in pure delight.

“The patient is ready for you, Dr. Rita,” Pita purred, her face stained with the patient's pussy juices.

“Yes,” Abby groaned, swaying. She slipped off the patient. Pita moved to her, the pair kissing and descending to the floor to have their own fun.

I mounted the patient's bed, her thighs spread wide, her pussy glistening with juices and saliva. “Did my nurse get you already for my big futa-dick?”

“God, yes,” breathed the patient. “You saved me, doctor. You can fuck me as much as you want!”
I grinned at her. “What's your name?”

“Nina,” she answered.

“And I'm Dr. Rita,” I purred, bringing my big, Black dick to her tight, White pussy. “And you're going to love your next treatment.”

“Yes!” she howled as I rammed my dick into her.

I kissed her hard, thrusting into her pussy. She tasted of spicy pussy. I groaned, loving the flavor of Abby's cunt as my cock pumped away. I rammed so hard into her depths, making Nina squirm and moan beneath me as I administered her cure.

She gripped me, fingernails biting into my ass as I fucked her. I pounded her, making her gasp and shudder. Around us, the four other women in the room moaned as they enjoyed each other, descending into lesbian passion all thanks to my futa-cum. It was so hot.

I was so glad that the Leanan Sidhe answered my wish.

I pumped faster and faster, driving my girl-cock so deep into Nina's cunt. Her flesh clenched to me, so hot and silky and tight. Her hips bucked, swayed. She was a party girl, out clubbing, looking for a hot time.

I broke the kiss. “Did you expect to be fucked by a futa tonight?”

“No!” she groaned, her pussy clenching on my dick. “I never even heard of futas. But I love your huge cock! Jesus, I've never had a dick so big in me! Pound me, Dr. Rita! Treat me!”

“Yes,” I groaned and greedily claimed her lips again.

I loved kissing the White girl, devouring her mouth while her hot pussy devoured my cock. She was so wet and silky. Her pussy was so tight that it sucked at my dick when I drew back, begging me to slam it back in.

And I did. Hard.

I plowed into her over and over, the pleasure surging through me. My pussy clenched. I was drunk on this night, loving every moment of being in her. The bed creaked so hard as I savored the feel of her breasts through my scrubs top.

I had saved her life tonight.

Emotions rushed through me. Awe and lust, wonder and delight. Another miracle. And one that mattered like when I saved Carly. I shuddered, driving my cock so deep into her silky depths. Her pussy clenched so hard on me.

She shivered and then she came.

“Dr. Rita!” she howled, her pussy rippling about my cock, able to feel this rapture pumping through her because I saved her life. Because the futa-fairy gave me magical cum. “Oh, Dr. Rita, yes! You're so amazing!”

“She is,” moaned Pita from the floor. “And so are you, Abby. Madre di Dios! Lick my pussy. Oh, just devour me.”

“Cum in me, Dr. Rita!” groaned Nina. “The moment your cum touched my body, it jolted me out of death. I was drifting. Watching. I knew I was dying! So cum in me! Let me feel that life again! That magic!”

Her pussy rippled about my cock. I shuddered, driving into her depths. The silky flesh writhed about my dick. The friction was so exquisite. The pleasure shuddered through me. And then it exploded out of my cock.

My cum flooded her pussy.

I shuddered atop her, pleasure roaring through my body. She held me so tight as we thrashed together. Our moans mixed with the other four women. Our gasps echoed through the room. It was so hot. So amazing. My eyes rolled back into my head.

And my cum kept pumping into her milking depths.

“So much life, Dr. Rita!” howled Nina. “Thank you!”

“Thank Leanan Sidhe!” I groaned. And I knew, as my cock fired its last blast into Nina's pussy, I would heal everyone I could. I would work with Pita and Carly to store my cum, to figure out how to make the most of it. I would bring as much joy to the world as I could.

And I would cum so much doing it. With my two new girlfriends, with my daughter, with the nurses and doctors I worked with, and with my sexy patients. I would spread hope and joy everywhere I could.

All because of the futa-fairy.


Leanan Sidhe trembled, her cum falling into the Reflectory's pool, disturbing its mirror surface. She felt the joy from Leanan Sidhe and such happiness surged through her. She was so glad she had expended the energy on her patron.

Parkland, in the grand scheme of the struggles between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, was of no moment. But she had proven here and now that Parkland was Summer's. Bean Sidhe had to know that Summer's influence could not be stopped.

Leanan Sidhe's wings hummed as the pleasure flowed through her body. She knew Dr. Rita would do well. And she had other places to attend to, other patrons to recruit. Her letters were important. There were places of vital importance to the courts, places that Leanan Sidhe did not have nearly as much fun.

But she took satisfaction knowing Bean Sidhe would not trifle in Parkland again. She would be a fool to escalate things. Parkland is not important enough to risk a contest between the courts.

Squeezing out the last drop of cum from her girl-dick, the petite and ancient futa-fairy flew off to attend to her numerous correspondents.

The END of Doctor Rita's Tale
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