This is a couple from my story Slave Training and Auction. Please leave comments. Like all the stories that i write this is a work of fiction
Chapter 1 Aahil and Priya

Priya- I am laying on my back waiting for the stupid bitch to make me cum I am so horny I can’t believe I am having a baby my parents are so happy it’s a shame that they won’t be around to meet it. I grab the bitch by her by the hair and drag her to the floor where I kick the useless bitch. I yell for Aahil and he comes running in the room where I point to the bitch and I tell him to take her to the dungeon and tie her up and to get my girl in here and take care of me and he says yes.

Kathy- I knew my Mistress wasn’t going to like her as I see Master dragging her down to the dungeon he tells me to go take care of Mistress and I say yes Master as I hurry into the room she is laying on her back with her hands between her legs she tells me get over here and lick her pussy so I hurry over to the bed and dive between her legs as I lick suck and nibble on her clit as she pulls my hair she tells me to bite her clit and I do it just the way she likes it I also begin playing with her nipples pulling them like she wants me to. I insert my finger into her pussy and I feel her cum as she tells me to do it again she calls the maid in and tells her to eat my pussy when the maid takes too long answering she starts yelling at her calling her names telling her she is going to beat her. The maid gets behind me and buries her face in my pussy as she is crying.
Priya- This is the one that I wanted I am going to kill the other bitch in 6 months she still hasn’t learned how to eat pussy. I feel myself tingle as I tell my girl that I am about to cum and she starts sucking my clit harder it feels so good as I cum in her mouth she drinks all my juices and I tell her to cum and she does. I tell her to get up and I tell the maid to lay across the bed and I get a belt and I begin to whip her as she screams and cries I ask her if she wants to die and she says no Mistress so I tell her that when I tell her to do something that she better do it. I tell her to stand and I grab her by her hair and slap her hard as I tell Kathy to lay on her back I force her head between her legs and tell her to lick her pussy as I get a dildo out of the draw and I ram it up her butt she is yelling and crying I force her head back into Kathy’s pussy I tell her that if she stops I will tie her to the bed and beat her so bad that she may wish for death.

Aahil- Before I chain her up I slap her as I tell her that she has one job to please her Mistress and Master and she can’t do that right she begins telling me that she will do better and I slap her again as I tell her to shut up the fuck up. I throw her on the floor as I lower the chains I tell her to get up and when she does I punch her in the face and break her nose blood is getting everywhere and I know that its ok this room is made for it. I hear the door open as Priya comes in with her favorite bitch she says I see you started without me. Priya-I am going to kill this bitch I walk up to her and slap her and I ask why she can’t learn how to lick pussy she says Mistress I will do better and I tell her that her time as run out. I grab a whip and I begin whipping her so hard that she is bleeding and when she passes out I look over and see that Aahil has my girl on her knees sucking his dick I lower her to the floor and unchain her as I tell him to put her on the bed her knows what I want him to do he steps out of his pants and drags her to the bed I tell Kathy to help me put on the strap-on with the large dildo as I ask Aahil as he says he wants her pussy so I tell Kathy to suck my dick to get me ready for her I also have the butterfly on and it is hitting my clit I tell her enough also tell her to go and get a vibrator and have fun with it she sits in a chair with her legs open. I get behind the bitch and force my dick in her butt as she screams I slap her in the back of her head. Aahil- I force my dick in her it’s a tight fit with the other dick up her butt and I must work hard to thrust in and out of her she is still crying begging me not to do this when Priya grabs her by the head and punches her in the side as she convulses, I know she is cumming. I see her hands going around her neck I place my hands up there also and I begin to squeeze as her eyes go wide she knows she is about to die I feel the wetness as she begins to lose control of her bodily functions and I feel my balls draw up as her eyes begins to close and I cum so hard as she takes her last breath and I look up at Priya who is moaning and groaning as I look over to see Kathy is also cumming.

Kathy- I have never seen anything like this I know that Master has killed other slaves but I have never thought I would see it as I cum hard from playing with my pussy and so does Mistress as the girl’s limp body fall to the floor. When the door opens a guard pushes the maid into the dungeon she is crying begging Mistress not to kill her. My Mistress tells me to chain her up so I grab her by the hair and drag her across the room where I chain her to the ceiling Mistress hands me a belt and tells me to beat her and I know that if I don’t she will be me so I swing the belt as I hit her hard across her butt and thighs I move to the front and hit her breast I get so turned on that I reach down and play with my pussy as I continue to hit her hard. Priya my girl is so turned on that she is playing with herself I look at the maid as she screams and cries saying that she won’t do it again. I tell Kathy to stop and I put a strap on dildo on her and tell her to fuck the girl in the ass until she cums. I go and sit in a chair with my vibrator as I watch them and when she screams when the dildo is forced up into her ass I cum. I look up to see Aahil face fucking the dead girl when I look back at Kathy she is moaning and groaning while fucking the girl she reaches under her and forces her hand into her pussy I tell her to slap it and she does as she cums long and hard. I lay their limp after another orgasm. I go over to Kathy and kiss her I tell her to take the maid down and I ask her from now on she will be a sex slave and if she bulks again at anything I tell her she will be given the same treatment as the other girl as I force her to look at her dead body. Aahil has the dead girl taken away and I tell Kathy to have the other maid prepare a bath for me as I walk down to my room Aahil says that the deed is done and I am overcome with joy I tell him that I will honor our deal and to meet me in my room in an hour.

Aahil-Priya is going to let me fuck her and I have got a surprise for her I kept her mother alive so I can fuck her while I kill the bitch myself. I wonder if she will enjoy it as much as I will. I go to my room and take a shower when I come out the maid is laying on the bed waiting for me to fuck her I tell her to get up and suck my dick she gets on her knees and I force my dick in her mouth I don’t want to cum so I tell her to get up and go. I walk down the hall to her room and I knock on the door and wait for her to tell me to come in the maid opens the door and I go to sit in the chair and wait for her to come out of the bathroom.

When she comes into the room I stand and begin to take my robe off she walks to the bed and I go to join her I rub her stomach and she tells me to suck her pussy. As I crawl between her legs I tell her that I have a surprise for her and she looks at me and she tells me that she knows and I look up when she says that I know you kept my mother alive and that you want to fuck her and I say yes smart girl. She says that she is looking forward to watching me fuck and kill her. I begin licking her pussy and she tells me so suck her clit. I nibble, lick and suck her I tell her that I want her to cum and she tells me that I must work harder so I tell her to think of forcing the maid to suck her or forcing her strap-on in her. I stick my finger in her to find her g-spot and I rub it while I am sucking her clit it looks like a small dick. When she cums I know it’s not what she wants. I crawl up her body and I put my dick at her womb and I easy into her slowly remembering that she is pregnant and she has never had a real dick. Her pussy is tight and I must force myself to go slow.

Priya- I can’t believe that I am letting him fuck me although it was worth it now I must wait until I get the call that my parents are dead. Aahil sticks his dick into me and I know that I want cum from this I am letting him fuck me and that’s it as I tell him to move. Aahil- Her pussy is so tight I don’t think I can move. I begin by fucking her slow until she tells me to move faster and I think fuck it and I begin fucking her hard and fast I rub her clit to try to loosen her up some and she gets wetter I bend down and suck on her nipple as it gets harder I ask her if she can cum and she says no and that I should just finish when I tell that I am not going to rush as I raise her legs higher. I pull out and tell her to turn over and get up on all fours she looks at me and I know she isn’t going to like it when I push the button on the intercom and tell Kathy to get in here. When she comes in her eyes are wide I tell her to lay down under Priya and lick her pussy while I fuck her and when she is in place I begin fucking her hard and fast I feel Kathy’s tongue on my nuts as she swipes her tongue back and forth I feel Priya’s pussy get wetter and she begins to moan and moving her hips her pussy begins to tighten I know that she is getting ready to cum as I begin to fuck her harder I feel my balls draw up and when she squeezes my dick I cum and I feel like my head has exploded. I pull out and tell the girl to clean my dick and she does I lay beside Priya as she pulls the girls head over to pussy as she tells her to clean her. Kathy- I can’t believe that Mistress let Master fuck her I don’t think she enjoyed it that much until I came into the room. My own pussy is throbbing I want to be fucked or sucked as I lick and suck his cum out of her. When she pushes me away she tells me to sleep in here with her so I move to go to the floor when she stops me and pulls me up where she is. Aahil- I ask her what she thought and she tells me it wasn’t too bad and that she would do it again and I smile at her and lean over to kiss her as I get up and make my way over to my robe I tell her to rest while I take care of a few things.

Aahil- After I take another shower I dress and go to my office and turn on the monitor and I see that our guess is sleeping. I look over the plans for the island house which is complete it turned out good. I pick up the phone and tell Raj to come up to my office. When he gets here he knocks and comes in. I ask if the girl was taken care of and he says yes, I tell him that the island is ready and that I will be getting the slaves soon. Priya- After waking up to having my pussy licked I get up after two orgasms I am ready for the day I know that we will be moving soon to our new home on the island that we bought on our honeymoon. The maid knocks on the door and tells me that we have visitors at the gate I ask who and she says the police and I know it show time. I knock on Aahil’s office door and walk in as I tell him show time. After telling the maid to let them in and take them into the living room. I lock the door behind a hidden wall and I wash my face Aahil meets me in the hall and we walk down the stairs hand and hand.

The police talk to my husband and me they tell us that my parents were in a car accident and that they both have been killed they show him pictures of the car first and he looks at me and ask if this was their car and I say yes as I cry and hold my stomach they tell my husband that he must identify the bodies and they show him pictures he says yes that’s them as I cry harder. He tells them that he is worried about me because I am having our first child. They tell him that they understand he also tells them that we are moving they tell him that the bodies were burned and that washing them maybe difficult and since I am an only child they don’t think I can do it but my husband tells them that I will do it and he will do my father. A few days after their funerals we get a visit from their lawyer as my husband tells him that I am sick with grieve and I am having a baby and he agrees to come to the house. The lawyer tells my husband that my parents left everything to me and they left my father’s part of the business to him and that his partners want to buy him out my father was a doctor. When it was all said and done I got 240 million dollars and Aahil got 50 million from the sale of the business. With his parents already dead we are sitting pretty. After its done I go to my room and strip I call the maid in I tell her to take her clothes off she does without thinking about it. I lay down on the bed where I tell her to eat my pussy. She crawls up onto the bed puts her head between my legs and she begins to lick and suck my pussy I tell her to stick her finger in me and it feels so good she begins sucking my clit and I feel myself about to cum I grab the back of her head as I grind my pussy in her face as I cum I push her head away as I tell her what an excellent job she has done I ask her if she wants to cum and she says yes. I have her lay down and I get up and put on my strap-on and tell her to bend over as I easy my dick into her pussy. I fuck her long and hard as I cum twice and so does she. I tell her she may go as Aahil comes in and tells me that it’s time to take care of that other thing.

Chapter 2 Aahil and Priya

Priya-With most of the staff already on the island Aahil and I take Kathy down to our basement dungeon where are guess has been waiting for a week she has been blindfolded so she doesn’t know where she is. As I open the door she turns I know she can’t see me she is tied up naked my mother is a beautiful woman who did everything my father told her to and she did nothing when he would put her down because I wasn’t a boy and she couldn’t have any more kids or when he would make me suck his dick and I know that she knew what he was doing. I hated my father and I am glad he is dead, but my mother I always wanted to force her to eat my pussy because she is weak and she didn’t like the fact that I would stand up to my father this is going to be fun. I am going to make her pay for all the shit she put me through. I walk up to her and say hello mother her head comes up and I take the blindfold off her and she says you came to get me as she looks embarrassed because she is naked. I tell her know as I slap her across the face hard as I kick her I tell her to get up and stop being a weak bitch she looks up at me and she begins asking me about my father and when I tell her that he is dead and she will be soon she starts to cry like the weak bitch that she is. I sit down on the chair and tell Kathy to chain her up.

Kathy- I look at the woman and I notice that my Mistress looks like her. I chain her to the bed like she wanted me to her mother is pretty I am looking forward to this. Aahil-I have wanted to fuck her mother since I met her but first she must pay for not standing up for my Queen. Priya- I sit on the bed as I talk to her I ask her did she know what he made me do and she looks at me and begins saying we shouldn’t talk about things now I slap her and ask her again and when she begins to cry I punch her in the face as I twist her nipple she ask why am I doing this to her and I tell her because I can. I ask her if she knew that father had a mistress and she tells me no only I know that she knew because the woman told me that she knew I tell her don’t worry I took care of the son that he had with the woman. I tell her that I am stronger than she is and before she dies she will see how strong I am. I ask Aahil if he wants to go first and he says yes.

Aahil- I take my belt off and begin whipping her she is screaming and crying asking my why am I doing this to her. I ask her did she know what he husband did and she says no so I hit her harder and she finally says yes, she knew he did it because she wouldn’t do it and My Queen attacks she starts punching her and even takes the belt and starts beating blood is flying and I dick gets harder I grab Kathy and open my robe as I force my dick in her mouth I begin fucking her face as I listen to this bitch scream.

Priya- My arm is getting tired as I beat my mother for letting her husband force me to suck his dick. I tell her now I am going to show her what I really like as I take my robe off I tell her that she is going to eat my pussy as she looks at my stomach as I am showing I rub it and I tell her that my baby will have a stronger mother and then I tell her to open her mouth and when she refuses I squeeze her nose until she must open it to breath I tell her she will suck my pussy as I hit her breast with my belt when she tells me that it’s wrong I punch her in the face and I smash my pussy in her face as I grind on her I feel her begin to lick me and tell her that if she bites me I cut her breast off and feed it to her. I look up and I see Aahil push Kathy off his dick. I know that he is ready to fuck so I tell Kathy to get over here as I get up I sit back in the chair and open my legs and point and Kathy dives between my legs and begins licking and sucking me while I stare at my mother I tell her that she can’t even eat pussy no wonder her husband fucked other women as I reach over and slap her chest. I begin grinding my pussy in Kathy’s face as I pull her hair I cum and she continues to suck my juices. Aahil- I get on the bed and thrust my dick between her legs she is tight and dry so I pull out and I pull Kathy over and tell her to lick her and she does as the bitch start saying how wrong it is so I slap her and she cries out my dick is rock hard. I get a small knife and begin making small cuts on her chest and torso as she continues to scream. I tell Kathy to move and I thrust back into her and her pussy is wet from Kathy’s spit I slice her stomach and I watch as the blood slowly runs down. I look up to see Priya putting on her strap-on and I really want to fuck her ass so I flip her over after I pull out. I take the lube and put some on my dick as Priya lays down I look at see that she is wearing her 14-inch dildo she tells Kathy to sit in the chair and that she can get herself off. I pick the bitch up and force her down on her dick as she screams I push her forward and I begin working my dick into her ass she is tight I look down to see my dick splitting her ass open as she continues to scream I her moaning and I look over at Kathy as she is fucking herself with a dildo and playing with the bitch’s breast. I feel the toy in her rubbing against my dick and I begin slapping her in the back of her head when I get an idea I look over and tell Priya that we should keep her and take her with us so we can continue to use her or make her serve us. I grab her by the hair and pull her head back as I ask her if she will comply or she will die now and when she tells me that it’s wrong I know that we will have to kill her.

Priya- I can’t believe that she is still saying its wrong so I tell Kathy to lick her clit maybe she needs to cum she reaches over and begin flicking her tongue on her clit as her body tightens and then she lets a moan slip out I twist her nipple. I look up and tell him that no this bitch will die today as I reach up and put my hands on her neck the butterfly that I am wearing is making my pussy feel so go and I know Aahil is close to cumming I begin to pound her pussy as I am cumming and then I hear her cumming and I begin to squeeze her throat as she tries to scream and then Aahil reaches up and I let him choke the life out of her as she starts loosing body fluid I continue to cum and so does Kathy and then I hear Aahil cum as she continues to squeeze her neck. When he pulls out I push her over on to the floor. Aahil- Get up and get a towel before I go into the bathroom I turn on the furnace so get rid of her body.


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