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I re-wrote this because the first time I wrote this I wrote it in 30 mins.
She looked towards the the front of the class absently and rested her chin on her hand. She strained her mind to focus on the words of the teacher. He was droning on about the tectonic plates, as if it wasn't the fourth time she'd heard about this in science. Day dreaming about being outside she looked out the window, a perfect day, blue sky with little wispy clouds. Up there with those little clouds the sun emanated its clear crisp light. The teacher looked over to her,
"Turia, why don't you read the next paragraph?",
Startled she scrambled for her text book and realised she forgot it, she had left all of her stuff in her locker since it was the last class of the day and her best friend had said she didn't need anything when she asked them if she did during lunch. Disconcerted, she looked pleadingly at Mr. Lurn,
"I don't have my book with me, can I go get it?", She squeaked.
A bit dismayed the professor looked at her and motioned for her to go get it and chose another student to read.

With an hour left of school and nothing in class she didn't already know she decided to skip the rest of the day, she had never skipped before, but today was the first time it had ever even crossed her mind. Thinking it all the way through, she thought about what if her parents found out, well Mr.Lurn owed her this because of a little incident last year of him taking a few pictures that he would rather not have everyone know he took.
Turia was actually flattered by the fact that he would think she was pretty enough for someone to take photos of her for later. In her grade she was a little shorter than average, all the girls were shorter than the guys so nobody noticed or cared but that didn’t stop Turia from caring and being angsty about it. She had had A cup breasts that were not out of place for her frame. What was out of place was her butt, she did gymnastics and she had a butt that most girls only dreamed of. She wore fairly revealing clothing but not slutty, she wore shirts that weren't to high cut but still alluring to every guy she passed in the hall. What really turned heads was when she wore booty shorts making her hourglass figure more prevalent with her tight t-shirts. Her hair was a very dark shade of red, almost brown. It framed her round face with beautiful bright blue eyes, freckles and a big smile she wore most days.
She walked out the back door in one of the long deserted hallways at her school, none of the teachers cared, and her school didn’t have hall monitors. Behind her school was a large forested area with paths twisting and winding through it. It had small spots where someone could stay for a while and smoke weed and not be spotted. Turia had only ever heard stories of what happened in the forest since she never really went in. Her curiosity carried her down a long winding path. Her butt jiggled as she walked and an older boy came from a separate fork in the path.
Turia didn’t notice him coming up and kept walking hoping to find something of interest, or a way out since she was now lost. Stepping quietly the older boy strode up behind Turia, he placed her hand on her shoulder which was uncovered because she was only wearing a loose tank top, jean shorts, sneakers without socks, she never wore a bra or underwear when it was this hot and today was no exception. She was a bit cold in the forest because it was almost completely shade, and there was a slight breeze.
His warm hand startled her and she spun around she saw a tall brown haired, brown eyed boy behind her. Him being tall was a matter of complete perspective though, he looked about 6 ft but that could be considered tall for her.
"What are you doing out here, all alone, during school hours?" he said.
She thought of an excuse but drew a blank and could only make the mumbled a bit, and she trailed off into a giggle and she broke into a smile. The boy smiled too, clearly a bit amused by making her nervous decided to start a conversation to see how she handled herself.
He spoke a slowly at first, "What's your name?",
Turia answered truthfully, "Turia, can I ask yours?", the boy took a seat on some near by rocks, mauling it over he replied,
"I mean you can ask but I won't tell you", he grinned. He looked her up and down, undressing her in his mind. Turia noticed this and decided to tease him a bit. She faced out into the forest and bent down to tie her shoe, showing her ass in full view of the boy, he felt his member inflate a little as he could almost see one of her boobs since her shirt hung down. She stood up and paced around a bit and started talking about her classes, fishing for information about who he was, but he stayed silent and nodded as she spoke. She moved closer to the boy with her hands behind her back, once in front of him she crossed her legs, like she had to pee. She looked at him and leaned forward, again her shirt hung low and this time he could definitely see her boobs, the nipples a little hard because of how cold it was. He was entranced for a bit but almost unnoticeably so, like he had a lot of practice looking at boobs. She decided to ask him,
"What are you doing out here", the change of subject was odd but the boy didn’t notice since he was still a bit fascinated by her figure. The boy replied,
"Same thing your doing, skipping school", and this snapped him back to reality, he had given away information without even realising it. Turia replied to him,
"This is my first time skipping, and I didn't pay any attention to where I was going so I guess I've gotten lost then".
The boy regained his composure and thought for a moment, he then replied,
"I could be your guide, I walk these woods almost every day. I have no reason too". She was a little peeved but decided to sit next to him and talk for a little longer, maybe if he knew her he would change his mind. The sun started to get blotted out by thick overcast clouds, and the wind picked up a bit. She made a comment in between their talk of bands they both liked,
“I'm kinda cold”, she stated.
The boy wrapped his arm around her and she leaned into it letting his body heat warm her up. They stopped talking for a bit and just looked at each other, she closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him and was met with his lips. He moved his hand to her waist and held her. She moved her hand to his upper leg, she felt his member in his pants. He felt her hand, and decided to take things a little further, he reached underneath her tank top and grabbed her breasts and started to play with them. She moaned into his mouth. She pulled away and kneeled down in front of him and smiled up at him as she unzipped his pants.
Turia pulled out his dick, it was fairly large but not intimidating like she thought it would be. She leaned her head down and licked the tip and moved her hand up and down the shaft, barely getting her hand all the way around it. Opening her mouth she took as much as she could into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. The feeling of her tongue on his dick was euphoric. His hands moved to the back of her head and pushed her down a little. He felt himself about to cum and held her head down on his member as he bucked his hips moving his dick into her throat. She gagged a bit but swallowed every drop of his cum, as he let go of her she pulled away and wiped her mouth off on her wrist. She smiled up at him, and he smiled back.
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