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I had become quite addicted to the hot sessions I'd enjoyed using
the artifact. The small, smooth object had come to mean more to me
than I ever imagined it would. There seemed to be no real damage
done, however, as per my built in safeguard, and I had no doubt
that once I had made an official separation from the object
verbally, the addiction would be broken unless restarted.

I had no desire to break the addiction though, at the moment, and
I craved the endless variety of intense sexual release that the
artifact afforded me.

I still had a decent social life at the moment, but I was afraid
that over time I might withdraw in an unhealthy way. That was in
the future though, and I knew I had control over the object with my

As I lay down nude on my comfortable bed I felt quite relaxed. I
had set the room temperature to be just right for an extended trip.
The room was at about seventy-eight degrees...and I knew I would
not experience chills or discomfort.

After the initiation process I fell into a deep trance
quickly...and as I did I could see a very slight green haze
permeating the darkened room. This was normal, and I knew that the
object was working properly.

I arrived at the endless hallway...sitting in the travel cart...and
decided I would take a more extensive tour to search for just the
right experience. As I perused the thousands of doors along the
way...I just couldn't believe the vast extent of sexual behavior
that was possible. I knew that I was designing the content
myself...subconsciously...and that I had a very nasty libido.

I stopped finally, and began to read the door titles one by one. 'Toe sucking', 'Fucking the highschool cheerleaders', 'Sexual
humiliation-maledom, 'Sexual humiliation-femdom', 'Forced
cuntlicking'...'Forced breeding facility-femdom'. I paused at the
last dick was hard as a rock and stood out from my fly
dripping cum on the hallway floor as I stroked it. I opened the
door and stepped inside, and thought carefully.

Suddenly two hooded quards appeared from nowhere and pulled me
inside the room. They slammed the door shut hard and quickly
secured my hands behind me. I was flabbergasted because I had not
actually chosen the room and closed the door myself. Obviously the
artifact had thrust me into an experience against my will, and I
new then that I could never really trust it again, completely.

I was whisked through a door into the next room...which turned out
to be some kind of preparation room. One of them gave me a slight
shock below my right ear using a long metal rod, and I was unable
to move coherently after that...and stood there helplessly as the
two hooded guards stripped me naked. Though I wore no clothing
lying back on my bed at home...I was always fully clothed as I
began my hallway searches.

They sat me down on a special chair and strapped my legs and arms
in tightly, to assure, I assumed, complete cooperation. Then one of them pulled out a hypodermic syringe and drew liquid from a vial. She squirted the tip in the air briefly and as one guard pulled my pecker forward stretching it painfully, the
other swabbed near the base of my dick with alcohol. I wanted to
move but couldn't and soon the tip of the needle was brought down
to my penis and shoved into the hollow cavity of my corpus

A trickle of blood showed and she injected the contents into my
penis as the other held it outstretched. It stung a bit but wasn't
as bad as I had imagined and she pinched the injection spot hard
for a bit, and slowly stroked my near erect cock. Soon my peter
was rock hard and draining semen as she expertly milked it to a
very painful erection. The head skin was tight as a drum and my
dick bobbed up and down involuntarily, flipping cum on the chair.

I had never had a hardon like this, and my balls were aching,
swollen with cum. They released me and walked me into another
room, where, to my absolute shock, I saw ten naked women strapped
doggie style into special restraint fixtures. They were all
attractive, with perfectly formed asses, and their tits hung below
them jiggling lightly as they moved. Their heads were secured in
comfortable restraints, and their hands and arms were strapped
securely also.

I could see that they were probably comfortable from the way the
fixtures were designed, and their chins rested on soft foam rubber
pads. They were all breathing very heavily...obviously under the
influence of some aphrodisiac...and cuntjuice dribbled from their
hairy pussies, and dripped onto the surface below.

Most of them were begging to be fucked...and a pretty nurse came
in...and stood waiting for me.
Ten cunts stood wide open to me, dribbling cream, and the guards
took me over to the first captive woman, who was panting and using
the most obscene language possible begging me for fuck her.

The nurse spoke briefly to me as she roughly stroked my stiff
prick, and at the same time plunged her latex gloved hand into the
pretty lady's sopping fuckhole. By now I had regained coordinated
movement again and the two guards stood ominously behind me with
their shock devices drawn.

You will impregnate all of these women as we watch, one by one, and
if you not ejaculate into each of them, we will electrocute your
penis and balls. I could see a restraint fixture over near the
corner...and electric leads and probes which I'm sure were designed
to produce great pain.

The guards shoved me forward and as I held onto the woman's back,
my stone hard pecker slid quickly into her tight, wet cunt. As
they pushed me forward all my ten inches were shoved in...and I
began fucking her like a stallion, bucking my hips in and out as my
hard weiner probed her hairy hole.

I yelled and got my nuts off quickly, shooting a thick wad of semen
into her wet snatch. As I finished my load they pulled me to the
next woman and I quickly mounted her, and fucked in deeply, feeling
my hanging balls slap her asscheeks. She was in a frenzy now
moving back against my huge prick and she milked me as I fucked
her. I yelled again and pumped my hips forward emptying my load
into her raunchy cunthole and the hot scum splattered out as my
dick popped out.

I went down the line and fucked each woman...looking intently at
their raw buttholes as I porked them. The women's assholes opened
and closed to the rythm of my fucking, and I could see brown, shiny
traces of anal residue inside as I worked them. The nurse and
guards were forcing me to hurry all the way and after five I began
to have difficulty popping my load.

It took me longer to get my nuts off each time but the perfectly
formed asses in front of me made me cum eventually. My peter was
still rock hard and dripping cum as I finished the eighth fuck. On
the ninth piece of ass I was having just a bit of difficulty
shooting my wad and the guards grabbed my hips and force fucked
me...making obscene comments about fucking in general, and I
groaned and bucked painfully as my ninth glob of dicksnot squirted
into the tight hairy cunt.

They forced me into my tenth session of hide the sausage, and
gripped my ass painfully as they pushed me in and out. The nurse
grabbed my sore balls and massaged them and shoved her finger up my
ass as I fucked, and just as they were losing patience with me I
yelled louder than anytime before, and forced out a load of nut
juice into the throbbing fuck oriface.

My legs gave way and the guards grabbed me and held me as I wobbled
around, my poor peter still hard and stiff.
The nurse slapped my ass hard and spoke with a snarl..."You have to
reward them for their efforts now don't you asshole!", she
barked...pushing down on my shoulders. "They gave you a good fuck,
now you have to give them a little reward."

I was on my knees now and they put a dog collar around my neck and pulled me roughly up to the first woman. "Clean her asshole out completely...then do
all the rest of them. Remember what I told you about our electric

I crawled awkwardly to the first woman's nasty rear crack...and
could see cum slowly draining out of her raw vagina as I stuck my
nose between her spread cheeks. "Clean your cum from around her
cunt...then eat her asshole", the nurse commanded, and she jerked
the leash and forced my face into the wide open anal area.
I dove in with my tongue extended and lapped several times smelling
and tasting the brown stain. I ate it quickly, and the women
threated me further as I did the dirty...and I think I had almost
earned their approval by the time I finished my meal. I'd eaten my
own cum from the outside of her sticky snatch, and all of the
sticky brown substance around and inside her open hairy asshole.

This was just the start though, and I was forced to go to the next
woman, crawling like a dog, and tongue lap the mess in and below
her puckered bunghole, until I'd eaten it all. By the time I had
finished sucking the last hairy, smelly, farthole there was a thick
brown ring around my mouth and the shit stain was up in my nose and
all over my face. I know I'd eaten a few tablespoons of my own
dickwad, and I was thoroughly disgusted with the whole experience.

I was afraid I would be forced to do this for days or weeks but to
my surprise, and great relief, they released me back into the front
ante room after I'd finished my raunchy work. I waited there for
my return to my real world, and admitted to myself that though I'd
had a hot time here...I think I would have chosen to do it myself.
I now knew that the artifact would trick me on occasion, and I
would be thrust into unfamiliar areas, and this disturbed me

I would have to give my future excursions careful thought. What
freaked me out was the fact that underneath, I had designed the
whole thing...and came to realize that this kind of experience was
something that I desired on a highly subliminal level, and that's
where the object would be taking me, regardless of my feelings of the moment.


2006-09-28 23:40:49
not bad 8 out of 10


2006-08-24 01:45:36
I agree with the reader that said complete bullshit, and everything else, bravo reader, on a lighter note i will say the stories have huge potential. also you might want to describe your penis that you hold in such high regard to make it seem more deive and attentive however i will continue to read , all in all 6 out of 10


2006-08-24 01:32:31
complete bullshit, you have a great outline and you have to ruin it by using so little deion of what the character feels or the erotic, sensual potential the stories could have. instead of saying: As I pummled in out out of her hot sweet cunt, I could begin to feel the deep powerful sensation of my final orgasm building,.......... you write,And just as they were losing patience with me I
yelled louder than anytime before, and forced out a load of nut


2006-08-23 10:57:23
i've read them all so far and commrnted on a few. you have great potential in these stories. keep them cumming, explore your dark side.....

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