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A week later , another porn video is completed
Jeff has his giant prick down Rose's throat as he watches his latest financial masterpiece , the redhead with floppy tits was still the MIstress to his mature submissives Susan & Kiki , but now he had also hypnotized the chubby bitch to serve him & give him 70% of her xxx profits. As he was getting blown Jeff watched the porno the ladies had performed in the previous day .

Chapter 1
Susan & Kiki were both collared , leashed, wearing nose & nipple rings along with their standard spiked heels , the company filmed them in the waiting room (sitting on the sofa )as both ladies waited & used their hubands as footstools as they waited for MIstress Rose to bring them out to set.
Upon her arrival Rose grabbed the whores by their leashes & brought them to their first scene.
Two 19 year old guys now facefucked them roughly calling them , bitches, whores sluts before unloading a load of jism all over their faces . Mistress Rose re-entered the scene & spanked Kiki the old ghetto slut as Susan gave rimjobs to both men .

Chapter 2
Jeff had Rose stop giving him head , instead she gently stroked her masters cock , as they both continued watching the porno.
After the rimjobs were complete , both Kiki & Susan were ballgagged & readied for scene 2. (George,Susans husband was brought out as was Leroy ,Kikis husband ) Both ladies gave their husbands golden showers & then they told them to fuck off , ( it was in the )

Chapter 3
Rose is getting her ass eaten by Kiki , as Susan licks her cunt Upon orgasming , Mistress Rose leaves the scene & Kiki and Susan are lead to the showers and their dressing room to dress into something new for their next scene. Meanwhile Rose continues to stroke Jeffs dick as they watch yesterdays porn adventure.

Chapter 4
Kiki is wearing 8 inch thigh high hooker boots & collar that says "Slut " on it , Susan is wearing 6 inch thigh high hooker boots& a dog collar that says "Skank" she is also leashed .Joining them in a scene for the first time is 65 year old granny & Master Jeffs newest acquisition Norma , the white haired married pension receiving slutbag is dressed in a short leather black leather skirt ,with a collar, leash & a pink halter top that says "cumbucket".

Chapter 5
As Rose kept gently jerking his prick , Jeff watched his favourite scene of the day, it took place outside the warehouse, where the 3 sluts played hookers . As they walked around pretending they were waiting for johns , the director had all 3 married sluts smoking cigarettes ( whore style)
This went on for about for 5 minutes , til a pickup truck pulled up & two men in ski masks pulled up & threw the 3 whores in the back of the pickup truck .
Once they arrived to their destination , both Susan & Kiki were tied & ballgagged to chairs. And the men in ski masks worked on granny

Chapter 6
The young guys started by tit slapping Norma. She loved it , Jeff had hypnoitized her so she she was up for anything . Then they tit clamped her floppy tits & Norma was in pain & ecstasy, untying Kiki they had the black slut eat up the old granny pussy ,for Kiki it tasted like chicken . One guy started fucking Normas face as Kiki kept eating. Susan in the meantine watched with open eyes as she was still tied& ballgagged to the chair. Guy number 2, now started fucking Kiki in the cunt as she moaned into NORMAS cunt. .Number 2 wanted to fuck Kikis ebony ass so he had her spit on his prick , Kiki yelled like a hyena as the 11 inch dong gaped her shithole. Jeff was having a good time watching the video so he ordered Rose to suck his wang once again. Rose bobbed her head up & down as she curiously also watched the scene unfolding on the televison screen.
Guy number 1 was determined to cum in Normas mouth which he did , after which he had Norma , french kiss Susan ( who had been untied etc) and the ladies shared the jism.

Chapter 7 - Rose calls Norma
As the movie ended Jeff told Rose to TEXT Norma & tell her to come by ASAP. Norma arrived in 10 minutes , ( she had been watching a boring movie on televison with her cuckold husband Frank, Jeff had hypnotized him &now they would only fuck when Jeff said they could ) Hi master she said happily wondering if it was movie time again Hi Norma , i called you over today cuz were gonna have a 3some , isnt that right Rose ? Yes sir Rose responded.
Jeff pulled out his dick & told Norma to finish what Rose had started . As Norma bobbed , Rose grabbed her head and made sure the granny nearly choked on her owners monster dong .As Jeff spilled his seed down the grandmas throat he demanded, Norma share the dessert with Rose. As the two cumsluts shared his jism Jeff smiled thinking? can life get any better than this?

Chapter 8- Whats next for Susan?
Jeff looked at the xxx he was working on it was perfect for his former teacher ( now owned sex slave) it was about a teacher who goes & visits her 19 year old daughter at university & ends up becoming the sorority"s live-in pussy licker. And once they get sick of Susan she is sold to the Fraternity where she is the live-in sex slave & cum deposit for a group of horny college guys. Jeff thought , it would be his first Porno Production ? What do you think ???
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