How my big sister speed up my childhood
Now let's get this straight.. I love my sister as a sister and we both enjoyed are childhood and even her educational games ..

Sorry but exact ages alludes me but it must have begun when I was well young with things I recall like my big sister Cristina taking me up to bed early to read a"STORY" but ending up instead her trying to learn how to kiss well with I think me as a dummy mouth to use..

I thought it funny and a little odd the first few nights .. I was young and my sister slipping her tongue into my,mouth was a might strange but the attention was nice and my big sister got me sweets and things when she was out..

As I got used to this and started to like it .. instead of just her putting her tongue in my mouth I started to return the favour and my sisters breathing started to get heavy as if she had been running a few days latter my sister used to lay on my bed on her back and getting me to snog her as she lay there breathing hard and rubbing herself . I didn't understand.

This went on for months most of time at bed time .. sometimes during the day she would call me away from what ever to have a kiss and cuddle she called it in various places that were safe from eyes.. one of these times in the bathroom with the door locked her laying on the floor getting hot and quietly groaning she took my hand and placed it up her skirt.. onto the front of her damp but very warm and silky knickers , she stopped kissing me long enough to pull away from me and look straight into,my eyes .. then whispered into my ear gently " please rub me lover boy.,"

I started to rub her down there without a clue.. she had her hand behind my neck and was kissing me harder than ever before at times letting out little simpers and her hips fixed off the floor legs wide open .. I could feel the part under her knickers starting to pulse on its own .. just as that happed Cristina trapped my arm thrust it between her legs closed her legs on arm then thrust her hips forward hard let out a little scream and my arm,got soaked she lay looking up at me smiling widely

Two things I realised that day what ever I had done had made my sister feel good. Secondly I new I wanted to get her to rub me between my legs so I could feel as good as she was..

That very night we went up to bed as usual she laid down on her back once more as we started snogging after only a couple,of minutes I went as she had guided me earlier to rub her panties ...

Without knowing it I was about to change everything .. she was in her night dress and I think looked parity in it .. as I pushed my hand up her dress all was well untill I reached between her legs and started to rub... My fingers touched some warm moist skin ....

Cristina's eyes flew wide open " no not oh fuck." I had started rubbing but my middle finger was sliding along what felt like a warm wet finger width channel ending at a little warm hole my sister was looking wide eyed at me .. I dipped my finger in there. My sisters legs shot open she put her head on my shoulder and whimpered in my ear... I'd heard her make sounds like that before so I knew I was doing rite.. her legs being open to me ment she liked where I had my middle finger that was slowly slipping into and,out of my big sister .. so I tried pushing two in there effect was emediate she first sunk her teeth into my pillow and grabbed my wrist to hold me still in her .... I took her other hand and guided it between my legs my sister moved her hand ... I took it a put it back on my cock .. I had notice it twitch the first time I put her hand there .. this time it jumped I flexed my fingers loving how it made my sisters face contort .. finally she shrugged trust her hand down my PJs and took hold of my cock " ok keep this in time she whispered emagin it is your willy sliding into me instead of your fingers can you do that"

We both were gentle for a while and slow.. it felt great the way my sister was holding and slowly massaging my cock I felt it stiffen like never before in my mind I had done as Cristina had said and was thinking about sliding into that hole,, till then I had not seen what I was doing to my sister so I reached between her legs grabbed the nightdress and pulled it up my sister froze ,.. I stopped as well

"What's up Cristina"
"My kid brother is looking at my pussy with two finger's buried inside me and you asking what's up?. We should not be doing this I know it is my fault and immediately embarrassed that you can my arse as well."

Remembering earlier that day what had happened and needing Cristina to continue pumping my newly hardened and very much grown cock because it felt great ... I decided to try rubbing Cristina faster than we had been and pushing deeper in to her as well.

" We'll sis I like what I'm seeing and would love to be sliding my cock in you to now I've seen how it looks.."

I stood again Cristina still had my dick in her hand but wasn't doing anything just looking at me..

"You like what you are looking at then"
" Yes Cristina I think you look hot"
"You could never tell any one .. promise me that..."
"I promise I promise,"

My sister let go off my cock removed my hand from her pussy opened her legs and helped me get into position guiding my young penis into her moist lips pulled me higher up the bed then told me to trust my hips forward . Her hand was over her mouth incase she screamed she didn't but she grabbed my waste and held me still for a few seconds ... I loved how hot and tight it was in there my sister was holding her legs wide open and took a deep breath

"Ok then but quietly.."

Turned out it was not me that needed to be quiet because as I started thrusting into her moist hole in truth not fully knowing how it would end my cock still had,a way to swell up untill it was tight fit by that time my sister had forgot everything, else and was asking me to ram her harder and make her cum.,

Shortly after that she did and not silently .... Hearing her and feeling her,cum on my dick and the fact my legs were soaked in her juices made me lose control .. later my sister told me she could breath for the final minutes because I was raining her so fast.. and kept going at her even as I started squirting my youth inside her

My sister held me tightly for a while saying nothing untill I had recovered a little I was shaking uncontrollable while my cock was emptying it's full load inside her

Her first words were " oh wow,,... Are you ok ?" She asked still holding me

I could not answer then so instead I just missed my sister full tongue as passionately as I could,

As are lips parted she gasped and repeated " Oh Wow "

We actually fell asleep like that I was still inside my sexy lovely sister who had taken me from boy good to manhood in a day and I loved her all the more for that....

The next day after Cristina had sorted out my bedding we had made a mess and we had had breakfast we went outside because she wanted a chat with me.. told me again that it had to be a one off but admitted that she had loved every second of it .. even referring to times earlier on whether had just been kissing ... But more so as I started to respond.. and had a few times Woking up during the weeks before that dreaming about the prospect of letting her brother fuck her .. but realised it could never happen ... We'll it had and it was decided never again never....

Lucky we did never signed a legally binding document... Because we actually broke it twice before the day was over ... And with the holidays just starting that rule was completely forgotten within a week.
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