A story about myself as a lad and the adventures that happened one summer.
This is a story of when I was a teenager looking to get off (wank, jack off, masturbate, or whatever slang you want to use) in a full house and had an unexpected vistor with an unexpected reaction to catching me. Yes this story is true, yes it happened this way, yes it is a story involving minors, yes I was older and should've known better, yes she was much younger, yes I changed the names in the story, and yes I do understand all the blah blah blah people will say to condemn me. If you are reading this then know that you are just as sick as you will call me and others who read or write about it. Disclaimer blah blah blah legal age blah blah blah don't do it blah blah blah other legal stuff. Know that this is only part one of a summer tale there is more, actually more than I thought could or would have happened at the time. If you like it I'll write more, comment and tell me how you enjoyed it.The events happened some twenty years ago and I am writing from memory so details aren't are crisp as they once were but all happened as I say. This is my first attempt at writing a story I hope that I do it well. Let me know.

The house was full and I was in need of some serious relief. I had woken that morning with a raging one that had to be handle, however the problem was this was not my home and I had no place in which to do it. I knew I couldnt just be caught with my dick in my hands so I had to think of a way to do it without getting caught. I went to the back room where we would spend the days playing video games and hanging out. There wasn't anyone there yet, but I knew that I still couldn't handle my business in the way I normally would. I have heard of rubbing the top or underside of the penis to get off so I thought I could try it, then if someone walked in I could pretend to be asleep. Maybe better yet I could keep the controller by my side then I could just pick it up and pretend to be playing. Yes, a good plan, the best I could think of anyway. So I put on a game and started to slowly rub myself against the bed and it actully felt really very good. You have to understand that my plan was to be able to hear any other teenagers or adults walking towards I wasn't thinking about the four year little girl that quietly entered the room and was there when I opened my eyes. She was just there watching me with her head tilted sightly to side. I froze I was simply stunned at seeing this little girl just watching me, then she did something that that amazed me. She started rubbing herself against the edge of the dresser all the while looking right at me, inviting me to continue, daring me, or I dont even know what. As I was watching her I guess it was feeling good to her because she started grinding faster and harder from what I could see. I really didn't know why but just watching her do that was turning me on more than I have ever been before in my life. So I started rubbing myself against the bed again while watching her do the same to the dresser. She was wearing a short skirt and lifted them up, I guess because her rubbing was causing them to come down, and there I was looking at her panties with a little indent from where she rubbing. That sight was, I don't how to put it other than, sexy and I was surprised that was exactly the I felt about what was unfolding in front of me. There she was grinding her little panty clad pussy against the dresser and I am rubbing my dick against the bed watching this and wanting to feel her, to feel her against me. "Does that feel good?" I asked her. She nods her head, "Want to feel something better?" she nods her head again. "Come here, come to me let us do together" I told her. She walked over to me and laid on the bed next to me. I shifted a bit to get a better look at her. "Are you sure?" I asked. She nods her again never speaking just nodding. So I slowing pulled up her skirt and looked at her panties, "this is crazy what am I doing" then I went for it. I slowly reached out and touched her there, that place where I have never touched anyone before and there I was doing that for the first time and with a child nonetheless. Fuck it I started rubbing her a bit more firmly and her breathing starting getting faster and as each moment passed I knew that this is it I love this feeling. So I pulled down my shorts and moved myself on top of her the only things seperating us from each other was her panties and my boxers. I started rubbing against her and after a moment she started rubbing against me. Faster and faster we started moving grinding against each other harder and then she moaned and grabbed my back pulled me tighter then she humped against my hard dick really fast. That is what sent me over and I came. That is when I heard footsteps I rolled off her she flipped on her belly and I grabbed the controller started playing my game just as the person walked through the door.

The next morning the place was almost completely empty I knew exactly who was still there Tiffany and her mother. Her mother worked third shift and was sleeping after a long night at work. Tiff knew exactly where i would be, the back room, and so she came there, I was hoping she would. I had found myself thinking about her before I went to sleep and dreaming about her when I did sleep. All I wanted was to do what we did again and again. So when she opened the door I was pleased and also a bit afraid what if she didn't really like it what if she was upset at me? All my fears were laid to rest when all she did was walk over to me and climbed into bed with me. "Do it again?" she asked and when I looked into her blue eyes I knew I would do it again and again as many times as she wanted. I pulled up her skirt and my shorts down then laid on top of her again. As I started humping her and she began humping me I had a very bad thought, well worse than I've already been thinking I wanted to feel her skin against me. So I pulled away my very hard dick from her opened the fly on my boxer, and put my dick inside her panties from the to. Her soft pussy parted around the top side of my dick and the feeling was amazing. The band of panties dug into the underside of my dick but I didn`t care I started humping my bare dick against her incredibly soft pussy loving the way it felt. "Does that feel better?" I questioned her. "Yes" she gasped as she grabbed my back again and started humping faster and faster grinding her sweet pussy against me. Soft grunts and airy moans escaped from her lips as I picked up the paced rubbing our bare parts together even more firmly. I heard the someone walking around in the kitchen just as I was about to cum against her tight little pussy, I quickly pulled out and picked up the controller then continued playing my game I had already started up and had paused. Just in time for her mother had just walked into the bedroom "Tiffany, I was wondering where you were your grandmother is coming by later today but I need some sleep. Do you mind keeping an eye on her till she gets here?" she asked me as she turned her gaze to me. "Sure no problem we will just video games and then most go outside for a bit" "Okay well if you need anything or anything happens just wake me and thanks most teenagers wouldn't help out like that I'm just really tired" she said just before closing the door and leaving. "Do you like doing what we're doing?" she simply nodded "well we have to be careful, in fact we should only play like this in the playhouse outside. Want to go there now and finish?" I asked her. The only response she gave me was grabbing my hand and leading me outside to her playhouse. I could only fit in it if I was on my knees but I followed her inside the plastic house. Once inside the plastic house she laid on the ground and lifted up her skirt I was intoxicated by the sight this beautiful little blonde girl skirt up to her waist inviting me down and down I went. I ran my hands up her legs to her panties slid my fingers inside he waistband and gently pulled them down exposing the tightest littlest pussy anyine could ever imagine slightly red from our earlier efforts. I just wanted to kiss it so badly at that moment so I did. I leaned over a placed a kiss right on her pussy, she started at my touch, I looked at her then ran my tongue up her slit. I wanted more so I continued kissing, licking, and sucking on her tiny pussy her cute groans and moans kept me going. Until it was wet and dripping with my spit I hadn't seen anything so sexy in my life. I laid on top of her and my dick that I fumbled hastly out of my shorts resting on her wet pussy and all of sudden I knew that this was always meant to happen and I was lost to the lust I felt for her. Rubbing my hard dick against her and her humping me back was getting me so worked up I knew I couldn't last long so when she grabbed me close to her and started humping hard, breathing and moanin faster I lost it. Cum was racing out of me and coating her pussy still she humped harder until her entire body went stiff under me. I waited on top of her until she lost her grip and looked down at this beautiful girl pussy covered in my cum her lips parted from where my dick was laying between them and I loved her. She reached down to her cum coated pussy and rubbed some of the cum, playing with it I guess, she brought the hand closer to her face and got a good look at her finger with my cum on it. Then she smelled it and seeing that it didn't stink or wasn't pee I guess stuck her tongue out and licked it. Then reached down got some more and put it in her mouth, she kept on eating my cum until there was no more, I was shocked but I did love watching it.
A little while later as I was laying on the ground and she was standing up looking outside through the window. I could see right up her little skirt and see her her tight little butt and that her panties had rode up in between her cheeks a bit forming to her, and that sight was so exciting I couldn't help myself. I ran my hand up her leg and cupped one firm butt cheek and gently started to rub it. Slowly I got up on my knees behind her and started rubbing my hard dick against her butt. I reached around and touched her pussy from the front, when I decided to slide my dick into her panties from behind. I felt my dick through the cloth of her panties and pushed up on the under side of my dick to put more pressure on her pussy. I started humping her from behind enjoying the feeling of her little pussy pushed firmly against my dick. Gasps and soft moans escaped from her mouth as I pumped harder and faster until I came inside her panties. I stayed behind her, even after I removed my dick, rubbing my cum into her pussy until she gasped loudly and groaned. Her body went from being really tensed to jelly in a matter of moments, then she slowly sat down on the ground, looked at me and smiled. "I really like this, I want it all the time" she said to me. "Will you always make me feel good?" she asked. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and knew that I always will and answered, "always".
Almost everyday after this we found ourselves in that little plastic house, I had licked her little pussy and rubbed my bare dick against her more times than I could count. I had shot my cum on her pussy and watched her gather it up with her fingers and lick it off of them. This was turning into the best time of my life so far, she enjoyed every minute of it, in fact she was enjoying it much that even at times while there were people around she would sit on my lap and wiggle her bum against me. To throw of any thoughts people might be getting I would start tickling her so that people may think her moving was due to this and not because she enjoyed feeling my hard dick against her tight ass. One night after not having had the chance to feel up my little sex toy in a few days I grew a restless and whispered in her to meet me in the shed then I got up and went outside. I waited in that dark shed for what felt like hours for her until finally the door opened and there she was. I got down onto my knees in front of her and hugged her tightly to me. Then lifted her chin up a bit and for the first time I placed my lips on her mouth. I slowly kissed her and as I did parted my lips slightly she followed my lead, before I knew we was deep in a kiss. My hands went down her back and towards her ass I firmly gripped it and pulled her in tighter grinding my hips into her. I reached under her skirt and my hands felt bare ass, she wasn't wearing panties and I knew this meant trouble, but instead of stopping I kissed harder and enjoyed the feeling of her bare ass in my hands. I moved one hand between us and started rubbing on her tiny pussy from the front, my finger tracing the little slit. This little girl, this beautiful willing eager girl was mine nothing else matters but what we felt when we had each other. I slowly inserted my pinky finger inside her and it was tight, so soft, and wet in there I knew that we had crossed into something that there was no returning from, and I didn't care. That was until I looked up and saw the outline of a person standing there, a young person, her older sister perhaps but no I knew this person or girl I should say. She was one of the neighbors, it had been rumored that her and her sister enjoyed each others company a bit too much, but which sister I couldn't tell. One was twelve and the ten turning eleven if I remember correctly, but anyways there she was looking at us doing what we was doing. Then she noticed before I did that I had stopped rubbing Tiffany's ass and kissing her, she gasped then ran away. This is it I'm dead I told Tiff to go on inside and she did. If her parents were going to come kill me what better place than here, so I waited and waited no one came I left the safety of the shed and made my way back inside. I saw the girl Tia and knew that it was her that had seen me. I could by the way she was whispering to her older sister and glacing at me. I could also tell that she hadn't told anyone else because well I was still alive. I didn't know what to do or to say so I just sat down and started to prepare myself for the worst.
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