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Daughters need to learn to behave, or suffer the consequences
Yvette stumbled through the door, trying, unsuccessfully, to be quiet before tripping over her own feet and stumbling against the wall falling to the floor.

The light in the foyer snapped on stinging Yvette’s eyes while she tried to make out the two (?) figures standing beside her.

“A little late isn’t it?” asked her father’s voice “And is that alcohol I smell?”

“Could be, I think someone might have spilt a drink on Me.” came the slurred, mumbled reply.

“More likely in you, and do you realize what time it is?” the voice asked continuing to interrogate her.

“No, I think I lost my watch. Can I go to bed now; we can talk in the morning if you still want to.” Yvette stammered trying to climb to her feet.

“Oh, we’ll talk, and more, but not until you regain enough senses to understand.” came a voice that vaguely sounded like her mother’s.

The vague figures helped her to her feet. Once she was upright, the source of the female voice (Mom?) held Yvette around the waist with her right arm, grabbing the front of Yvette’s belt for a firm grip, while the source of the male voice (Dad?) wrapped Yvette’s other arm over her Mom’s left shoulder where her Mom held it firmly to keep Yvette upright.

As Yvette’s Mom led-dragged Yvette to her bedroom, Yvette’s arm dangled and bounced, despite the firm hold of it, eventually landing it’s on a firm, meaty mound that Yvette’s fingers started to massage adding “Nice moms, no wonder dad wants so much private time with you.” before tweaking her Mom’s slightly protruding nipple, “Kind’a feels like Josie’s”.

Yvette’s Mom yanked away the offending hand and stared at her daughter in shock. ‘How could Yvette make a comment like that? Who was Josie?’ and ‘How does her daughter know what Josie’s tit felt like’ wondered the Mother before saying, “I think we need a much longer talk than expected, and on more subjects than just your behavior tonight.” before dropping Yvette on the bed.

She helped her daughter disrobe, undoing the jeans and pulling them down as Yvette giggled.

“What’s the rush,” Yvette slurred and giggled, “not even any foreplay?”

Mom stepped back in shock realizing Yvette did not know who was undressing her. She was so drunk she must have thought she was having one of her lesbian flings (Mom had known for sometime her daughter was gay) and an appropriate punishment for her daughter began to form in her mind as she disrobed Yvette of all but her thong panties before covering her with a blanket and leaving.

The next morning, after her husband left for work, Mom checked on Yvette and, satisfied she was still asleep, went to do some ‘special’ shopping.

By the time she returned, she found Yvette, still wearing only her panties, in the kitchen making coffee.

“Oh, hey Mom,” Yvette said nonchalantly, “where’d you go?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Mom said in a stern, threatening voice, “first, let’s discuss last night.”

“Nothing to discuss, just had one or two or sixteen too many.”

“And that’s your excuse for hitting on your mother?”

Yvette whipped her face to look at her mother, than quickly grabbed her head from the pain her hangover created.

“I WHAT???”

“You felt me up and made advances of a homosexual nature.”

Tears were forming in Yvette’s eyes as she tried to apologize, “Mom, I’m sorry, I mean I didn’t know what I was doing, I mean, well, I was drunk, and, even at your age, you are a physically attractive woman, and”.
Mom stopped her right there saying, “I don’t care, not at all. I haven’t seen you that drunk since you were a kid sneaking off to parties, and what happened then?”

“Mom, I’m twenty years old, much too old for a spanking.”

“We’ll see about that.” Mom answered reaching into her shopping bag and pulling out a thick, wooden ruler before taking Yvette by the hand and pulled her into the living room bending her over the arm of the couch.
Unexpectedly, not believing her mother would do it, Yvette felt the sting of the wooden ruler across her ass cheeks, then the hangover pain in her head as she snapped in back in response.

Instantly, one hand went to massage the pain in her head while the other went to rub the pain away from her ass.

Mom saw this and took the hand reaching for Yvette’s ass and twisted it behind Yvette’s back, forcing her to stay in her current position. She then placed a knee on the couch to block Yvette’s other arm from reaching back.

A second sting of the ruler marked Yvette’s ass and again her head snapped back causing her hangover headache to discomfort her as much as the punishing ruler.

A third sting, then a fourth and a fifth. Mom, using as much strength as she could muster, continued using the ruler until Yvette’s ass was completely covered with red and purple coloring.

She let go of Yvette’s arm and stood up. Yvette shot her hands to massage her ass but before they reached their target, mom blocked them.

“On the back of your head.” Mom ordered guiding Yvette’s hands away from her ass.

“What?” Yvette managed through her sobs.

“Put your hands on the back of your head and keep them there.”

Yvette did as she was told asking, “For how long?”

“Until I say otherwise, and if you move them, we’ll repeat this little scenario, over and over again until you get it right.”

Yvette placed her hands as ordered. She had heard this tone of voice from her mother before and knew the given consequences of disobeying would be worse.

“Stay like that until I return.” Her mother added before picking up the shopping bag and going to her room.

For what seemed an eternity Yvette lay face down bent over the couch, focusing on the various colors of the material, the texture or anything she could trying to keep from thinking, unsuccessfully, about the pain radiating from her ass when, finally, her mother returned.

Yvette stared in shock. Her mother returned carrying a bottle of baby-oil and wearing nothing but..... A STRAP-ON????

She quickly rose to her feet but just as quickly returned to her ‘punishment’ position at the words ‘back the way you were or I’ll get the ruler and we can start all over again.’, coming from her mother. She watched as her mother dripping baby oil along the shaft of the business end of the strap-on before rubbing it thoroughly over the entire surface.

“Going to hit on me? Me, a still attractive woman, even at my age, flattering I suppose. Well, let’s just see what an older woman can do for you.” Mom said as she wiped the remaining baby oil on her hands along, and into, Yvette’s exposed slit.

Yvette shivered at her mother’s caressing of this area, she often had other women lick or finger her, but never had she been fucked with a strap-on, let alone doggy-style.

A groan escaped Yvette’s lips as her mother’s finger started to lubricate deeper and deeper into her and her body began to release its own natural juices as her clit was rubbed.

“Oh,” her mother teased, “this feels more than ready” before pulling her fingers out from the tight space and slowly entered the oiled alien between her daughter’s legs.

As Yvette’s mother mounted her daughter, she bent herself forward until her hardened nipple felt the warmth of Yvette’s skin before starting her slow in-and-out fucking of her daughter letting her nipples tease and massage Yvette’s back. She heard Yvette beg ‘Mom’ and not being able to distinguish if this was a cry of help, ecstasy or need, increased the rhythm of her penetration of her daughter. When the words, ‘fuck me bitch’ escaped Yvette’s lips, her mother’s stroking tempo decreased and Yvette begged, “Please, faster”.

“Shut up,” her mother replied, “you’re my bitch and I’ll fuck you the way I want, or not at all...DECIDE.”

Yvette needed satisfaction, badly, and she knew it answering, ’Yes Mommy, any way you want’ while hoping her complicity would prevent her mother from stopping.

Feeling Yvette’s legs tremble with excitement and impending orgasm, Mom wet her right index finger and used it to trail circles around Yvette’s right nipple causing Yvette to thrust her hips toward her mother hoping for deeper penetration.

't’s time.' Mom thought and started driving deeper and faster into Yvette, doing all she could to tease her daughter, please her daughter, feeling her daughter scale that orgasmic mountain until, when Yvette neared the peak, mom pulled out and said, “Me first.”
Yvette left the couch, dropped to her knees, pushed the strap-on, as well as she could, from her mother’s privates and sunk her tongue deep into the slit she wanted so badly to taste when she felt her hair pulling her away from her mother and a slap insulting her cheek before being thrown to the floor.

“Not what I want bitch,” her mother screamed at her as she let go of Yvette’s hair and bent over the couch, “I’m an anal whore..... Do me, or neither of us gets what she wants.”

As much as she was disgusted by the thought of licking her mother’s ass hole, Yvette needed satisfaction, and knowing this was the only way she could get it, she quickly moved behind her mother and darted her tongue in and out of her mother’s anus as deep and quick as she could while her mother reached back between her own legs and teased playfully with Yvette’s clitoris, keeping her daughter on the edge of an orgasm.

It didn’t take long before mom achieved her second orgasm and this was followed by grabbing her daughter’s hair and, after throwing her over the arm of the couch, impaling her with the strap-on and fucking her until Yvette rode through her first multi-orgasmic pleasuring,

Yvette, near unconscious from ecstasy, lay over the arm of the couch when her mother withdrew the strap-on from her daughter and began re-oiling it.

“No more mom,” Yvette managed to gasp out through her heavy panting, “my pussy can’t take another go.”

“Not a problem.” her mother answered while pulling Yvette’s ass cheeks apart and thrusting savagely through her daughter’s anus and deep into her bowels.

Yvette let out a scream of pain as her mother slammed the strap-on in and out with all the strength she had. Despite being so tired from the previous onslaught of orgasms, Yvette managed to lift her upper body pressing her hands against the couch causing her back to arch

“Ow, mom, my ass.” Yvette cried as her mother’s hips continued to pound against the still bruised globes on either side of the torturing ‘toy’ she was using on her daughter, “Please, please,” Yvette continued to plead in response to the additional agony, but as anal barrage continued, Yvette’s pleas softened to ’please, yes, yes, please, please’ which continued until a deep-throat, grunted ‘yes’ was released and Yvette gyrated into an orgasm jamming her ass hard against her mother’s hips before once again collapsing on the couch.

Mom withdrew the source of Yvette’s satisfaction then grabbed her daughter by the shoulder and flopped her onto the floor saying, ‘Get showered and get dressed, we have housework to do.”

“Sure,” Yvette answered from the floor trying to regain her strength, “just let me rest first.” and curling up to take a nap, Yvette panted into near unconsciousness, only to be forced awake as a savage blow from the ruler added another welt to her battered ass.

“I mean NOW.” Her mother shouted and at this, Yvette ran to do as instructed.

“So,” Yvette’s father asked over supper that night, “what’s on the agenda this evening?”

“A bottle of wine,” Mom answered giving dad a sly smile, “a movie, and maybe some, ‘private time’” add a wink.

“And you Yvette? He asked his daughter smiling at his wife.

“Seriously thinking of getting drunk, really, really drunk.”


2017-07-08 23:07:57
I enjoyed the story ...the way Mom took control of her daughter and punished her ...I hope that Mom will bring Dad into the mix ...

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