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This is my first story on this site. I did this in less than an hour just to get something out, and in the future I'll longer and much better stories. Please comment!
At my university there is one bathroom that is very frequently visited by horny men – that is because these men know that I am there in my free time sucking cock.

I found this bathroom on accident – I really had to take a piss and I walked in and stepped into a stall and pissed. But I saw two backpacks on the floor so I knew two guys were in there. So after I pissed I walked to the door and stepped in place and made it seem like I left the bathroom but actually didn’t.

Immediately I heard the sweet sounds of cocksucking. I was considering leaving and letting them have their privacy when I heard something said:

“Still can’t believe you sucked five guys before me already today.”

So I knocked on the door and asked how I can suck that many. They opened the door and the sucker was on his knees while the cock hanging out of the guy opened the door was hard and wet. Without saying a word he pulled me in and pushed me onto my knees next to the sucker.

“Well the first thing is to suck this.”

Well I did. I’ve never sucked a cock before this, despite me being nearly 21 years old in just one month, and I just licked and slobbered the cock and sucked it while the first sucker licked the balls and occasionally kissed me as we moved. And without warning he came in my mouth and I swallowed, loving my first taste of cum ever.

After he came, he left without saying a word. The sucker then explained how this bathroom is known by gay men to get blowjobs. This bathroom was so out of the way from mostly everything except the building where few classes are held (which is why I was there), that gay men came here and knew it was safe for blowjobs.

Soon, I became a cock-sucking slut with this information. I had that class nearly every day (it was a foreign language class), so I hung out in the bathroom before and after. The handicapped stall had a nice metal stand on the wall that made a perfect seat and still allowed me to study. I made a Grindr account and explained where I was for free blowjobs.

The first day I sucked three cocks. All of them people that I’ve seen in that building where I was. I was nervous – who wouldn’t be becoming a cock slut for the school? – but the men were patient with me while I learned.

So day by day, I sucked more cocks. I sucked many men more than once, but everyday I became more experienced and looked forward to my daily meal of cum.

I didn’t discriminate against any men. I sucked everyone – black, white, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern old, fat, and everyone else as long as they were STD-free and at least 20 years old (I think 20 is the perfect age for hookups).

A few weeks after I began sucking here, one guy came in and everything went how it was. He knocked on my stall in the way specified on my Grindr, I let him and he pulled down his pants and I sucked him and swallowed. Then he did something wonderful that I never experienced prior to that – he started pissing in my mouth.

It was a tiny bit – less than a mouthful – but he pulled out and walked away while I was left to swallow it. I actually said “Come back! I want more!” after he started leaving because I immediately fell in love with the taste of his piss. He came back and slowly fed me his piss because I never did it before, but I was happy he introduced me to piss.

Over the course of my remaining year and a half at the university, I sucked on average five cocks a day – even after I stopped having class near there. I couldn’t get enough cock. Many times I had two guys come for blowjobs at once and it was fun sucking two cocks at once. Often times they sucked each other too.

This did lead to my first boyfriend. He was a regular of mine and he told me how hot he thought this was - everything I do. He asked me if he could suck with me – like we team up. I accepted – after all, who am I to deny someone their cock?

Things evolved and we just started going out. We continued to suck other men, individually and together, and we never considered it cheating. We both know the other loves cock, and we can’t help our cock obsession.

During our final year at the university, my boyfriend got into piss like I did and we loved licking out of urinals when we went into bathrooms together. We spit on each other, got other guys to have sex with us all the time, and it was great. We both became total sluts and we loved every second of it.

Eventually, we got invited from a frat leader, who was gay, if we would be the starsof one of his parties. After hearing the details, we couldn’t say no.

We would be strapped up and blindfolded (we could get out at any time and undo them ourselves but it was all a fantasy), any anyone who attended could fuck our mouths or asses anytime they wanted.

When it began, it was already better I could ever imagine – same for my boyfriend. These men, frat boys and other college guys, used us so much it was the bets thing ever. I always had a cock in my mouth and in my ass at the same time – only time there wasn’t was when they were switching to a new guy. I was pissed on, spit on, slapped, fucked, cummed in, cummed on, kissed, sucked, caressed, manhandled, groped, and everything in between. It was the best night of my life so far. My boyfriend shares the exact same views.

Since we graduated, we got married at twenty-six and both have well-paying jobs with our degrees (our sex, though often, always came second and out education was first). We have made some gay friends who we have sex parties with. We leave it to just a few men – we have calmed down a bit since college, but we are still sluts and are proud of that.
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