"You have me so turned on I'd like to fuck you fast and hard."
Beth chest and abdomen were heaving as she gasped for breath. Her orgasm was subsiding even as Tim gave her clit one more light lick. The cunnilingus was not the best she had ever had but it had been the first time for her son and that thought had made her orgasm very intense. He finished kissing her bush and slowly worked his way up until he was nuzzling and kissing her belly button. As he reached her breasts Beth realized that Tim's hard cock was dragging upwards across her thighs getting nearer and nearer to her soaking cunt.

The events of the past few weeks flashed before her eyes. Tim had just graduated from high school and they had celebrated his 18th birthday a few days later. About a week after that she had inadvertently walked into her son's room and saw him lying on the bed and stroking his cock, the largest cock she had ever seen, at least 10 inches long. She had been mesmerized by his moaning as he ran his hand up and down, oblivious to her presence. She remembered the massive ejaculation, shooting sperm all over his stomach and chest and then the ultimate shock of hearing him moan "Oh Mom! Oh Mom!" as he was finishing. She had gasped loudly and that had revealed her to him and she had seen the look of shock, embarrassment and humiliation on her son's face. She remembered staggering from the room barely able to walk and then guiltily rubbing her wet pussy until she exploded in her own orgasm. When she had attempted to reassure and console her son the next morning somehow that had ended with him resting his head on her breast as she reached into his shorts fondling his cock until it was rock hard and stroking it until it erupted, spewing sperm over her hand and dress. And then his attempt at consoling her a few hours later resulted in her giving him a blow job and ended when she attempted to deep throat his cock only to have it explode in her mouth just as it began to slide into her throat.

Then the rules were made. She was in control. There would be no pussy or ass fucking; no sleeping in the same bed; no overt pleasuring of her, other than sucking and massaging tits and nipples, as if him giving her an orgasm was a bridge too far.

After weeks of just hand jobs, blow jobs, tit fucking and resisting intercourse Beth had finally let Tim go down on her and now she was resigned to getting fucked by her son. As Tim began nibbling on her hard nipple Beth realized that "resigned" was not quite the right term. She wanted his huge hard cock to finally slide into and penetrate her deprived pussy. Tim left her nipple and moved his body up so that his cock rested on her stomach and their lips embraced in a passionate kiss. Beth's tongue shot out and suddenly their mouths were open and their tongues were intertwined. She could taste her own cunt juices on his lips and it drove her crazy.

She had expected him to slide into her but suddenly realized he would never consider doing that without her permission. Those were the rules. She suddenly had second thoughts. She knew the first time would certainly not be the last and she had spent weeks trying to avoid this. His tongue darted deep into her mouth again and they groaned in their passion. She knew Tim was expecting a blow job or a tit job. She pulled away slightly, looking at her son.

"I love you Mom." He blurted out.

Beth smiled and pulled her to him hugging him tightly with their heads resting on each other's shoulder. She sighed.

"Please fuck me Tim." She whispered into his ear.

He pulled back in shock looking at her with his mouth open. She smiled slightly. "Fuck me!" She demanded.

Tim was still in disbelief but he raised up and began to move down Beth's body. His cock dragged across her belly and they both looked down at it. She raised and spread her legs presenting her splayed cunt to her son. Beth reached down and grabbed his cock stroking it gently. When it reached her crotch she rubbed the head in the wet slit of her swollen labia and then pushed it down until the head nestled between her cunt lips. His hips moved forward and as his cock pushed against her she directed it to her sex hole. They both moaned as her body split apart to accept his big hard cock. Beth moved her hand to his buttock as he continued to enter her aroused and fully expanded vagina. She had never had a cock that large. She moaned as he continued to fill her and gasped and twitched as his cock bumped her cervix.

That was a shocking first for her. She had always thought there was pain associated with that and although there was discomfort, the thought of being so full easily overrode any pain. Fortunately she could feel his balls resting on her crotch so he was balls deep now. His hips pulled back, pulling several inches of his cock out and then he thrust forward again. Although Beth knew what was going to happen she gasped and twitched again as his cock probed deep into her abdomen. He began thrusting slowly and steadily each time hitting the very end of her vagina. The feeling of his cock sliding in an out of her elastic cunt was wonderful.

Just as pumping a balloon eventually leads to an explosion, each thrust of Tim's cock was pushing Beth closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. She knew it would be way beyond anything she had experienced before and the feeling was absolutely fantastic. They were both groaning and moaning. The rhythmic thrusting and bumping of both her cervix and clitoris was pushing her to the edge. Beth began to tense and arched her back as the explosion approached when suddenly Tim grimaced and thrust deep into her, holding his cock there. He grunted loudly and his body shuddered and Beth knew he was ejaculating.

"No! Oh no!" Beth moaned almost silently as a wave of shock and disappointment swept over her even as she felt Tim's cock pulsating deep in her pussy. He was cumming and she knew it would deprive her of her moment of ecstasy. His head was up and his mouth was open as he grunted several times. As Tim exhaled Beth sighed. She couldn't believe how devastated she felt. His body shuddered several times above her. She attempted to take solace in the knowledge that this had been her son's first fuck and it was with her. That only helped slightly. His body began to relax and he looked down at her with a look of concern on his face as he sensed her disappointment.

"Mom?" He started. She knew he was going to apologize for cumming. Instead he asked "Was it okay for me to cum inside of you?"

She was shocked and a wave of anger swept through her. The little shit was a day late and a cunt full of cum short on that question and there was no thought of her sexual needs. He had some learning to do. She held her anger back though and managed a wan smile.

"That's okay honey. You can cum inside me all you want."

He grinned at her. "Thanks Mom!"

He pulled back and Beth sighed again as she expected him to pull his cock out of her body leaving a large vacant hole. When just a few inches were left in he suddenly reversed course thrusting his hips and cock forward. Beth lurched and yelped at the totally unexpected thrust against her cervix. She suddenly realized Tim was as hard as ever. He had cum but he wasn't getting soft. Beth moaned in wonderment and ecstasy as he began to slowly and steadily thrust back and forth in his mother's tight cunt. Her sex tunnel was slick with cunt juice and cum and her cunt felt even fuller as their sex fluids were sloshed back and forth in her tight vagina.

"Oh God!" She exclaimed as his slow, steady thrusting continued. The depths of her vagina and cervix were beginning to ache from the constant bumping it was receiving but she knew the payoff would be big. And it was getting closer with each bump from the head of her son's cock. His pubic mound was bumping her engorged clit with each bump of her cervix. Beth tensed and arched her back finding herself at the same spot she had been just before Tim's orgasm.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!" She had never felt like this. "Oh Tim! Oh Tim!" She yelled. One last thrust was like a trigger and Beth grunted loudly and her body spasmed hard. Her cunt and asshole contracted hard and Tim stopped thrusting with his cock buried deep in his mother as she began cumming forcefully. With each spasm and contraction she grunted loudly. "Unghh! Unghh! Unghh!"

Tim looked in wonderment at his mother's beautiful face as it grimaced in ecstasy. He was shocked and amazed at her uncontrolled grunting and fascinated as he watched her wonderful breasts with her big hard nipples twitch, quiver and jiggle with each spasm of her cunt that squeezed his hard cock forcefully. Her body twitched and spasmed uncontrollably several times. There was a hiatus for a brief second and then another spasm. Another hiatus and another strong spasm.

"Ohhhh!" Beth exhaled loudly and her body twitched and quivered. She inhaled strongly, her breasts and nipples thrusting up. "Ohhh!" She exhaled again with another full body quiver. The quivering finally stopped leaving Beth breathing heavily with her boobs rising and falling. They looked at each other.

"That was neat!" Tim said.

Beth laughed and pulled his head down to hers and engulfed his lips and mouth in a hard passionate kiss. She then pulled away to look at him with a huge smile on her face.

"Yes! That was very neat!" She said chuckling.

Tim began moving his still hard cock deep in Beth's pussy while looking into her face longingly.

"You were even more beautiful than usual with your nostrils flaring, your grunting and your whole body twitching."

Beth moaned as she looked into his eyes. In her passion it seemed to be the nicest and most romantic complement she could ever remember.

She moaned again as Tim moved slowly back and forth in her still engorged cunt. He moved his head down to kiss her, slowly and sensuously licking her lips, playing tongue tag and engulfing her soft lips in his. Beth was shocked to realize that he was already an expert at this.


"Yes honey?"

He was still moving his cock slowly as he talked. "I'd like to fuck you hard."

"Fuck me hard?" She asked incredulously. She suddenly realized that he had been fairly gentle even though she had a nagging ache deep in her pussy.


"You have me so turned on I'd like to fuck you fast and hard."

Beth was overcome by his sweetness. She pulled him to her kissing him deeply and moaning into his mouth. "Oh baby! Oh baby!" She looked at him. She had some trepidation considering the tool he was working with and what it had already done to her but no other lover would have even asked. There was no way she would ever say no and actually she knew she didn't want to regardless of the consequences. "Baby, my body is yours now. You can slam me as fast and hard as you want. Shove that hard cock as deep as you can into my wet hairy cunt."

Tim was surprised at her language but he followed up with some of his own. "Oh Mom! Your wet hairy cunt feels so good around my cock."

Beth caressed his cheek looking at him lovingly. "It's probably time to start calling me Beth."

"Oh Beth!" Tim exclaimed. He then pulled his cock back and then slammed it up into her hard. Beth gasped and grimaced at the pain in her abdomen. He pulled back and slammed her hard again.

"Oh god Beth! Your tits look so great with those big hard nipples sticking out. And your cunt feels so good around my cock! I'm gonna make those tits and nipples jiggle and sway!" He began slamming his cock faster and harder into her body. Her tits were swinging wildly up and down. Beth was in shock from the pounding she was getting and the crude language from her son. She was also shocked at the increasing pain she was feeling and the fact that it was accompanied by the sexual feelings of another approaching orgasm. Her mouth opened in shock and awe. She saw her tits flopping back and forth, her hard nipples swinging with them almost looking like they were tugging on her tits. She saw her son above her looking at her as he thrust in and out of her body and his large wet and glistening cock with his balls swaying behind it appear and then quickly disappear again into her cunt. She was bewildered by the sound of their fucking; the thawp, thawp, thawp of his rapid thrusts; the loud squishing caused by the jostling of all the fluids that filled her cunt. Beth began to tense and her hips thrust upward as another explosive orgasm approached. Tim noticed this.

"Oh Beth! Oh Beth! You want it harder, huh?"

A look of puzzlement and shock came over Beth's face as he began pounding even harder. Her mouth opened wide in a large moan and then she lost what little perspective she still had as her body and mind exploded in an orgasm. Her body began to lurch and quiver uncontrollably. She was gasping and grunting as her body began twitching with each hard thrust. Tim was even more determined. Even as Beth's body quivered and twitched underneath him he kept thrusting frantically. Beth's orgasm subsided slightly, at least enough to be slightly aware of her situation. But the constant thrusting and bumping of her cervix and clit soon had her tensing and exploding again. It became a continuous orgasm with constant twitching and quivering. Subconsciously she began to wonder how long she could go on like this.

He wasn't letting up but Beth sensed a change as he was arching his back more and began grunting with each thrust. Suddenly he thrust hard into her and his body lurched and twitched. She couldn't feel his cock pulsating through her ongoing orgasm but she knew it was happening. He was grunting above her, emptying his balls deep into her pussy, even as her body continued to quiver and twitch with her own orgasm. The knowledge that it was near an end allowed her to relax and several luxurious waves of pleasure swept over her body. All pain was forgotten. Tim collapsed on top of her, his cock still embedded deep inside her. She hugged him tight to her as they both panted and quivered in their orgasms. They stayed like this for several moments shuddering and breathing heavily, almost as one.

Tim's erection finally began to subside and Beth felt his cock slip out of her cunt and immediately felt warm sex fluids leaking out of her pussy drenching her crotch and flowing between her ass cheeks onto the bed. Tim rolled off of his mother and looked at her. He caressed her cheek.

"Thank you Mom. I love you."

She smiled and kissed him softly and pulled him tight to her. "I love you too Tim. And thank you!" She grinned.

The high of her orgasm was wearing off and the dull ache in her abdomen was turning into a steady pain. Tim dosed off and Beth extricated herself from his arms so she could go to the bathroom and check herself over. As she stood up more liquid began to flow down her thighs. She wondered if it could be blood and she clinched her thighs together and shuffled into the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet and spread her legs open. There was no blood on the outside. She spread her cunt lips and a rivulet of thick milky fluid flowed out of her. She was relieved that there was no blood and smiled at the quantity of their love juices. She took her fingers and stroked them up through her cunt lips collecting the fluids on her fingers. She blushed in embarrassment as she brought her dripping fingers to her mouth and tasted the mixture of cum and cunt juice. It was sweet and salty and she reached down for a few more helpings. She was still aching but was sure it was only temporary bruising. She was also fairly sure her cunt would expand enough to eliminate the pain in the future. She cleaned and wiped her vagina and took a couple of Advil. She went back to her bed and laid down next to her sleeping, naked son. She sighed and thought, rules have their place but life is more pleasant with fewer of them. And with that she drifted off to a blissful sleep.
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