This part of the story is a continuation of the same evening told in Hanky Panky 1.
Excerpt from Hanky Panky 1

“I guess that was a little too much vodka. Shall we go to The Harvest Diner Julie? I’m starving!”

“I think they had a couple shots before they came over, and yes, that means I don’t have to do the dishes.”

Hanky Panky 2


We started to leave and I remembered.

“Wait a minute. Let me show you something Julie”


I reached down behind the Living-room window-drapes lifted and set a twelve inch by twelve inch by four inch thick wooden box with a ten inch by ten inch glass in the front panel.

“This front panel is dove-tailed around the outside edge of three sides, so you can slide it up like this.” As I demonstrated opening the box.

“What is it?”

“That’s you and I blended together.” While pointing at the cum crusty bloodstain. “It’s your token of your virginity given to me.”

“You kept the sheet. Thank you Hank.” She touched the stain feeling the stiffness of dried fluids on the sheet.

“There’s a second bloodstain, because you wanted another giddy-up go before you left that night.

”I can set it up so there is a glass panel on the backside too.”

“I’m hungry.” And we headed out the door.

I started the Cummins, so the engine oil pressure would be up to normal by the time I’ve disconnected the trailer.

I rolled the Dually ahead, Julie closed the gate, hopped in the passenger side, and slid to the center next to me, fastening her seatbelt.

“Why do you keep the camper on the truck all the time?”

“My normal workday is fourteen to eighteen hours a day, so the pickup-camper setup is my siesta wagon.

“I usually take a two hour nap between noon and two o’clock, if I’m not running a crew.”

“Why so many work-hours?”

“School is my first priority, second is working for my Dad, third is my contracting business, fourth is my flipper-house, fifth is six hundred and forty acres that shares a property line with my Uncle’s ranch down near Colorado’s southern border.”

“You have a lot of plates in the air Hank, and two more just popped up on the horizon.”

“That’s OK. Don’t think of yourself as a problem Julie.”

We were distracted by our arrival at The Harvest Diner, and found a parking space to back into. It’s easier and safer to back into an empty parking space, than backing out into a busy parking lot. Safety is one of my first priorities.

We placed our orders and made our trips to the restrooms to do whatever and wash up for dinner, and midway through dinner started talking.

“Normally it’s ladies first in a conversation about a situation like ours Julie, but I’m going to man-up and open the ball here with two or three items of concern.

“I’m willing to risk being married to you, but I would like a twenty year prenuptial agreement, not just to protect me, but also you and our child even though it doesn’t look like my intentions are in your best interests.

“The other thing is our need to pay special attention to what Pastor Dave Adams has to say about our situation.

“He’s a very wise man, and people would do well to listen to him, and I would like Pastor Adams to officiate the wedding.”

“I asked Dad about you a few days ago.

“He said you’re a square shooter.

“You run tight work-crews.

“You’re fair with people you deal with, and don’t suffer fools gladly.

“In school you and Paul Maitham have stopped all the bullies.

“That’s a big plus in my book.

“I’ll sign a prenuptial agreement as long as Paul Maitham’s Dad sets it up.

“I know he won’t let you hurt me.”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Would you like to come with me tomorrow to buy a ring, and fill out a Marriage License?”

“I’m working tomorrow Henry. Can we get the Marriage License during noon-hour?”

“Sure, and we can look at rings this coming Saturday.”

“I’ve trapped you in this situation Henry, I remember you said you were interested in another gal, are you going to be resentful?”

“Well... Now I know how easy it was for Eve to persuade Adam to do something wrong.”

“I’m sorry... I hope you forgive me.”

“I have forgiven you... I know about resentment and the bitterness. I’ve dealt with it before when my Mother died, and when Dad went to work overseas, so he wasn’t around for a while a few years ago.

“He remarried, and I had to deal with having a new mother, but that worked out well, because she was nice to me and a good wife for my Dad.

“I’m sure most couples feel like they are stuck sometimes, and hopefully most of them work through that.”

“Are you ready for bed together?”

“Yes, but we need a shower before we hit the sack.”

“Do I get a scalp massage?"

“Yes. I loved giving you the scalp massage last time. Your arms wrapped around the back of my neck in a naked full frontal hug with your breasts mashed against my chest and your belly rubbing my cock standing up straight between us, while you’re kissing and nuzzling my chest and neck.”

“I told a couple of girls about that massage and you could have cut the envy and jealousy in the air with a knife.
“One of the mothers overheard me and said, ‘Getting screwed is easy, but when you get a good scalp massage, that is a man to love.’.”

“How did you know what to do in the shower and in bed.

“I really appreciated how you talked me through what we did in bed.

“Everything was so unexpected; I think I was in shock.”

“You know what I said to my parents about finding you in the shower, but what I avoided talking about was all the talk in the girls’ locker-room.

“Some of the girls were matter of fact about sex with guys while others would exaggerate and some of the experienced gals would call them on it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“One gal would say sperm tastes terrible, and three or four gals would disagree based on their experience.

“I picked and chose who to trust to tell me the truth, and listened more to them, than most of the other gals.

“Of course there are the sordid stories of losing their virginity in the back seat of a car.

“That’s something I decided wasn’t going to happen to me.”

“Too late, not gonna happen to you.”

“I did some reading on a sexstories site and watched some porn; some straight sex, even some lesbian sex.

“I sorted out what I wanted, what I didn’t want, and established some boundaries in my mind.

“I’m not one of those ‘try anything once’ kind of people, and I think people should be able to say yea or nay whether anybody likes it or not.”

“Boundaries are good, because crossing the line can cause more trouble than it’s worth.” I agreed.

“My job requires me to think on my feet.

“The Vet doesn’t want me standing around like a dolt waiting to be told what to do.

“Thinking and talking objectively is how I control my emotions.”

“How did you happen to work for the Vet.?”

“I was over at the Maitham farm and the Veterinarian showed up to help a cow birth a calf.

“I was watching and it got complicated and I asked him how I could help?

“He was surprised and asked, ‘Really?’

“I told him, ‘Just tell me where to puke.’

“It got more complicated, and messy, and I puked, and he hired me.

“I’ve been working for him sixty-two days now and he offered me a raise, but I told him I have to talk to my boyfriend first.”

“Boyfriend? Meaning me?”

Julie nodded.

“It’s really strange. The more I know you, the more I want to marry you.

“Tell your Boss you’re getting married within a couple weeks. Invite him and his wife to the wedding.

“Four weeks after the wedding, we are taking an all-in-one; working, honeymoon, vacation on a ranch starting the second Friday in September and returning the second Sunday in October.”

“What about school?”

“We’ll take our class-books with us and study together.

“Let’s head for your new home Julie.

“My home is your home now and I want to get something straight between us when we get there.”

“I second that emotion.”

We reconnected the truck to the trailer, closed the gate, walked to Julie’s parents’ home to pack some of her stuff for tomorrow, and also move her car to my driveway.

We finished packing her stuff from the car to the house, and headed for the shower; stripping on the way.

I pulled Julie tight facing me, I lathered her shoulders and arms out to her fingertips; even scrubbing between the fingers, and soaped her back, all the way to the bottom of her rump.

Spun her around, her back to me and ran my soapy hands up each side of Julie, soaping her armpits, and lathered her chest, breasts, all the way down her belly to her pussy.

“You’ve lost weight.”

“I’ve lost fifteen pounds since the last time I was here.”

“I noticed the loss when I saw you on the porch. You were pleasingly plump last time, now you’re not quite a plumper, and your pussy is bigger.”

“It is not!”

“Teasing. I love how it fills my hand cupped over it. Have you been eating OK?”

“I’m using a better diet, and the Vet sometimes can’t park his truck close to some of the patients, so I end up jogging back and forth chasing meds and parts and tools.”

I worked my way down Julie’s legs, to scrubbing between her toes, and massaging her feet. Julie squeaked a couple of times while I was vigorously scrubbing her soapy twat and the crack of her ass.

She got her scalp massage, as she moved her hips side to side, rubbing my drooling straight-up cock.

Kissing and nuzzling my neck, while she moaned and groaned in pleasure.

I picked Julie up with my hands under her rump and she guided me inside her vagina, I too groaned in pleasure, felt so good to be inside her pussy again.

“Dad blast it Henry! We have got to get to bed!”

Julie is just leggy enough to stand flat-footed without stressing my boner.

We toweled each other dry, and Julie wrapped her legs around me to make it easier to carry her to bed while still coupled.

We disconnected when I lifted and tossed Julie in the middle of the bed, landing with a whump.

I leapt on top of her without actually having an impact on her, and kissed all over her face, neck, and shoulders; returning to her mouth I spent a thirty count there probing for her tonsils with my tongue, then kissed and sucked and licked and bit both sides of her neck gently from behind her ears all the way down to include her shoulders and back up again and again.

I moved to her breasts and got as much of her left breast in my mouth as I could and gave her areola and nipple a thorough sucking and tongue-lashing.

By this time Julie was huffing and puffing like an old oil furnace.

I moved back up to Julie’s face and tenderly kissed her mouth and cheeks and chin and forehead and each side of her neck and shoulders over and over for a couple minutes, got a lip-lock on her right breast and gave her areola and nipple a thorough sucking and tongue-lashing too.

Next were her inner thighs, I kissed and licked and sucked for a few minutes, then deliberately gave her a bit of a whisker-burn on each thigh with my five o’clock shadow, and back to kissing, licking, and sucking on each inner thigh.

Finally it’s Pussy’s turn. I dug my tongue as deep as I could at the bottom of Julie’s vulva, working my way slowly up to licking and sucking her clitoris between my lips and sucked harder.

Quick as I started on Julie’s vulva, she had both hands on the back of my head pulling me tighter while her thighs were clamping and releasing me as she wailed.

Thank God for triple-pane glass windows in the bedroom.

I moved up to Julie’s face again and kissed her mouth giving her the taste of her pussy-juice while pushing my tongue inside for a brief tongue-wrestle, and cupped Julie’s vulva in my right hand and gave her cunt a vigorous rub.

“Squeak.” I did it again.”Squeak,” and again. “Squeak.”

“I think I found my squeaky toy.”

“Don’t you dare tell my parents!”

“I’m tempted my darling ...”

“You better not!”

“... to steal you away.”

“I love that song, but it’s not right to think about stealing someone’s affections.”

“True.” I coupled up with her and rolled over on my back putting Julie on top.

Julie set the rhythm of strokes with her legs between mine, and I raised my knees to help cant my hips, so I could have another couple inches of cock in her on the upstroke.

I massaged her breasts while stroking.

Julie collapsed on me and we kissed mouth to mouth with some tongue wrestling, and I kept stroking her while holding her tight.

Julie got more excited and had three orgasms in rapid succession pushing me into a long drawn out hard squirting series of ejaculations.

Julie felt the heat and pulse of my sperm spurting; triggering two more orgasms for her.

I kept Julie on top of me while the aftershocks twitched and spasmed through her body.

“You were a cute, plump, pretty gal the first time I saw you naked in the hallway between the bathroom and bedroom, then today on the front porch you looked a little distraught, but beyond cute or pretty, and I noticed a slenderness about you. No longer a plumper, but more attractive.”

“Beyond cute or pretty, more attractive?”

“I enjoyed washing and pleasuring you in the shower, but part of my motive is getting pleasure from groping and holding and adoring the most intimate parts of your anatomy.”

“Groping, adoring?”

“You remember I said in the Diner, ‘The more I know you, the more I want to marry you.’?”

“I’ll never forget.”

“While making love to your inner thighs, I realized; the culmination of my thoughts of you in my shower twice, and my bed twice, what little I’ve seen of you the last thirty days.

“You are just plain and simple beautiful Julie!”

“A beautiful plain Julie?”

“Julie. You are the definition of beautiful.”

“Henry... Tomorrow it’s my turn to grope you.”

Epilogue between chapters:

After we got our Marriage License.

The County Clerk was telling somebody on the phone before we left.

It was in the newspaper the following day.

We went to the traditional four o’clock Monday morning Business Confab at The Harvest Diner, and made our announcements, and also stated, that I would work twice as hard to make sure all the bases are covered businesswise with my clients before leaving on the Honeymoon, so some of the people I do business with can plan work around our itinerary.

I said, “It’ll be business as usual when we get back, but school is our number one priority.”

Our marriage ceremony was similar to Paul and Mitzi’s wedding in “State of Affair 5” (Check this writer’s profile). The same program actually, except there was no violence.

Paul Maitham was Best Man, while his cousin Brianna Maitham was Maid of Honor, and two other Maitham cousins were Bridesmaids.

There was also one little gal that was nearly a High School outcast that Julie invited to be a Bridesmaid.

Julie sent all four Maids to a Spa for the whole nine yards including makeovers.

The little gal (Mercy) was joyfully astonished seeing what the makeover did for her.

She wept tears of joy throughout the ceremony, while one of the Maitham girls helpfully wiped Mercy’s tears away, four or five times.

The little gal stole the show and was pictured tearfully smiling below the Dateline, and above the fold in the next
day’s Newspaper captioned, “Tears of Joy!”

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