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Kinsey and Emelia have a little fun together.
“I think that guy’s following us,” Emily said to me, casually glancing over her shoulder as we walked up to the walking paths viewing station. The viewing station was nothing fancy, just a simple information board about waist height, telling about the marsh land on the other side of the fence stretching out from either side of the station.

“I know that guy’s following us,” I said. It was the reason we’d left David back at the park, opting to take a little walk along the forested pathway that led into a larger hiking path. We both stood in front of the panel, pretending to look out into the marsh, but both of our attentions were on the man that sat down on the bench, just a little ways away from us, pretending interest in everything around, but us.

“Shouldn’t we like? Go back to dad or something? What if he’s dangerous?”

“I’m sure he’s harmless, hon,” I said. “Not to mention a little cute.” I paused. “Don’t you think he’s cute?”

“Kind of, I guess,” she said.

I reached out, turning slightly toward her, brushing her hair aside and lightly caressing her shoulder. “I put you in this dress to see if we could find a man attracted to you,” I admitted to her.

“I feel naked in it,” she said, her hands still folded in front of her. She felt naked in it for a reason. I put her in a fairly short, white sundress, designed so that you could kind of see through it. I asked her not to wear a bra or panties and it took little effort to see every detail of her luscious body. My dress was a slightly different color but just as see through. In all practicality, we may as well not be wearing anything.

“Do you like that he’s looking at your naked body beneath that dress?”

“A little,” she said. “It’s kind of embarrassing, but I still like that he keeps staring at me. I want him to. I’m just nervous.”

“What would you think about giving him a little show?” I asked her.

“What kind of show?” she asked me.

“Men love to watch pretty women kiss. We could try that,” I said, reaching my hand up again, caressing her cheek and staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

“You want us to kiss?” she asked me, unsure.

“I would like to kiss you, yes.”

“Like, kiss, kiss?”

“Yes,” I said, my breath catching. Asking her to kiss excited me. I wanted to feel her soft lips against my soft lips. Her tongue mixing with mine, the way she mixed tongues with her father. I wanted to know what my husband experienced first-hand and it was the entire reason I brought her out here, mixing possibilities with a man, along with the possibilities of me.

Emily turned her gaze from me, her head twisting slightly on her neck, her breath halting temporarily in her chest, possibilities in her eyes. I could see motivation there, stored and building, a soft and sweet smile perching in the corners of her lips as she contemplated things. Her wheels finished churning and she turned, backing into the fence, her elbows planting on the top railing. She leaned back, keeping her eyes on him, but talking to me. “Okay,” she said, her voice still a little nervous.

I looked over at the man as I moved in closer to Emily, understanding what Emily was interested in. She would kiss me, yes, giving me what I wanted, but it was him—the man watching us that she cared about. Not a natural born Lesbian. I was okay with that. Neither am I. I didn’t need her to prefer me over men. I just needed her to allow me to enjoy her tender skin—to know what she tasted like and possibly to taste me. I’d like that. Seeing her pretty face between my legs? The man on the bench watched me intently as I came in at her side, his slightly balding head drawing my attention briefly. An average man. A husband? A father, perhaps? I didn’t know, but I thought I could see a ring on his finger from where we were, sitting there inches from the bottom of his long sleeve, white shirt cuff. He looked a little dazed. Drunk with lust. Was he seeing my daughter Emily, or a daughter of his own? I wasn’t sure, but I kept one eye on him as I brought my lips closer to Emily’s cheek and I slid a hand onto her stomach to taunt and tease him a little—make him wonder how far things would go.

I pressed my lips against her cheek, partially open mouthed. A fluttery kiss as I slid my hand higher, dragging two fingers lightly against her dress, bringing my hand slowly up as she stood there willingly. Her breath quickened a little as she continued to stare him down, my hand bringing her body to attention. She turned her gaze away from him, presenting me with what I wanted. Her lips, luscious and full. She took a little initiative, guiding her lips closer to mine, letting her lips first touch against mine and holding them there, unmoving, as if unsure what to do next. Her breaths quickened a little more as my fingers began to circle around her breast, working around her hard nipple. I felt her tongue come forward as I left my mouth there for her, letting her kiss me however she wanted to. She licked her tongue against my upper lip, tracing it around the edge, eventually sliding her tongue further in to lick against my teeth and finally, my tongue. I kept my mouth there, enjoying the way she was working at exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue, me, standing there next to her, bending slightly to her, her neck arched back. Mine arched down.

“Touch me, mom,” she begged, her voice edged with desperation. “Touch me and kiss me back, please?”

Her far hand left the fence, coming in around to the back of my head, pulling me closer into her as I finally put my lips and tongue to motion, loving how soft she felt to me everywhere I was touching her. I started sliding my hand down, not stopping as my fingers felt the contours of her belly button. I kept going until I found the bottom hem of her dress, my fingers finding her inner thigh. David touching her flashed in my mind, fueling my curiosity. I expected Emily to be a virgin, but when David put his hand down her shorts, I would have sworn that his fingers went all the way into her, without obstruction. I wanted to know if she was still pure—a virgin and if not, why not? What happened and when?

I glided my fingers up to her slit and she parted her legs, easily, opening her stance as if inviting me in. She arched her head back, a moan escaping her lips as my fingers maneuvered between her pussy lips, teasing her clit a little. With her lips pulled from mine, I sought purchase, craving her skin again. I kissed her exposed neck and she turned her head slightly, presenting me with a target. I took it, biting her gently and she moaned out again, her body stiffening.

“Oh, God, Mom,” she cooed. “I can’t believe I’m letting you touch me like this!”

Her hips came forward a little, as if her loins were greedy for satisfaction and I still wanted to know—to feel it for myself, so I slid two fingertips into her. Her body jerked at the intrusion, but she didn’t lash back. She pivoted her hips into my hand, parting her legs a little more, inviting my fingers in further. I added a little pressure, pushing my two fingers into her tunnel a little further. No hymen. It wasn’t there anymore. Gone.

Emily’s hips began to move in little circles as I fed my fingers in and out of her. I kept suckling her neck and her breaths were coming in rasps and gasps.

“This feels so good, Mom,” she said. “I love you so much right now.”

“Because I’m doing this?” I asked her, my face raising back up next to hers. I pushed my fingers deeper into her. She hesitated for a moment, her eyes searching for my approval. I gave it to her with the way I stared back into her eyes.

“Yes,” she said, the word coming out quickly, with a snap at the end. “I like it when you tell me to do things I’m not supposed to do.”

“It feels like you’ve been doing things you’re not supposed to be doing without me telling you to,” I said. Her pussy clenched around my fingers when I said it, almost biting into them. Her eyes lulled and fluttered a little.

“I know,” she said, panting after, her breathing coming even faster. “I can’t help it. Are you mad?”

Her pussy felt so wet and hot inside. I kept fucking my fingers into her, pushing them a little deeper, loving the way her pussy kept trying to grip them tighter, as if trying to hold them in, or bring them in even further than they were already going.

“About my sweet daughter being a naughty little girl?”

“Yes,” she said again, just as quickly. “I like being naughty.”

“How naughty?” I asked her, partially wondering just how far she’d gone already without her father or I being there to guide her, a little envious and even jealous, wondering who it was that had taken her first experiences away from her father and I.

I reached in with my other hand, bringing it around to her backside. I slid my hand higher, first cupping her buttocks firmly, but not remaining there. I brought my fingers to her anus and watched her expression. She blinked several times in quick succession, but didn’t complain as I pushed a fingertip against her bunghole. She relaxed it, letting the tip of my finger in, fueling more greed within me. She pushed herself from the fence, back into an upright position, giving both of her holes to me and I felt her anus relax a little more, as if she’d even done things such as this before, providing me with one answer, but also with more questions. I slid my finger further in, adding a second.

She stared into my eyes as I began pumping both sets of fingers into her at the same time, two in her pussy, two in her butthole. She panted faster, making me crave my own satisfaction even more.

“I love doing this to you, Emily,” I admitted to her. “I love the way you feel. How soft you are, but mostly, how naughty you’ve become. I want you to be a naughty girl, Emily.”

“Oh, God,” she gasped, her body starting to twitch and spasm as an orgasm gripped her. I crammed both sets of fingers into her even more, pumping them in and pulling them out faster, her pussy squirting into my front hand. She snapped her legs together and grunted. I virtually had to hold her onto her feet as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She grabbed onto my shoulders, seeking more stability as her knees began to give out on her and she grunted a few more times as I felt her muscles contracting and releasing, over and over again.

It took her a minute. She clung to me as she waited for her strength to return. I kept both sets of fingers inside of her, almost out of necessity. To hold her up. Eventually, her strength returned and she stood on her own, finally enabling me to remove my fingers. The moment they were out, I felt the need to clean my fingers and I didn’t want to use my dress or hers. I brought the fingers that were in her pussy up to my lips, and sniffed them. She smelled sweet, as if her cunt were a bed of flowers. My hand was soaked, but that was better and she watched me intently as I began to lick my hand and fingers clean. When I was finished with that hand, Emily moved her attention to the other, as if wondering if I’d lick that one too. I teased her a little, bringing my hand up, but not toward my lips. I smiled at her devilishly and she smiled back, reaching up to take my hand in both of hers. She smelled my fingers and brought her tongue out, touching it against my fingers, parting those precious lips and bringing her mouth forward, her eyes locked onto mine as she took my fingers into her mouth, licking around them to clean whatever mess was there.

“Is there anything you won’t do, child?” I asked myself without speaking. “Any limits at all?”

My attention went back to our single member audience. He was still sitting there looking as stunned as I was.

“Has she ever?” I wondered. There was only one way to find out.

“Have you ever pleased a man orally?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said, removing my fingers from her hand.

“Can I watch you do it? With him?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said. “I’ll do whatever you ask me to.”

“Whatever I ask you to?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m your pet now. You can ask me to do whatever you want me to do.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, I want to watch you suck his cock.” I took her by the hand and walked her over to him. We came in and stood in front of him. He stared at us, his nerves making his lower lip twitch a little.

“I want my daughter to satisfy you,” I said. “As a thank you for watching us without trying anything.”

“Okay,” he said, as if he couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“Will you get down on your knees for Mommy?” I asked her.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said brightly, lowering herself in front of him. She placed her hands on his thighs, first staring up at him and then at me, sliding her hands up and down as if anticipating the next move.

“Take him out, sweetie. Be a good girl for Mommy.” I dropped down next to her, taking a moment to make sure nobody else was coming as Emily complied. She worked him out, letting me know this wasn’t her first zipper, or belt. She stroked him with both hands, looking at me for a new set of instructions. I didn’t want her to delay too long. I wasn’t sure why we hadn’t been interrupted up to that point, but it could change any time.

“Tell me what you want to do with it.”

“Suck on it,” she said cutely. “I want to taste him.”

“Have you ever swallowed it before?” I wondered aloud. I got down on my knees next to her, bringing my hands to my thighs. I slid two fingers into myself, my pussy immediately gripping my fingers as I finally felt some kind of friction where I wanted it.

“Yes,” she said. “Always. It’s not as messy that way.”

“Put him in your mouth, sweetie,” I said to her. Emily looked forward, as if she had an ice cream cone in front of her. She leaned forward, her lips parting easily and she took him in. He leaned back a little more, giving her head more room as she slid her mouth down over his cock.

“Put your hands on her head. As long as your nice about it, you can have a little control over her.”

He did as I asked, his eyes questioning me only momentarily. He placed both hands over her head and began guiding her up and down slowly. I loved seeing his cock disappearing into her mouth. He had a decent cock. Not too big. Not too small. Right where it needed to be for her to take him in all the way to his base. I watched and wondered, his ring flashing into my awareness again as I fingered myself, giving myself some much needed pleasure.

“Do you have a daughter of your own?” I asked him. He blinked a few times as his mind shifted, going from what she was doing, to what I was asking him.

“Yes,” he said, his voice straining.

“How old?”

“About her age,” he said. “Maybe a little younger, but close in age.”

“She’ll do this for you too,” he said.

“Oh my God,” he gasped, his words issuing in a hurry. He bit back the orgasm that was starting to gather within him, wanting the moment to last as long as he could make it last. “How would you know that?”

“Girls her age are curious about sex. They want to know what it’s like and a part of them automatically wishes for someone they trust to teach them. To show them how to love and be loved. Trust me, your daughter secretly wishes you would stop telling her what not to do and start showing her how to do what she wants to do.”

“Fuck!” he grunted, holding Emily’s head down as he came into her mouth. She remained there without trying to yank back as he dumped his seed into her throat. When he was finished, he let her head go and Emily came away, wiping her slobber and some of his cum from her lip.

“I want to,” he said as he looked at Emily again, longing in his eyes. “I just don’t think I should.”

“And why is that?” I asked him, standing up again and brushing the leaves from my dress. Emily stood up to, doing the same.

“It’s just wrong?” he said. “Everybody knows that.”

“Wrong? To teach your daughter how to love? And even the kind of man she should love? No, my friend. It’s not wrong.”

“The kind of man?” he said as if he didn’t’ understand.

“You’re a good man, are you not?”

“I’d like to think so, otherwise I would have, uh…”

“Stop thinking of it that way. You’re attracted to her for a reason. It’s not fair to tell your daughter how to have sex. The birds and the bees is enough when they’re young, but as girls become teenagers, the information their parents gave them only makes them want to know what it’s like, but by then, most parents start going in the opposite direction, holding them back and telling them what they shouldn’t be doing, which frustrates them and causes them to rebel. Don’t fall into that trap. You don’t want your daughter rebelling, do you?”

“No,” he said. “Definitely not.”

“Good man. Because if she rebels, she’ll start choosing men opposite from you, instead of just like you.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start,” he said.

“Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. When you’re alone with her. Encourage to express that in the way she dresses. And then hint that maybe you like the way she dresses a little too much and that maybe she shouldn’t dress that way when you are alone with her. She’ll get the message and if she does it anyway, you’ll know she’s interested in letting you be a real father for her.”

We said our goodbyes without ever asking his name and he left Emily and I to talk—something we needed to do. We sat on the bench together and I turned to face her, casting an arm over the backrest of the bench.

“Fill in the gaps for me,” I said. “There’s clearly a few things about you I don’t know.”

“Are you mad?” she asked me. She reached down and plucked a dandelion from the path in front of us and sat back up, staring at it as she began to pull petals from it.

“Hon. I just had you give a blowjob to a complete stranger at a park.”

“I know,” she said. “I never knew you could be this much fun.”

“And I never thought you would be this willing.”

“I like being asked to do naughty things,” she admitted.

“So, clearly there is some other person in your life asking you to do things. Who?”

“A girl at my school. An older girl. She was held back, so she was older than she was supposed to be and in a grade ahead of me. She’ll be in the high school next year. I’m gonna miss her.”

“Do you like girls, Emily?” I asked her. “If so, it’s okay. You can tell me.”

“No, it’s not like that. I mean, yeah. I think I love her, so it’s kind of weird, but I’ve never even kissed her and she’s never touched me like we did today or anything. I’ve never even thought about kissing her.”

“I’m confused,” I said. “I think you should start from the beginning.”

“Her locker is next to mine and we started off not even being friends really. She was always giving me a hard time when we were getting stuff out of our lockers and stuff. She roll her eyes every time I came up to her, so one day I asked her why she hated me so much. What I ever did to make her not like me. She just rolled her eyes again and said it was because I was such a pet. A goody goody and a little girl, because we did have a couple of classes together and the teachers always picked me to do things for them.”

“That’s not a reason for her to not like you, Emily.”

“That’s what I told her. And I also told her that just because I do things for the teachers doesn’t mean I’m a goody goody. That conversation happened before school started. You and Dad always take me to school when you go in, so I’m always there early and so is she. Anyway, she dared me to prove it and I was mad, so I said I would and asked her how I could. She got this look in her eye, kind of like the looks you’ve been getting with me lately. She took me by the hand and pulled me down the hallway. There weren’t a lot of kids there yet, but some were starting to show up. She took me to where the bathrooms were, but she didn’t take me into the girl’s bathroom. She took me into the boys. I was getting a little scared by then, but kind of excited too. I always wondered what the boy’s bathroom looked like and I couldn’t stop staring at the urinals. They looked funny to me. Well, anyways,” she said, shaking her head. “There were three guys in there, all smoking cigarettes even though it’s against the rules, but I guess we weren’t in there to police them. Jasmine demanded I get down on my knees and I asked her for what. She said I either had to prove I wasn’t a goody goody and do what she said or just admit that I was a scared little girl and that I had to call myself that from then on if I didn’t do it. So, I did it. I got down on my knees. The boys were all looking at us like we were crazy. She told me to open my mouth and to leave it open. I didn’t understand why, but I was tired of her being a bitch to me, so I just did it and then she told me I had to kneel there and leave it open, no matter what, or she was going to start teasing me even more and calling me even more names. That actually bothered me, because I was having a hard enough time getting people to like me as it was. It’s not easy being the kid of two teachers, you know. Anyway, then she told one of the guys in there to put out his cigarette and to come and put it in my mouth. At first, I thought she was talking about letting him put his cigarette butt in my mouth, but I was relieved when he tossed it into the urinal, and then it hit me what she wanted him to put in my mouth.”

“You still stayed on your knees?”

“Yeah, actually. Mom, once I knew that, I wanted to stay on my knees. I like boys, Mom. A lot and I know I’m not supposed to, but I get curious about them, so I watch videos to see what it’s like. My favorite part of the videos is when girls suck on them. I love watching it and when I was on my knees, all I could think about was having one in my own mouth. For real. So, yeah. I knelt there like she asked me to and I waited for him to put it into my mouth. I didn’t know why, but as he did, he told me to just hold my mouth open and let him use it the way he wanted to—to just keep it as wide open as I could, so I did and as he started doing it, putting it into my mouth and humping into my head, it like … turned me on so much that I couldn’t stop myself from playing with my pussy. I came twice, harder than I ever did when I watched videos. The real thing was like … so much better. Anyway, he came a lot and it gushed out of my mouth, because I wasn’t expecting it and I even gagged on it, but at the same time, I liked how much I was able to make him cum, like it meant that I did a good job for him. Jasmine started taking her fingers and scooping his cum back into my mouth after he pulled away from me. She told me I had to swallow it all, otherwise I was wasting it. She said a good slut never wastes a man’s cum, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t like that I liked the taste all that much. I just liked that it was his cum and that I had it in my mouth, so I did swallow it. I wanted to be naughty like the girls in the videos and it made me happy that I was finally getting to do something I wanted to do. Anyway, she said I had to swallow all of the next one without her helping me, otherwise she was never going to like me. So, I tried. When the next guy came in my mouth, I tried to swallow it all, but it was still too much and it came out too fast. I still spilled some out of my mouth, but Jasmine said I did it a little better and that it was okay, because it took her a few times to get it right too. On the third guy, I was determined to get it right, but she didn’t let me. Instead, she took care of that guy to show me how to do it right. By then, two more guys came in and while she was sucking the third guy off, I sucked one of the new ones off. After we made those guys cum, we both took care of the last one together. We’ve been best friends ever since and we pretty much spend every morning on our knees together in the boy’s bathroom, usually sucking on them, but … doing other things too.”

“Emily, I’m not mad at you for doing that, but school isn’t the place. A teacher could come in.”

“One did, one time, but usually I think the teachers are pretty busy at that time in the morning.”

“Wait? A teacher came in?”

“Yeah,” she said, giggling. “It’s probably a good thing it was dad.”

“Oh, really, now,” I said, turning in the seat, gazing down the path to where I knew he was sitting. “I guess your father and I have a lot more talking to do.”

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1 negative point is you seemed to have skipped a section between part 2 and 3 as was very linear but rhen broken apart there... but really great story and kept me hard reading all so far.. keep going... maybe dial back the full school slut and more of the sexual awakening ... its where the story breaks down

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