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all because of a grade
Ok well my name is Mike Snider im 27 i work at oak grove school.Im about 6'1 180 pounds brown hair blue eyes but thats not what your here to read about so lets get on with the story.

It was about 11:30 am i was teaching my first period class and today i gave out progress reports.I have a quiz for my students today and it is a big part of their grade.If they fail this they fail my class. Their was one girl. I knew she was going to fail.Her name was Shandra black 15 about 5'5 105 pounds green eyes brown hair hair and she had a big ass. She must atleast be a c cup and she was always sleepin and i hear story"s from listening to the kids conversations. From what i heard she gave another teacher a hanjob to pass her but i wouldn't pass her for just a hanjob. Then the bell rang and my class left. I sat down and opened a coke until my second period class started to arrive.After everyone was seated i passed out the test and told everyon they could start.Shandra was sitting at the frony of the class in front of my desk. I looked up to see her looking at me she smiled and spread her legs. I couldnt beleive what i saw. She was wearing nothing unerneath her skirt and then she looked down and started filling out the test .

After everione was finished i picked up the test and sat down at my desk and told them to do what was on the board.I couldnt stop thinking about what she had just done how her pussy looked. How it was shaved she shaved it all but a line above her pussy. finally the bell rang and everyone left the class for lunch and i graded their assignments shandra got a 15 on her test. She was going to fail her test then my students entered the class and i passed out their quiz scores most of my students got a's and b's and one c.but she got an f it was almost one and shandra came up to my desk and put a folded peice of paper down on the desk i picked it up and read it and it said "what do i have to do so you'll pass me. I tossed it in the trash and then the bell rang and. All my students left except shandra she walked up to my desk and started to undress i told her to keep her clothes on and so she did . She asked what i wanted and she heard nothing for a reply and then she left.

i was about to leave for my lunchbreak when shandra returned. I told you i wouldnt pass you. why not. i took a deep breath and said because a handjobs not worth a passing grade. And she asked what i was talking about and i told her i heard some kids talking about her. then she said yes that was me well im telling the student board he will be fired and ull fail. She sat there foor a minute and the spoke fine u say a hanjob isn't enough then what is.I was shoked but how could i turn her down she was so beautiful. i sat down in my chair and thought for a minute.

Then i stood up walked over to her and told her to take off her clothes. first she took off her shirt then her bra she undid the straps and let it fall to the ground and her breast sat there plumply it was cold and her niples turned rock hard and then she bent over an pulled her skirt down below her hips then let it go and allowed it to fall to the ground. I undid my pants and pushed them down to the ground and ther sat my cock it was atleast 7 inches and she stared with her eyes wide open i told her to get on her knees. She needed no encouragement she quickly got on her knees and grabbed it in her right hand and when she touched it my erection got harder. It was now about 9 inches. She touched the head to her lips and then slighty parted them and teased it with her tongue and then started to lick the head and finally opened her mouth and started to suck on it bobing her head up and down. I put my hand on her head and told her to go faster. She was bobing furiously and i felt my nuts churning i was about to come so i told her to stop and after a couple seconds i grabbed her head and forced her to take all of me she started to gag but then she relaxed her throat and i started to fuck her throat slowly. Then i started to go faster and faster until my balls started to slap her on the chin and i felt it i was about to come i threw my head back in satisfaction and orgasmed she swallowed and then swallowed again and then got up and she started to grab her clothes like she was leaving i said stop im not done.

She put down her clothes and looked at me and asked what i wanted. I told her i want your cunt and she said no i will suck ur dick but im not fucking i said fine suck me off one more time. She walked over and i grabbed her and pur her on my desk she fought but i was to strong. I grabbed her arms and pinned her down and with my hand i grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy and with one quick pump she yelped she was a virgin. I had broke her hymen and then i leaned over and wispered in her ear if u dont want me then why are u so wet her virgin pussy streched because of my size she started to cry and after a minute she stopped and started to groan. If i let u go are u goin to be a good girl she nodded and she climaxed and her pussy constricted causing me to orgasm and i pulled out she stood up and started to walk away and i told her to clean up her mess and she looked around not knowing what i was talking about then i pointed to my cock. She got down to her knees and took me all the way and i started to fuck her throat i heard a knock at the door and then a girl walked in she screamed and shandra told her to shut up and come here i told shandra to tell the girl to let me fuck her and ill give u an a in my class.

She walked over to her and she nodded her head no and then she said somethin and the girls eyes teared up but she nodded her head and started to undress. She was white about 5'3 110 pounds nice tits but she had an ass bigger then shandra's. She was completley naked but she tried to cover up her body . She walked over sat on my desk and spread her legs. Her pussy was shaved completely and het tits were already rock hard . I started to suck on one of her niples and she moaned lightly she had her head tilted backward so she didnt she my cock but she sure felt it. I thrusted as deep as i could and i strarted to pound her pussy one thrust after another. I felt like i was about to come so i pulled out and told her to turn around and to bend over and i started to fuck her doggy style she came and let out a "ohhhh" but i kept goin and i felt it coming i pulled out spun her around and came on her face. She licked her lips and then used her her finger to wipe and eat my cum i tirned her aroun bent her ove and said quickly get ready for a little pain. I started to fuck her tight little assholeand she grunted and squirmed because of the pain but that wouldnt dtop me. I kept goin till she was crying and i came again i puled out and put on my pants and told them both they would get an a shandra left and the other girl got dressed and left and i went about with my day

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2015-09-14 04:42:22
And you call yourself a teacher?? WTF!! Ever heard of spell check?? No wonder young folks can't spell!!

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2015-05-24 16:35:17
She is so great

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2014-12-15 05:38:36
i real enjoyed but you should be the one who pulls their panties down

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2013-01-20 00:47:52
learn to spell or go back to school

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2010-05-16 18:14:14
You need to develop use of full stops.

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