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It was a normal day of high school for 2 girls Leanne and Gemma. They had just finished watching a very ‘informative’ sex education program in health class. It had explained how lesbians and gays make love etc. Both the girls went after the class to the girl’s bathroom. They were both in year 11 and were very promising students, though they kept going to the bathroom between periods. Leanne had bleached blonde hair and had green eyes made nicer by eyeliner. She had quite large breasts for her age but was not that noticeable through her shirt and school blazer. Gemma was the same as Leanne though she had very dark brown hair and the same large chest as Leanne had. They were both chatting in the bathroom about the video they had just seen until a large spider landed on Leanne’s left breast. She let out a mild squeal, but Gemma said:

‘Calm down, calm down, I’ll get it’

She reached out with her left hand and swatted the spider of Leanne’s chest. Her boob bounced up a down for a period. Gemma looked up at Leanne who was looking at her as well. They both slowly lurched forward into one another and then kissed. Both there mouths opened to allow entrance to each other’s tongue. With there arms wrapped around each other they kissed passionately. What took them both by surprise was the fact that it was so sudden and ‘unplanned’. They both stopped and smiled at each other. Leanne opened her mouth to say something, but Gemma put one finger over it and said ‘shhh’ and winked.

Both of them were taking off there blazers and ties and undoing the top 3 buttons.

‘Here, let me’ Gemma said, as she unbuttoned the rest of Leanne’s shirt. She slid the shirt off to reveal Leanne's black bra. Gemma unhooked the back to reveal to large breasts, the size of a 30 year olds. Leanne pushed them together and licked them as Gemma gasped at what she had seen. Gemma attempted to put Leanne's tit into her mouth and licked furiously.

‘Mmmmm yeah’ Leanne said breathing in and her hand on the back of Gemma’s head.

Leanne gently pushed her away and started undoing Gemma’s shirt to reveal a white bra. Before Gemma could remove it, Leanne was licking the tops of her breasts and pulling off the bra instead. When it was off, it also revealed to large breast. Leanne licked Gemma’s nipples and caressed her legs. Leanne started to pull down Gemma’s shortened skirt to reveal a pink thong. Leanne looked up and grinned. She paused for a second and thought about what she was going to see and do when she removed the thong. Slowly pulling it down, Leanne saw something beautiful. A shaved pussy. She froze as a tingling sensation went through her body. Slowly she leant forward and kissed it. She spat on it on licked and put her finger in.

There they were, the bathroom seemed filled, the girls clothes scattered on the floor next to the sinks. One fully naked Gemma, rubbing her ass cheeks and moaning in a very sexual way, while Leanne was topless and kneeling before Gemma’s pussy, having her very dirty way with it. The moans got more frequent and Gemma was breathing faster as Leanne started fingering and licking faster. Gemma started cumming right into Leanne’s mouth, but she didn’t stop to look. It went straight into her mouth and she stopped and swallowed. She licked the finger she had just used to pleasure Gemma. Leanne stood and looked face to face with Gemma and smiled, with their tits pressed against each other they started kissing again while Leanne took of the rest of her clothes. She was wearing a black thong with a pink playboy bunny on it. She gently pulled it down and did what Leanne had done to her.

‘Wait Gemma’ Leanne said strongly.

Gemma shuffled back perplexed.

‘You know at the end of the lesson, we got to look at...condoms and things’
‘Yeah and...?’
‘Well, I kinda’ took this from the lesson’ Leanne said looking innocent.

She walked over to her bag and bent down and she rummaged through her bag, her tits swinging in motion with where her arms went. She pulled out a strap-on. It was pink and about 7 inches long. But before Leanne could turn all the way around, Gemma was on all fours with her ass whole gaping and her tits swinging gently. Immediately, Leanne knew what to do. She put the strap-on around her waist and holds the end and shakes the dildo around a bit.

‘Are you ready?’ said Leanne.
‘Uh hu’ replied Gemma.

Leanne slapped Gemma on the ass hard and slowly pushed the dildo into ass whole. With each centimetre that went in, Gemma’s moaning got louder. The gap was tight, Leanne pulled the dildo in and out and got faster. Her right hand was squeezing her right tit and the other was holding the dildo.

‘Yes......yes....yes...yes..yes!Oh god yes, keep going please, please oh, oh, oh, mm hm, mm hm, ooooh for the love of god YES!’

Every time the dildo came out with more sweet juices on it, and Gemma’s pleas for more got louder. Gemma screamed as she orgasmed. Leanne took out the dildo, washed it under a tap, and put it back in her bag. Gemma was lying on her front with cum around her middle and a red hand mark where Leanne had spanked her.

Gemma had stood up and was kissing with Leanne again and they were feeling each other tits. They started talking in between kissing.

‘So what now Gemma’ Leanne asked and then started kissing Gemma’s neck

‘mmm..What? I don’t know, we could go 2 mine if you like?’

‘Mmm, that could be nice’ said Leanne with a grin.

Suddenly, the bathroom door screeched open. Only Gemma realised this as Leanne was too busy sucking Gemma’s tit.

‘Leanne, Leanne!’ Gemma whispered pushing Leanne away.

‘What...?’ said Leanne still deep in Gemma’s chest.

‘Excuse me, is there someone in here who shouldn’t be?’ said a woman’s voice from behind the door.

Leanne, staring with a very worried voice, had no idea who the woman was, but Gemma knew who it was, it was Miss Green, she taught history and Geography. She was 21 and was new to the school. She stepped from behind the door; she had a purple shirt and black trousers on with basic black shoes. She had shoulder length blonde hair and tanned skin and was very pretty. She had a chest just larger than Leanne and Gemma’s. She stood, looking at the pair of naked girls with there arms wrapped around each other. Miss Green looked at them both quite sternly and said:

‘Get your clothes on’ In a manner that relaxed the girls.

They both nodded and started putting on there underwear. Miss Green was staring at them with blue eyes and just like Leanne's, had eye liner around them. Gemma and Leanne both looked at Miss Green. She realised this and blinked and quickly left the bathroom.

Back in her class room, Miss Green was marking papers, she looked out the door for students, teachers etc. She walked into the equipment room in the corner of her classroom. She pulled down her trousers to show pink lingerie. She pulled the front forward so she could see her own pussy. It was wet. With the thought of the girls, together and naked, she stuck her middle finger up her pussy and had her other hand up her top. She started to masturbate over the thought in her head.

The next day, Leanne and Gemma were in Miss Green’s History class.

‘Ok class, I want as much information as you can find on the magna carter as you can find for next weeks lesson, off you go, except for Leanne and Gemma’

All of the class stopped packing there bags and looked the pair for a second then carried on. After the class had left, the two girls walk up to the teachers desk with very unhappy looks on there faces.

‘Girls, I’m not going to tell anyone what happened yesterday, I’m assuming you to are err...together?’

Gemma shrugged and said

‘Yeah I guess’

Miss Green walked up to the door and closed it.

‘Is that your first time doing this in school?’ Miss Green asked them.

‘Actually first time ever’ Leanne said and then cringed a little bit for unknown reasons.

‘I see’ said Miss Green with an inquisitive look on her face.
‘Girls are you attracted to me? Would you do what you two were doing...with me?’

‘Why?’ said Gemma looking at Leanne with a confused look on her face.

Miss Green said nothing, she took hold of Gemma’s wrist with a firm grip and placed it on her large breast and rubbed it around. Miss Green smiled at Leanne who watched in a sort of horror. Miss Green gave Gemma back her hand and started to undo her shirt buttons. Leanne and Gemma took a step back and watch Miss Green take off her shirt to reveal a black bikini bra with her hard nipples pushing through. The bra could barely hold in Miss Greens large tits.

‘Well...What do you think girls, what do want to do to me now? Miss Green said pushing and licking her tits together and stood up. She pulled down her trousers, he big tits shaking as she wriggled them down to show a matching bikini thong. Her body was slim and tanned. She was chubby in no way what so ever, but just like the girls, had large tits for her age.

The girls took steps forward, not knowing what they were getting into, but they went forward anyway because...they liked...what they saw...

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