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His breath was slow and I could tell that he was asleep. I quietly undressed and climbed into bed. I hated working on nights when he was in town. As I got comfortable he stirred but did not awaken so I left him be and dozed off.

The smell of bacon woke me the next morning and I eagerly hopped out of bed and rushed downstairs. Wearing nothing but a long sleeved top and white panties, I tried to look sexy as I walked around the corner to the kitchen. There he was, a tall man of six foot three inches with sea foam eyes and honey brown hair. He was the most attractive trucker that any one had ever laid eyes on. We ate and talked and once we had finished and cleared the table, he told me how much he missed me as a firm smack landed on my barely covered ass.

He got a strong grip on my hair and pulled me back over to the table and pushed me onto it. He came up by my head and I saw that he had already dropped his pants, revealing a sturdy eight inch cock that was desperate for attention. Without a word, he pushed it past my lips and started thrusting. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop gagging. He slowed down a little and I could taste him precum. He released his grip on my hair and backed off. I was gasping for air. Like a savage, he tore off my panties and ripped them in the process. He stuck his face in between my legs and devoured my juices. It had been so long since I’ve been treated like that that I was gushing.

Then I felt him tease my labia with his cock. He slapped my pussy a couple times and violently thrust his cock inside. A scream rang out of my throat and I loved it. From the guttural grunts that were emanating from his chest, I knew he loved it too. Then I could start to feel a slight tingle start to swell at my clitoris and spread. I started rubbing my clit and grinding against his cock while screaming and moaning. I was almost ready to peak. He groaned that he was going to cum so I held mine back as much as I could. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer. The slight tingle turned into full blown contractions. My pussy throbbed and my legs shook. I couldn’t stop screaming. The feeling was insurmountable. Added with his cock thrusting and throbbing in me at the same time, it was the most intense orgasm I had in a long time.

We hopped in the shower together and washed the filth off each other. He then explained that he was only in town for the night and had to leave again. It made me sad to think I missed his only night over, but the morning was well worth the disappointment from the night. He kissed me goodbye and left. I went back into my bedroom to get dressed and found the envelope on the nightstand. Upon opening it and counting all of the contents, I found this morning was rather profiting.

My thoughts were interrupted when my phone started going off. One of my other valued customers wanted to be serviced when it got dark and wanted to know where to meet. Thinking I could go for a meal I texted back to meet me at the Rose Café. We decided upon a time and I spent the day preparing. I set out the perfect outfit, a skimpy black dress with a gold trim and high gold pumps. It was very warm out so no need for a jacket. Then I filled my black purse with the necessities: a vibrator, a few cock rings, a small thing of lube, spermicide, condoms, my ID in the hidden compartment, spare t-shirt and shorts, a knife, my taser, and my birth control pills in case I spent the night with him.

Eight o’clock came and I started to get ready. With my makeup on, and everything packed, I walked out to get on the bus. I showed up at nine, exactly on time. He was waiting at the door to go in. He looked like he had tried to dress up. All the money in the world couldn’t make this man look sexy. He was about three hundred pounds and the way his belly was formed, he looked a little like Santa Clause. I didn’t care. He paid well and he was hung, and that was a double bonus in my eyes. His brown eyes lit up a little when he saw me. He stood a little taller and held out his arm. He didn’t have much for looks, but he sure had manners. I looked up into his eyes with a smile. Even in my heels he was taller than me by a few inches, although I wasn’t really all that tall myself.

We had a nice dinner. He always treated me well. We got in the back of his car and the driver took us straight to his mansion without question. In the back, we didn’t say much. There was a lot of kissing, licking, biting, and teasing. He never really lasted long so I bet the ride home was his favorite part. It got to be a little boring sometimes, as it was always the same. We pulled up and went straight to the bedroom.

He was kissing and caressing my body as he slowly pulled my dress down. I was working on the buttons of his shirt, trying to pace myself so we were nude at the same time. I went to my bag and pulled out a condom, a ring, some lube, and the vibrator. He lay down on the bed and told me what he wanted to happen. I wasn’t surprised; it was the same thing he always wanted. I climbed onto the bed and take his cock into my mouth. At eleven inches, I can’t take the whole thing, but I used my hand to help stimulate it. I turned on the vibrator and massaged his balls with it. His legs tensed up and he can’t stop grunting and moaning. I bobbed my head as fast as I could and he shouted out that he is going to cum. I braced myself and when I felt his cock start to throb against my tongue, I shoved it in as far as I could get it and swallowed, trying not to get the taste onto my tongue.

I shut the toy off and he turned on some music. I needed to give him a few minutes of recovery so I started to dance. Slowly and faced away from him at first, shaking my ass and looking over my shoulder at him. Then, I turned around and, with one arm over my breasts and my other covering my pussy, I moved slowly and sensually. I slowly removed my hand from my pussy and grabbed onto my breasts with both hands. I moved them up and down and played with them a little as I was still rocking my hips back and forth. The song was nearing to an end so I did a few more turns and a little belly dancing and then I saw that he was standing at attention and his eyes begged for more.

I grabbed the lube and put a little on his cock. Then I put the condom on and lubed the outside of it too. In my opinion, you can never have too much lube. I closed and threw the little bottle at my bag and I climbed on top of him, guiding his cock into my pussy. I started slowly grinding at first, and was just watching his eyes roll back into his head as he enjoyed the pressure of my body against his. I picked up a little speed and started to moan. Concentrating on moving and breathing and making noises, it was very hard to feel pleasure. I rocked and grinded and bounced ontop of him for what seemed like forever, when he said he wanted to switch positions. He asked me to put my ass up and my face against the mattress. I was exhausted and out of breath that I did so gladly. He positioned himself behind me on one knee and on one foot. We had never done anything like this before, so despite my being tired, I was excited.

It took him a few tries to insert himself into my pussy but once he did he thrust in the whole length. I cried out. It hurt more than was expected, but it felt so good. He asked if I was okay and I almost laughed. It had been so long since I have felt that kind of pain, I was more than okay, I was amazing. Thrust after thrust I couldn’t help but moan and scream and then it hit me; orgasm. There was no slight tingle that grew. There was barely any warning at all. It was just all of a sudden it was feeling good, and then it was feeling really good as my pussy started contracting. He felt it and his body reacted. He started to thrust harder and faster and it wasn’t long before he was cumming as well. Both of us collapsed on the bed and neither could move. We were both so tired. He asked me to stay the night and I decided I would. The chauffer could take me home in the morning, as per the usual.

When morning came, I put on my spare t-shirt and shorts and hugged him goodbye. I got in the front seat of the long car because I liked to joke to the chauffer on the way home. He was a funny man and we got along so well. When we got to my home, he pulled an envelope from the side of the door and handed it to me with a kiss to the back of my hand. With a smile and a wave, he was off. Once inside my house I opened and counted the contents of the envelope. I thought it was quite a profitable night with a smile on my face and I went to check the messages that I knew would be left on my phone.


2017-07-13 21:04:44
Just fantasies for the moment but I've been thinking about doing some non fiction


2017-07-13 12:10:01
I liked your story. Do you write non fiction or just fantasies?

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