"The Night I First Squirted"
When I was 13, my family and I went to a family reunion that was thrown by my uncle. I'm not going to tell you his name because he's known, and he supports me. I was always a big snoop since I was a little girl. I wasn't looking for anything to steal, I was just curious. By the time night fell, everyone was pretty drunk, so I decided to snoop around my uncle's room.

The closet was the first thing that intrigued me, so that was the first place I went for. The closet was very clean and organized. I noticed a big box and opened the flaps to see what I could find. My jaw dropped open as I looked at the biggest collection of porn I'd ever seen. I picked up a magazine that had a picture of a woman with a cock in her mouth on the cover. I brought it over to the light from the closet door, and I noticed that the woman had cum all over her face. I lifted my dress, pulled my panties down to my thighs, and I fingered my clit with one hand as my other hand held the magazine open. My hips rocked back and forth as I looked at the picture of the woman with cum on her face. I stopped to open up the magazine, and almost dropped it when I saw that dick she was sucking on on the cover, was buried inside her cunt.

My fingers were working so fast on my clit, and my heavy breathing was echoing along the closet walls, that I didn't hear the bedroom door open. The voice snapped me back into reality. I knew I was busted now. I put the magazine back quietly as I walked to the closet door. I peeked out to see that my uncle wouldn't have seen me anyway, unless he was really looking for me. In his arms, He carried my 7 year old cousin Sophia. She had her arms wrapped around his neck as he kissed her gently on the cheek.

I knew what was going on...I've seen the things those two do under everyone's noses...the way he kisses her...the way she moves her hips when she sits in his lap...the reason they're so quiet when the blanket is thrown over them in the car when we take little trips to the stores...I KNEW!!!

I just couldn't believe that I was finally going to be able to see what these two are up to now. Sophia had on a white gown, white socks, and when my uncle lifted her gown, I noticed that she had on white panties. She laid on the bed as he spread her little legs. He rubbed her panty-covered clit as soft AHH's escaped from her lips. I saw her eyes glow and a smile cross her face as my uncle molests Sophia's little virgin pussy with his fingers They move to one side and I could see everything that his hand is doing to her as he opens her up.

That pussy was so pink and wet, that my mouth began to water. I lifted up my dress again (my panties were still pulled down to my thighs) and I just quietly masturbated as I watched my cousin get molested because the look on her face just told me how much she really enjoyed it...she loved it.

Her toes curled and uncurled as my uncle bent down and licked her clit. Her legs came up, then stretched back out rhythmically as he pleasured her. Her eyes grew wide and shone like diamonds. My clit was hard and standing as I fingered it with long, slow strokes. I tried not to breathe hard, but it was very hard not to do because I was so excited, my heart was beating very fast that I could hear it, and I was afraid that they'd hear it, too. My uncle tried to stick his pinky into her little hole, but she squeezed her legs together. "AHHH!!! Uncle *****, IT HURTS!" she yelled out barely audible. He apologized and kissed her owwie. She laughs. He stood up and pulled down his jeans, and his cock bounced out. He laid down on his back and Sophia moved closer to him and took his cock in her hand.

I felt something dripping down my legs and I reached down to wipe it up...It was my own juices...and I was so wet that two fingers slid into me with such great ease...and it felt so good.

Sophia jacked my uncle off as his pre-cum coated both of her hands. I saw her lean forward as she licked a little bit of his pre-cum, but she grimaced because she didn't like the taste. I wish that was me jacking him off. I'd let him do anything he wanted to me. He had his eyes closed as she stroked his cock faster and faster, and my cunt became wetter and wetter as I heard the wet sounds of stickiness. My uncle then grabbed both of Sophia's hands as he grunted out loud, "I'M CUMMING, AHHHH!!! I'M CUMMING SOPHIE!!! AHHH! AHHH!!!", and he really was, too. A look of shock came over Sophia's face as uncle's cum shot all over his chest. What happened next was something I never dreamed possible...

...As I watched my uncle cum, I fingered my pussy so hard and so very fast, that I could hear my wetness as my fingers kept hitting a spot I never felt or found before. It felt like electricity shot through my body every time I touched this spot. I went numb, my limbs turned to jell-o, the lights changed color, and my stomach began to contract. I covered my mouth with both hands as a powerful orgasm pulled me in. I leaned against the wall to keep from falling over. My heavy breaths were timed to my uncle's moans. My legs were soaked, but with what? I lifted up my dress to see that I soaked the rug below me, and my legs were covered, not with a liquid, but a cream...FROM WHERE? I felt my pussy and realized I was still cumming. My hole opened and closed, and every time it did, more of the cream shot out. I heard the bedroom door open, and my uncle telling Sophia to go back to her room. He then headed for the shower in his room. I could not move. I stood there cumming and cumming after what I had just saw, and I could not believe that I witnessed the whole thing. I was so turned on that I wanted to fuck my uncle right then and there...but he was probably worn out, especially after noticing how much he came.

As soon as I heard the water run, I grabbed an armful of the magazines and ran to the room that was given to me for our stay. I locked the door, took off my dress, grabbed a hand-held mirror and I laid on the bed with spreaded legs, looking at my pussy. It was sticky. Gobs of my cum still clung to my pussy lips as I smear it around my clit again. I sank a finger inside my pussy to find that spot that made me squirt like that. I found it and rubbed it gently and it felt so fuckin' good...I decided to take my nightly shower.

That night, I found out what made me cum like that. While reading one of my uncle's magazines that I snagged, I read about that spot that most women have trouble finding, or can't find at all...the G-Spot. Well, I found mine and I was going to use it to my full advantage...Maybe, I'll show Sophia where hers is at...anyway, I am feeling very tired right about now.

My poor uncle. I bet he's in his room right now, wanting to fuck someone. I hope he finds his magazines missing. I hope he comes into my room looking for them. Something tells me he's coming in my room tonight. I pull my nightgown up past my chest...exposing my little petite body...I'm not wearing a bra or panties...I leave the covers off...spread my legs...and I wait. I wait for my uncle to come molest me tonight. PLEASE, UNCLE...COME TO MY ROOM AND CUM IN ME!!!


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2011-10-24 14:22:56
This doesn't seem real at all.

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2011-03-27 04:21:35 I reread it..and then layed on my bed..jerking off.
It woke my daughter Susan. She is just 8. I let her watch me jerk off....she was actually rubbing her cunt as I did it. Her mom was at grandma's for the weekend. I never fucked Susan, no, I just had her take her panties off...I fingered her cunt until she did cum. I am going to fuck her soon. No condom.

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2010-09-01 17:13:13
Just a little bit past the f spot and ahead of the h spot

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2008-08-26 13:18:35
where is G-spot?


2008-04-09 05:48:10


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