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First time with Russell
The last months of high school were pretty much a cruise. Maths, English, Science, Economics and Art were my subjects of choice and all were in revision mode of some sort.
Art was a class of nine students, seven boys and two girls with a great teacher who gave us the opportunity to do basically what we liked in practical (painting and sculptor) but pushed us hard in theory.
The art room was a double standard size with sinks, potters table and kiln at one end with the students art folders kept at the opposite end with its own lock up section.
Each student’s folder where kept in their own section. My folder was at the back of the storeroom on the bottom shelf. Russell’s folder, a pupil in my class, was also at the back but at shoulder height.
It all began after one art period when I was filing a piece of work in my folder. On my knees sorting through different bits of drawings I was oblivious of Russell’s presence standing above me. “I’ll just slip this in here”, he said as he lent over to file his work, his crutch only inches from my face. I remember staring at his bulge before looking up to see him smiling back down at me.
I must admit right here and now I was not sexually active. At seventeen for reasons I have no answer to I wasn’t even into masturbation or girls or magazines. I believe I was quite normal with school, sport, surfing and a Saturday morning job, sex never had reached my doorstep.
Three days later the same scenario in the art folder room repeated itself. We were the only two there, same kneeling and standing positions but this time as Russell lent over he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards his crutch. His cock felt hard as it pressed against my face. I didn’t object, rather I ignored the obvious and pretended to be still busy sorting in my folder. Russell left the room without saying anything and left me knowing that however naive I was, he wanted me to take his cock somehow and soon.
Friday was a double period of art split by lunch. After the first period bell went everyone left the class for lunch except for Russell and me. I walked into the storeroom and knelt down with my folder as normal. He came in and shut the door. “Everyone’s left” he said standing there looking down at me. “Would you suck my cock?” he said stepping towards me. I had my head down not knowing how to handle this but stammered something like “Do you want me to?” He undid his fly on his school pants and as I looked up to help dig his cock out of his undies he took the back of my head in hands. I barely had a second to look at its shape and size before I’d opened my mouth and I had his knob pushed into me. I gagged on his huge knob. It had very little shaft but this massive stub of a knob. I sucked and tasted his cock. It was warm and had slight acrid taste. “My turn” he said as we swapped positions. I took out my virgin cock and he took the lot in his mouth. The sensuality of a warm moist mouth around my penis in the silence of this room was my first awakening of sex. I never reached orgasm. After an urgent minute I stood and dressed as if I’d been caught stealing lollies a kid.
After lunch and back in the art room Russell came up to me and asked if that was my first time. “Yes” I said and you. “No” was his reply. “Do you want to do it again” he asked. I hesitated “Yes” came my whisper glancing around the room.
Twice a week for two weeks we gave each other a thirty second cock suck in the storeroom. It was new and it was exciting waiting for the chance to get into the room together.
Four weeks before the end the normal school year and our final exams the art students had a exhibition of works in the main assembly hall. The senior art students set up the works on screens and tables. As luck would have it Russell and I were the last to finish up and we were asked, by our teacher, to take odd bits and pieces back up to the art room and lock the door. Russell went up first and I followed some minutes behind him. Entering the art room he wasn’t to be seen and I knew were he would be. I locked the doors and entered the storeroom. He was standing there with his trousers and undies around his ankles. He had his aroused cock in his hand as I stepped towards him were he bent forward and kissed me on the lips. I baulked a little having never been kissed like that before. Kneeling before him I soon had his cock in my mouth and began to suck and lick him. I was now getting used to his large knob in my mouth. I placed my hands on both cheeks of his arse and forced as much of him into my throat as possible. He took my hand and told me to hold his shaft. Looking up at him with my spit gleaming all over his knob he placed both of his hands on the back of my head and I resumed sucking his cock. Now he began pumping and thrusting my throat. His cock slid up and down my hand and his knob drove in and out of my lips. He whispered “yes, that’s it” and was breathing heavier. “Yes! Yes!” he whispered, and I felt a hot liquid stream into my mouth. And, again and again. I had a mouthful of his spunk so withdrew and stood. It wasn’t and unpleasant taste, salty if anything. I stood with lips closed and he said “swallow it”. I closed my eyes and gulped his spunk down my throat. “Now it’s your turn” he said. “I don’t know if I can”, I said. “You mean you haven’t blown before?” he asked. I sheepishly nodded. He had my cock out my pants and took it all in his mouth. He spat over its knob which lubricated it and began to pull it with quick strokes. It felt wonderful. More sucking and more pulling sent a wave of pleasure through my groin. As he returned to pulling me a shot of spunk flew from my cock over his cheek as I looked down in wonder and ecstasy. He immediately put it back in his mouth and consumed, sucked and swallowed all I had. “Very nice” he said as he stood. “Have you done this before? I asked. “I’ve been giving my cousin head jobs for ages” his reply was quite frank. “Maybe the three of us could get together some time?” he added.
Over the last few weeks of school and up to and during the final exams we found all different times and locations to give each other blowjobs. Not only the art room, but at the back of the assembly hall, his place and down by the creek in the bush were places were we could indulge in our own pleasure. In the bush near the creek we had a secret spot with an old blanket stashed in a plastic bag which we spread over the trodden down scrub. We stripped naked and licked and sucked at our own pleasure. The question of anal sex never was spoken. I didn’t think of it nor did Russell mention it. Just hours of cock sucking and lots of cum swallowing.
After the exams he received an offer to go to the city for work. We met only a handful of times after that. He gave me his cousin’s number to ring but I never did get around to calling him.
A new job, other interests and believe it or not, girls became my interests. But I always remember the summer of ’71 and my first exploration into the wonderful world of sex.
P.S. Have never had a relationship with a man since (now married). Although, I still wonder with some curiosity as to what it would be like to be fucked by, and to fuck another man.
Every now and then when I’m home alone at night and feeling horny I pull the curtains closed in the back room of our house. We have an old lounge, deep cushions with a solid wooden straight back, which leans against a brick wall. Naked I masturbate with slow stokes remembering the times with Russell and his cock. Facing the wall whilst sitting on the lounge I take hold of the backboard and ease myself up against the back of the cushions with my feet now up the wall. More lifting allows me to be inverted vertically. My head is now tucked into the base of the cushions with my heels supporting and balancing my body. My cock is now directly above my head some two feet from my mouth. It’s not uncomfortable. I begin to pull and stoke my cock whilst playing with my balls. As I get closer to orgasm I ease my heels off the wall which gives me a direct shot into my mouth. I blow and can usually get at least three good loads directly into my mouth and the others over my face. Slipping into an upright position I run my tongue around my lips and gather my spunk into the back of my throat and swallow the lot as I would have if it was Russell’s. It’s my kinky thing and I enjoy it. What’s yours?

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2012-12-28 13:54:28
wonderful story. I feel the same very often. But I had mu first orgasm the summer I was 11. After that masturbation became routine.

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2011-04-16 14:06:11
Excellent writing; ignore the person below who obviously doesn't know good writing when he sees it! Perhaps the paragraph breaks would have been a help, but it certainly wasn't one iota confusing, nor did you include any extraneous information. It's YOUR story, for goodness sake, not someone else's or what they expect! People! They're so crazy at times.


2008-10-29 12:57:55
cum see me ill give you my load of cum


2006-08-24 14:39:58
6/10 -- the writing was a bit rough; it didn't flow. there were plenty of deions but it was sometimes confusing. a lot of unneeded information. no paragraph separations made it a little difficult to read. suggestions for next story: double space between paragraphs, take out all unneeded information, and imagine that the bitchiest person you know is critiquing your story.


2006-08-22 22:28:26
fucking hot story

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