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Sadie again ventues into sexual fiction writing. I think she's enjoying this.
Jason picked me up around seven and we headed over to John’s house. Jason was the drummer in a struggling high school garage band and John was the rhythm guitar. Dean was the lead and Deny played bass. They all gathered at John’s house to practice and all their girlfriends usually came along to hang out. That included me. We called ourselves their groupies just for fun.

I’d been there now for about a month, ever since I saw them at the Koffee Koral with my girlfriend Rita. She said the drummer was really hot, but at the end of the night, I was the one that he bought an iced mocha cappuccino for. That pissed Rita off, but she got over it when Denny started chatting her up.

We got to John’s a few minutes before the others. Of course, Jessica was already there, sitting on the old couch in the garage while John got his guitar tuned up. Dean and Chloe arrived just seconds before Denny and Rita pulled up to the curb. There were brief hugs and cheek kisses all around and the guys settled into their equipment as the girls settled into the old couch.

The guys were all Juniors at the high school, Jessica and Chloe were Sophomores, but Rita and I were only Freshman, just a couple months out of middle school. So we were a little intimidated by all these “more mature” people, but they seemed to treat us as equals and gave no special preference to anyone so pretty soon we were comfortable with all of them.

The band specialized in upbeat covers of sixties and seventies songs and spent a lot of time tweaking chords and rhythms. A lot of the other local bands thought they were geeky and crazy, but the Baby Boomers paid well for that bit of teenage nostalgia. A lot more than a local High School dance.

It was a typical night, the guys played, the girls raided the refrigerator and the pantry and chatted, or rather yelled at each other over the high decibel levels. I’m pretty sure we were suffering long term hearing loss but it was always fun.

They had to knock off by ten because of the neighbors, and tonight the guys finished up with a quirky version of “My Baby Does the Hanky Panky” by Tommy James & the Shondells from 1966. It was a silly song but all us girls took note of the looks the boys gave us as they played it.

When they finished, and put everything away and closed up the garage door we all went inside to the living room. It just so happened that John’s dad was in New Orleans at a trade show and his Mom had taken advantage of the hotel room and fun location to go along. I’m pretty sure there was a strict “no parties” rule but I’m guessing John was categorizing this as a practice, not a party.

We laughed at the choice of the last song, talked about the words, joked about the looks in their eyes and Rita, leaned into Denny and said, “Well, Denny’s Baby DOES the Hanky Panky!” and gave him a huge smooch as she made an obvious show of rubbing his crotch. Denny’s eyes went wide in surprise but he immediately responded by placing a hand over one of her breasts and deeply returning her kisses.

Now, in the short time I had been with Jason and the band, displays of affection had been limited to some kissing and hugging around each other and I have no idea what else between the others in private. Jason and I had engaged in a little making out and some light petting, but this was a new, higher level of engagement.

And it really turned me on. I snuggled up closer to Jason and shyly started kissing his neck and lightly rubbing his chest. The reaction quickly spread to the other couples and soon everyone was involved in hard make out sessions with their guys.

Jason had slipped his arm up under my blouse and unhooked my bra and was now cupping my breast and lightly pinching the nipple. I turned inwards towards him so the others wouldn’t see. I really don’t know why. It’s not as if they were even paying attention to us. But I suddenly felt shy about it.

After a few minutes, John and Jessica got up and retreated to his bedroom. Denny and Rita followed, heading to the guest room, Denny’s pants clearly unzipped and sagging so that he had to hold them up with the hand not directly involved in fondling Rita’s now bare breast, clearly visible in her fully unbuttoned blouse.

That made me even hotter and I stood up and lead Jason by the hand into the family room, leaving Dean and Chloe who were now prone on the carpet and completely tangled up in each other.

I knelt on the floor and pulled Jason down with me. He knelt in front of me and we put our arms around each other and I kissed him deeply. I jumped as his hand found its way down the back of my shorts, under my panties and squeezed my bare ass. I felt suddenly light headed and I felt my panties quickly fill with moisture from my pussy.

I lay back on the floor and pulled Jason down on top of me. He slid one hand up my side and cupped a breast as he leaned down and started kissing me again. I arched my hips upwards and he automatically pressed downwards with his. I spread my legs and we began to dry hump through our clothes.

I was excited, scared, nervous and extremely needy at the same time. We had never talked about it, and I’m pretty sure Jason didn’t know I was still a virgin.

The moisture by now had soaked my panties and I could feel it starting to wet my denim shorts. Within minutes I had a small shuddering orgasm and clutched at him frantically wanting… no, needing more.

He seemed to know. He lifted up and knelt back. He put both hands on my knees and lightly ran them up my thighs until they just touched the edges of my shorts, then back down to my knees. He did this several times, each time pushing up a little higher. His fingers slipped under the legs of my shorts, higher and higher until they lightly brushed the skin beside my pussy without quite touching it.

I was thrusting my hips and moaning softly and I couldn’t take it. I put my hands down and frantically tried to unbutton my shorts. He put his hands over mine and gently pushed them aside, then slowly unbuttoned the top button and very slowly pulled the zipper down to the bottom. The tiny vibration from the zipper against my clit and my consciousness of the act that was causing it sent a shiver deep inside and up my stomach.

I caught my breath and my body twitched a tiny bit.

Jason carefully peeled off my shorts and I willingly lifted my hips to give him access. He held them to his nose and inhaled deeply, smiled then laid them aside. He returned to smoothing his hands gently up the inside of my thighs, just lightly touching my crotch at the top but completely missing anything sensitive, then back down.

He was so gentle and reassuring I could only let him do what he wanted. He didn’t hurt me or take advantage of me. He gave me a little questioning look, with a single raised eyebrow each time he went a little farther and all I could do was nod a tiny yes in anticipation.

He ran his hands over my hips, smoothed them over my breasts and then gently pushed my bra and blouse up over my shoulders and tenderly helped me free my arms from them so that now I was laying before him in nothing but my very wet panties.

He looked down at me with a sweet smile on his face and peeled his tee-shirt off over his head. I had never actually seen his bare chest before and I had no Idea he was so ripped. Not like a body builder, but just in great shape with well-defined muscles and a clear six pack that was all nicely tanned from his apparently shirtless Cross Country team workouts. I shuddered at the view before me.

I shuddered again as he pulled his shorts down his thighs then tilted left, then right to clear them from his knees and lay them aside. Now, dressed just as I was, in noting but his sky blue boxers he lay back down on top of me and we both immediately started dry humping again but this time the sensation was electrified by the thin material of our underwear that allowed a divine pleasure to permeate my clit and pussy that I had never experienced before.

His rock-hard dick was pressing against the fabric between us and separating my pussy lips as it slid back and forth against my clit. I clutched at his back and pulled him hard to me as I returned his thrusts with my hips. Faster and harder, both of us breathing hard until I simply exploded in the hardest most all-consuming orgasm I had ever experienced. My body shook and spasmed, my pussy spewed more fluid into my panties which were now making a squishing sound as we continued to press, now gently against each other.

Jason was now moving slowly but purposefully against me and as I was winding down from my orgasm with little jerks and moans, he suddenly stiffened, grunted and jerked three or four times as I felt the hot moisture from his cum soak through his boxers onto my stomach, another new sensation that cause a few more little spasms in my body before we both collapsed onto the floor holding each other and kissing gently.

I reached down and put my hand over his dick. His boxers were wet from our combined fluids but his teenage hormones didn’t give an inch and he was still hot and very hard. I slipped my hand inside and grabbed a real, live hard cock for the first time in my life.

I shuddered again. It was hot, sticky, hard and soft all at the same time. I squeezed it hard and started stroking it up and down. He put his hand over mine and stopped me; “Don’t squeeze so hard.” He said softly and I loosened my grip a bit and resumed stroking. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes contentedly and I lay in a totally spent and relaxed state, slowly moving my hand up and down as our breathing returned to normal.

After a few minutes of this, Jason’s hips started rocking slightly and I could tell he was getting very turned on again. Which of course had the same effect on me. I sat up and clumsily tried to pull his boxers off. He smiled up at me, lifted his hips and peeled them off, lifting his knees and clearing his feet. He lay back down and I continued stroking his cock in earnest and kissing him deeply with my tongue.

After a few more minutes of this I felt his hand slide off my breast and make its way down my stomach to slip under my panties. When his fingers brushed over my clit I squealed and jerked. He pulled his hand out and looked at me with a worried look on his face. I shook my head and guided his hand back where it had come from.

Once again, when he brushed my clit, I jerked upwards and when his finger found the opening of my very wet pussy, it slipped in easily and I moaned as I raised my hips to meet his thrust. Like I said, I was technically a virgin, but I’d spent some time with a few things bigger than a finger in there since I was about twelve, so physically I was not.

Jason gently massaged my whole mound with the palm of his hand as he slipped one, then two fingers in and out of my well lubricated pussy. My eyes were rolling back in my head and my whole back was arched up off the floor. My god I had never been this turned on in my life. My little fingers, my hair brush, a fat Christmas candle… they all feel good, but NOTHING compares to a strong male hand attached to a hot guy that you really like, doing things to you that you never did to yourself…

I groaned the clenched and spasmed again in another hard orgasm. Jason pulled his hand out of my panties and gently slid them over my hips, down my thighs, over my knees, along my calves, over my ankles and off the end of my toes… Yes, I experienced every inch of becoming completely naked in front of someone else, who looked at me as if I were a treasured piece of art.

He bent forward, lifted my knees gently and bent down, gently kissing my stomach, around my thighs and slowly zeroed in on my clit. Again, when his tongue began gently licking my now very overly sensitive organ, I took in a hard breath and held it while I tried to remain still enough for him to do what he wanted to do… what I wanted him to do.

Hell, what I really wanted him to do right now was just fuck me. For the first time. For my first time. Right now!

I put my hands on the side of his head and tilted his face up to look at me. I’m sure my eyes were pleading with him. I pulled his face up my body to my face. But he didn’t just come to me. He moved slowly, kissing my navel, licking my sternum, kissing the space between my breasts, moving to the side to kiss one breast, then the other. He licked a nipple which sent a shock through me. He took it in his mouth and sucked it gently. Who knew my nipple was directly connected to my pussy? As he sucked, my pussy spasmed exquisitely.

I pulled him up to me and kissed him, searching for and caressing his tongue. I wrapped my legs around his waist and took in another sharp breath and held it as I felt the warm tip of a penis, touch the folds of my vagina for the first time.

His hips moved back and forth very gently and his head massaged my lips and clit ever so lightly. I thrust my hips up to get him inside me but it only caused him to slip downward and jerk against my ass hole which far from grossing me out, felt surprisingly erotic! I would have to think about that!

He lifted his face away from our kiss, looked very deeply into my eyes, then slowly and expertly slipped himself easily in, all the way to the pubic bone.

I knew that I had died and gone to heaven. Nothing that had ever been in there before had ever felt this good, and right, and perfect. He withdrew, almost all the way out, then pushed in again slowly and started a rhythm; almost all the way out, then in to the bone which pressed against my clit each time. It was making sloshing, squishing noises and I could tell we were making a great wet spot on the carpet. I didn’t care.

I’ve heard many stories about boys who just fuck and finish. Of the disappointment of first time experiences. I never asked Jason, but I’m sure this was not his first time. He was nothing like the stories I’d heard. He was gentle, kind and caring and paid attention to my pleasure over his, although he did tell me much later that the thing that turned him on the most was making a girl climax.

Well, I guess he was turned on because I can’t even remember how many orgasms I’d had so far that night. And now that I’d had several, he was diligently working on his own second round. He started to speed up and was thrusting harder and harder. Not a bad thing, it was bringing me up to another peak. I wanted it hard, I wanted to feel his masculinity, for him to take me completely. I gave myself totally over to him and to the sensations that he was pounding into me. I briefly marveled that unlike so many bad first times I had heard about, my first time was simply awesome beyond words. My thoughts were interrupted as his rhythm faltered. He stopped completely, the clenched, grunted hard, spasmed inside me, thrust hard three or four times and I could feel the force of his cum squirting inside me and that finally triggered another orgasm so violent that in my spasms I ejected him from my pussy, frantically groped for his dick and stuffed it back in, screamed twice, loud, then held my breath so hard I must have been bright red right before I briefly blacked out and collapsed on my back on the floor.

As I drifted back to reality I heard a soft voice above my head exclaim “Holy shit!” and a deeper male voice agree “Really!”

As Jason slowly pulled out of me I tilted my head back and the upside-down image of Dean with Chloe curled on his lap on the love seat, both naked, is still burned into my mind.

I quickly groped for my clothes, scattered on the rug, and tried in vain to cover myself as I curled up in a ball to hide my nakedness.

At that moment, John and Jessica appeared, John holding a pillow in front of himself and Jessica with a bed sheet wrapped around her. They both looked worried. “Are you okay?” John asked. “We heard screaming, we thought something happened.”

Then Denny and Rita came down the hall, Denny with a pillow like John but Rita completely naked and unconcerned. I began to relax. Everyone was naked, there were no clothes in evidence, only those things that could be grabbed up quickly in a perceived emergency. Despite what I had just experienced, seeing everyone this way for the first time, naked and sexy turned me on even more.

I uncurled myself, let my clothes drop back to the floor and sat up, becoming aware that it was really hot to be naked with a bunch of friends completely un-self-conscious in my nakedness and said, “Yeah, something happened.” and I reached over and kissed Jason deeply and appreciatively. “My baby does the Hanky Panky better than anyone!”


2017-08-05 08:37:35
Wonderfully described. Much appreciated.


2017-07-12 13:05:38
Nicely written and a hot tale (pun intended) well told. I hope to read more of your work.


2017-07-11 06:24:47
That was great.


2017-07-11 06:24:40
That was great.


2017-07-10 15:28:47
I'd sure love to spend some time with Sadie. She sure knows what it's really about. Too old now to experience this again but thankful that I have been there with many ladies. Nothing better, you will remember it your whole lifetime !!!

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