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A single woman shouldn't assume too much
Betty stood in the kitchen doing dishes enjoying the view over the freshly manicured backyard. She loved the way the company she hired did their work, smoothly mowed lawn, weeded flower beds, pruned flower stems and moistened flower petals, just perfect.

While she was admiring the view, a young woman passed by pushing a fertilizer spreader. “That’s odd” she thought, “they usually put fertilizer in the water truck the wet the lawn with.” The other thing that seemed odd was the young woman, 20 or 21 years of age, was not wearing a company uniform.

Betty took a tea towel from the counter, dried her hands and went to investigate. “Miss, Miss excuse me,” she called out exiting through the balcony door. “Excuse me.” She continued until she was near enough to see the young woman was wearing earplugs with a cord trailing down to one of her back pockets. Betty continued forward until she could touch the shoulder of the young woman startling her.

“Sorry,” Betty started while the young woman removed her earplugs allowing music to escape, “but who are you?”

“Oh, I’m with Yard-care, didn’t anyone tell you I was coming?”

“No, and what are you doing, I thought the lawn was fertilized by the water truck, and where’s your uniform?”

“Oh, just started today, that’s why no uniform, none my size, and when the boys were here, they phoned in and said they saw some weeds and thinning grass, can’t have that, bad for company reputation. Here” she added pulling a business card from one of her pockets, “phone this number, to verify.”

Betty took the card and returned to the house while the young woman returned to her work. Entering the house, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number on the card.

“Lawn-care,” a woman’s voice answered after one ring, “how can we help you?”

Betty explained who she was and why she was calling to the person on the phone who replied, “Oh, I’m sorry about this confusion, yes, we did send her out there for upgrade, we take pride in our customers’ lawns and want them to be perfect. As to why you weren’t pre-told, we have a large turnaround of staff, not most people’s career choice, probably just a training issue that I’ll report for correction, again our apologies.”

Satisfied with the responses she received over the phone, Betty hung up and returned to her dishes.

That night, after retiring, Betty was awoken by a strange noise from another room. Looking up, she noticed her bedroom curtains were softly waving from the wind coming through the screen. “Shit,” she thought, “probably left the balcony door open again.” She sat up, dangling her legs over the side of the bed, and fumbled with her feet until they found and slid into her slippers. She was about to retrieve her night robe when she thought, as dark as the night was, her nightgown would suffice. As she entered the hallway, she saw a light coming, seemingly by the lamp in the corner of the living room, and wondered if, at 35, she was going senile leaving both the balcony door open and a lamp on. Moving from the hallway into the living room, Betty let out a light gasp as she saw a figure, now turning in her direction to find the source of the noise, rummaging through her desk.

“You!” Betty said in surprise recognizing the young lady from earlier in the day, “What the fu...”

Suddenly, the young woman started to run toward the balcony door but, due to proximity and Betty’s long reach, was stopped as she felt her hair pull her head back. As she twist to free her hair, she threw a wild swing at Betty, which was easily blocked by the outstretched arm holding her hair.

“Give it up girly,” Betty advised, “I’m three inches taller and have at least twenty,” then thinking about she was saying corrected herself, “near ten pounds on you.”

Still struggling, the young woman shouted, “Let go of me BITCH!”

“Bitch? Oh girly, you just earned yourself one hell of an ass whooping before I call the police.” Betty told her while taking a wooden ruler from the desk and dragging her captive by the hair over to the couch. As Betty sat, she yanked the source of her indignation over her lap, holding her there with all the weight she could apply to the arm she lay across the young woman’s back saying, “It would probably do you a world of good if this was on the bare, but this will do,” raising the ruler in preparation of teaching a lesson.

Betty felt the ruler as it was pulled from her hand and smacked against the side of her head causing her to release her grip on the person lying on her lap.

“About fucking time Joey,” the formerly threatened woman yelled regaining her feet, “what were you waiting for?”

“Sorry Page,” Joey, the voice Betty recognized from the phone earlier answered, “waited for a chance to catch her off-guard, thought a cow this size might be able to take us both.”

Hearing the voice refer to her as a cow, Betty recoup from the blow to the head and jumped at the woman who insulted her, knocking them both on the ground. Sitting on Joey’s upper body, Betty began to rain slaps down on the partially protected face below her. “Who are you calling cow you stupid little slut?” Betty asked before feeling a slight tug on her body before hearing a ripping sound which was soon followed by the force of someone pushing her off her captive and onto the floor. On the floor, Betty felt something wrap around her throat trying to choke her and she rolled her body to the side hoping to, and succeeding at, offsetting the counterweight pulling on the choking object. As Page rolled over Betty, Betty, standing up, pulled the wrap from her neck and recognized it as part of her nightgown. She looked down at herself to see all she was left wearing was her panties. From seemingly nowhere, a punch landed solid in her groin bending her over in pain and a sudden kick to her ass knocked her face down on the floor where her two opponents took advantage by taking her torn nightgown and fastening her wrists together behind her back. She tried lifting her torso to gain her knees, but the weight of the person sitting on her back was too much. She felt one of her ankles being grabbed and pulled back toward her ass where a length of cloth was wrapped around it. Her second ankle met the same fate before she felt both ankles being pulled closer to her ass. “Okay,” she heard Joey instruct, “take this end and drop it between her ankles, pulling it under the slack, good, now take this end, tuck it under her wrists, now tie the two ends together, perfect.” The weight came off Betty’s back and her two assailants walked around to face her.

Betty, looking up to her audience, fought to free herself from her bindings warning, “Just wait, when I get out of this, the two of you will be begging for the police to come and take you away.”

“Fuck,” Page said returning to the desk, “I am so sick of listening to you.” She opened a desk drawer, reached in and returned to Betty holding a pair of scissors. Kneeling down, she cut the two sides of Betty’s panties, yanked them out from between her legs and forcefully shoved them in Betty’s mouth.

Looking down, Joey laughed saying, “I once had a boyfriend who was into this.”

Page took out her cell phone saying, “Well, I can record some footage for you to send to him.”

“Yeah, he might like that, but he prefers watching them struggle more than watching them lay there.”

“Not a problem.” Page said handing Joey the cell phone, Here, get ready to record.” and walked away.

Betty couldn’t see where Page went, but she heard the refrigerator doo open and close before Page returned, knelt beside her, pushed her hands to the side and inserted an ice cube deep in her ass.

Betty’s body reacted immediately. It bucked and strained against its bindings, it rolled, as best it could, trying to find a position that might help dislodge its object of torment but remained unsuccessful.

Page took the phone from Joey and placed it on the floor where it could record Betty’s ‘dance of discomfort’ and said to Joey, “C’mon, while she’s occupied, search the rest of the house.” In the half hour it took the girls to ransack the house, the ice cube had melted enough that Betty managed to expel it, but not the discomfort it had created.

Page and Joey finally returned to the living room and retrieved the phone before heading toward the balcony door. “Wait,” Joey said turning back to look at Betty, “what about her?”

“What about her?” Page echoed.

“We can’t just leave her here like that, what if no one finds her, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a death on my conscience.”

Page stared at Betty and thought for a few minutes, “What if we let someone know she needs help?”

“How,” Joey questioned “if we phone it in they might be able to trace us.”

“I have an idea,” Page assured her”come with me.” and Page led Joey to the bedroom returning with nightgowns which they were tearing into long strips. They dropped the shredded strips on the couch and, each grabbing Betty under an arm, carried her to and bent her over the back of the couch, her ass high in the air.

Using the scissors, Joey cut the band of cloth looping between Betty’s ankles and wrists, allowing her legs to drop into a more comfortable position. Page and Joey each selected an unused length of shredded nightgown and affixed one end of their respective rags to one of Betty’s wrists. As soon s Joey cut the cloth binding Betty’s wrists together, the girls pulled their respective rags causing Betty’s arms to spread toward the front legs of the couch where they were tightly fastened. The girls then walked around the couch and similarly fastened Betty’s ankles to the back legs of the couch causing the hairy slit between Betty’s legs to widen.

“Now,” Page explained walking toward the bedroom, “to make sure someone knows she needs help, we’ll leave a message. Go get a piece of paper from the desk and write a giant ‘HELP’ sign.”

“Like this?” Joey asked showing Page as she return from the bedroom hiding something in a pillowcase.

“Perfect.” Page smiled putting down the pillowcase, “Now all we have to do is stick it to the window where people will see it. Betty,” Page added before turning her attention to the spreadeagled woman asking, “do you mind holding the sign, if you do just say so.” An indistinguishable series of grunts came from the gagged mouth. “Did that sound like a ‘no’ to you?” She asked Joey, who just shrug her shoulders, “Me neither, c’mon, help me move this” Page said moving to one end of the couch while Joey went to the other. They pushed the furniture together until it was roughly a foot from the near floor-to-ceiling curtained picture window, “Whoa, good on your end.” Page told Joey while she continued to push her end until it was only three inches away from the window. Reaching for the previously obtained pillowcase, Page reached in and pulled out a bottle of sexual lubricant saying, “I’m keeping the leftovers of this, it says it warms and sensitizes private areas, kinda like a stimulant,” as she applied some to the hairy opening between Betty’s legs, “and” she continued reaching into the pillowcase again, “I found out why her snatch is so big, THIS!” while emphasizing the last word, Page showed Joey a vibrator, a very large vibrator.

“Holy fuck,” Joey said, quivering with excitement and eyes widening with amazement, “how big is that thing?”

“Box I found it in said 9” long and 2” wide, makes you wish you had a guy with one like this, don’t it?” Page asked while smoothing lotion along it’s imitation head and shaft.

“Definitely,” Joey agreed, “but how is it going to stick the sign to the window?”

“I’ll show you, go back to your side of the couch,” When Joey returned to the couch, Page held the sign to the window and put the flat end of the vibrator against it, “Now, slowly push it back until it’s the same distance from the window as my end.”

Betty was going crazy, her pussy was on the stimulating lube and she needed a fuck so bad she was looking forward to feeling her favorite toy inside her just to ease the pounding throb of her clit, but it wasn’t happening. As the couch was pushed back, she felt the head if her toy kiss her anus. Slowly the couch pushed back, slowly the phallus forced an opening in her tightened ass, and slowly the pain of her virgin opening increased. One inch, two inches, three inches, still it entered, deeper and deeper until a full seven or eight inches passed into her bowels. Within seconds, the warm, tingling effects of the lube offset the pain of her being entered until she could not tell which drew her attention more.

“That’s good.” Page said to Joey before walking around to face Betty adding, “Don’t you worry,” she slid a chair to the front door and forcefully wedged it under the door handle, “this will prevent any sick’oes from bothering you before help comes.” Then coming back to the couch, she told Betty, ”Remember, try not to squirm too much, you might knock the sign down.” Then, reaching over Betty, Page turned the vibrator speed to medium before hitting the start button and pulling on the cord opening the curtains. “Hope you enjoy your toy as much as your rescuers will enjoy the view” she offered as she and Joey left through the balcony door, closing it behind them.
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