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Sushant happens to stay with his aunty and uncle, where he learns about his aunty's darker side. The darker side of her by wearing the pants in their family, being the dominant partner in her relationship. In this chapter, Aunty tricks Sushant in the league of slavery.
Recap : I am Sushant, a 18 years old boy has been living with his Aunty and uncle at their house in his parent's absence. He comes to know about his Aunty's dominant side, and how she wears the pant in her marriage. It's been a week now since he is living at his aunty's, and has been peeping inside of their room through the window daily to watch the harem that is performed by his aunty on uncle. The story is continued below by Sushant's own narrative words.

Chapter 2

It is the Sunday morning, I woke up following my alarm at 6:00 am and rushed to their room. I started peeping in and saw aunty holding uncle from behind tightly in her arms and they were still asleep naked. I wandered if she ever went to sleep clothed. Ananya - their 2 years old daughter was still asleep in the hammock. As soon as the alarm pinged, little Ananya started crying harder after waking up from the alarm chaos. Hearing her crying, both uncle and aunty woke up. Uncle rushed to the hammock for little Ananya after aunty loosened her grip on him.

Uncle started to sing lullabies for her, after taking her in his arms and by constantly drooping her in it. Aunty watched all this by sitting on the bed with her legs folded, which showed all of her pussy. Uncle tried for more than five minutes, but he failed and finally Aunty stepped up herself and took Ananya in her arms. She pulled her head close to her boobs and placed her right nipple in her mouth and fed her.

Ananya started to take her breast milk and she got silent in less than a minute. Aunty didn't had a convincing look on her face while doing it. She sat on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide and pointed uncle to come between it. Uncle instead of kissing her pussy just fit his mouth on her clit. I just knew what was going happen next. Aunty pissed in his mouth while still feeding Ananya. My dick was so hard that it almost felt like coming out of the pants in no time.

Uncle was granted the permission to go and piss in the bathroom while she fed Ananya and made her go to sleep again. Uncle returned from the bathroom in the meantime. Aunty put some ear plugs in her ears and placed her back in the hammock carefully. Aunty was on her feet now without Ananya in her arms. As soon as uncle undid the door of the bathroom, Aunty grabbed him by his neck, her second hand grabbed his balls tightly.

She had a very strong grip and uncle just stayed glued on the wall for few seconds. Uncle was 6 feet and quite muscular, still he couldn't do much to his wife's femininity.

"How the fuck can you forget to place the earplugs last night?" She shouted on him.

"I'm sorry Anamika, I just couldn't remember of it!" He pleaded in a soft voice.

"What the fuck that means?" She started to slap his cheeks hard, making the grip tighter and tighter on his balls. I was shivering from these scenes as it was beyond my worst imagination. Uncle's cheeks were entirely red after aunty dropped close to 20 slaps on them. She pinched her nails in his balls while slapping him. I felt bad for him after he begged for mercy after each slap. Aunty was very furious at him.

She made him to get on the bed on his stomach and then bound him tightly there with his both the hands and legs spread. She put both his feet at two diagonal ends of the bed, making him stretch creepily. Uncle moaned as she took his legs to widen up. Aunty then took to the drawer and took out a large 8 inches butt plug from it and made it go deep inside of his asshole. She made it stay there, while went to the closet to get dressed in her leggings and sweatshirt.

As soon as she was about to wear the sweatshirt, I went off from the window to my room door then to shut it close, making a loud noise of it. Doing that I started to step on the stairs and aunty came out. I saw her locking the room from outside with the key and then placing the key inside of her sweatshirt. I just reacted to not have seen anything and continued to step downstairs.

As soon as she had a glimpse on me, she smiled with that brightest smile of her. I started to shiver with her every footsteps towards me. She came at my side quickly and put her hand on my waist while we started walking together.

"It looks like my sweet nephew son has now some serious good manners insitilled since coming at his masi's right?" She said it with a huge smile. I was still not over the glimpses of uncle's treatment and it took me five seconds to answer.

"Oh yeah yeah, I think Aunty's place has got sacred after my arrival, that is making these good things to happen, I guess!" She started laughing at my words and said, "so what was it before then?" She chuckled.

"Help yourself son!" I was in the heights of humor now and she pulled my cheeks hardly and said, "Naughtyyy, masi loves you so much beta!"

"I love you too masi only if you allow me to make the morning tea today." I giggled.

"Oh yeah yeah, help yourself son." We both started laughing hard and kissing on my cheeks she left for her fitness sessions.

She came back in 30 minutes while I had the tea done. I did went to check on uncle in between and he was still spread and bound in chains harder with the butt plug fit in his ass. I couldn't do anything for him as the room was locked, and even if it was unlocked I was still helpless. As soon as masi came back from the workout, she praised my good work and went to the room quickly by finishing my conversation early.

Aunty went through the stairs, with quick steps she left for the room, I followed her to the room. When I reached the window I found her unbounding uncle from the bed. He was just left with his right hand, which she did quickly. She then unclamped the chains from the bed sides and put it back in the closet. She took the butt plug out from his asshole and put it back as well, his ass crack was spread much widely due to the big sized dildo in it. She made uncle sit on the edge of the bed.

Aunty undid her leggings and also the sweatshirt while uncle was still on the edge. I saw his cheek very red from the slaps he received from aunty's hard palm. Aunty settled herself naked on his lap and dangling her feet on both the sides of his hips, she held uncle by the chin.

"Why do you involve yourself in such absurd wrong doings baby?" Saying that she kissed his forehead.

"I'm sorry Anamika, it won't happen again." Uncle pleaded again.

"It's okay baby, now let me repay for my wrong doings, don't you dare make a noise or you may receive a replay." Saying that she started kissing on his both the cheeks and continued to do it until it reached to a counting close to 20. I thought she counted on her slaps at the first place. She made uncle get on his back while held his already hard dick in her hand, and took it inside of her pussy.

Aunty started to ride his dick harder while uncle moaned in light sound. She kissed on his lips and embraced on it for a while. She kissed and bite on his neck. She returned to eat his lips. She was pushing her hips downwards to push his all 7 inched cock inside of her. After few minutes of more fucking uncle leaked cum from his dick and wet all of her pussy and his own thigh.

Aunty made his head get inside of her pussy, he licked her clean in a few minutes. Both of them left for shower together, I went back to the kitchen to serve the tea for myself with a smile. I started to enjoy their relationship now. I took the bath myself; I was out at the same time with aunty from the room.

Aunty was dressed differently today, she had a skin tight white kurti at the top which showed-off all of her curves from the bust to the belly ending at the hips. She had black leggings at the bottom which showed off her brief hot thighs. My aunt was nether a BBW nor a proper cougar, she was there somewhere at the between promoting perfection. She walked towards me, her tight boobs bounced inside her kurti with each step.

"So, is the tea ready son?" She inquired

"Oh, yes masi, just when you order and it would be on your table." I said. "Can I ask something more?"

"Sure beta, go on!"

"What is the reason behind your dressing masi?" I got scarlet on my cheeks while asking this.

"Oh this, we are expecting a guest this afternoon!" Saying this she seemed to remember something and she added, "You get the tea ready on table Sush, We would be downwards in minutes." Saying that she left for the room and locked it from inside. I went to the window and found out uncle doing Ananya's diaper while aunty was saying him something.

While getting her diaper done she put the asleep Ananya aside and then bent him on his knees on the bed with his pants pulled down. Aunty went to the closet to get the same butt plug out, forced it inside of his asshole saying

"Atleast, you should be punished with something for the day, baby!" Uncle moaned a little but took it with grace. Aunty kissed his ass cheeks while pulled his underwear and pants up again. I rushed to the kitchen and got the tea served in cups on the table. Uncle came and sat on the table to have the tea. I noticed him adjusting positions in th chain, which I knew why. Aunty came to the table and said,

"Sush, beta you are not allowed to have the tea until you clean the kitchen counter!" Her strict voice made me start shiver from inside and with my head down, I went to the kitchen to clean the counter. I came back on the table in five minutes. I saw uncle and aunty waiting for me to come and didn't took a sip.

Aunty patted on my ass softly, kissed me again on the cheeks for my good job. She always treated me like a child but she didn't knew I had a dick size even to her husband's. We had the tea done in some time while I was sent on the couch with little Ananya. Uncle and aunty were both making the lunch for the guests in the kitchen, and both had quite a playful time together.

Aunty sometimes patted between his ass, while uncle also kissed her shoulders in return. I again acted like seen nothing. I had fun with Ananya in the meantime. She was just as cute and fair as my aunty, but I doubt if she would be the same domineering and sadistic as her mother after growing up. I just hoped she don't get inherited with Aunty's instincts. I played with her for some more minutes, as Aunty and uncle prepared the dinner together. Finally the clock tick at 12 and the door bell rang.

There were two couples as the guest, and aunty and uncle hugged them in, welcomed them in the house. I placed a normal handshake, greet them in. Aunty and uncle sat on the couch to chat with them. I took all the serving duties on my own shoulders. Aunty and uncle had a few conversations with the guests for half an hours while I served the lunch to all of the couples including them. They had a good lunch talking and giggling. I ate in the kitchen while they did it at the table.

I was then invited to the couch for a conversation.

"So what do you study mate, Engineering?" One of the males asked

"No Sir, I'm in 12th standard, science."

"Oh wow he is a science student, let us get a bit scientific here." One of the lady of the group conveyed with a monstrous laugh.

Aunty laughed on their enthusiasm and had a look of confidence in her eyes. One of the lady started, "So what is the gravitational force formula son?" one of them started. "Sorry?" I was totally staggered by their question as I didn't see that coming.

"Yeah son, you heard me!"

"Umm is it gravitational constant. And the product of it divided by square of radius?" I said as much as I knew!

"Oh wow too intimidating son." The other lady clapped. "Now this, what do you mean by viscosity?" She fired an acute one now and I didn't knew this.

"I don't know aunty!" Everybody laughed after hearing aunty coming from my mouth, including my own aunty."

"Oh haha aunty, now this, How do you describe resonance?" I stayed mum for a minute but then they probed yet another technical stuff and I didn't had idea about it as well.

One of the lady mocked aunty by saying, "Oh yeah you really have a clever nephew as you used to say Anamika!" Saying that they all laughed at aunty and she was left speechless. The rest of the time they spent joking off while they left before the sunset.

Aunty didn't had a pleasing look in her eyes as they went off. Uncle saw her anger; He went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for her and he offered the water to her. She held the glass and threw it away which resulted in half of the hall tiles wet and also the vitreous glass broke to pieces.

"Did I ask for water?" Aunty yelled at uncle. Her yelling was so loud that it could be heard from 3 houses away. The loud pitch of Aunty clearly shown the anger filled in her head. I was shivering already in fear.

"I'm sorry Anamika, I would get it cleaned." Uncle started to take his footsteps towards the broken pieces.

"Stop!" Aunty commanded uncle. "Just go back to the room Anmol, Sush is the one who is going to clean it, not you!"

I was already shivering due to fear, and aunty made it get worst there by saying this. Uncle didn't dared say a word in return and he instantly left for the room.

"Now get the room cleaned in 10 minutes Sush and meet me in your room afterwards." She was just trying to hold her anger back.

"Okay aunty, I will!" I couldn't manage to say anything else.

"And remember no more than 10 minutes or you are liable for retribution then son."

Saying that she left. I was freaked out by her words and instantly started to clean the room and picked all the pieces together and placed it in the dustbin. I was 3 minutes late, but still my shivering feet ran towards the stairs and then into the room. Aunty was in the chair with her one leg stretched over the other. "Have a seat beta!" She pointed towards the edge of the bed millimeter away from her. I sat at the part where she commanded.

"Yes aunty, what's wrong?" I inquired.

"First and foremost, why are you here 3 minutes late?" She started on a very low voice.

"There was a lot of work there masi, things picked the pace not the way I expected." I gave my clarification.

"Oh that's a good thing that you had it all done son, but you are deserving of a punishment son." She said.

"What punishment aunty?" I started shivering again.

"Strip yourself son!" She said.

"What?" I was totally stunned by what I heard.

"I said strip off son, no more questions." She raised her eyebrows while saying this that gave her sense of seriousness. I quickly stripped to my underwear and stood there for a second. Aunty was not bating an eye to what was going on, looked constantly at the floor. As soon as she took her head up, she took out the leather belt wrapped in my pants and dropped it hardly on my thighs,

"Don't you understand by being naked you little worm?" She yelled at me now.

"But aunty?" Before I can spit out a word, she dropped another two on my thighs. It sting like someone piercing a needle in my back thighs. I took out the underwear and then there I was, 18-19 years old teenager standing with his erect dick in front of his own 35-36 aunty. I was embarrassed but aunty was unmoved.

"You are supposed to stay like this for whole two hours and would do every work that I ask for. This is not the part of punishment, only being naked was. I added the work because it was you who added the twist by not exactly doing what I asked for. Your uncle won't be knowing about your situation as he would be there in the room till dinner, but I may assign you tasks for the garden area." She fired it all on me. I was listening to it with my growing heartbeats in succession to her stern cruel words.

"Now to get through there is your headache son, you embarrassed me high time today, I cannot let any of it get repeated, so I'm here 'Your very lovely aunt' to train you. This is just the first part of your training son. Now get to the door in 10 minutes, a pizza delivery is underway." She said all this in a go.

"But aunty, like this?" She grabbed me by my cock and pulled me closer. She started to hit on my very bare thighs with the belt again, it went red from the impact of the belt.

"Are you still interested in questions son?" My thigh hurt so bad that I was left in no state to talk and I just left with some difficulty in walking.

The doorbell rang in few minutes; I started shivering again from the consequences that would occur now. I peeped through the key hole, it was a male. I took a long deep breathe and opened half of the door. The pizza boy was stunned seeing me naked but I just tried to make his amazement go away by pulling out the best in my bag, "Oh man, such a woeful timing especially for a Sunday evening when you are in the state of honeymoon."

I tried my best to act normal and the pizza boy laughed. "Oh yes, even I would have hated you if we were at invert places, and believe me I didn't saw anything though I have a bigger one."

We laughed loudly till he turned around to leave. I took the pizza boxes in while shut the door close. I released a huge sigh of relief as the situation was well taken. I took one box of the pizza to her as she ordered afterwards.

As soon as I opened the door, I found her with her legs spread widely on the bed. She was on her back slept on the bed.

"Oh wow look who is here again?" She pulled me by naked waist between her legs and held me there. She kissed my cheeks and said, "finally my superman nephew did it, was it very hard son?" She inquired.

"No masi just a bit embarrassing." I pleaded for mercy now in a sad tone.

"Oh yeah, it's the mainstream shit, son, don't worry. You won't be embarrassed as much as I got."

I was again shivering because I felt something coming. Aunty took the box to her and asked me for a foot massage, while she started having her pizza. I started to go mild under the knees. Aunty had a really firm set of calves, which I purposely grabbed many a times.

Aunty was still having her pizza, "Come upwards son!" I made my way to her thighs, and it felt like the most beautiful thing in the world. As I started to grab her thigh muscle, I instantly had a hard on. I was helpless to hide it but I had to keep going.

Aunty noticed it once but didn't say a word about it instead she said, "Would you like to have some son?" I could not resist from her offer and answered.

"Sure aunty!" Hearing me, she dropped all of the cheese cream from the pizza on her thighs and said, "now eat it down son." I looked towards her, but before I can speak anything she crawled her hands towards the belt and I was dropped on my face, trying to lick all of the cheese spread from her leggings. I got an even worst hard-on now.

She noticed that but didn't react. She put the pizza peace just between her boobs and asked me to get it and also ordered to not to use my hands or touch her boobs in any manner. I took my head between her boobs; I started to get peaces between my lips and teeth. I held a grip of the pizza from my teeth and pulled it out of her boobs and ate on it like a dog after dropping on the bed.

"I think my leggings are a bit dirty son, just get it cleaned and hang it for getting dried in the garden area. Do it in 20 minutes son, while I take something to put on from your closet. My clothes are everywhere." I was left with no choice, so I held her leggings by the waist and slide it down, exposing her very lovely legs and ass crack. I touched her ass in the process a bit, which felt beautiful.

I rushed to clean the leggings, I drowned just my head to check outside the door for anybody's presence in the nearby, to step outside. I had some very quick feet to go outside. When hanging it on one of the ropes, I found a teenage girl walking by the fences. I hide myself instantly behind the rose plant which resulted in bruising some part of my hips. I was in much pain now but still I managed to get it hanged for drying and went inside without getting caught.

Aunty checked on my condition and she quickly put some ointment on the cut portion of my hip after getting me laid on her lap, I felt like a 3 years old. Despite of the pain involved, I loved the feeling of her touch on my bare skin. For my good fortune, the two hours got over and I was finally allowed to get dressed. Aunty was still in the room when I was putting my clothes on. She was watching me from the bed with some curious eyes, while I was getting dressed.

Once I was dressed, she left the bed and made an approach towards me. I was already shivering, when she stood facing me. She was just 2 inches shorter than me which didn't even count, due to her body structure way too muscular than mine. She held me from my waist and pulled me closer and said,

"Just because you are getting to dressed, doesn't means you are in any less trouble son. Just because it is a Sunday, I'm allowing you to have a normal night. Starting from tommorow till the day you are here, you would be in my custody. I would be the one to decide your initiations in any activity. You can still have a night out and social life like the other teenagers, but for that you would have to satisfy me, which is no easy if seen from a normal prospective. So be ready son." She said all of this in a go.

"But aunty?"

"You should have thought about this before humiliating me son." She held me so tight in her arms that my bones heard the cracking sound of cavitation. I couldn't say a word after it and aunty let me go. She kissed my cheeks and left.

Aunty entered her room and my legs were still shivering by what just happened, but I still had some anxiety about tonight. Gathering all of the courage I had, I proceeded towards aunty's room with my shivering feet. I couldn't see aunty inside but there was again a sight of disgust. There was uncle on his all fours, with his legs secured tightly in ropes from both the ends of the bed. I saw some reddish skin above his feet, which explained the durability of the bondage, as he must be tied for much longer now.

As soon as I could start thinking, aunty was visible finally with a strap on dildo on her waist that was decorated with moulded testicles in its base. It was tan colored that almost looked like the second skin i.e. like a real penis. Aunty was topless, with her boobs exposed in its full along with her well shapped belly. She had the dildo on her leggings that covered her iron thighs and muscular calves. I got a boner and goosebumps on the follow up due to her elegant goddess avatar.

Aunty had a bottle of some liquid with a pouring cap on the top. She used some of the drops on her dildo while placed the pourer on the top of his butt crack, that made the liquid to flow in just the channel of his butt crack, wetting the entire region in the way. She held his ass cheeks and squeezed it lightly, leaving her nail marks on them. She held her hands on his ass crack and helped the liquid to get more in its asshole and the region around it. She entered her thumb head inside of it horizontally and made the hole to extend its size.

Aunty aimed the 10 inched dildo to his ass hole and entered in the extended size. After fitting it inside, she made her thumb out and held his waist tightly. She started to fuck his ass with more impulsion. Uncle moaned in obvious pain, while she continued shoving inside of him. Aunty got a grip of his cock, and stroked it while penetrating inside of him. Uncle was edged constantly for 10 minutes, followed by some rock hard thrusts inside of his anus by aunty's dildo.

Uncle was crying in pain once she stepped back from the edge of the bed. His anus was widen from the normal due to the abuse it took. Aunty was fully covered with sweat all over her neck and forehead and the frontal region. She still looked mesmerizing with the sweat on her face. She undid his hands and legs from the ropes, and asked him to leave the bed. Aunty had red marks in the rope loops on his skin after getting unbounded.

Aunty sat in the kneeling chair, while uncle stood before her. She placed her back and spread her body on it, kneeling from her back; asked uncle to come upon her. Uncle looked humiliated but still sat on his wife's lap and hanged his legs on both the sides of her hips, ready to ride. The scene explained about who wore the pants in the family. Aunty was a much muscular lady, due to which uncle looked no bizarre on her lap.

Aunty held uncle from his waist and kept kissing him for more than a minute, before making him sit on her strap on and made it get inside of his anus. Once inside, aunty made uncle to ride on her lap while she kissed his neck and chest by pulling him towards her face. With each jump uncle took on her lap, aunty's boobs bounced and waved. I was getting the side view of the scene, it was getting hotter and hotter with each passing minute. She squeezed uncle's ass and drop it on her waist to fuck with more impact.

Aunty left his waist alone, while held his penis from both her hands. She started jerking him off, and uncle had total discomfort on his face. Within seconds, he came with loads of jet of cum. All of the cum dirtied aunty from the front by getting on her chin,boobs and also on her stomach. She smiled with the scene, and uncle continued to ride in the usual pace. She stopped fucking him and removed the dildo from his anus. She brought him closer to her face and planted a wet kiss on it. She kissed him harder for some seconds, before pushing his head towards her chin to clean the cum. She forced his cheek more downwards, on her boob to get it cleaned, and then finally her stomach.

Uncle was allowed to get on his feet. She left the seat to kiss his cheek, and sent him to the bathroom to get the mouthwash. She then wiped the dildo clean and got it off from her leggings and then her leggings as well. She took a well ironed jogger out of her closet but didn't put it on. She put on a loose T-shirt, and got on the chair again just in her panties at the bottom, while uncle was back in the meantime. Aunty placed a cushion on the floor just before her bare legs.

Uncle got dressed in shorts quickly and lit up the pipe for aunty after putting it in her mouth. A pipe always belongs to the one that wears the pants in the family, and it was no different here. I always thought that the pipe belonged to uncle but it went the other way. He was very well trained in his slave life that he needed no instructions.

Aunty took a file out of the drawer at the side and started to read it and continued to smoke. Uncle sat on the cushion at the floor and started to slide the panties out of aunty's hips and undid it completely. She spread her legs, while completely ignored uncle as she was more focused in the paper and continued with the puffs on her pipe. Uncle started to lick her pussy, and continued to do so until she told him to stop in between and lay his head on her thigh, when making calls to some of her police colleagues regarding some case studying.

She took her focus away only at orgasms that came thrice in twenty minutes. She released some mild farts in between, on his face. She was done with couple of files in the meantime. My knees started to hurt, so I decided to go back in the hall room to have some past time by television. I was rock hard and I jerked off in my bedroom before going to the hall. I was placed lazily on the couch, with some music on television.

After few minutes, I saw uncle coming downstairs. I planted myself in normal as I have always feared uncle's presence since the very beginning, it was whom I loved the most regardless of it is the other way now. I smiled at uncle and he smiled back in hurry and rushed to the kitchen, and took out the Johnny Walker double scotch from the fridge, he took it with him to the room. Aunty was done with a dozen of files now in the hour mark and uncle was getting the pegs ready in two glasses as I peeked in again from the window.

Aunty did one more file and then went on to take the glass of wine. Uncle also took the one for himself, and then they talked for some minutes about the household groceries and some related to aunty's work while they enjoyed their glasses of wine. Uncle was still on the floor at her thighs while Aunty told uncle about some of the criminal activities, some encounters as well that were committed by her colleagues and the husband wife talk went on. I was just about to leave before aunty left her seat with her nude ass hanging below the T-shirt.

Uncle was still on the floor, his head was mounted by aunty's big hips. I knew she was pissing inside of his mouth, and uncle took it with all the comfort in ashes. Uncle went on to bathroom while aunty took her panties and then the trouser on. She started heading to the door, and I prepared to escape from the scene. I ran for my life but only got to the room door before she was out.

"Oh my son is just out with aunty from his room." She called me out.

"Yes aunty, that is just a coincidence!" I sounded clumsy, but that was gone unnoticed because of the smile I managed to keep.

"And leaving the television on while you are here, cannot be a coincidence, right son?" She inquired about my presence.

"I went to use the loo, aunty!" I cleared the air with a lie.

"It's okay then son, you saved your ass!" She laughed out loud on this with me in the follow up. It was 9 in the night. I was hungry, but didn't knew how to say this to my aunty. Aunty came near to me, wrapped her hand on my waist, right where I got the cut earlier.

"How is it now son?" She questioned with the utmost care.

"Since you massaged it off, it has gone masi. I am sorry again for what happened earlier." I pleaded for escape.

"Save it for later, son!" Saying that she made me to come downstairs.

"We would have pizza ordered again tonight, and I want you take it from the door, son."

Hearing that my mind just reflected to what happened some hours before. I reacted in more of a pungent manner, "Am I?"

"Oh don't worry you would be dressed this time out son." She laughed on it loudly. Uncle was down with baby Ananya, who was afterwards carried by aunty, then I also played with her. The clock went past 9:30, while we heard the door bell ring. I opened it to the pizza delivery body to get the pizza. Aunty asked me to place it on the dining table, while uncle served all of us in the plates. We had some nice chit chat about my mom followed by my sister in the USA and how I should follow them.

I didn't liked the topic but still nodded as I didn't wanted to disappoint her more. Uncle did the dishes; by 10:15, he was sent to the room with Ananya. I knew what would happen next in few minutes, I was much curious about it. Aunty now sat closer to me, once uncle was gone.

"What did you saw of your aunty today son?" I was really tricked into her hypnotic eyes but I managed to keep myself still.

"I saw your anger and also some of your lovely side when you massaged me aunty." I said.

"Not that son, body?" She now was being more specific now.

"I saw you in panties masi, and also your tender legs." I said in a low voice.

"Didn't that turned you on?"

"Yes it did aunty." I was getting tricked into hypnosis.

"Would you like to fuck your aunty, beta?" She came diving like a shark now.

"I would aunty, you are a beautiful and a hot woman!" I said, falling in her attraction.

"Come to the room in a minute, then!" Saying that she left. I was just clueless about the conversation that happened few seconds ago, Aunty went off.

On her way to the room, she locked my room with a key. She opened the door, got inside. I was rock hard with what aunty just said. I just decided to follow her in the room with light feet, as I also waited for the minute to pass. After the minute, I undid the room door; I found Uncle blindfolded on the bed side. Aunty was there at the edge of the bed with the sexiest look in her eyes.

My legs were shivering to go near to her, she kept her index finger on her lip to order me to stay mum. She called me in the room, I went to her. She left the bed side and walked to me, and held me in her tight arms. She started to plant her lips on mine, I accepted her willingly. As she came closer I started to feel her breathe. I turned my head sideways to get my nose diagonally touch hers from the side and our lips touched in the meantime.

I placed my lips on her and started kissing her upper lips. She went further by kissing my lower one and went on. She placed my hands on her ass, and I fitted my hands on her cheeks. My palms were smaller to get a grip on her ass, but I managed to press the whole of it in some parts through her trousers. She slide my shorts from my waist, and kissed my lips.

I also proceeded to slide her trousers out of her waist, and she didn't stopped me from doing so. I slid her trousers down her bottom, and pressed her big ass through her panties. She pulled my underwear down while held my hard boner. We licked out tongues of each other while I pressed her ass through her panties. I took out her T-shirt, we embraced each other's lips. I kissed her hungrily for more than 15 minutes now and then went to her neck.

I found it hard to move her body by my strength. I kissed her neck while removed the panties out of her waist, leaving her totally naked. She took my T-shirt out as well, and both of us stood naked against each other, holding ourselves by the waists. Aunty held my dick and made me to get closer to uncle. She held uncle's head to draw it closer to my dick. I pleaded to aunty to not to do it, but she didn't considered my request.

Aunty pushed his head towards my cock, hence shifted my cock inside of his mouth. She ordered him to give me the sucking of my life and he went on doing it harder and harder. Aunty hugged me from behind and covered my mouth to stop the moans from coming out. She kissed me on my neck, while her hard nipples bruised my back. I found my body hided inside of her muscular body after she stick it with mine as she was much at the broader side.

Uncle was released then after a minute and I tried not to cum in that time. Aunty had now edged me very well, and I didn't even came to know. She pulled me to bed; She started eating my lips in an instance. I turned her on her back to take the top. I went on to kiss her neck, then her boobs. I kissed on her boob, covered her nipple with my mouth.

I sucked on her boobs; I felt a little milk coming out, I couldn't leave this opportunity. I continued to suck on her nipples, I had some large sips of aunty's breast milk. It was warm and sweet, the sweetest milk I could ever taste in my life. Aunty had her eyes closed with a smile on her lips. She knew what was going on. I moved down to her belly and bite on the sideways which left aunty to moan in pleasure.

I left some teeth marks on it which was then appreciated by her when she kissed me for another good minute. Aunty got on all fours and asked me to enter her from behind. Though I was not a virgin, it all felt like my first time. I entered my dick inside of her from behind, before I can moan, aunty placed two of her fingers inside of my mouth. I sucked on her fingers while went roughly inside of her. She cried out in pain with my hard throbbing inside. Uncle was on the floor on his knees with his head facing the floor as he listened to all of it.

I kissed her fingers, then the whole of her hands, followed by her hairy underarms and put a halt to the fucking. I kissed on all of her muscular bare back and licked her ass in its whole. While getting to her ass, I found its size being double of my entire head. I started to explore my tongue from the top of her ass crack to the very bottom of it which ended at the pussy. I bite on her ass cheeks, and left some marks there as well.

I kissed her thighs, went to fuck her again. I inserted my dick again, now in the missionary position and started to fuck her with her legs wide. I fucked her senselessly while she put her fingers in my mouth to stop me from moaning. I sucked on her fingers while she held my ass from the other hand to make me come inside harder. I told her that I was about to come, when she came for the fourth time in half an hour.

She held my dick closer to uncle's face with his mouth open. She held my dick and stroked on it harder for the jet propulsion right on his face, in no time uncle's face and tongue was covered with my young seeds. She covered my mouth fully with her palm to stop the moans from coming out. I felt bad for the poor guy but I was getting pleasured so I didn't bated much.

I hugged aunty's big body in pleasure and she hugged me back. She took me out of the room naked while I thought what was going to happen next. Kissing my lips again at the door she said, "now that I have done so much for your amusement, you have to do your share son. Before I wake up, I want you to clean the hall, the kitchen and the garden. And yes, you are not getting your clothes back from inside son. Sleep well." Aunty kissed me for the final time and left.

I was tricked into hypnosis for real now and I had to do as told. I still peeped inside the room, uncle was getting pleasured by aunty with spit dropping smooches on his lips. They fucked for a while afterwards and fell asleep with aunty holding uncle in her arms. I also went to sleep naked in the hallway.

I woke up early in the morning before anyone was up. I started to clean the garden outside, there was some cold outside but that encouraged me to go quickly with the chores. I took another half hour to clean the house, while it was aunty's time to wake up. I was tired but still went to peep inside. Aunty pissed in him and also kissed him to a good morning. She found me in the hallway, when she was about to leave for the jog.

I was still wondering what happened last night when I fucked her. Aunty explored the entire house, and finally came with the report.

"Just not bad for a starter, though some corners are left dusty, but I would ensure your perfection with the disciplining later on. For the meantime take this." She handed me my room key with a smile. I was still naked and my clothes were laying outside of my doorsteps.

"Just run son before anyone catches you naked." I was brought back to senses that I was naked. I went on to climb the stairs. When I was three steps away, she cried out loudly,

"Anmol baby",

Hearing that, I ran to the door to unlock it but failed to do it as it was not the key to it. Aunty started laughing after watching me getting freaked out to death.

"Don't worry beta, he is drowned to sleep with his ear plugs on, but who knows, if this might turn to reality some day?" Saying that, she threw the key at me and I caught it.

"Get the tea prepared son, you are getting quite good at it." She left after ordering me. I felt very awkward but without giving much second thought, I decided to go with the flow.

I jerked off in the shower while got dressed in my school uniform as quickly as possible. I went to the kitchen to get the tea prepared, and I was done with it before aunty got home. She was impressed by my work and kissed me on the cheeks. Before starting to leave for the room. She made her way back from the stairs with her sweat covered body.

"I felt you kissing my underarms last night son, was it for real?"

"Yes masi, I did." I said with my head down on the floor.

"Care to do it again son?" She said with the sweetest tone possible.

"As you wish, masi!" I felt like yelling a no but her powerful presence made me do the impossible. I went to her sweaty body and kissed on her underarms as she raised her arms. It felt pathetic but I did it willingly on her order or request, I still didn't knew. She kissed my side head and left for her room. I gulped down heaps of sugar to make the taste go away, once she was gone. I still loved my aunty for whatever she did, it was all very wonderful.

I didn't go to peep inside because I knew uncle would get to taste the worst now, her piss and I could not see that. She was downstairs in half an hour, dressed in her uniform. She salute me with a smile and I saluted her back. We had the tea and then she got off to drop me to school. The drive was silently drawn, as I was in no state to speak anything. She opened the doors for me once we reached school.

She kissed me on my cheeks and said, "I will see you later son, and don't worry, aunty is going to take your utmost care." Aunty held my waist very tight and everyone around looked at me with amazement being in a curvy policewoman's arms. Now till this time everybody knew I was the nephew of 'The only female D.I.G. of the state'. Their looks didn't affect me anymore and I got inside the gate once she set me free.

She handed me the house keys and got on the wheels of the rotating light SUV again and left. I was just a little scared about the things to come but decided to take all of it with all the gallant deeds.

It was a Monday and I got home at 3:00 pm from the school. I found masi's car already in the lawn as she has been having half day on Mondays by some unusual government rules. I came out from the cab in the lawn, there were three couples in it, holding each others' hands, I didn't recognized any of them.

Aunty knew my schedule but still didn't made any approach to pick me up. I was still unclear of the things. I unlocked the door as I was given the keys already. I got inside and there was this same guy from couple of nights before that made love with aunty on the couch. As soon as I turned my head upwards, I found aunty coming downstairs.

Aunty was in a red velvet Saree and a sleeveless V neck lace blouse that showed half of her boobs. Her pallu only covered her belly button, while bared the rest of the belly. She put on a silver waist chain around her low brief waist skin. She had her hairs dried beautifully unlike the normal back head puff that she keeps in the uniform. As she came downstairs, the guy went forward to attend her by holding her hands. They hugged and gave each other a peck on the lips. The guy located her hands on her bare belly and push her closer, aunty returned the favour to him.

Aunty rolled her eyes towards me with a smile, "This is Rajiv and Rajiv this is my nephew Sushant." Hearing that the guy offered me a formal handshake and I replied gently to it. The guy handled her waist tightly in his hands while they talked,

"Should we leave honey?"

"Yes sure babe, Sushant dear if you need anything then just order it for the dinner, Aunty would be home late. Ananya is gone to your grandma's house in the morning so don't worry about her." Saying that she kissed me on the cheeks and the guy took her out. After they were out of the door, I saw Rajiv introducing Aunty to all the couples there. Aunty placed a light hug in each of their arms while planted a smooch on the Rajiv's lips. He returned by grabbing her ass, and they placed themselves in the Mercedes of Rajiv. All of the couples were gone away in their own imported ones.

I went to check on uncle and I found him asleep in the bed with the sheets on. He looked in quite peace lately. I entered my room and changed myself to some loose wears. I was still thinking of the guy's relationship with her. As I turned the door around , I found a huge paper on the wall behind with some kind of timetable on it. It said,

Monday - Allotment

Tuesday - House bitch

Wednesday - Oral day

Thursday - Reporting

Friday - Corrections

Saturday - Punishments.

At the very bottom of it, there was a another paper which had written, "You have been alloted your chapters. Get ready with all of it on the reporting day son. Aunty is your teacher, and your sole owner from now on. Love aunty!"

And there was my physics book with some 3 chapter tick marked in it. I just knew now what I had to do. I also found a pen drive on my desk which I quickly plugged in my laptop. It had a folder with some 90+ videos named as 'February - Monday - 1, February - Monday - 2, 3, 4'; 'March - Monday 1, 2, 3, 4' 'April - Mondays' etc. As it was ongoing November and the first Monday of it, I went through the November - Monday - 1.

It started off with aunty holding the camera and rotating it towards her entire tight shining black spandex covered body. It was 1:20:33 pm in the camera, two hours before my school leaving time. She was in the tight spandex that showed her greater curves from her round boobs to the very slim belly to her sloppy hips to her very broad thighs and ending on her full calves. Her well muscular 40 inched ass was coming out of the spandex that complimented her hotness, my aunt was perfect, just perfect. I got a hard-on immediately after her glimpses.

She moved ahead and took the camera to my uncle who was in chains. His both wrists were secured in chains, which were drilled on both the side of the wall of their room. Little Ananya was no where in the scene. As the video went ahead, Aunty handled a leather whip in her right hand and started beating the shit out of uncle's bare ass. She inflicted 40+ whips on his bare ass leaving it completely red bruised.

The video started to a new scene in which the clock exceeded to 20 minutes. Uncle was made to stand in the corner and aunty came from a riding cane this time out and started to drop it hardly on his red bruised bare ass. She yelled at every of the uncle's mistake in the week which had me with a clear idea about the punishment. The video exceeded to twenty more minutes and there was uncle placed on the bed.

Aunty took the small bottle of Diazepam (The sleeping chemical) dose and filled it in the syringe. After then, she rubbed his already welt covered ass cheek with the cotton fibre after dipping it into the cold liquid and directed the syringe in him. Uncle exhaled air from his mouth in pain, after she injected the syringe in his whipped loose ass skin.

Aunty was a bio student so she knew very well about the usage of chemicals. Uncle went to sleep in the same position as I saw him few minutes ago out of the video, instantly after she injected in him. She kissed his forehead and by doing the sheets on him, made him drown to sleep. I found other videos in the folder that dictated same kind of treatment on uncle. I was freaked out totally by these tapes.

I found another pen drive at the table side, and I inserted it in the laptop as well. It was named as 'Sushant' and the only folder inside showed 'Punishment'. In the folder there was yet another folder of November - Saturday -1. I looked at the timetable and gazed at 'Saturday - punishments', I pissed out of fear and wet my underwear. I changed and cleaned myself and doing that, I rushed to get the chapters done because I didn't wanted things to turn any brutal between me and aunty on Saturdays. But still I didn't knew what I might have coming?

(Next part: How Sushant's life as a slave to his aunty gets to the next step!)
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