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This really was the buy of a lifetime.
Michael Rodman had always loved summer vacation and this summer was no different. The lanky teen of seventeen years had gone once again to the Exhibition Fair.

The event had been going on in Michael town since he was a kid and he went there every single summer. The rides had always been fun and so had the food, despite his skinny build Micheal could wolf down food like a wolf.

In the past few years Michael had developed a fear of heights, making many of the rides no where near as fun as they used to be. Now it was only the food, the music and the atmosphere that brought the young man to the fair.

Walking across the pavilion Michael tried to spy something to do, he had already rode the teacups to the point where it bored him and the other rides were far to intimidating. Walking across the pavilion Michael noticed a tent, with a large picture of a meditating human outside.

What was odd about the picture was that it was coloured in different areas of the body and listed them with hindu names, certain points on the body were also listed most noticeably the groin.

Outside the tent was an Indian man in a turban, rail thin with a long white beard. His eyes lit up as he noticed Michael staring at the sign, stepping forward he placed his hand aggressively on Michael's shoulder with a smile on his face.

“Hello my boy, interested in the cardinal points. Great power in those who choose to learn, great power indeed. Come inside.” The man said, as he gently but firmly pulled Michael inside. With little choice in the matter he followed the man into the tent.

Hanging in the air of the colourful tent was the thick scent of incense, almost like stepping into a Middle Eastern bazaar. Once inside the man let go of his arm and pointed him forward, “Speak to Anusha, she has what you want.”

Walking forward Michael gazed through the thick layers of scented smoke and saw what the old man had wanted him to see, sitting at a desk was a beautiful Indian Woman, young enough to be the old mans granddaughter.

Dressed in a yellow sari, designed to show ample amounts of cleavage the woman smiled at Michael. Her hair was long and done in a braid, with the colour of her skin suggesting Punjabi ancestry.

“Take a seat love, make yourself at home. We have much to discuss.” The woman said, a light accent in her speech. Looking deep into his eyes she bit her bottom lip.

With a tingle in his pants, Michael stepped forward and took a seat at the table with the woman.

“Now...Michael, have you ever had desires. The urge to feel powerful and have others listen to you, to have a woman who never noticed you before look at you with lust?To desire only to please you and you alone, listening to every command that you issued?” The woman asked, a seductive purr to her voice. Leaning forwardthe woman exposed her chest further.

Michael was completely shocked, how did the woman know his name? Still he was aroused, looking at her breasts he noticed their exotic colouring, they were at least D cups possibly larger. The air was heavy, hot and thick with smoke, the stirring in Michael’s pants had begun more pronounced as his cock hardened.

“Yes...I have.” Michael said, he answered choosing not to ask how the woman knew his name.

The Indian woman smiled as she took out a small velvet bag, opening it up a number of small jewels were poured out onto the table. The gemstones ranged in colour from a pure white, to a lurid red and to a pitch black, besides these coloured gems there were over a dozen others.

“These gems have great power, with them you can get anything you desire. Any woman you desire...with the exception of me of course.” The woman said, with a knowing smirk as she winked at him. Michael could feel the heat building in his face as she embarrassed him.

Picking up the red gem the woman spoke, “This ruby can excite the passion of anyone the holder desires, all that you need to think of while holding it is the person's face and a lust will begin building inside of them. A lust that will stay until it is relieved, something only another person can do.”

Putting the stone down Anusha picked up the blue gem, “This gem is much different, it allows you to dominate another persons will, hypnotizing and placing them under your control. Be careful, some may be able to resist if they truly hate what you are making them do.”

Placing the stone back down, the Indian woman demeanor changed as she began smirking. With a look that suggested she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael would accept her offer, Anusha spoke. “I’ll part with both gems for two hundred dollars Michael, I’m sure you’ll have no problem acquiring the money.”

The woman was right, Michael had brought exactly two hundred dollars in to the tent with him, still he was extremely skeptical of purported magic stones. Seeing a chance and looking at the red gem, Micheal spoke. “I’m a little bit cautious of wasting my money on a scam, you wouldn’t mind if we did a demonstration would you?” He said, looking up at the woman, knowing that she could clearly see the lust in his eyes.

Looking at him appraisingly the woman laughed, before grabbing the blue stone. The next thing Michael knew his wallet was sitting on the table. Blinking Michael was shocked, “Did you just hypnotize me?” He asked, accusingly. Wasn’t there supposed to be a longer premise where she relaxed him first?

“I did indeed, but I took far more than your wallet.” She said giggling, just as Michael began to notice the lack of pressure around his groin. Looking inside his wallet the thing that caught Michael's eyes immediately were his underwear neatly folded and shoved inside.

If he had been embarrassed before, it had only gotten worse as Anusha spoke, “So is that a deal or do you need another demonstration?” She asked quizzically, knowing that she had him.

Slapping his money down on the table, he grabbed the two gems he had paid for.

“You're damn right that’s a deal.”
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