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Visit turned good
The carriage carrying the young princess Sabrina, the high Elf to her mothers kingdom was going quite well, the trees were silent, and the breeze was kind to the leaves on the path pushing them along the path. Once in a while a slight bump struck the carriage, causing a slight disruption in the carriage, as Sabrina was trying to read her homelands spell book in order to master them, that of fire, and that of ice. Though she knew not much good was going to come of this since her entire home was usually safe, but she was interested in keeping her manor that was far off from her mothers kingdom safe. She eventually came across the spell for keeping semen from entering her womb, though it wouldn't protect her virginity it would keep her from being impregnated by those she didn't want what so ever. As the carriage continued onward the two guards staged on the front on both sides of the driver remained ever on guard, for the dangerous forest was not a good place for the higher of blood to be traveling through. Sabrina was wearing her usual garments, an armor top that almost let her breasts pop out from the very edge of them, and an armor coated pair of underwear that reached down only to her thighs. The elven armor was the best known to the lands, and they were not easily broken by any creature. As the carriage made its way closer to the kingdom, Sabrina sighed lightly her mother always frowned upon her perverse needs, and with the few miles she had to travel that would take a while for her to arrive. She took advantage of it immediately, pulling her armor down so her pussy was revealed, then she put up the spell of silence around the carriages room to ensure the drivers, and the common guards didn't hear her. Sabrina's soft smooth skin revealed at the very base of her armor near her groin was revealed, and so was the tight ever so sought after elf pussy, then she began to run her index finger on her clitoris. Stroking slowly as her mind drifted off into the very thought of the men's cock's that were on the front of the carriage, she wanted to make the men come back into the room with her, and suck on her ears that extended slightly further than a humans, pointed at the tip each. But she knew that these males would report it to her mother as they were forced to do when ever the situation involved her daughter. Sabrina began to rub her clitoris in faster circles making her moan lightly before she ran her finger further down her now wet pussy, slowly inserting the tip of her index, and middle finger inside of her entrance as her free hand came up taking hold of the tip of her armor making a small tug allowing her nipple to pop from the inside of it. Then she took hold of her nipple starting to gently twist it back, and forth as it perked up more, and more as she pushed her fingers deeper inside of herself, thrusting them slowly. Gently pushing until only the second knuckle of her fingers were inside of her pussy, making her wetter, and wetter with each passing thrust of her fingers as she began to tug her nipple continuing the massage. She was glad that the spell of silence was in the room of her carriage keeping the lewd moaning inside of it, especially since the males driving the carriage were rather interested in her. She began to thrust her fingers into her self faster until she let loose a squirt of her cum onto her armor, in relief she pulled her armor back up her thighs covering her soaked pussy again, and she covered her perked up nipple with the armor again. And quickly she cleaned up the mess that she had created in the room, using the cloth she had brought with her that she tucked away in the very back of her book. The silencing spell was then lifted as she blushed heavily for a moment, the time had passed so quickly for her, and she was at her mothers kingdom. She knew it because the carriage came to a halt in front of the doors of her mothers beautiful home, and finally the driver hopped down from the seat of carriage opening the door for her as he spoke in a tone of respect. “M'lady, we are here.” Sabrina nodded lightly as she grabbed her sword from the other side of the carriage, and hopped down before hooking the blade onto her belt. She began to walk towards the doors with a spring in her step, making her tits bounce elegantly, making all of the guards stare at her as her gentle blue eyes remained on target. The second she approached the doors the guards quickly opened them up for her bowing their heads showing that they knew they were inferior in every sense. “MOTHER!”
Sabrina screamed out as the throne sitting in the room was filled with her mothers soft curvy figure, her tits almost as large as her daughters. “SABRINA!” Her mother yelled back at her as she launched off the throne, skipping over to her daughter, and they both hugged eachother tightly before kissing one another on the cheek, causing their breasts to nearly pop out of their garments, the men of the castle seemed to live for these moments as their leather pants grew to have bulges in them. “How is my baby?” She asked Sabrina as she looked her in the eyes still holding her beautiful daughter in her arms, “I'm great mother, how about you?” Sabrina responded. “Oh same as ever, ruling as usual,” Sabrina nodded, knowing she was not looking forward to this future, as she did not want to pick one to fill her with his seed, and make her a mother, she wanted to remain perverse, and she wanted to enjoy all of the pleasures of the world that she could. “Men, what do you think you're doing, fetch some wine,” Sabrina's mother commanded, and swiftly the men snapped out of their trance of seeing the two buxom women embracing one another, “Mother don't be so harsh on them,” Sabrina stated in a sarcastic tone before a light giggle came free from her lips. “They just love how we look,” Sabrina whispered to her mother, the Queen sighed knowing that this was true in every sense, “Mother I'm only here for a short time anyways, I must begin home in a few hours,” the Queen sighed again in disappointment before releasing her daughter from the embrace. “Yes I know,” She stated in a saddened tone, then she spoke up loud again, “No wine gentleman,” The guards quickly turned back so they could continue to stare at the Queen, and her large breasted daughter. Sabrina winked at one of the guard, and he almost dropped his spear in surprise, making Sabrina giggle at the male that had obviously grown harder from the small gesture. Only a few hours passed, but it seemed like minutes, “Mother I must go now, it's almost nightfall,” Sabrina stated before she turned to the ones that had escorted her earlier. They nodded, immediately returning to their posts on the carriage even though their bulges had become quite painful to walk with, and their thoughts were still on fucking Sabrina's breasts, making them desire her far more than earlier, though they knew they could not have a taste of her. Sabrina turned back towards her mother, speaking gently to her, “I love you mother,” And the Queen replied with a simple twist of her fingers towards Sabrina's womb casting the spell that would keep any cock out of her pussy unless it was strong enough to pierce the barrier, even then the semen wouldn't touch her womb. “To ensure my child is not pregnant before she is ready,” the Queen stated in a gentle tone. Then Sabrina took off back towards the carriage with a larger spring in her step, making her breasts bounce faster, and much more noticeably. Upon approaching the doors of the carriage she entered it without wasting a second, the drivers, and the two guards nodded to eachother, and began the trek back towards the princesses manor. The night came, and the lanterns on the carriage were lit, and the path was quite difficult to follow with all of the leaves still on it. Eventually though the driver, and two guards were veering off of the path without noticing, though it was a quicker route it was more dangerous due to bandits, and other things of violent nature resided in it. Sabrina tapped on the glass of the carriage before speaking, “Why are we going this way?” Then right after the driver pulled the horses to a stop as the two guard were dead with arrows pushed into their chests, and the driver soon jumped off of the carriage, and ran away out to the opposite direction to get back to the Queens home. Sabrina gasped as she saw several creatures of the night begin approaching the carriage, ogres, goblins, and bandits even. They seemed to be working together which was odd since they would normally fight, “THERE'S AN ELF IN THERE! AND FROM THE RUMORS IT IS A ROYAL!” One of the bandits yelled out in excitement, and all of them began cheering, Sabrina jumped out of the other side of the carriage, running quickly towards the edge of the path as her breasts bounced wildly, and her hair got in her face making it difficult for her to see in general. She soon ran into a gigantic creature that was obviously an ogre, the ogre grabbed hold of both of Sabrina's arms quickly, before forcing her to spin around and it held her there in place so she was facing the bandits, and other ogres coming towards her. Before she knew it all ten of the ogres were in front of her, followed by four goblins, and seven bandits. “THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!”
They all cheered in delight, and revealed obvious signs of enjoyment from this capture, the ogre holding Sabrina in place was wearing cloth only making it easy for her to feel it get harder, and harder on her back. “RELEASE ME!” Sabrina commanded as the first ogre came forward with a gigantic hard on, then without hesitation the big hands of the ogre came down on her top piece of her armor, and easily tore it off showing that the strength of these creatures was incredible. The second ogre that approached came over with confidence, tearing the bottom piece of her armor off completely revealing her nude figure. Tears began filling Sabrina's eyes as the ogres cocks grew to intense sizes, as the bandits took off their own clothes showing they were hard as well, and the goblins not wearing any revealed that they had no mercy for her. Sabrina was then forced down onto the ground, while the first ogre that had captured her lifted the cloth completely up pushing the tip of its giant cock against her entrance, and slowly began pushing it inside of her at first stretching the entrance to her pussy, then every inch of the ogre was slammed inside of her. Making her foam at the mouth, and before she could make a sound the ogre began to move its hips in a light circular motion inside of her, then finally it thrusted once into her tight elf pussy, making her scream in pain as she lost her virginity to this vile creature of the night. As she screamed one of the other ogres came forward and forced her to take all of its cock into her mouth, gripping her by the hair as the other thrusted into her it forced her to take all of the other ogre inside of her mouth down into her throat as well. Stretching Sabrina's mouth to its limits, as her pussy was violated by the first ogres cock. The bandit humans began to stroke themselves as two more ogres approached Princess Sabrina, forcing her to take both of their cocks into her hands and stroke them. Before long the first ogre that had penetrated her began thrusting faster, its shaft swelling up, and it released one huge load of cum inside of her tight pussy, then another ogre came over and rammed its cock inside of her pussy, ramming into her as well as the ogre forcing Sabrina to suck its cock released in her throat switched places with another ogre. The ogres that forced Sabrina to stroke them came on her back, and switched with some of the larger cock's of other ogres making her stroke faster than before as the ogre inside of her pussy released a larger load of cum inside of her causing cum to spray out of her pussy onto the ground. The ogres being stroked by her released on the back of Sabrina's head, coating her hair in cum while the ogre in her mouth came on her face. “I'm being raped... By ugly terrible low creatures,” She thought to herself, and every ogre that had begun the session had their turn setting her down in a puddle of cum that they had released inside of her. Then came the bandits, the humans wasted no time at all, forcing her to press up against one of the closest trees, and penetrating her stretched out pussy they thrusted with no mercy as well, each of them taking their turn before they allowed the filthy goblins forward. The Goblins were smaller in height than the men making it easier for them to fuck Sabrina where ever they wanted, so they spun the now cum coated Sabrina over onto her back, one straddling her stomach that had been stretched from the amount of cum inside of her, and it began pushing her tits around its shaft thrusting into them, while the other goblin came over to her mouth and stuffed her mouth full of its cock making her taste every bit of it. The other Goblins came around and defiled her pussy, Stuffing the rest of the goblins cocks inside of her, thrusting rapidly, “Will this end,” Sabrina thought again, and soon the Goblins filled her pussy as the other goblin tit fucking her coated her face with cum before the goblin raping her mouth sprayed its cum onto her chest, and stomach.
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