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The second installation of Sadie's second fictin work. Enjoy.
My Baby Does the Hanky Panky – 2

… I reached over and kissed Jason deeply and appreciatively. “My baby does the Hanky Panky better than anyone!” I said smiling hugely.

“I guess so” said Chloe. “That was better than the best porn video I’ve ever seen! Damn, I wish I could orgasm like that!”

I was trying to process what had just happened. I had just had sex for the first time with a boy. I just had my first real sex. Jason had just had sex with me for my first time. I just had a boy’s real, hard penis inside me… for the first time. I kept running that reality through my head over and over again. And it was so much better than I had ever imagined! I had experience real sex for the first time!

And I wanted more!

When my brain accepted that Dean and Chloe had been watching us the whole time, I suddenly realized that I liked that too and I flushed warm.

John shocked me out of my thoughts when he said, “Well, damn, try and keep it down! You scared the crap out of us. And I don’t want the neighbors calling the police… or my parents.” He took Jessica by the hand and led her back into his room and closed the door, but not before I got a good look at both of their naked back-sides as they retreated.

Rita simply said, “Wow!” and she and Denny went back to the guest room.

I turned around to find Dean’s hand buried deep between Chloe’s legs while she stared directly at us as she stroked his dick.

It made me a little nervous, but hot, and Jason sarcastically said, “Take a picture, why don’t you?”

But without thinking I put my fingers up to his mouth and said, “Join us, why don’t you?”

Dean and Jason both looked shocked, but Chloe immediately stood up, still holding onto Dean’s dick and guided him off the love seat and down to the floor right next to us.

“I want to watch you guys do it.” I said.

They looked at each other and Chloe opened her mouth sensually moving in for a kiss. They embraced, naked right there next to me. Chloe wiggled up off the floor into Dean’s lap, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him very sexily.

My heart was beating fast again. I watched her reach down between them and move around a bit, lifting her body and finally lowering down on his lap with a long low moan. Oh, my god, he was actually inside her! And he was lifting her up and down with his hands under her perfect little round ass! I don’t know why that amazed me, it’s exactly what I had asked for and it was so hot!

I started rocking back and forth and Jason moved up behind me, wrapping his arms around me and reached down between my legs. I spread them flat on the ground with the soles of my feet against each other and he slipped two fingers into my still very wet, slippery hole.

I arched my back, closed my eyes and moaned softly rocking my pelvis in rhythm with his hand motion. I opened my eyes to see Chloe’s head turned in my direction, her eyes locked on Jason’s fingers moving in and out of me. She was bouncing up and down faster and higher now and I could see Dean’s dick and balls appear briefly then disappear with the motion.

She was right; this was much better than porn, this was real! And it was hot and sexy! I came for the umpteenth time, not as hard as before, but satisfying.

I could feel Jason’s hard-on pushing into my back and with everything that was going on I just lost all inhibitions. I turned and pushed him onto his back, then scooted around him so I was facing Chloe and Dean. I lifted Jason’s cock in my hands and tentatively licked the head tasting our combined fluids still coating him liberally. It tasted strange, but somehow, I liked it. And that turned me on as well. Turned to the side like I was, and on my hands and knees, Jason easily reached up between my legs and began to massage my clit with his thumb while two fingers explored me on the inside again.

I wrapped my lips over the top, looking up at Chloe who was looking back intently. I began to bob my head up and down, imitating what I had seen in porn videos late at night when my parents were asleep.

“Careful! Watch the teeth!” Jason warned. I opened my mouth wider and tried my best to close my lips over open teeth. I got the hang of it after a while and the feel of his head slipping in and out of my mouth was simply amazing.

Remembering my porn videos, I used one hand to stroke his dick while I sucked on the head and I gently squeezed his balls with the other, all the while watching Chloe’s very wet pussy slide up and down on Dean’s cock. Shit that was hot!

Apparently Jason thought so too and after a few minutes he tensed up, grunted and suddenly froze in place, while his balls and cock spasmed three of four times as warm squirts of cum shot into my mouth. It shocked me but I gathered from my porn videos that guys like it when you swallow and since it was his third shot of the night, there wasn’t really that much of it and I swallowed what I could while a little bit dripped out down my chin.

Suddenly Chloe reached over, wiped the dribble off my chin with her finger and licked it clean! When Dean saw her do that he grunted “Fuck!” and let his own load loose inside Chloe who was now kissing him with the taste of another guys cum on her mouth. And that set me off one more time. Just a little one, compared to the rest but a good shiver anyway.

When Chloe raised herself up and off of Dean’s cock, it flopped to the side and she rolled over and lay on her back, panting heavily.

I don’t know what got into me but I had to reach out and grab hold of Dean’s dick. It was just lying there, pulsing a little, slowly but perceptibly shrinking. I looked at Jason lying there, and Dean sitting there leaning back on his hands and Chloe still watching me and I went for it. I leaned forward, reached out my hand and grasped his dick.

He jumped. Jason murmured “What the fuck?” and I locked eyes on Chloe who just smiled a wicked little smile, nodded her head, turned her eyes towards Jason for a moment then raised an eyebrow at me in a little question mark look. I nodded my head, then crawled forward and put my lips over Dean’s dick and started sucking.

Chloe took my signal, rolled onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Jason where she lay her whole body down on top of his and began kissing him passionately.

Now before you start thinking about cheating, hurt feelings and betrayal, ask yourself; In a situation like this, what guy would ever refuse such a chance?

Jason wrapped his arms around Chloe and returned the kisses. Dean leaned back on his hands and moaned as I brought his dick back to life.

Chloe spread her legs onto either side of Jason’s and started rocking her pelvis on his crotch. Dean reached down and cupped one of my breasts, lightly pinching the nipple.

Pretty soon, Chloe managed to squirm her way around in such a way that Jason’s dick had no place to go but up inside her tight, wet pussy and she started humping it for all she was worth.

I turned around, lifted a leg over Deans lap, squatted down and guided his dick to the entrance of my “so-wet-it-was-dripping” pussy and plunged all the way down. Dean and I both moaned in unison and I began to rock up and down vigorously.

Chloe looked over her shoulder and turned around to face me without Jason’s cock ever leaving her pussy. Now face to face, we both locked eyes on our respective boyfriend’s dicks pumping in and out of another girl’s pussy.

Fucking this way, Dean’s cock was rubbing against the inside front wall of my pussy. This was a whole new sensation I had not experienced! It was powerful and it made me feel like I had to pee. He seemed to be pushing against a full bladder and strangely it felt exquisite! We pumped harder and faster, matching each other stroke for stroke, me bouncing up and down on my thighs, he lifting his butt completely off the floor to meet me.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, he reached a hand around and rubbed my clit furiously, it was amazing, it was building and when I finally exploded, I squirted straight out in front of me and splashed Chloe’s stomach and Jason’s balls in a fountain of pee. She squealed and jumped back, letting Jason’s dick plop out and slap him back in the stomach.

Only it wasn’t pee. It was clear and slippery and didn’t have that ammonia pee smell.

Jason said “Oh my god! You just squirted like the best porn star ever! I don’t believe it!”

Dean said “Sorry Chloe, but damn, that was the best fuck of the night! No offense.”

“None taken!” said Chloe, her eyes still wide while she wiped a bit of my squirt off her stomach and tasted it. She wiped another large portion off and smeared it on her lips, then she leaned forward and kissed me square on the lips, probing my mouth with her tongue, which I accepted after only a moment’s hesitation. It tasted sweet, but a little salty and was slippery on my tongue but my mind was saying I couldn’t believe I was kissing a girl and LOVING it!

I leaned into the kiss and placed one hand on her breast. She moaned into my mouth and at that moment, Dean spasmed and came hard inside me.

Chloe leaned back a little, guiding Jason’s dick back inside her and began to rock gently while we kissed and fondled each other’s breasts.

I was leaning forward and it was bending Dean’s dick forward and down and I was gently rocking back and forth to the rhythm that Chloe was creating on Jason. My back was arched and my butt tilted upwards when I suddenly felt something wiggle around my ass hole. It made me jump, but at the same time it gave me a flash of pleasure and I remembered just a few minutes ago when I had sloppily let Jason’s cock slip from inside me and press against my anus and I had the thought then that it felt good.

And it did feel good. Dean slid his finger down and smeared it around his dick and my pussy, liberally coating it with the abundant moisture there. I was leaning forward, waiting, hoping to see what he was going to do. He spread the juices around my anus, gently poked at the middle of it and then swirled his finger around the edges. I clenched and shuddered then relaxed and he suddenly pushed it all the way in to the last knuckle. I clenched again and shuddered and as I started to rock back and forth again, while Chloe kissed me and squeezed both of my breasts, Dean let his dick and his finger slide in and out together, one in my pussy and one in my ass.

The sensation was too much and I suddenly knew what I wanted.

I pulled off of Dean completely, then got up on my feet and squatted down on his dick. I slid it into my pussy, then pulled all the way out, letting my juices dribble down all over it. Then I moved forward a tiny bit, guided the tip of his cock backwards to my tiny hole and started pressing down. I had to rock back and forth a little, and hold him tight to force him inside but after a couple of rocking motions aided by the slippery lubrication from my pussy and conscious relaxation, I felt his head pop past my sphincter and I slid all the way down impaling him in my bowels.

I leaned back and lay on his chest. Jason and Chloe were looking at me in astonishment. I didn’t care. I was a lost child. I had discovered real sex just this evening and I was addicted. I wanted everything!

“Jason, fuck my pussy.” I moaned. “Chloe, kiss me!”

They looked at each other and back at me, then sprang into action. Chloe crawled up to my face and started squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples and kissing me fiercely, while Jason waddled up on his knees between my legs on top and Dean’s legs on the floor and pressed his now very hard dick into my pussy. Dean put his arms around me and with one hand he reached down to my clit and with the other he massaged the tit that Chloe was ignoring.

The boys took a moment to work out a clumsy rhythm and finally get in synch and with every erogenous zone of my body being stimulated the thought went through my mind that tonight I had experienced my first sex with a boy, given my first blow job, (and second one for that matter), my first squirting orgasm, had kissed my first girl (sexually), had my first group sex, my first anal sex, and my first DP all on the same night!

And then it occurred to me that this was all starting to hurt. My butt was being stretched a little too much, my nipples were being pinched a little too tight and my clit, now way overly sensitive was becoming a little irritated. But I was still loving it!

Jason came one more time inside me. Just feeble little squirts. We had worn him out finally. Dean couldn’t maintain and finally plopped out of my ass when he got too soft. Chloe was the best. She eased up on my nipples and kissed them gently, trailing kisses down my chest and stomach. Then slipped a leg over mine and spread my knees while she gently licked and kissed my sore clit. She trailed her tongue down the folds of my labia, licked inside my pussy, then gently kissed and licked my very sore ass hole. When she came back up and finally, gently sucked on my clit I had the last little shuddering orgasm of the night and drifted in semi conscious delight at the knowledge that I had also had my first lesbian sex. Even if it was one sided. I knew I wanted to be the giver sometime. Not tonight.

About a week later, Jessica’s parents were out of town. We met over at her house. I missed my period that month. I have no idea which of the guys is the father. It could be any one of the four.

We ALL do the Hanky Panky together now.


2017-07-22 06:23:04
Sorry. I do not understand how to make contact on here. My second post was not intended to be identical, it must have got lost but was supposed to say something like 'You probably realise that my post was intended for your co-author Sadie. Your stories are well edited but the one Sadie wrote on her own needed a proof reader and I wished to offer my services but do not know how to contact Sadie direct.' Kind regards, Robbie.


2017-07-21 04:40:30
Great story. Although you have 'given away' what happens next you could still write a couple more parts going into detail, as per parts 1 and 2. I prefer stories written from a woman's perspective: if you would appreciate help proof reading please let me know?


2017-07-13 20:33:30
Good story please continue.


2017-07-13 16:04:14
Well, thanks for the positive vote, but Do you have any idea how many high school age kids get pregnant in this day and age? It's practically an epidemic... completely realistic! Yes, there are reasonable preventions, but many fail to consider them...




2017-07-13 12:15:40
I gave you a positive rating because the story was hot! But, come on pregnant in this day and time? Have you not heard of the morning after pill? Ruined the story

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