[b]Trained By The Tranny

I have always been considered a strong athletic straight black man. I have fucked a plenty of women being an executive in a high profile position. I had everything a man could ask for Power, Property and Plenty of Pussy. Well in life, all things change.

I had just landed another two million dollar client and was out celebrating with friends over a local bar. I was feeling real good and I never believed in going home alone… why should tonight be different. Then after a few or too many drinks I spotted nothing but ASS first, she was standing at the bar ordering a drink and she had the nicest ass I had seen from sometime….tight ass black jeans with a nice “gap” from behind….I call that my dick gap. She was about 5’5” long black silky hair and fine a hell from behind and when she turn around I was in heaven….she was like all nationalities in one package…or maybe that’s what my alcohol was telling me….

I made my move and learned her name was Lauda who was new in town and from California originally from Brasil. We talked for about 30 minutes and she knew I celebrating and was happy for me……then she placed her hand on my knee and suggested that I allow her to drive me home since everyone I came with was gone and I was in no condition to drive. Not realizing how time flew by…I agreed.

Once at my house she asked for the directions to the bedroom and led me there. She helped me to undress and assisted me into the bed. She stated she would just lay with me for a while until I feel asleep and then she would take off for home.

Apparently, It didn’t take me long to doze off…..then thinking I was dreaming, still not too clear headed I awoke to a feeling that blew my mind….Lauda was tonguing my ass with her tongue going what seemed like inches into my ass……my dick was now rock hard and I was getting tongued fuck by a beautiful ass women….while tongue fucking me I began to moan in total pleasure which seem to cause her tongue to go even deeper…..she began stroking my dick and in no time I busted a wicked nut all over the place….she eased her tongue out turned to face me and proceeded to kiss me and told me to such her tongue to taste my own ass…..the night was getting freaking but what the hell I did it…she whispered in my ear for me to rest now…..

Ahhh that feeling was back as I awake again, but this time while it felt like her tongue it couldn’t have been because she was tonguing my ear but what was in my ass….a dildo I thought… blew my mind of how good it felt….wondering I began to reach around and she whispered in my ear “does it feel good”…I couldn’t lie I said yes….then she said ok baby just let it happen I’m all girl and you are still all man who is just learning a new pleasure of being fucked in your sweet ass by my sweet girly little dick. When she said that my dick went steel hard in seconds. Here I was being fucked nicely by a tranny and enjoying every pump of her dick…….I surprised myself and just got freaky requesting her to fuck me and fuck me good….she picked up the pace and where I thought pain would kick in pleasure was all up in my asss….she grabbed and gripped my very tight and moaned into my ear that she was cumming in my sweet ass….and without hesitation I said fuck this ass and bust that nut….and when she bust that nut in my ass….that just set me off and like a chain reaction I bust another wicked nut… never before.

She then pulled out of me “as she called it” large clit out of my ass and I had to see this dick for myself….it was small to average size but it looked sexy as hell on her….here I am just getting fucked by a tranny and now looking at this dick that without warning I just started sucking it like it was a sweet pussy with an oversized clit. Not before long we were in a 69 and as I felt her tense up I knew she was ready to bust…..I didn’t want to swallow for my own reasons…..but she had hit the point of no return and she moaned in pleasure and bust what seemed like buckets of hot cum into my mouth that before I knew was drinking with pleasure and sucked until I got the last drop (taste not bad)….just then I bust my nut she took it like a champ and then approached me with still a mouthful of my cum and kissed me while dumping my own cum into my mouth….much different taste more salty……she went on to say that soon my will not be so salty, she will be training me how to eat certain things that will change the taste and consistency…..

As we laid there I asked several questions about her being a tranny but the one puzzling questions was how was she able to fuck me so well without me feeling any pain…..she said that when she was tonguing me and after I came she started tonguing my ass again which I vaguely remember but what she quickly did the moment I dozed was to slid her dick in my ass the same distance as her tongue and slow fucked me for 45 minutes without me realizing it….she said she was training my ass and what woke me was when it got too good to her and she slid deeper into my ass but by then it was all over…..and with all I can say right now to her “CAN YOU DO IT AGAIN!!!!.......AND did she!!!

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Awesome, I love TS Cock and Cum

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