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An elf girl tries to take down a monster, and bites off a bit more than she can chew
Eshenesra pulled the travelling cloak tighter around her shoulders. The night was a bitter cold and although her leather armor was tough, it did little to keep the chill from setting in. The farmland surrounding the village of Wealdstone stretched around her as far as the eye could see, with only occasional small homesteads dotting the landscape. Wealdstone itself was close and Eshenesra comforted herself in the thoughts of a hot meal by the tavern fire. It had been many cycles since she had passed through here, she doubted any of the humans she had met at that time were still alive, likely their children's children now tended the same fields they once had.

Her long ears twitched as she grew close to the village, she could hear the sounds of merriment coming from the center of town. The faint sound of raucous laughter and a bawdy tune. As she drew closer to the sounds, she began to discern more of the song being played and felt a blush rise to her cheeks, along with a stirring in her loins, humans certainly did have interesting imaginations, this particular tale being of a foolish warlock apprentice who summoned a succubus without taking the proper care to guard herself from it's magicks.

As Eshenesra stepped across the threshold of the inn, all eyes turned to her and voices began to murmur, as she swept back her hood, a gasp swept across the room, she caught the word elf whispered in conversations from every corner of the inn. Ignoring the stares she strode to the bar and addressed the innkeeper,
"Oh protector of travelers and keeper of joy in this village of Wealdstone, I the humble Eshenesra offer my services as a speaker of the Seventh language of Divinity in return for a hot meal and protection from the elements."
The innkeeper in return blinked in surprise, not used to being addressed in such a manner he replied with all the airs of formality he could muster
"Greetings, uh, Eshenesra. I am, uh, Smedley Theodore, and this here is my tavern, the Elf's Blessing. Sorry to bother you for this, but seeing as you be speaking the uh, seventh language of divinity? Could we people of Wealdstone ask a boon of you? We have been beset these last months by a horrible monster. It emerges at night to kill livestock and has stolen away two young maidens of the village, never to be seen again. We will give you anything we can in return, anything at all you desire."
Eshenesra nodded once,
"In return for hot food, shelter, and a hot bath every day for a month I will cleanse this scourge from your town. The hunt shall begin tomorrow, if this pleases you?"
The inkeeper hastily agreed and extended his hand across the bar, sealing their deal.

Draven stood and stretched, cum still dripping from the end of his engorged penis. The human girl that lay battered and beaten on the ground had stopped struggling long ago, as his long claws, halfway shifted between his forms had raked at her body in lust. It was a shame, she had been by far the most attractive one in the small human town, but had barely lasted a week before her body had given out. He would leave her body in the forest, for the animals to claim. Much as he had the other one, and many before in towns and cities ranging from the hot deserts of Wewstborough, to the cold mountainous peaks of Alptaver. He'd have to find a replacement soon, humans were fun to play with, but their bodies were weak and they perished far too quickly.

Eshenesra rose from her nightly meditation, bringing her consciousness back from rest to wakefulness. She rose from where she was sitting on the soft comfort of the bed, the cool morning air caressing her naked body, hairless except for her naturally silver eyebrows and long flowing hair, pale body illuminated by the dawn light. She flowed across the room to the small sink, splashing cool refreshing water on her face. Noiselessly she donned her armor, she spoke the Eighteenth word of the Seventh language of Divinity to guide her, which led her to draw the liquid silver and holly from her belt-pouch. Only two items, but for most monsters it would be enough. She was strong enough to wander the world alone, only the most ancient and venerable of monsters could stand against her, and none would be spending their times by a small town in the middle of nowhere.

Eshenesra strode through the forest around Wealdstone, she had spoken the Twenty-third word of the Seventh language of Divinity in conjunction with the Fifty-eighth and the Nineteenth, which would hide her from the prying eyes of her prey, or any others that would seek to find her as she stalked. She spoke the Eighteenth word again, feeling it pull her towards her quarry. She came across a small opening in a hill, covered by a thick curtain of vines. Invisible to all who don't know it's there, or those that are pulled towards it by their magicks. Noiselessly she strode through the curtain and into the cavern.

Draven cocked his head, he swore that something had disturbed the entrance to his cavern, he breathed deep through his snout. Sampling the smells for kilometers around, the copper tang of the blood from the girl he had left in the forest, currently being eaten by wild wolves, animals mating and eating and sleeping all throughout the forest claimed by him, but nothing awry. Shrugging his shoulders Draven hunched back over the sheep he had stolen from the village nights ago and resumed eating, clawed hands ripping at the flesh of the beast.

Eshenesra stalked through the cave, hearing the faint sounds of eating coming from the very same place she felt the Divine winds pushing her. Steeling her heart for what was to come, she strode into the final cavern. In front of her kneeled an enormous beast, part man, part wolf. He was hunched over an animal carcass, eating it raw by ripping chunks out with his claws. A werewolf, a young one would be easy prey for her, she could defeat those in hand to hand combat without taking a wound herself and had done so many times. However, with no way to tell if this was a young one or not she decided a proper binding was in place, lest she risk wounds from a mature werewolf. Eshenesra smiled, two items would be more than enough for this. The only type of werewolf who would require a proper binding was a venerable werewolf, but those had been hunted wherever they popped up, and most werewolves didn't survive past the young stage. She sat and prepared her holly and liquid silver, speaking softly in the Seventh language of the Divine as she covered the holly in the silver and ignited both with a small word. As she sat and waited for the smoke to do its work on the beast she noticed it had stopped eating and was standing, as it turned, Eshenesra was hit by a sudden strong musky smell that caught in her throat, the beast was erect! Its cock was huge, Eshenesra couldn't help but imagine it inside her and felt heat blossom in her loins as she studied him. Tall, covered in scars and thick with veiny muscle, had he been human, she may have considered spending an evening with him, but evidence of his evil was obvious. Hands that ended with wicked curved claws, blood covering his chin and wickedly sharp teeth.

Draven stood, he could smell it. Holly burning with a hint of silver, along with the ripe scent of elf flesh. His member had reacted instinctively to the smell of elf, he could already feel precum beading at the tip of his cock. He looked around the cavern, finding the spot that he couldn't quite look at, where his eyes naturally glossed over. There, that must be where she was hiding from him and trying to bind him. He snarled and leapt towards the spot, swinging wildly with his claws. As he crossed the threshold of the magick that was keeping the elf hidden it fizzled and faded and she was left sitting in the open, with a flush upon her cheeks and a look of shock and horror on her face.

Eshenesra looked up in horror, the beast had found her! How? She was using the Seventh language of the Divine, nothing should be able to break her magic! The beast stood over her with a wicked grin on his face, his member standing fully erect and wet at the tip at her eye level. She breathed in deeply, trying to steady herself, but all she managed to do was inhale his scent, which sent her head spinning and her blood pumping. His musk filled her head and had her loins flaming, it was all she could do to not reach out and stroke his throbbing cock. She was snapped out of her reverie as the beast spoke, his deep tones rumbling about the cavern
"It seems I've found an elf slut to satisfy me, and a stupid one at that. Tell me whore, the rule of threes, ever heard of it? Or know why we follow it?"
Eshenesra spoke in a soft voice while her mind raced, stalling, desperate to give herself a way out of this
"The rule of threes, I know it beast. Counter things thrice, or declare a name thrice to give it power."
In a flash the beast lunged forwards, slicing the armor from Eshenesra's body in swift, practiced motions. Leaving her nude and defenseless. Carefully he wrapped his claws around her throat, cutting into soft flesh despite his care, he lifted her up, slow enough that she could stand herself and avoid losing her neck, soft and weak elven hands grasped at his wrists, desperately trying to break his grip on her neck. With his other claws the beast engraved a rune from the black tongue, the First language of Divinity into her breast and Eshenesra felt heat flood her body, her slit grow wet and desperate and her mind clouded. The beasts voice growled in her ear
"By the rule of threes I name you elven whore, first by the lust I smell coming from you, second by the nakedness of your form and finally by the title I have engraved upon your body"

Eshenesra felt his words like chains weighing down on her mind, as he decreed her a whore the first and second times she squirmed and struggled against him, but as the third decree fell across her mind a fog passed over her eyes and the strength left her arms. The beast dropped her and she landed on the ground unceremoniously, limp and weak from the suffering her mind had undergone.

Draven looked down at the elf, chuckling to himself. She lay on the ground, where she would remain for a short amount of time while her mind was bent by the magic he had forced upon her. While he waited he sifted through her belongings, discarding all that he didn't need and keeping things he thought he could use. He thought of using the elf whore while she was catatonic, but decided against it. She'd be more fun awake. To pass the time he examined the wounds he'd inflicted upon her, already pale flesh was re-knitting itself closed, leaving her neck as bare as it had been before she'd ever come here.

Eshenesra awoke, her body afire with longing and aching with desire. As she opened her eyes and looked around the cavern, she noticed the beast watching her, penis now shrunk to a more reasonable size. As she rose to move towards him, with lust heavy in her heart she was violently yanked backwards mid-stride. Reaching up to her neck she found a smooth collar of shaped metal and magic attached to a chain that had been through the rock that was the ground. The beast looked down at her from where he was sitting and chuckled slightly
"Welcome back little whore, a good slave must know her boundaries. You will stay there and should you be able to convince me, I will come to you and use you as I please."
Mind consumed by lust, Eshenesra mewled pitifully, raising herself to a crawling position she turned from the beast, before laying her face on the ground and reaching her hands around behind her to rub her clit and spread her pussy for the beast. Summoning all of her will, she was barely able to choke out a singular word to him

As soon as the word left her mouth she felt the air in the cavern stir and the sharp tips of his claws push into her side, she barely heard his response over her own cries of pain
"Is that how a slave whore talks to her master?"
Despite the pain in her side, the whore could smell the musk of the beast-her masters precum and her mind was once again assailed by lustful thoughts.
"Please, master. Please take me!"
With a grin Draven placed his cock at the opening of the whores hole, savoring feeling how she quivered when he touched the tip against her. With a grunt he pushed himself inside her, filling up her tight pussy as he opened her side up with his claws. He'd teach this whore to enjoy the pain.


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She needs to stay herself in her mind, and resist him with her thoughts while her body betrays her

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