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Kimberly is out for a little jog when it starts raining. So she decided to hide out in an abandoned barn.
It was once human. Now it really didn't know what it was.
Its life as a human only lived on through a couple memories. Most of its human life was forgotten. It mainly staged swamps and lakes though.
One of its last memories of a human was being in a lab. Pain. Being tortured. That was when the mouth appeared where his throat was. It took about a week. But it ended up meeting his first mouth making a triangular gape filled with triangular teeth. His tongue long and free. It even remembered when his arms split open into three different appendages. The bones receding to form an exoskeleton.
Never had he felt such pain. His legs cracked into a bipedal state.
Since then he needed to be in water. Thin scales formed and its muscles became dense. Now it was able to bend steel. Run through the woods like a moongoose on open road. Trap and kill. A telepathic ability to see into the minds of its victims. As they die their whole life flashes in its mind. The start to the creatures desensitized state of carnage. Another sense it had developed was a sense of mental suggestion. Planting thoughts into its victims mind. It became a top predator.

It had been this way for years now. Since 1970. It had no clue what year it was now however.
After its escape it had been running and hunting ever since.
It was effective. Dangerous, and rarely thought anymore. It had attacked many humans. Killed few. Only in winters where the hunger took over.
In thunder storms however it was free to go as far as it wanted for as long as it wanted. Following the system for as long as it could.
It had been in a swamp for the past week hunting fish here and there. Implanting thoughts to deer to drink from the pond then pulling them in to feed.
But when it felt the static in the air and the overcast coming. It waited patiently near the surface. When the first raindrop rippled the water. It sprung out.
On the move again as fog rolled in fast.
It barely made a sound swiftly sprinting through the woods. A wet squirrel in its path. A tentacle whipped out grabbing it and shoved it into its gapping maw.
Winters and trees and gathered acorns flashed through its mind. Seconds it was gone.
Birds in nests anything it saw was eaten.
And the life of that bird flashed as soon as its tentacles touched the birds.

Kimberly was jogging like she usually did. Wearing grey and trimmed white booty short made of spandex. A sports bra that made her cleavage bounce. She was a mulatto girl with carmel skin and pink nails. Her hair tussled in a ponytail and wearing white sneakers.
She ran down this road everyday. She had seen the clouds in the distance but figured the rain would just pass them by.
She was a bit dismayed when the rain started to fall and thunder sounded.
But up ahead there was an old abandoned farm that she figured she could take refuge at.

It popped out of the treeline its eyes darting around.
An old farm the paint long gone. A couple windows broken out. A scarecrow post outside. It sprinted towards the farm going into the open barn.
To no avail however did it see animals to eat.
Not until it heard a deer bleating outside.
Its head racked around and in an instant the creature was out of the door.
The deer took a few steps forward surveying its surroundings when the creature tackled it to the ground. The deer didn't even get to whine in protest as the tentacles broke its neck.
It started feeding. Wasting no time. It took sections of meat at a time. Wrapping the tentacles around as boney thorns came from its tentacles and ripped open the flesh as the tentacles tightened around the dead animal.
It fed for a couple minutes before it sensed something else near.
It looked over seeing a woman.

Kim jogged up looming around as the rain intesnsified. She saw something laying on the ground over in the field. But she honestly didn't care to check the spot of interest. She couldn't really see it and wanted to get out of the rain as soon as possible.
She got up to the farmhouse the lock already busted open.
Her and a few friends partied there a few times in the past.
She liked it except for the scarecrow that sat in the living room.
Drunk she danced in front of it on a dare. Since then she kind of felt like it was staring at her though.
Even though she knew that was simply silly.
She walked in wringing out her hair quick. The floor had old stained rugs. The little furniture that was left was trashed ripped and stained.
Raindrops pelted the roof as a roll of thunder passed.
She looked over to see the scarecrow in the rocking chair. She smiled casually spitting on the rotting floor. She shook her head before walking to the stairs where she could watch the storm from up stairs.

The creature saw a lot of flesh. However even though it felt hunger. It also felt another feeling long forgotten.
It slithered through an open window.
It slowly approached the scarecrow. Putting a tendril to the spit a memory flashed past its mind.
A memory of her dancing for the scarecrow.
It looked down at the scarecrow with a tilt to its head. A potato sack with two circular eyeholes ripped. A jackolatern mouth sewn in black. An an old worn leather hat.

Kimberly was watching the storm happily when she heard floor boards creaking downstairs.
With a tad of concern she started down the stairs.

The creature watched at the soaking wet girl slowly descend down the stairs. A loud crunch of the wood pressing together with each step.
Her eyes peering around oblivious to it.

Kimberly didn't see anyone yet when she got down the stairs.
She stopped herself from saying something, nervous.
She finally spoke up.
The howl of the wind was the only reponse, followed by a low rumble of thunder.
She looked to the scarecrow seeing it was soaked.

The creature sent its thoughts out to her.
"Its nothing."

She scoffed at "herself" before saying.
"It probably was wet before I came in. I dunno."
She turned around taking a step. She felt something under her foot and looked down seeing the scarecrows hat at her feet. She then felt a stiff breeze from the busted open window.

The creature watched as she bent over. Immediately going to its feet.
Her ass peeking under her booty short with wide hips and narrow waist. Her legs long an thick. A tiny gap as the seem of the shorts rode between her ass cheeks.
It swiftly unveiled a tentacle starting at her gap and firmly rode it up.
A plethora of memories of sex when it was alive popped into its mind. And her memories of the act as well.
Throwing into her mind, "whatever that was will kill me."

Kimberly popped up, fear taking over. She spun around seeing the scarecrow standing before her.
She took a single step back.
"Oh my god!" she cried, her mind racing with wide eyes.
"Go to your knees." it croaked.
Her hands were up wanting to push it and run. But a primal sense of survival and fear of death she slowly went to her knees, closing her eyes.
The creatures memories had given it enough to go on as it pulled out its member. Slick long and like a tentacle in itself. It took a step forward. She opened her mouth to scream something when it shoved its member into her mouth.
She garbled as he eyes shot open looking at the cock sliding into her mouth. She tried to protest but the member kept getting deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat.
It used the tips of one of its tentacles to put pressure on the back of her head.
She closed her eyes again trying to let out a scream her hands up in disgust. But its grip kept her head bobbing back and forth. Feeling her soft wet mouth. Panicy little tongue moving about. Her lips a buffer along its phallus. The vibrations from her mouth.
It groaned in a deep gurgle.
Another tentacle unveiled where its other wrist would be. It slithered out and slowly slid down her back feeling her stable frame of soft flesh.
It stared down at the curves of her butt arching out and popping.
Its tentacle slid between the curves of her crack slowly and firmly going down to her slit. Feeling her snatch under the spandex.
Its tentacle curved and wriggled into her.

Kimberly suddenly stopped struggling so much. Fear of how it was reaching her ass even though it was stand straight. Her eyes flicked up seeing the tentacles coming out of the sleeves.
'Oh my god! It's a fucking monster!' her mind screamed. It suddenly wasnt about the humilation and violation. She knew she was in true trouble. She knew she had to do anything to survive.
So past any sort of mental judgements she summited to it. She closed her eyes and began to suck on its member. Feeling its tentacle rubbing and writhing on her slit.
She felt her pussy begin to get hot. She began to move her pelvis around not really in control of it. Whether she liked it or not she need to move. She however knew, her body was responding.
Which caused her to suck harder. She sucked and slurped grasping its member.
Another tentacle revealed itself and whapped her right ass cheek.
She felt the tentacle at her slit slowly move up and slip into her spandex shorts down her crack again. Then down her thigh wrapping around the spandex shorts. Tearing them from her supple body. Only leaving a white thong.
Wincing at the pain of the short being torn off of her she slid her hand back to moving the thong to the one of her ass cheeks.
Its first tentacle slowly touched her wet hot slit.
She shivered in anticipation.
It slowly began to enter her pussy as she gave out a moan.
The other tentacle slapping her bare ass. It then began to slide between her ass cheeks. Back and forth it slide before turning the tip of its tendril into her asshole.

Kimberly was already moaning on its cock from the tentacle wiggling in her pussy. She was never a huge fan of anal however its tentacle slide in swiftly with not as much pain as she imagined. Maybe it was the fear. Or the rising pleasure from her pussy. Or a survival mindset making her feel less pain.
Whatever it was, the tentacle in her ass was feeling good other then losing her breath a little.
The two tentacles began pumped on an alternating rhythem. Another tentacle came out slapping her ass again with a loud healthy smack.
Her eyes began to flutter back a bit her breathed being taken into a bit of a gasp.
A satisfied moan started from her when she felt the monster shoot a load into her mouth. She immediately pulled from it coughing some up. Most of it already draining down her throat.
Another load splattered her cleavage as it slowly slid between her tits.
The free tentacle slid under her shirt. Wrapping around it but this time pushing its talons to the surface and tore the front of the shirt open. It retracted the talons that ran along the edges of its tentacles. Wrapping them under her arm lifting her up.
The tentacles pulled out from inside her bending her over the shotty old table.
It held her down her a moment tentacles seizing each body part and her head to the table.
Its incredibly huge tongue slid out from under the mask shoving itself into her pussy.
She gasped muttering under her breath.
It tasted her sweet garden. Staring at her fleshy butt. She moaned and twitched at the tongue in her. It wiggled its tongue around for a few seconds before pulling out.
It stood up freeing her from its grip.
It slid it member into her pussy. Two of its tentacles sliding around her ribs and grasping her freed breasts. The were ample and pressed again the table.
Another one going back into her asshole.
Another sliding up and into her mouth. The monster began to pound against her body hard. Another wrapping around her waist. And the last one slithered around her left thigh and constricted firmly. Slowly sliding.
All six of its appendages were busy exploring every little crevice of the poor girl.
She moaned, overwhelmed by sensation. Her nipples were like diamonds. Her whole body covered in goosebumps. An orgasm rising fast. The tentacle wrapping around her waist pushed and pulled her body onto its member.

It kept ramming her having never felt anything like this. Her leg was so fleshy and soft. Her mouth felt amazing. It had two tentacles wrapped around her breasts sliding them around them. Then it felt how hard her nipples were. Intriguing the creature it used the tips of its tendrils to flick and fondle her hard nipples.
The response was almost immediate. She tightened her thighs together. Arched her back as her her pussy and ass tightened up. Her pussy felt a lot more wet.
It pulled two talons at the tip of its tendrils. Lightly pinching her nipples. The parts that were wrapped around the breast poked her breasts lightly. It could feel how it effected her.
She started to rub her thighs together lifting one foot. Her thighs rubbed together pleasurably on the tentacle between them.
It began to fuck her faster and faster now feeling its own pleasure rising as she came again.
It suddenly pulled out, as she squirted. Alternating the member and tentacle. Her ass was so much tighter.

Kimberly had never felt such intense orgasms. Feeling pure pleasure from both holes she felt like she needed a minute.
The tentacle in her mouth pulled out as she gasped for air. Staring at the tentacle inches over her face with strewn saliva from her wet lips to the tentacle. It moved behind her wrapping around her pony tail. It forced her up from her ponytail forcing her back to arch popping out her perfect breasts. It pressed her ample ass cheeks together around its pumping member.
She moaned louder and louder feeling another orgasm on the rise.
"Ugh! Ugh! I'm-I-gonna-- c-c-cuuum!" she cried as she felt a hot thick load fill her ass. Her holes tightened again as she climaxed feeling waves of pleasure flood her whole body.
It released her as she slumped to the onto the table.
Covered in all sweat now. Her shoulders heaving. Her legs quivering. Her arms shook. Feeling in a state of bliss almost.

It was already to go again. Judging how it would take her next an unwelcome sound arose.
Or rather a lack thereof. The rain was letting up. It had been quite a few minutes since it had heard the last quake of thunder.
Without a second thought it sprinted through the open window slithering through it.
Kimberly stayed perfectly still. Wanting to slump to the floor.

The creature still in the scarecrow outfit sprinted through thr forest. Moving into the storm with open eyes and ears.
Back to hunting.

After another 20 minutes the sky had completely cleared.
Kimberly had just barely recovered from her ordeal. She could barely walk even and her mind was still dizzy.
She started walking back home with her shoes her thong and a ripped open shirt.
She looked around seeing the dead torn apart deer. Her eyes widened thinking it being a good idea she didn't run. Otherwise she to would be laying in in this field.
She honestly felt like a survior. And she felt no actual shame in what she did either.

The creature was eating bear it had just killed. Tearing into it. The mask lifted slightly. Its tentacles fully branished with talons loose shredding parts of it to ribbons.
"You seem like you could have it all figured out, do you not?" *click*
The monster jumped truly startled for nothing ever approached it.
It spun around tendrils in the air and flaring with a gurgly hiss under the mask. The open teeth where the throat once was grinding covered and dripping with blood. Staring at the tall thin placid man in a suit. A hat covering his eyes with an unnatural wide and sharp smile with shark like teeth.
"No need for that. I have something to offer you." *click*
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