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After catching Emma the girl next door things started hotting up!!
Emma stood up and then knelt in front of me. "Have you ever sucked a mans cock before?" I asked. Emma looked full of lust and just smiled. She took hold of my zipper on my jeans and pulled it open. In my haste to get dressed I had not put my boxer shorts back on and this please Emma as she made a little gasp as my rock hard cock sprang from my flies!

Emma used her hands to massage the pre-cum already formed on the tip of my bell end all over my cock and then slowly started to suck down on it.
"Wow you are so big and hard!" She muttered between sucks...

It was almost too much for me to take. Here she was the girl next door dressed in her skimpy little school uniform bobbing that sweet mouth up and down on my meat.

I place a hand on to Emma’s head to gage the speed of her sucks. The feeling was amazing. Her lipstick coated lips slid smoothly around my helmet and back down the shaft again. "Fuck Emma I think I might cum!" I moaned as my legs started to shake with the pleasure. This 16 year old really knew how to move her tongue on my cock.

I reached down to feel the roundness of Emma’s tits through her blouse. They were not that big but very firm. I think she must have had a thin lacy bra on as I could feel her nipples through the material. They hardened as I rubbed them. Emma stopped sucking for a few minutes and just looked up at me with lust in her eyes. She continued to stroke my cock, which was now covered with her saliva twisting her hand slightly at the tip and moving back to the base of my balls again in a smooth rhythm.

Her tits felt great and I couldn’t stand much more I was cumming and felt the blood rush to me face and my cock exploded over Emma’s chin and blouse.

"Shit... now look what you Fucking done!" Emma jumped back as the cum sprayed her clean clothes! "How am I gonna explain that to mum?"

The view I had of her sprawled in almost a crab position in front of me was great. Her little skirt had risen to reveal her white panties beneath, and she looked so dirty with my hot cum dripping from her chin. My cock didn't even go soft. The image in front of me kept it as hard as ever.

"Don't worry about that we can wash them and have them dry way before you need to be home," I said as I stood up from where I was sitting. All I could think of now is how sweet it would be to have my self inside this girl.

I pulled the remainder of my clothes off there in the middle of my living room and stood completely naked in front of her. For the first time she actually looked a bit shocked. Beads of cum were still oozing out of the tip of my cock and running down its shaft.

I knelt down in front of Emma and pulled her legs either side of me.
"I don't wanna fuck you..." She said quickly as I started to lean over her.
"Shhh..." I whispered as I gently laid her back onto the floor. She was so fucking beautiful laying there legs spread, chest rising and falling fast with her heart beat. I couldn’t help myself and had to kiss her. Her mouth was soft and wet and still tasted of my juices.

I slowly slid my hand down to wear her exposed knickers were and self that the patch of material that covered her pussy was soaking wet with her juices. Emma closed her eyes and arched her back slightly as I rubbed her pussy lips firmly through the material. It felt so firm and moist. I pushed my tongue back into her mouth...

"I bet your pussy tastes as good as your mouth doesn't it?" I asked her as I moved down her body towards her waist. "Don't worry I will not hurt you and I will make you love every second of this" I assured her.

Hooking a finger around the straps either side of her panties I pulled them down to her ankles and off over her feet. When I looked back up between the spread legs her pussy was glistening with juices and the lips were spread open invitingly. I could see her little swollen clit poking out at me as I moved me face towards her open slit. Slowly I parted the soft lips with my fingers and using my tongue brushed the tip over her throbbing clit. She exploded with life at this and pulled my face into her with her legs. What else could I do but tongue fuck her. She was loving it and so was I. Her pussy juices were streaming all over my mouth and face as my tongue and fingers explored her hole. I couldn't believe what was happening!

"Fuck me please she screamed as yet another orgasm seared though her tight little pussy. "I need to feel you in me please!" I didn't need asking twice. I pulled my face away from between her legs and moved up to her mouth again so that she could now taste her juices from my mouth.

I pulled at her blouse and tore it open. "Now how are you going to explain that?!" I joked as I lifted her white lacy bra up revealing her perfect little tits and erect pink nipples. Great I thought as my mouth found each one in turn and sucked and nibbled at each. Emma was literally thrusting her pussy at me as my hard cock rubbed up and down over her small mound of pussy hair. I took hold of it and guided it towards Emma’s willing slit. Quickly she trusted her self up toward me as the cock entered her.
"Fuckkkkkk!!!!!" She screamed as my whole length slid in easily right up to my balls. "That feels great!" She groaned as I moved in and out at speed.

Taking hold of her I rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me. She looked fantastic riding my cock with her back arched, eyes closed with pleasure and her hands involuntary caressing her own tits as she grinded me. Emma came in this position twice before finally with a burst of animal instinct I rolled back on top of her and gave 3 or 4 final large trusted and exploded my cum yet again up inside her creamy pussy.

It was amazing. We just laid there for what seemed like ages holding each other and gasping for breath. It was the hardest Id ever come before and I wasn’t sure but I think I might of been Emma’s first full on fuck?

We spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and fooling about on the sofa until Emma had to return home and hopefully find a clean blouse before her mother came home from work?

This was the first time we had sex Emma and I but not the last...


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2011-03-28 15:34:06
not bad but get her mom involved. some lesbian stuff with mother and daughter than fucking both and taking shower together with some good pissing action.

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2009-12-05 23:36:57
i want to read more


2009-08-26 18:41:21
He pulled the Schoolgirl`s knickers off: got his cock right up her cunt to his balls and shot his load Forget about "explaining" the soiled laundry: how are you going to explain making a schoolgirl pregnant? Or are you just lucky? More explaining is necessary.


2006-11-30 19:43:35
very nice it made my dick roc hard but need a diferent begining like where and how it started


2006-09-01 00:19:13
Not bad at all, Maybe you could have her mother catch you and you could fuck her too, or maybe your mother could catch the two of you and you would be forced to fuck her to keep her quiet. 8/10

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