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Nicola is a whore plain and simple. A recent transfer, she will use her tits, pussy, mouth and ass to rule the school
Chapter 1 –

Nicola took a long deep breath. Today was the day where she had to start all over again. She had been the queen of her old High School, popular, attractive, athletic, every single movie popular girl ever created, couldn’t hold a candle to her. Leaving behind her subjects and royal court was painful and she hated her father for agreeing to relocate so easily. But she would use that pain and anger to conquer Springbrook High School.

“Good luck”

My mother’s angelic voice offered little comfort, neither did her perfect smile. I offered no reply, partly because her words were so generic, they warranted no response; partly because I wanted her feeling of guilt to continue as it was resulting in some great preferential treatment. In the 6 weeks before the move to Springbrook, I’d gone out most nights until well past curfew, returned home quite a few times drunk and been caught with 2 different boys in my bed. The normal punishments had been forgone and a talking too seemed to have sufficed. I wanted to see how long she could milk it.

“Nicola, come on, we had no choice but to move, and you’ll make friends in no time at all.”

I started moving my lips to respond but my mom’s attention had already been snapped away. I followed her gaze and spotted a hot boy walking past the front of the car.
Like mother like daughter I guess. I took after my mother in so many ways it was scary. I had her dirty blond hair, her sense of style, her dry sense of humour, her ridiculously busty chest and apparently the same taste in men. Although her marriage to my father used to puzzle me, not a particularly attractive man, average was the perfect word.

Audrey Jones was so far above average it made women sick. Petite but not short, her waste remained slim and toned at all times, her giant E size breasts and thick ass made men swoon. A perfect smile, deep emerald green eyes, even I was jealous and I was damn hot. I had gotten her tits and ass sure, and my youthful features were a hit with all. But she just had an aura around her. Given the choice, I was sure all my exes would have preferred a night with my mom and it always hit a nerve.

The mystery of why she had settled for my father was answered around a year ago. I walked in one night after leaving my friends at the movies; I hadn’t been feeling well so made the trip home early. I walked into the den at home to find my mother kissing 9 hard inches of my dad. I didn’t say a word, they didn’t notice me.

My mum took as much of him in her pretty mouth as possible, and impressive 7 inches slid down her throat. Another thing we have in common, we can both take a cock down. I stood peeking around the door for around 20 minutes as I watched the greatest porno I’d ever seen unfold. Her eyes bulging and watering as she kept his dick in her mouth, Dad simply kept her in place, no regard for her well-being. Gagging and spluttering he didn’t care and she didn't seem to either.
He toyed and flicked her little nipples with earnest making her shiver and tingle, manhandling her like some rag doll. Squeezing and grabbing her giant tits, he treated her like a whore and she loved it. She kept a hand on his giant cock stroking slowly not to keep him hard, just to enjoy the feel of the monster in front of her.

His patience must have drawn thin as he squeezed her little nipples and pulled up. She screamed until she reached her feet. This must have been a usual thing as no explanation was offered or expected. He stepped closer to her incredible body and tickled her slit with the tip of his prick. Her knees began shaking to the point she had to steady herself with her hands on his biceps; she lifted her leg to create the necessary space for his cock. The tip found the entrance; he stopped there, not pushing into her just holding her in place with his thick head.

“What do you want?”

“I want your cock”

“Ahhh, so you don’t need it then, so you can wait can you?””

“Steven please, I need that cock in me, please I’m so wet”


“Steven please, in my pussy”

“No, no, no, a whore’s isn’t called a pussy is it?”

“In my cunt Steven, please!”

My mother had been reduced to a shell of the women I knew. The strong, confident and radiant goddess was now some quivering cock junkie.
My dad slid himself into her cunt, inch by exquisite inch. My mother looked distressed and on the verge of tears, half from the slow torture she’d endured waiting for her fill and half because the giant rod looked too big to take. Her face contorted and her breathing stopped, she couldn’t take it all, she was going to give up. Somehow it slid the entire way in; she must have been dripping wet.

Instead of quitting like I expected, she smiled like a Cheshire cat once filled. A relaxing mood entered her body. How had she done that!

My own cunt was tingling and my nipples felt as if on fire.

My dad pulled his hips back to remove a few inches and then slowly pushed back. Mom looked like she’d stepped into a warm bath on a cold night; relaxing and soothing. She was at his whim, his slow easy sliding wasn’t going to make her cum but the sensation was something to be savored.

He moved another inch out and back in around every 5 or so strokes, increasing the pressure in her cunt. Moaning as he did, her heavy breasts started moving higher and faster to match her breaths. She cupped his face adding passion to the moment.

“Steve this is too much”

“Take it, whore, your job is to take it”

His harsh words broke the tenderness and he replaced it with harder strokes. She didn’t seem to mind the mood change. His heavy balls swung in-between her legs as a sweet smacking started echoing from their thighs hitting one another.

9 Inches were slamming into my mother’s cunt with ease, and she loved it, I hated my mother more than I’d ever hated anyone at that moment. I thought I was the crazy sexual one, something I would always have over my prim and proper mother, it turns out she could take a bigger cock than me and fuck better too.

“Fuck Steven, I’m going to cum”

This spurred my father on; he grabbed that perfect ass and made every stroke deep and hard.


My mother’s scream hit supersonic levels; her hands gripped my father’s hair as her orgasm took hold. Her nipples hardened as her hips moved to meet my father’s strokes. Her orgasms made the timing go off as a frantic mash of hips combined.

I started to slip my own hand down my jeans to feel my wetness and my swollen client.

“Oh fuck baby” she moaned

A sweet smile had taken over her face like a child that had finally got her way.

“We’re not done yet”

A look of despair washed over her face.

“Time for you to cum in my mouth baby?”

He pushed her to the ground so she landed on all fours, her massive tits still swinging, her nipples brushing the carpet.

“Baby please I’m sore, please””

It fell on deaf ears. My father rammed his monster dick straight into my mom’s cunt, her back stiffened, her pussy must have been sore and no matter how wet from her orgasm, it was taking its toll.

Dad rammed harder and harder as my mother's moans and grunts got louder and louder.

“Please, Steven, let me finish you with my mouth, I’ll deep throat all of you, please.”

“Whores get fucked, just take it.”

Mum started to tear up as the monster tore into her cunt. The sound of smashing skin almost made the occasion melon collie until;

“I'm cumming, fuckkkkkkk!!!!”

Mum started convulsing and shaking as another orgasm exploded from her cunt. Dad kept on slamming her keeping the pace the same, I fucking loved that and so did mom apparently. He slapped her ass hard but she was cumming too hard to scream. Dad was getting close; he grabbed moms silky hair to help slam into her dripping cunt.

“Ahhh baby cum for me”

Mom barely got the words out as her poor cunt continued to be stretched and abused.

“Don’t tell me what to do”

He licked his finger and poked it towards her tiny puckered ass hole,

“NO!! Steven, never my ass.”

He wasn’t listening; he poked his finger tightly into her little hole. Mom’s words may have said no, but her body shook and another orgasm started to take hold, she started to scream as her body looked like it couldn’t handle more pleasure. She was going to pass out soon.
By luck of the draw, dad started to speed up and I knew he was close, mom sensed it too.

“Cum on me baby.”

Dad started groaning and thankfully pushed my mom’s bouncing ass away. She spun straight away relief rushed over her; she lifted her heavy tits and pouted her lips. Dad rubbed his dick until hot juice exploded from the tip. The first splash landed flush on mom’s lips and she instantly started to lick the nectar. The next four or five landed on her giant tits. She shook them in front of my panting dad. Showing her rewards for taking that monster. She started to suck the tip hard which made my dad grown in pain. Payback for the brutal fucking he’d given her no doubt.
He pushed her away and they both smiled at each other. I slipped away to hide in my room to rub my pussy until morning.

Chapter 2 – Shock and awe

I snapped back to reality, mom was still staring at the boy. I opened the car door and stepped out.

An I love you was cut off by the closing of the door. I looked towards my new world, the hot summer sun rained down, it was pleasantly warm. I’d taken full advantage of the brilliant weather; denim hot pants showed off my tanned legs and drew instant attention to my bouncy ass. A cute pink tank top that showed too much cleavage was my weapon of choice. It was around two sizes too small in reality, but that was the point, so I guess it was a perfect size. My stomach wasn’t as toned as my mother’s but it was slim. I’d pulled my hair into a tight ponytail but the sun kept hitting the blonde streaks.

Judging by the reactions of the boys walking past as I stood to soak the sun in. I could win over half of the student body with just my assets. I’d probably have to tease a few of the popular boys, sleep with 1 or 2 but it wouldn’t be a challenging task.

Sex and beauty were my biggest weapon and I had no problem using them. The girls were a different story not rendered useless by tits or a blowjob. It would take more to claim the top spot among them.

I entered the school and walked over to the reception desk in the corner. A kind elderly woman gave me my timetable and directions to my first class. She did however give a disapproving look at my outfit but was too kind to outright say it was inappropriate.

My first 2 classes were uneventful; they offered little advantage to my goal so it wasn’t a big issue. Lunch offered me my chance to do my work.
I surveyed the battleground; every high school was the same, nerds, band geeks, goths. They all took their place and didn’t mingle. Then in the corner, I found my prey. They were easy to spot, widespread, loud, the popular boys. I found the lead, a muscular, brown haired boy. Good bone structure. If I wanted this school to be mine, I had to take the alpha male.

I walked over, not a hint of hesitation in my stride. The volume died down as they realised I was coming over to them.

“Hi, I’m new here can I sit with you guys? You look friendly.”

The silence lasted for longer than I expected. My outrageous gesture broke all the status quo. A girl with the Jocks, a new girl talking to the popular boys. A new girl talking to anyone.

I took a seat in-between two of them, one, a very handsome blonde boy, swimmers body I expected. The other a big faced muscle bound hulk, D-line probably.
Finally, the one I expected to be their leader spoke.

“I haven’t seen you around here before; maybe I should give you the tour, let you see some the sights.””

“No thanks, I’m sure anything you can show me would be a big disappointment.”

The rest of the table laughed and playfully pushed him around. Make him think he would never have a chance and he’ll keep coming back.
I started eating my lunch and flirted my ass off with every single one of them. I made sure that the second one thought they had my attention I snapped it to another. Kyle the leader stayed silent throughout, not giving me a word. I took a sip of my water and let a little slip down chin right into my cleavage. His eyes widened and I made sure to let him see I’d caught him.

Time to up the ante, as the conversation turned to the previous weekend's party. The joker of the bunch at the head of the table started to regale them all with a hilarious anecdote I’m sure. While most the attention was on him I reached to my right to the handsome boy that sat on the last space on our side of the table. I reached straight for his cock and started to fondle it gently. He stiffened with surprise. I’d of loved to have seen his reaction but I kept my eyes focused and Kyle. He soon met my gaze and could tell something was a little off. Handsome was starting to breath heavier as his cock grew hard in my hand.

He was around 5 inches when hard and wasn’t circumcised, shame he’d only get a hand job. Feeling a soft foreskin inside you is exquisite. Kyle was shifting uncomfortably; he wanted my hand to on his cock. Handsome was starting to get close, pre-cum was seeping out of his head. I bit my lower lip to see Kyles reaction. Looking at handsome and back to me quickly, he knew what was going on for sure.

Handsome’s hips started to move as I felt his cock jerk in my hand, cum spurted onto his shorts and over the top of my gripped hand. He’d cum quickly especially considering how slow I had been going to not let anyone else apart from Kyle know what I was doing.

I took my hand out of his shorts, Kyle’s and my eyes never moved. My hand still had some cum on it, I took it straight to my mouth, Kyle’s eyes burned with lust.

“Thanks for the company boys, I’m sure you enjoyed it more than me, feel free to stare at my ass as payment.”

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