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Chapter 4 is done. Suggestions and comments appreciated.
The days that followed were filled with more and more experimentation by Hermione. Sometimes with Lavender and sometimes on her own, she would spend hours trying new ways to touch, rub and pinch her body to stimulate pleasure.

She even started taking notes in her diary and keeping them locked away in her trunk. She treated some of their sessions like lab experiments noting what worked, what didn't etc. Lavender seemed to like it a bit rougher than Hermione. She enjoyed being pinched, nibbled, scratched, and having Hermione pull on her hair while she ate her pussy. She had even asked Hermione to pretend to be a professor and spank her for doing something wrong. A fantasy Hermione enjoyed a bit more than she’d thought she would.

Hermione on the other hand preferred softer touch. She loved the feel of the other girls hands gliding down her side to her hip and pelvis, soft wet kisses on her neck and collar bone, and when Lavender licked her pussy she made her go nice and slow so she could feel every caress of her tongue on her lower lips.

Her and Lavender also experimented with some new charms in some of their sessions. Silencing and Privacy charms were key. They found a prophylactic charm but had no need for it yet. They both practiced a few times just in case though.

One aspect of sex that still fascinated Hermione was vaginal penetration however. She recalled the sheer size of Percy’s cock barely fitting in her mouth and couldn’t imagine something that big fitting in her pussy. Lavender had managed 3 fingers and had even used the handle of a hair brush to fuck Hermione but she knew it wasn’t the same.

It had gotten to the point where it was taking longer and longer for Hermione to get off when Lavender stimulated her this way. All she kept thinking was Bigger, it needs to be bigger… Her frustration peaked one night and she just turned the tables on Lavender, got her off and said she was too tired to continue.

Back in her own bed she could not fall asleep. Percy had avoided her like the plague since their encounter in his room. He had become very solitary and would avoid eye contact with her and duck out of any room quickly if they ended up together. She knew he must be in his room now it was past 11 o’clock. She decided to go knock on his door and see if she could catch him off his guard. This was how desperate she'd become.

As she crossed the common room in the near darkness she saw two bodies slumped over a table top in the dying light of the fire. Harry and Ron had apparently fallen asleep working on homework without her. Suddenly she felt horrible for how much she had been ignoring them lately. She’d barely seen them outside of meals, it was all she could do to keep up with all her classes and “extra study time” with Lavender even using the time turner Professor McGonagall had given her.

She moved forward slowly and quietly so she wouldn’t startle them. When she got to the table she saw that Ron had knocked a pot of ink over in his sleep so she syphoned it off of their work with her wand. She picked up a couple books and pieces of parchment that had fallen and stacked them neatly on the table. Finally she decided it would be best if she woke them and sent them off to bed.

Knowing Harry was the easiest to rouse she shook his shoulder lightly. He grumbled and stirred then jumped a bit and tried to stand up quickly. As he turned his feet tangled and he fell right on top of Hermione. When he landed flat on top of her she felt the unmistakable presence of an erect penis pressing into her leg.

“Shit Hermione, I’m sorry. You startled me.” He climbed to his feet and reached down a hand to help her up.

“That’s alright Harry,” as he pulled her to her feet she swung her other arm forward to see if she could confirm her suspicion. Sure enough her hand briefly made contact with Harry’s hard cock through the front of his robes.

He turned dark red and spun away from her to hide his situation. Ron had not even stirred through the ruckus.

“Well we better make sure to double check Ron’s bed before we go if Hogwarts is ever hit by an earthquake.” Harry chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Hermione agreed distractedly. How could she have forgotten that Percy wasn’t the only guy around who had a cock in his pants? From her brief encounter she was sure Harry wasn’t as big as he had been but he was certainly bigger than a hairbrush and maybe it would make sense to work her way up.

Harry was shaking Ron awake now and as he came to he flailed his arm and once again knocked the ink pot over their work. Stepping forward she cleaned up the mess again and as she moved around the table made sure to step right in front of Harry and back into him. An evil grin spread across her face as she said, “Watch where you’re pointing your wand Harry.”

“I uh- right sorry.” He stuttered back.

“Isn’t that your wand on the table Harry?” Ron mumbled sleepily. Then his eyes opened wide and Hermione saw him shoot an apologetic look at Harry whose face turned ghost white.

Putting on her most stern expression she wheeled on the two of them. “Then what may I ask were you trying to stick up my butt?” It was hard to keep herself from giggling as she saw the dumb looks on their face.

“I well, I didn’t mean. You see when- how can I-“

“Is it in your pockets?” Hermione spat and she moved forward reaching for the front of Harry’s robes.

“No! Um listen.” He backed away quickly and fell to a seated position on one of the couches.

Hermione put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently. “I’m listening.”

‘Well when a guy falls asleep sometimes his- well his thing can get kind of…”

“Hard” Ron supplied

“Yes.” Harry sighed and hung his head. “But it’s not abnormal, I’m sure Ron’s is hard too.”
Ron looked like he’d been shot. “Is that true Ronald?” Hermione barked.

“Um- well yea, I mean sometimes that does happen.”

“Are you hard now?”

“Um, a little.”

“And Harry? You both are?” She looked between their guilty faces.


“Well let’s see then.” She had to try really hard not to smile. This was even better than the professor fantasies. She had total control over the two boys.

“You want to- you want us to?” Ron spluttered.

“I think you two are having me on so I want you to prove it.” She crossed her arms across her chest and looked expectantly at them.

“You can’t be serious.” Harry gawked at her.

“I absolutely am.” Hermione ensured them. “Here Ron, come sit next to Harry so I can see which one of you is bigger.” She was barely containing her excitement now. When Ron didn’t get up she moved toward him grabbed the front of his robes and pulled him toward the couch. He kept his hips held far back from her as he moved around and sat down.

She stood over the both of them now and gave them her most bossy look. The boys glanced at each other shrugged and began opening the front of their robes. Hermione was nearly bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. When they had both gotten their robes open and pants down their erections were clearly visible through their shorts. She could already tell Ron was larger. Takes after his brother I’d bet. She thought to herself.

They paused at this point losing their nerve so Hermione knelt in front of them and pulled at the waistbands of both of their shorts simultaneously. Two fully erect penises popped away from the boys as they each jumped at her touch. Ron’s, as she had guessed was the larger of the two standing at probably 13 cm and very thick. Harry’s was only about 9 or 10 cm and thinner.
Completely ignoring the looks on the boys’ faces she grabbed one in each hand and felt up the length of each. She had almost forgotten the feeling; hard and soft all at the same time, smooth and warm she could feel a pulse in each if she squeezed lightly. This had to feel much nicer than Lavender’s bony fingers or the hard cold handle of that brush.

Suddenly Harry jerked a bit, groaned and sprayed his load up the front of his chest and on Hermione’s hand. “Merlin Hermione! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“

“Shush Harry.” She surprised them both when she pulled her hand away from his already softening cock and licked it clean of his cum. “Is this the first time you’ve ever been touched by a girl?”

“Umm, yeah.” He replied sheepishly. “Have you uh… done this before?”

“Maybe,” she teased and winked at him.
She was still almost absentmindedly stroking Ron’s cock up and down and his eyes had rolled into the back of his head. He seemed to be using all of his willpower not to shoot it early like Harry had.


“Hm?” He managed.

“Is this a first for you?”

“Oh uh, yeah.” He looked like someone holding in from going to the bathroom. She stopped rubbing him and placed a hand on his leg. “Oh my- don’t stop that felt so good.”

“Well since you’re doing such a good job holding on and Harry needs something to get him going again you’re in for a treat Ronald.” She beamed up at him and moved over between his legs.

Just as she had done with his older brother she leaned in and licked the precum off the tip of his penis then swirled her tongue around the head as she lowered her mouth onto him. Not being nearly as thick as Percy he did not fill her mouth quite as much but the sensation of the warm hard member was enough to get her excited again.

She began to suck the length of him into her mouth. Remembering to breathe through her nose she waited until just the right moment and swallowed his tip into her throat. She had gotten it on her first try and her nose was tickled by the light red pubic hair at his base. That was enough for Ron and he clapped his hands over his mouth as he grunted and sprayed cum right down her gullet.

Not expecting this she pulled back quickly, began to cough and another burst of cum caught her right in the face. “Well you guys aren’t much fun,” she remarked as she wiped a gloop of semen from her brow onto Ron’s robes. Looking at Harry she saw he was still flaccid and just staring at her as if she had three heads. “Maybe we need to start off before you get hard and work into it. Your turn Harry.”

She moved over to her other friend and took his limp dick in her hand. In its current state it looked almost sad and shriveled. She pumped her hand up and down it a few times and already felt it growing. She bent forward and slurped it into her mouth. As soon as it touched her tongue it grew and pushed its way toward her tonsils. Pulling her mouth back and running her tongue up the length of him she put her hand back around it and gave a few more tugs. He still wasn’t fully hard but he was getting there and when she looked at Ron she could see he was pulling on his own cock trying to catch up. Reaching her hand over she took hold of Ron’s prick while she took Harry’s into her mouth once more.

Ron grew exponentially faster once Hermione took over and soon both boys were rearing to go again. Her pussy was soaking her knickers through and she took the hand that wasn’t on Ron’s cock and brought it down to touch herself. Once she began slowly circling her clit with her finger she increased the pace and intensity of her strokes on the boys. The excitement of having two cocks at her complete disposal was more than she could take. She needed to get one of them inside her.

Since Harry was the smaller of the two she thought it prudent to begin with him. Standing abruptly she pulled the large t-shirt she was wearing up over her head and tore her knickers to the floor. Standing in front of her two best friends completely starkers she took a moment to relish the looks on their faces. A mix of surprise and hunger it almost seemed.

She stepped forward up onto the couch and pressed her pussy right into Harry’s face. “Lick my pussy,” she demanded. “Keep playing with yourself Ron. I don’t want you going soft on me, you’re next.”

Harry hadn’t hesitated a second and had begun lapping at her pussy lips feverishly. He was a bit clumsy and didn’t really know the right spots but she needed to make sure she was extra wet for this. She pressed forward and ground her clit into his nose feeling jolts of pleasure as she did. He reached around and grabbed her ass as if he needed something to hold onto.

Finally she felt the time had come. She knelt down on the couch and sat back on Harry’s legs so his cock protruded up between them. Giving it a few extra strokes she sat up a bit and aimed it right at her opening. The feeling of the head of his penis passing over her pussy lips was amazing. Even as thin as it was she could feel her body being opened to a point it hadn’t been before. Harry’s face was pure ecstasy and disbelief. She really hoped he didn’t blow it again right there. As she pressed slowly down more she felt his head come to that barrier she knew would still be there. I know it’s going to hurt at first, she told herself. Just need to grin and bear it.

With that thought in mind she pressed down hard and felt a tear then pain like she hadn’t experienced before. Her nails dug into Harry’s shoulder as she sat fully impaled by his member and grimaced silently.

“Are you all right Hermione?” He asked.

“Yes Harry,” she gasped and after a few moments. “It’s starting to feel better now.”

And it was. As the pain subsided and she got used to the feeling of such a large intrusion the warmth began to spread through her body again. She raised her hips up a bit and heard him groan as she slid up his length. Then she lowered herself slowly again and let out a low moan herself.

Soon she began to quicken her pace, bouncing up and down on his lap pounding her pussy with his cock. Not only did the size intensify the feeling but she was able to go much quicker in this position than she could pump any fingers or objects by hand.

“Suck on my tits Harry.” She begged.

His mouth immediately came forward to capture her little nipple and begin licking around it. She felt a climax building and quickened her pace even more before finally slamming home as deep as she could as her pussy exploded with juices around his cock. As her vagina contracted with her orgasm she heard Harry gurgle on her nipple as his cock twitched and shot his load deep inside her womb.

She let go of Harry’s shoulders and he slumped back onto the couch. That exhausted look of pure happiness on his face. Hermione stood and his slowly softening member slurped out of her opening. She felt a mixture of their juices drip down her leg onto the couch. She heard a noise and turned. She’d almost forgotten Ron was there. He was still stroking himself but seemed confused that the show was over. After feeling how much Harry’s little cock had filled her she began to wonder if she’d over estimated her capacity. Looking down at Ron’s cock she worried it wouldn’t fit now. She was determined to feel Percy’s giant penis inside her though and knew this was still just a stepping stone.

She looked up at Ron’s face and saw he was staring at her as if he didn’t know whether he should ask for his turn. She stepped over to him sat on his lap and kissed him. He was an awful kisser. Much sloppier than Lavender and all he seemed to want to do was get his tongue as far down her throat as possible.

She could feel his cock throbbing between her legs, begging for release. Thinking she’d rather avoid his mouth for a bit she decided to try a new position. She stood again and turned so her ass was right in his face and lowered herself down towards his prick. She had to reach below herself to aim it into her hole but as the tip slid in and she felt herself once more begin to stretch she was in heaven again.

Ron was significantly thicker than Harry but having been loosened up she had no problem sinking all the way down onto his lap. The feeling of fullness was incredible and she thought she might cum right there from the thought of it. She realized she’d been just sitting there when she felt Ron start to buck his hips a bit to get things moving. Almost reluctantly she began sliding up and down his shaft.

Soon though she was bouncing as hard as she could while Ron met her stroke for stroke. He was slamming it home hard and she was beginning to feel light headed with the pleasure. She came at least twice while he fucked her and couldn’t believe he was still going but he seemed a man possessed.

For a half second his cock slipped out of her and she gasped in surprise. When he tried to slam it home again his aim was a little off and the tip of his cock slammed right into her little asshole. At that Hermione screamed to the top of her lungs and all hell broke loose. She jumped up off of his lap and fell to the floor. Almost immediately it seemed, footsteps were heard on the stairs and lights in the halls came on. Hermione was frozen in panic. She was about to be caught in an even more compromising position than with Percy and by a lot more people.

If it hadn’t been for Harry they might have all been expelled. Harry grabbed Ron by the robes threw him on top of Hermione and threw the invisibility cloak over the pile of the three of them on the floor. Then he quickly motioned for them to crawl together over under the table. It was a sticky mess with their half-naked bodies tangled together trying to make it to the table without letting the cloak slip but they managed it just as a students entered the room.

There were a lot of very sleepy faces looking around but a few more alert. Everyone seemed to be looking for the source of the noise but at first glance there seemed to be no one there. Percy Weasley swept into the room and almost knocked a few first years over as he shouted, “Calm down everyone, calm down!” As the chatter began to quiet it seemed the entire house was now in the common room. Hermione could mostly only see legs as she was crammed into a corner up against the wall beneath the table. She could feel Harry and Ron’s heart beats in the few seconds of silence that followed.

“Now,” Percy started. “Where are Fred and George?”

“Oy!” One of the twins shouted.

“It wasn’t us you big-”

“You will not speak to me that way. I am Head Boy!”

During the short argument that ensued Hermione noticed a girl standing in front of the couch bend over to pick something up. With horror she realized they were her panties. She dug her finger nails into the boy’s arms and if it hadn’t been for the shouting she was sure that their gasps would have been audible.

Then quicker than anyone in the common room could notice the girl put the panties in her robe pocket and turned to look directly under the table. Lavender Brown gave a devilish smile before standing up again and acting as though nothing had happened.
The relief Hermione felt coupled with the affection for her friend almost made her feint. The boys tried to turn and look at her as if to ask what that was about but she shook her head.

They must have been under there for a good 15 minutes while Percy questioned people and finally ushered them back off to bed swearing he would identify the culprit of what he deemed some sort of practical joke. Once the last of the lights were extinguished and they couldn’t hear any more movement they finally crawled out from under the table.
The boys flopped on their backs on the floor breathing a sigh of relief. There now limp cocks still exposed through their open robes looked much less impressive. Hermione stood and looked around the floor. Realizing she was completely naked she asked with horror, “Where are my robes?”

“I dragged them under the table with us.” Harry said pointing.

“Oh, thank you Harry.” She bent to retrieve them. “And thank you for covering us up. That was some very quick thinking.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” Harry blushed and looked away from her nude body. “I’m just lucky we had the cloak down here with us.” Harry’s voice trailed off a little sheepishly.
Suddenly Hermione had a brainstorm. “Do you think I could borrow the invisibility cloak for a few days Harry?” It might be harder for Percy to avoid her if he didn’t know she was following him.

“Sure, no problem.” Harry sounded like he would have given her his kidney if she’d asked.

As Hermione stood and began to button the front of her robes she looked down at the boys now propped up on their elbows looking at her with a confused mix of emotions. Reverie, lust, shock, perhaps a hint of disappointment that she was covering herself up. She realized then that she had been unfair to ignore them so much recently and that it must have been very confusing for them to have her come onto them so suddenly like that.

Hermione had been working her way into her sexuality for days now and she had just used her two best friends as if they were sex toys without a thought for their emotions.

“Listen boys,” she began while fastening the last button on her robes. “Why don’t you cover up and come sit on the couch with me.” They looked like puppies who had been scolded.

“NO, you didn’t do anything wrong” she said quickly. “It’s just, I’d like to explain to you where all this came from.”

Anxiously they stood pulled their pants back on and sat on the couch. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Ron that this had all started with Percy so she began with her own exploration of herself, then told them about Lavender catching her, and liking girls, and their experiments and how all she wanted was to test her limits physically. She tried to explain that she hadn’t meant to use them like that and that she didn’t want to confuse them or have them think that she wanted to date either of them or anything.

It seemed a very lame finish to her and she was sure that they would hate her forever when she was done. Ron looked a bit dejected but Harry was thoughtful. The silence hung for what seemed like minutes before Harry said anything.

“Well, I’m not really sure what to say Hermione. I mean in the moment I just kind of rolled with what was happening. I guess it never crossed my mind what would happen when we finished.” He looked guiltily at Ron and then added, “Now I think about it I must’ve known you wouldn’t want to date both of us.”

Ron blushed a deep scarlet and looked at his feet. Bloody hell, Hermione thought, Ron had a crush on me and now look what I’ve done.
“I’m so sorry guys, you know I like you guys, and you are my best friends. I really don’t want to confuse things with dating and all that nonsense.” She looked at them hopefully. Ron still hadn’t said a word and Harry seemed to be gauging his reaction.
“That was a lot of fun though right?” She smiled in what she hoped was a sexy way trying to lighten the mood.

Finally Ron looked up at her. “You mean you would want to do it again sometime?”

The thought hadn’t occurred to her. She knew she didn’t want to get into an exclusive relationship with either of them but she couldn’t deny the ache she had to have another cock in her. She began to moisten just at the thought of it.

“I think that we could work out a way to have some more fun together.” They both smiled from ear to ear. “But I need you both to promise this isn’t going to get complicated. I am not your girlfriend and I will not stop what I am doing with Lavender or pursuing any other experimentation I like.”

They both nodded vigorously even though she thought she still saw a bit of pain in Ron’s expression. As if he was deciding to take what he could get without losing hope that it would become more eventually.

“Alright then.” She smiled at them and walked closer. She leaned in and Gave Harry a big kiss on the lips. When she turned to Ron he leaned in eagerly but she put a hand up. “Ronald, we need to work on your technique a bit. For now just keep your lips closed and I’ll kiss you.” He did as he was told and then she sent them up to bed.

Hermione slumped onto the couch herself and breathed out loud, “What have I started now.”

“That, is a good question.” Answered a female voice behind her.
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