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Here's my second story. Like I said, a lot longer and better than the previous one. I hope you guys like it. Make sure to comment your thoughts!
My name is Kaden, and this is the story of the first time I had sex. It was the end of high school; I had turned 18 a few weeks prior and the only other gay guy I knew was has been 18 since the year began. I was upset at still being a virgin at the end of high school, especially being an adult as I turned 18. My friends suggested I make a gay friend, and Daniel was that gay friend I made.

Daniel had been an acquaintance all my life; we knew each other as kids and were friendly with each other but we were never ‘friends’ until I asked him to be friends with the intent of hopefully having sex with him.

It turns out he had the same idea. After a few weeks we asked each other to have sex and we decided to walk to his house together that Friday, three weeks before graduation.

“Are you excited?” Daniel asks me as we enter his house.

“What the hell do you think?” I say, sarcastically. Maybe he’s rubbing off on me in more ways than just our cocks, soon…

He flips me off before leading me to his room. He closes the door and locks it, just to be sure. I’m pleased that his room’s floor is carpeted, as the parts of the house that I have seen are uncarpeted. He put his backpack down, as well as his phone and other stuff in his pockets. He kicks his shoes off and looks at me.

“You don’t have to be nervous, Kaden. We don’t do anything neither of us are ready for. Right now, let’s just take our shirts, shoes, socks, and stuff off. We don’t even need to take our pants off yet. Nobody will be home for hours, so there’s no need to rush anything.” Daniel tells me, this time with some compassion in his voice.

“I guess I’m just afraid you won’t like my body. I hate it so much, sometimes…” I say, but begin taking my shoes and socks off. I put all the stuff in my pocket into my backpack and sit on the bed, afraid to take my shirt off.

“Kaden, you’re my friend. And I also don’t really give a shit about looks, for the most part. Trust me?” He asks me, sitting down next to me and putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Alright.” I gulp and quickly take off my shirt. I quickly throw it where Daniel threw his so I won’t be tempted to put it back on.

“See? It’s all fine. So, what do you want to do first?” Daniel asks me. He hasn’t touched me since he touched my shoulder before I took my shirt off. He’s being very considerate of me, and I’m glad that Daniel is my first time rather than just some random cock, even if that cock were my two best straight friends (as they had offered to let me suck theirs but I refused as it wouldn’t feel right). I highly doubt they would be this gentle with me.

This…just feels more special. We’re not in a relationship, but we do care about each other. In just the short time since we’ve been friends like this, he’s already up there with Jason and Chad in terms of important people in my life other than my family.

“I-I don’t know. You take the lead. Just…tell me when you’re going to do something so I can be prepared for it.” I say, nervous but managing to not stutter except for the beginning.

“Promise me you’ll tell me if anything is uncomfortable?” Daniel asks, voice monotone and plain. I guess he only expresses a little emotion in his voice when the other person really needs it…

“I promise.” I say, and Daniel takes a deep breath.

“Okay. Well, I’m going to touch your chest.” He says softly, but monotone and expressionless, before slowly putting his hand on my chest. Rather than flinching like I expected myself to do, I just take a breath and relax. But…

“Stop.” I suddenly say. He immediately removes his hand.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, concerned.

“You don’t…mind my hairiness, do you? It’s genetic, and I can’t really help it.” I say, ashamed and embarrassed of my Jewish lineage. The men in my family, including myself, are hairy. And I’ve been hairy ever since I hit puberty.

“Of course, not. Like I said, I don’t give a shit about looks. All that matters is that you’re my friend and that we’re experiencing this together. It’s because you’re my friend and that I care about you that I don’t mind anything because you’re my friend.” He says in some sort of emotion-filled voice, and I smile in relief.

“Please continue. That did feel rather nice.” I say, laying back on the bed. I’ll give him his pleasure when he wants me to. Right now, I’ll let him take the lead.

“Okay. And I’m also going to be touching your nipples. I’m also going to be a little rougher in my rubs.” He says, and I just ‘hum’ in response, letting him know that I understand.

His hand immediately starts rubbing my chest again, softly kneading my skin. His other hand goes to my breast areas, rubbing over my nipples.

“Daniel…” I say, softly. This feels…really good. He’s touching me with such consideration. I start to feel light kisses going up my chest. I look down and he goes and licks my right nipple for a few seconds and goes over to my left nipple.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, voice monotone and loud. All I can do is nod and close my eyes. His lips press into mine in my first ever kiss and I can’t help but grab him and pull him over me. He’s kissing me and I am basically pinned to the bed, and I am loving every second of it.

The kisses he gives me are light, soft, and slightly wet. He is giving me really nice kisses over my lips and nothing more. No tongue, no nothing deep, nothing intense. I move my lips at the same time he does, returning each and every kiss with my own.

After a few more seconds of kissing, he pulls away slightly and rests his forehead on mine. He cups my left cheek with his right hand and gives me another kiss, this time holding it there for a few seconds before resting his forehead on mine once again.

“Was that your first kiss, too?” He asks me in a breathless whisper. I can feel his hard dick through both our pants, and it is pressing directly into mine.

“Yes. I didn’t think kissing could be so…pleasurable.” I say, moving in for another quick kiss. I can’t get enough of his lips on mine.

“Me either. I never saw the appeal until I laid my lips on your chest. When I got to your lips, I just didn’t want to stop.” Daniel says, getting out of this position and sitting next to me like he did when we began, only now he’s lying down like I am. He’s breathing hard, and I think it’s my turn to get things going.

I get up and get down on my knees in front of him, silently thanking once again for his carpeting. I’m wearing shorts so my knees would be in hell, otherwise.

“Can I take it out?” I ask him, my hands on his lower chest, right above his waistline.

“Yeah.” He says and reaches for his button. I grab his hands to halt his actions.

“I’ve always kind of fantasized about doing the button and zipper. May I?” I ask again, and he nods and just looks at me with fascination and excitement as I undo his button and slowly pull down his zipper. I pull his pants down a little and the tent is large, and it is really wet at the tip. I swallow hard as I grip the edges of the underwear and I pull them down and settle them under his balls, giving me a complete view of his amazing cock and his nice, saggy balls.

“What do you think?” Daniel’s voice is as monotone and loud as ever. He’s looking right at me as I stare at his dick.

“It’s…perfect.” I whisper as I grab his dick with my left hand. It…feels strange to hold a dick that’s not my own. As he’s uncut, it’s easy for me to slowly jack him off. I’m only using a few fingers right now to stroke his skin over his shaft and his head. I’m just taking this slow.

“Kaden…this feels so good. But, can you wet the shaft and head a bit? Just spit on your hand a little.” Daniel asks/commands, and I do what he says. I drop a glob of spit in my left hand, hold down his skin with my right hand, and coat his dick in my spit with my left hand. I resume my stroking, going a little faster, and he starts moaning. “Oh, yeah…fuck, Kaden…you’re so good at this…” He tells me, and I can’t help the smile that comes on my face.

“I can’t believe I’m holding a dick that’s not my own. It’s so warm, and hard yet soft.” I say, and I lightly grab his balls with my free hand. I knead them as I stroke his cock, and I love the warmth coming off of his balls. “Your balls feel so good in my hand. So warm, and I love the hair on the sack.” I say, finally getting over my shyness of speech.

“Your hand feels great on them.” He says. I stroke him some more, making sure to use my thumb to swipe the pre-cum over the head when I see it. “Kaden?” Daniel asks me, and I look up at him. “Can I take yours out, now?” He asks me, and I am nervous, but excited.

“Yeah, let’s switch places.” I say and he gets up. I law down where he was, and I see his dick sticking out as he stands. I just realized something…

…Why haven’t I put it in my mouth yet? Maybe I’m just trying to make this last as long as possible. All I know is that it will be in my mouth by the time this is over!

“Do you mind if I take off the rest of my clothes now? And I’ll take yours off when I take your dick out?” He asks me yet again. I don’t see why not at this point.

“Go ahead.” I say, and Daniel nods and begins pulling his shorts and underwear off the rest of his body. His dick has softened a bit, but his balls are hanging low.

I wish he would teabag my face with those balls…

Once all his clothes are off, he walks back over to me. I start to really admire his body. His chest is pale white, while his arms are a bit tan. His black hair definitely contrasts his body, but in such a good way. His chest is hairless except for the happy trail leading down to his dick and balls that are surrounded by a nice bunch of pubes.

“Wow, Daniel. You’re, um…you’re sexy.” I say, blushing. Why was that so hard for me to say? I can say I like the hair on his ball-sack, but I can’t say that he’s sexy?

“Really? Thank you. I don’t care about looks, but I think you are pretty sexy, too.” He says, getting on his knees. He grabs the edge of my basketball-style shorts and pulls them off completely.

He throws them to the side of the room and starts to pull down my underwear. Before he pulls them all the way off, he leans up and gives me a few more soft kisses. I moan into his mouth as my underwear comes off and my dick and balls are free. Daniel gets back down on his knees on his carpeted floor and looks at my cock the same way as I looked at his for the first time.

“How is it?” I ask, voice nervous. I hope he likes my dick as much as he did when we were jerking off a few nights ago.

“Looks tasty.” He says gets a glob of spit in his hand before slowly grabbing my dick and moving his hand all over my shaft and head.

“Daniel!” I moan out, not expecting the sudden rush of wetness on my cock in addition to the feelings of someone else gripping it for the first time ever.

“I hope I’m good at this.” I hear Daniel say, and I suddenly feel an oval-shaped softness on the underside of my dick. I quickly sit up on my elbows and look at him and I see him trailing kisses up my dick before he takes my cock into his warm, wet, virgin mouth.

“Oh, shit, Daniel! I moan out in a higher voice as I feel his tongue running up and down my shaft as he lightly sucks on my head. He starts to move his head up and down the length of my cock, taking in all of my five inches. He goes slowly at first, but starts to speed up as well as making louder wet sounds that are just music to my ears.

He pulls off my dick and immediately starts running his spit-covered tongue all over my balls, making them wet and warm but immediately cool by the air in the room. He very lightly sucks the skin of my sack while he continuously jacks my spit-covered dick, and I feel my orgasm coming. “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet!” I quickly say, and he lets go of my dick and removes his mouth from my sack in no time.

My dick throbs on its own, but luckily I am able to force my orgasm back before it passed the point of no return. I breathe heavily, wishing that I could feel his no-longer-virgin mouth back on my cock. But, alas, I don’t want this to end nearly this quickly. I didn’t even notice Daniel getting up and sitting on his bed next to me. I look over to him and his face is as expressionless as always.

It’s awkward in the position that I’m in, but I can’t help myself when I attack his lips with my own. The kisses are rougher, wetter, and more passionate. I take the initiative this time and lightly poke my tongue at his lips, and I feel his tongue lightly meet mine. We just lightly rub the tips and blades of our tongue each one another’s, occasionally bringing our lips together in for more kisses.

“Daniel, I don’t know if that would be considered a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ blowjob, but it felt great to me. How was it for you?” I ask, separating the kiss. My voice is breathless and our foreheads are pressed together as we hold each other’s faces in our hands.

“I liked doing it a lot. It wasn’t anything how I ever thought sucking dick would be, but hearing you moan and kiss and feeling your cock throb in pleasure against my tongue, and knowing that I was the one making you feel that good, was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt.” Daniel says, closing his eyes. How the hell does he stay monotone through that speech?

“Do you think I can suck you now? My mouth is watering for some dick after you said that.” I say, and Daniel snickers for a moment, obviously finding what I said amusing. I hold back a chuckle after realizing exactly what I said.

“Please do. I wanna feel like you did, too.” He says, monotone, and I go in for one more rough and quick kiss before I get down on my knees and Daniel reclaims the spot I was just in.

I grab his cock, which has pre-cum smeared all over the head, which states how excited he was to blow me and how excited he is to be blown by me. This is it…

…I’m finally gonna suck some cock! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

I lean down and lick around the head, getting all the pre-cum that was there. I remove my tongue and before swallowing the pre-cum, I really taste it, and it just makes my own dick throb.

I take the head in between my lips, lowly moving my tongue around it, really trying to get the texture of Daniel’s cock. It’s…so soft. The head of his cock is squishy under my tongue, yet the shaft is so thick under the head with only a soft skin that my tongue reaches when swirling.

So many different textures, and an overwhelming taste of cock and pre-cum and some sweat. This is the experience I’ve been waiting for. My mouth has never had such a bombardment of unique feelings and tastes before, not this much. This is like its own meal from a new country with all new ingredients – so unfamiliar, yet tasty and inviting and just making me even hungrier for more!

“Kaden, dude, keep using that tongue. Oh, fuck it feels good. Yeah, just like that. Right, there!” Daniel moans, telling me that the best spot is licking and moving my tongue in the spot right under his dick head, where the two halves meet in the back.

I take the head out of my mouth and I slowly trail my tongue up and down the length of his dick, only moving after I go up and down the whole length each. The entire time, my palette is being bombarded with the taste and smell of dick and crotch, and I have to hold back the want to stroke myself while I do this. I am not going to deny Daniel the pleasure of making me cum, because I would hate it if he didn’t let me make him cum.

While licking his cock, my chin keeps brushing against his ballsack, and it feels so soft and so different than they felt in my hands when I first took out his dick earlier. Maybe it’s because they’re so near my oral cavity where I want cock and balls and things of the sort – they make me want to just suck and lick and massage them with my tongue. I lightly cup his balls, raising them so more of the sack touches my chin as I lick at Daniel’s cock.

“Daniel.” I say, removing my tongue from his cock so I can speak. I’m still cupping my balls as I now nuzzle them with my chin and part of my neck as I make my request. “Can you control my head? Like hold my head and bob it for yourself. Not too fast, of course, and I don’t think I can deepthroat you all the way yet. But I would live it if you were in control.” I make my request, looking into Daniel’s eyes as I take in all the feeling from his sack on my chin and neck.

“Sure, no problem.” He says, back in his monotone voice even though he was just moaning. This guy… “But I’m gonna stop you before I cum. I don’t want this to end yet. I’m don’t want to fuck just yet until we’re more experienced with each other, but…” He trails off, and I smile, brining my hand back to his dick and stroking it softly, bring the foreskin all the way to the top. That gives me an idea…

“Trust me, I don’t wanna fuck yet either. I’ve been using my dildo for weeks, but I’m not ready for anal yet with another person.” I saw, smiling and stroking his cock. I see his eyes widen at what I said.

“You have a dildo? And you’re a bottom? How often do you use it?” Daniel asks me, and in response I stick out my tongue and run it up his cock again.

“No, no more talking, not right now. Just grab my head, and fuck my mouth.” I say, trying to be sexy. I take his cock back into my mouth and in no time Daniel holds my head with hands on either side, and leads my speed. He’s not actually moving my head up and down, only leading while I do the actual work, but it fulfills the fantasy enough that I can imagine him doing it easily.

Most of his cock is going in my mouth, but not all of it. His cock is definitely larger than mine, probably about an inch or so longer, so he’s about six inches while I can take five. The other inch I wrap my index finger and thumb base around, so I can tease some of his ballsack’s skin with the thumb itself.

Daniel is no longer moaning – only breathing harder than he has this entire time so far. He starts to lead my head faster before suddenly pulling my head up with just a little force and leading my off his cock. I look at it and it is throbbing, and I glance at Daniel’s face, and I can tell he is just barely holding back his orgasm. A few moments later, Daniel exhales sharply and his cock stops throbbing, but is still impressively hard.

I smirk as I get up on the bed and lay down long-ways on the left side of Daniel’s bed, and he moves long-ways and lays down next to me. We both turn our heads to each other before moving in for a small, gentle peck on the lips. I pull away and move onto my right side, facing him as he turns on his left side.

“Now you know what I thought of sucking cock. What did you think of it?” He asks in his standard monotone voice.

“Mmm! I loved having your cock in my mouth. The taste of your pre-cum, the texture of your foreskin and the head, the smell of your cock and balls, the feeling of the balls on my chin, with some very slight ticking from the hairs on the sack, everything. I loved everything about it. I’ll agree that it wasn’t like anything I expected it would be, and I’m glad. This was so much better than anything I could have ever imagined, and the fact that it was with you and that we were each other’s firsts makes it just so much better.” I say, reaching my hand out and touching one of his nipples for a few seconds.

“So, you never answered my earlier questions. You actually have a dildo? How often do you use it? When did you get it? How did you get it? You’re a bottom or what?” Daniel asks me, seemingly ignoring my answer about sucking cock but I know it liked it as I saw his cock throb out of my peripheral vision as I was saying how much I liked sucking him.

“Alright. I got it a few weeks ago, right after I turned 18 and got my checking account and a credit card. I’ve been using it pretty much every two or three days since I got it, occasionally more times and occasionally less. And, I wouldn’t call myself a bottom. I definitely like playing with my ass on my own, but…I don’t know. Bottoming only seems appealing when I’m really horny and I just want cock.” I say, Daniel starting to jerk his cock as I speak. Obviously he likes hearing about my dildo! “What about you? Are you a bottom?” I ask Daniel, who continues to jack off while I watch.

“I consider myself versatile but I would prefer to bottom. I’m way too lazy to actually fuck someone for anything longer than a minute. I’d rather just lay there and take it. But I haven’t used anything except my fingers, but I did like what I felt.” Daniel says. I can’t resist the urge anymore and I begin jacking off like he is – the sight of his cock in his hand is just so beautiful.

“So did you mean what you said when we were talking the other day? Do you really want me to cum all over your face?” I ask him.

“Yes. For the longest time my fantasy was bukkake and facials and just cum stuff. What about you? Do you really want me to cum in your mouth so you can swallow it?” He asks me, monotone. I can’t help but blush as he asks me that. It did keep me hard, though.

“Yes. Fuck, dude. I’ve been wanting so suck cock for so long and want cum in my mouth. Now that I sucked yours, all I want is your cum in my mouth.” I say, and he breathes heavily as he starts to stroke his cock faster.

“That’s hot, dude.” He says, and he scoots closer to me. I scoot closer as well and we are now squished together in the middle of his bed, our hands touching slightly as we jerk ourselves off. We both move our heads in and start to kiss. Our kisses our wet, soft, passionate, and hot. I love the feeling of his wet lips, lips that were on my cock and my balls, sliding across my own and that tongue, which has tasted my pre-cum, swapping saliva with my own. Just knowing that we blew each other makes it all the more erotic than our kisses earlier.

“Please, cum all over my face.” Daniel separates our kiss and is almost begging me. “I’m so close. I can guarantee that I’ll cum after only a few strokes when I taste your cum. Just cum on my face, get between my legs, and I’ll cum in your mouth.” Daniel says, his hand stroking himself faster. Hearing him say that is putting me at the edge.

“Alright. Move your hands and lay on you back. Make sure to keep your mouth closed so you can give me time to get to you before you taste and cum.” I say, and he follows my instructions. I get on my knees on his bed, my cock pointing at his face. His face is relaxed, his mouth is closed, and his hands are gripping the sheets – obviously fighting the urge to jerk off. “Alright, dude. Here it comes.” I say, and I grab my dick. It only takes a few strokes before I feel my balls tightening.

I give one last stroke before the first spurt of cum shoots out of my cock and lands on his lips and his cheek. I continue to jerk off as I aim my cock so my cum shoots all over his cheeks, lips, forehead, bridge of the nose, and his chin. I waste no time jumping off the bed and getting between his legs.

“Go!” I say and put his head between my lips. He jerk off while the head is in my mouth at a slight angle, and I lick the head to help him cum.

“Here it comes!” He says, and I know he got a taste of my cum when he opened his mouth, and I suddenly feel a warm liquid shoot directly into my cheek, on the count of the angle so I can taste it all without it just going down my throat. I’m able to barely catch all his cum in my mouth before he stops cumming and I pull off, having no choice but putting suction on the head which results in a heavy moan from Daniel.

I savor the warm liquid in my mouth before slowly swallowing. I only swallow a little bit at a time, moaning with each little swallow, so I can truly milk the taste and lock it into my memory. His cum is one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life so far, and I doubt many things will ever surpass it.

After I swallow it all, I notice that both our cocks are hard again and that Daniel is staring at me as he eats my own cum from his face with a finger. Well, I don’t want to be left out of the cum party so I go back to his cock, stroking and slightly squeezing the head to force any more cum out of his. I lick the slit so I can get the cum that comes out, and I moan. I don’t think I can ever get enough of his cum in my mouth and down my throat.

When I feel that all the cum is out of his dick, I go back to my original spot on the bed and lay next to him. He is still trying to get my cum in his mouth, but I can see he only has a little left. He must really like my cum enough to go this long with scooping it on his finger and sucking it like he was sucking my cock and trying to get me to shoot.

“How does my cum taste? Do you like it?” I ask, teasingly. He only flips me off while still sucking the last of the cum off.

“I loved yours too, dude.” I say, pulling him in for a kiss.

That was my first time. Daniel and I have since become boyfriend and re attending the same university. We have sex at least once a day, and we have been doing anal since we started college. I love Daniel so much, and I love his cock too!
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