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After finding an apparently alien object at an abandoned mine, I discover that the object is able to make any of my fantasies real, and can deliver me to any sexual wo
After finding a strange object following a mine cave-in, I began to experience incredibly realistic hallucinations...or are they hallucinations? The smooth black object seems to sense my sexual needs and transforms them into reality...or what seems to be reality.
I spent a great deal of time looking at the object in my room after returning home, and could find no openings of any kind, and no markings whatever. The object seemed cool to the touch and was below room temperature. I turned it over in my hand, puzzled as to what it could be. Finally I took and knife and tried to scratch it , but didn't make the slightest mark. The metal seemed to be impervious to damage. I struck it with a hammer once, then twice, and a third time, and suddenly it began to glow a wierd color of green, and I jumped back in awe.

A strange kind of feeling came over me and I lay down and rested for a moment, feeling light headed. In an instant I found myself being sucked off by a very nice looking blond woman, and my delight was almost equal to hers as I jerked and spit a thick wad of cum into her mouth. I didn't know who she was, or how she got here, and was freaked out. She swallowed the goo, wiped her chin with a smile, and disappeared.

I was quite frightened, and when I looked down , saw that my zipper was unopened, and my dick in my pants. "What kind of thing is this,"...I said outloud as I jumped up from the bed. It took me a long time to absorb the whole incident, and after careful thought I came to the conclusion that the object had produced the wet dream, and that I had been fantasizing the same thing only a short time before.

I experimented with the incredible object several more times, and wound up in ecstasy living fantasies in 3-D. No it was far more than 3-D, I was actually there. After several hours of study I found ways to facilitate a 'trip', and make the process easier and more effective.

I was feeling joy of a kind one seldom experiences in a lifetime...and my senses ran wild with anticipation.

I was totally horney now and absorbed in my fantastic find. I wanted a random journey, something endlessly nasty , and forbidden, and I lay down and mentally set up the excursion...leaving a convenient blank as to exactly where it would be. I lay there anxiously, desiring only a highly nasty and forbidden experience.

To my horror, I discovered that I have inadvertently transported myself to a 'cocksucker world', where I was bound to service countless cocks in the most disgusting ways possible. I would be in a sexual frenzy performing orally here, and am locked into this mode until the device releases one month!

The time limit had not occurred to me, and now I was stranded in this vile place doing obscene oral service for thirty days because I had been so stupid!

I had set the device , mentally , to take me to any possible sexworld at random, a major mistake on my part, and I vowed that in the future, I would be infinitely more selective in my choices. For the moment, however, the device had chosen for me, and I had no choice but to complete the month sucking cock willingly, and also being forced to suck cock, at times, to my utter humiliation.

I was naked and on my knees...stunned and horrified to find a largre cock servicing my mouth. My mouth was being fucked forcefully, and I was unable to do anything to stop it.

My head was held tightly while my oral cavity was being violated, and I could smell the hard peter and swinging balls, which slapped against my chin repeatedly.

I was actually enjoying the experience, and found myself craving a meal of semen. I was in a large room cramed with ten or fifteen horny and naked men, each stroking their stiff cock waiting their turn for my mouth. My craving for dick was intense.

Soon the male held my head firmly, and jerked forward, pumping a thick glob of semen into my mouth. I swallowed it quickly, gulping down the mess, and several more wads of scum splattered to the back of my throat, where I swallowed them greedily. He pulled his spent pecker out of my mouth and another was shoved in immediately.

Again my open mouth was fucked mercilessly, and as several more men gathered closeby, he took his large thick peter and slapped my face with it several times. I tried to suck it while he was doing this but he withheld it from me making me beg before feeding me his dick. Two other dicks were rubbing my face now waiting for the sucking they needed.

I went from one pecker to the other sucking dick, and was degraded as I did so, being called cocksucker constantly as I ate weiner. Time after time a new peter was shoved into my open mouth, and after awhile the whole thing became one hot and horny blur of sucking smelly dicks and gulping mouthfuls of hot dickwad.

I swallowed what must have been fifteen loads of pecker juice, and still craved cock in my mouth. My face was an absolute mess, covered completely with thick white seminal scum


The group of satisfied men left the room suddenly, and just as I was about to get to my feet another group of equally horny and naked males walked in. I kneeled there licking my lips and eating the cum around my mouth, and I could see their faces light up when they looked at me down and dirty there.

They formed a circle around me quickly, each playing with a hard dripping prick, and again subjected my poor mouth to an unspeakably raunchy blow session, during which I became so hot I moaned and grunted during each ejaculation in my mouth. Two cocks at a time would spit their nasty load on my face and in my mouth, and the more cum I was fed, the more I craved to eat.

After a long and filthy session of suck and swallow, I had eaten fifteen more wads of slime, and the funky taste of semen filled my mouth and stomach. I belched involuntarily from the large meal of dong scuz, and the acrid aroma of semen whifted through my nostrils.

After that two guards came in and tied my hands behind me and took me to a resting cubicle where I was released for the time being.

I sat there alone, my head swimming, and knew that I had no choice but to endure the month of torment. Actually, real time, no more than a few hours would have passed as I lay on my own bed sleeping. Weird but true! I vowed over and over again to pick and choose my sexual worlds from now on...and I would spend blissful hours fucking pretty women and doing my thing in their mouth, instead of this.

After awhile they came for me again, and this time I was taken to a bathroom and tied, hands behind, near a urinal. I shuddered to think what would come next, but vowed to endure it and get the whole dreadful experience over with.

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2012-05-28 00:59:47
While a good story I don't liek the mistagging, I see it going on many times at thsi site, nto sure why, maybe they are doign it to get peopel to read their story. Anyways as I first said it was a good story, enjoyed it so whiel misled by the tags I am not disappointed


2007-11-05 10:26:39
I love it...I want an 'artifact' like many hidden desires, so little time........


2007-02-04 04:22:04


2006-08-24 19:03:01
no bestiality


2006-08-23 10:19:58
i like the concept of the story. the artifact. You could do so many things with that. Press on.

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