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This is my first story, so I hope you like it! There will hopefully be more chapters to come! Comments are more than welcome. Enjoy!
My name is Sophie Kyle, I'm 18, and I've just moved a five hour drive away from my home town and family to study to become a dentist. My parents were delighted. I'm an only child, and with my mother being a doctor and my father continuing the long line of successful architects on his side, it was always written in the stars that I was going to study and be successful. Personally, I didn't see the appeal of a big, empty house, a rich husband who didn't love you and a fast car you didn't need. But hey, that's just me. I didn't dare express this out loud. I was lucky. Unlike other students, my parents could afford my own apartment. Just a little place with one bedroom but it was great to finally have my own space. I loved the place to myself, though it could get a little lonely.

So far in my life I'd had one boyfriend towards the end of high school. It lasted a brief seven, uneventful months before it petered out. I was still a virgin. We had made out and sort of touched each other but that was it. I was relatively 'behind' all my peers in that respect. To be brutally honest, I was yet to see a guy I was genuinely attracted to. I was more curious about the prospect of experimenting with women, although I'd never admitted it, not even to myself.

I got up one regular Wednesday morning and stretched as I looked at myself in the mirror. I am rather small, just a little over five foot. Although petite, I don't lack feminine curves and I have a definite waist and despite my height, my boobs are a fair C cup. My long, naturally ginger hair comes almost to my elbows, and my big eyes are a contrasting aqua blue. I groan sleepily as I take off my pyjama shorts and tight tank top, and pull on a pair of black panties and my favourite purple bra. Who has time and patience to match their undies, like seriously?! I pick out a pair of blue skinny jeans and a white band tshirt with 'The Rolling Stones' logo on it. I've never actually listened to them, I just liked the red lips and tongue. I check the time. Shit! 3 minutes until my bus arrives. I manage to tie my hair back, slide into my shoes, and slip out the front door in one swift movement, grabbing my backpack as I go. I'm used to rushing, I'm an exhausted student after all.

I catch the bus just in time and shove my headphones in as I sit down. It was the best way to fill the 35 minute void of time to college. I stare into space as the bus sets off, occasionally looking up at other passengers as they board. By the fourth or fifth stop the bus is pretty crowded. I look up and notice a woman I'd never seen step onto the bus. Oh god. She is a few years older than me, and around 5ft 6" and slim, athletic build. Her dark hair and straight fringe frames her feline like face. She is wearing a black pencil skirt that hugs her ass and stops just above her knees, black sheer tights, heels and a fitted white blouse. The top couple of buttons are undone just enough to see a shadow of cleavage of her firm, DD breasts. I don't realise my mouth is open until her dark brown eyes lock with mine for a split moment, and I swear I see her smirk slightly before looking away. What am I doing?! I feel a slight burning on my cheeks at the thought of myself eyeing another female. It feels risky and slightly wrong, but inside I'm racing with excitement and I feel heat growing between my legs. I can't help but feel attracted.


By the time I got home from college, the oh so thrilling lectures about facial nerves had made me forget about the woman on the bus. I stripped down to my tshirt and panties before getting into bed.

The next morning, I had my usual rush to the bus stop but got on in time. I had forgotten about the mystery woman until she caught my eye again getting on the bus. She was wearing similar attire today, but this time with no tights, showing off her smooth, slightly caramel legs. It was hot today, I thought. I felt a slight tingle down my spine as my gaze travelled from her toned legs, up to her hips, waist, and pert tits. I swear there was one more button than yesterday undone, revealing just a little more flesh of her gorgeous DDs. My gaze met her dark, cocoa eyes and I let out a quiet gasp, feeling myself blush slightly at being caught looking again. I looked back up at her to find her eyes hadn't moved. There was no mistaking that she was smiling, almost devilishly right at me. I felt my cheeks turning pinker as she parts her bright red lips, and ever so subtly licks her top lip, her eyes still locked to mine. I can't look away, and I'm suddenly aware of a fluttering between my legs and my breathing becoming faster. I quickly cross my legs, to try and relieve the tingling, much to the woman's amusement. I'm a hot, tingling mess by the time she reaches her stop and slinks off the bus, drawing my wide eyes to her round ass. I can't believe the thoughts that are coursing through my mind. Was I a lesbian?! I've never thought about a woman in that way, yet I can feel moisture appearing in my panties at the mere sight of this attractive woman. I just had to get through another series of boring lectures before I could be at home with my thoughts.


Over the next few days, my mind was taken over with thoughts about this woman. I was so confused, yet so willing and wanting to be close to her, feel her touch. I was seriously longing to see what she looked like under those sexy work clothes. She seemed to be able to read my mind, because each day I saw her she had a shorter skirt, or another button undone, and she always looked me in the eye and smirked, while I blushed like a schoolgirl. Everyday, I got off the bus with with a growing heat between my legs, and a wetness on my panties like nothing I've ever felt before. This particular morning, I decided to sit a little closer to her usual seat. She got on the bus and looked me in the eye as always, smiling when she saw where I'd chosen to sit. Without breaking eye contact, she sat down right in front of me and spread her legs just enough to give me a glimpse of her black lace panties, before crossing them smoothly. My mouth dropped open and a moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. She must've heard because she smirked at me. I felt my cheeks burning.

I was relieved when that day in class, my professor began handing out sheets of paper detailing each student's work experience placements. I smiled when I saw that mine was at a fancy private dental clinic and I didn't have to start til 10am. This meant I'd miss the bus with my sexy fantasy woman onboard and give myself some time to get my head straight.

The next morning I got off the bus outside the dental clinic for my first day on placement. I rushed nervously up to the reception desk, rummaging in my bag. Without looking up, I say,

"Hi, my name's Sophie Kyle, I'm here for my placement."

"Oh, Sophie is it? I was wondering if I'd ever get to know your name," replied a silky voice. I looked up and froze as my gaze met a cat like pair of dark chocolate eyes. It was the woman from the bus.

"Oh, um, I..." I stuttered, blushing. Oh crap, it's her, she's right there!

"I'm Alison Parker, but call me Ally. I do admin and accounts here. Y'know, I missed you on the bus this morning," she said with a smirk.

I tried to speak but no sound came out. I must've looked like an idiot standing in front of this insanely sexy woman. "Anyway," she said, "you'll be shadowing Dr. Harper. I'll speak to you later," she pointed down the hall. Her eyes were like pools of melted chocolate. So decadent and hypnotic. She took my hand and pushed a scrunched piece of paper into my palm, closing my fingers over it and tracing over my knuckles with her perfectly painted scarlet nails. I shoved the paper into my pocket as I walked down the hall. Did that really just happen?! I was stunned.


I got home that night at around 6pm and began undressing out of my scrubs. A piece of paper landed on my bed and that's when I realised I hadn't read the not Alison had given me. I picked it up and read it to find all she had written was her cell number with a kiss 'x' underneath. I felt butterflies in my belly spreading between my legs as I thought about her. Should I text her? Call her? I wonder what she wanted me to have her number for. I made an impulsive decision and punched her number into my phone, and sent her a text.

'Hey was nice to meet you today. Sophie x'

My stomach lurched as my phone buzzed almost immediately.

'Hi there. Loved finally meeting you. How about a drink? 7:30pm at Lewis's bar?"

The butterflies in my tummy suddenly moved down to between my legs. Omg I can't actually go. I couldn't believe I was actually considering this. Fuck it. I fired a quick reply. I touched up my make up and took my hair out it's French braid so it was now wavy. I changed into a casual blue dress and my denim jacket and left the apartment. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I got to the bar just after 7:20pm. Fuck, I was early. She's gonna think I'm desperate. I nervously walk in and my eye catches her sitting at the bar. My jaw drops when I see what she is wearing. She has on the tightest, sexiest black skinny jeans I've ever seen, and a tight, long sleeved, dark red top. She smiles at my from across the room and I make my way over, my stomach in knots. Was I really doing this? Was it a date?

"What can I get you to drink?" Ally asks, looking me up and down with a smile.

"Oh, um, I'm not sure," I say nervously. I never usually drink. "Whatever's good." I feel my confidence grow slightly, and Ally orders us two cocktails. We sip our drinks and I begin to loosen up a little as we chat.

"So, Sophie, we've seen quite a lot of each other lately," said Ally. "And I'd love to see a little more of you." Her big brown eyes began to wander down to my chest.

I blushed, and replied, "yeah, I'd like that." Oh god, was it the alcohol? I couldn't believe it. I was sitting here ogling another woman, and I could feel a hot wetness against my panties. She lightly stroked the inside of my ankle with her foot, and it was like an electric shock rushing up to my pussy. My lips parted and I let out a tiny moan. Alison smirked.

"I've seen that look on your face before," she said. "How about we have some more drinks at my place? Is just a couple minutes away." I nod, and before I know it we're in a taxi. She slides a little closer to me in the back seat, and traces little circles on my wrist and forearm with her nails. She then moved on to my knee, and slowly up my thigh. I gasp, I really want to open my legs wide and let her touch me.

When we get to her place, she shuts the door behind us. There's a moment of silence before she locks eyes with me. I can feel what's about to happen. All of a sudden, her lips are touching mine. I can't believe this is actually happening. She puts he's hands round my waist and pulls me closer. I moan quietly against her lips, and she takes this opportunity to tease me with just the tip of her tongue. I open my mouth a little wider and feel her hot, wet tongue inside my mouth, fighting with mine. She gives me a little nip with her teeth on my bottom lip, and I gasp slightly and smile into the kiss. She tastes so sweet, I feel high. I can feel the moisture growing between my pussy lips and smearing onto my little pink panties. She squeezes my firm ass, before bringing her hand round and up the front of my skirt. I feel a finger brush against the front of my panties and I shudder with anticipation. She traces the outline of my little slit with one finger, not quite pressing hard enough to hit my clit. When she feels my juices soaking through the material, she smiles into my mouth and groans huskily.

"Mmmmm, you're so wet," she sighs. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked sweetly.

"Mm oh my god- yes Alison! It's just.. um I've never-"

"Don't worry, it's just like being with a guy but better," she giggled.

"Well that's the thing, I've not, um..." I trailed off, staring innocently into her big chocolatey eyes.

"Oh honey, don't worry! I'll be really gentle, I promise. Just tell me if you want to stop..." she planted a kiss gently on my cheek, then my jaw, then started moving down my neck. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. It was a modern, minimalistic room, and the bed was definitely the focal point with its black satin sheets and many fancy scatter cushions.

"Welcome to my boudoir!" She giggled huskily, and tugged playfully at my dress straps. She helped me pull my dress over my head, and bit her lip oh so sexily as she looked me up and down in my undies. She didn't wait long before tangling her arms round me again, and crashing her lips to mine, our tongues thrusting against one another's. I groped blindly, trying to feel as much of her round, firm ass as I could. I pulled her top over her head, revealing her large, bouncy tits pushed up in a black lace bra. I also saw for the first time that she had a full tattoo sleeve on each arm. Wow, I did not expect that under her professional, perfect exterior. She was so hot. I broke the kiss, breathing frantically, and unbuttoned her jeans. She helped me pull them off to reveal matching black lace panties and those long, athletic legs that I often eyed up on the bus.

"Lie down," she whispered, guiding me to the bed. She moves between my legs and I feel her planting a kiss on my lower tummy, just at my pantie line. I gasp, my chest falling and rising at such a fast yet shallow pace. My pussy is almost aching in anticipation. I feel her fingernails on my hips as she hooks her fingers under my waistband and pulls my panties down my legs and onto the floor. She spreads my legs wide, revealing my clean shaven pussy.

"So pretty and pink," Ally gasps quietly. I can feel her hot breath on my glistening folds. Just when I think I can wait no longer, I feel the intense heat of her hot, wet tongue sliding through my aching pussy lips. I moan immediately at the relief, as she slides her hot tongue up and down my slit. Lift my hips up, trying desperately to have a little pressure on my throbbing clit, but Ally puts her palm on my lower belly and pins me to the bed. She suddenly sucks one of my soaking wet lips into her mouth, teasing me gently. She pushes her tongue deeper into my folds, and I buck my hips when she brushes against my clit.

"Mmmm, is that good baby?" Ally moans into my pussy, making me tingle. I quickly nod and bite my lip. I can't help but look down at this beautiful woman, as she flicks my sensitive nub with her tongue, gently sucking me into her mouth. I feel two of her fingers teasing my entrance and I gasp.

"I'll be gentle," she murmurs, and I open my legs a little wider to let her in. She slowly pushes her fingers into my virgin pussy. It burns a little, and I whine quietly as I stretch to take her.

"Mmm you're so tight," Ally whispers as she curls her fingers up to rub my gspot. It feels so good, and I can't hold in my moans as she continues to flick my clit with her hot, wet tongue. I arch my back and buck my hips as I approach my first ever climax. I scream out in pleasure as my pussy tightens round Ally's fingers, and she sucks my clit into her mouth in respond. I whimper quietly as I come down from my high. Ally looks up at me from between my legs and I blush.

"That- was- aaaamazing," I gasp as she comes back up to lie beside me, and kisses me softly on the lips. I moan into the kiss, rubbing the back of her neck, and gently flipping us so I'm on top. I begin to kiss down her body but I freeze when I reach her pantie line.

"I- I've never done this before," I blush shyly.

She holds my cheek in her palm and smiles warmly. "Don't worry, just do what comes naturally... I'm sure I'll love it," she replies smirking. That smirk makes me melt every time! With slightly shaky hands, I gently pull her panties down her hips, and off onto the floor. My mouth drops open at the sight of a naked female this close up. She had such a perfect pussy, clean shaven except from a neat, dark little landing strip. I kiss the top of her smooth mound, surging with anticipation. I plant another kiss just at the top of her little slit. I love further down between her legs and she opens them wide, revealing how wet she already is. I lean closer and run the tip of my tongue up and down her glistening pussy lips. She moans softly in response, so I push my tongue in a little deeper between her folds, teasing her wet entrance. I lick her up and down, focussing on how good she tastes. Why didn't I try this before? My tongue finds her swollen clit and brushes over it, earning a gasp and a husky moan. I can't help but moan into her pussy from the arousal of tasting her and hearing her pleasure. My tongue works faster, flicking her clit over and over again. I slow down, and work my tongue round in circles right on top of her sweet spot. Her breathing gets faster and I see her knuckles grip onto the sheets. I move my tongue quicker and suddenly she arches her back, moaning loudly.

"Oh fuuuuck-ahh don't stop!" I suck her clit into my mouth, pushing her over the edge. Her legs shake uncontrollably as she calms down again.

"Did you" I stutter nervously. Her dark brown eyes lock with my baby blue ones and she nods. Her dark red lipstick is now faded and her creamy, flawless makeup exterior is beginning to rub off. In this moment, I've never been more attracted to someone. Does this make me a lesbian? My mind is reeling with questions. What does this mean now? As I lie beside this beautiful woman, I can't help but wonder what will come of this.

Find out in the next chapter!

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