It was a beautiful day outside so Mark decided to call in to work and get some long over due yard work done.
It was a beautiful day outside so Mark decided to call in to work and get some long over due yard work done. He 33 years old, average build with brown hair and green eyes, consequently he never had a problem with women. He stepped out onto his back deck and shaking his head looked out at his lawn. It was overgrown, about 5 inches long and was going to take forever to mow. He walk into the back door of his garage and pulled his mower out, primed it a couple times and with a single yank of the starting cord it roared to life.
About an hour later Mark shut off the mower and headed inside for a drink. It had become very hot outside and his shirt was soaked so he pulled it off and threw it on the back of the kitchen chair. Mark went to the fridge and poured an iced tea then went back out to finish.
An hour later Mark shut off the lawn mower and put it away. Just as he was coming out of the garage he saw a car pull into his driveway. It was his sister Jenna. He had forgotten all about watching his niece and nephew over night while Jenna and her husband went to a wedding a couple hours away. Jenna was his younger sister at 31 years old. She had two kids, John, who was 16 years old with dirty blonde hair, about 5'9 and average build, and Julie who was 14 years old, about 4'9 with a thin build, strawberry blonde hair that went midway down her back and almost no reason to wear a bra.
“Hi Mark. Thanks again for watching the kids for us. It was kind of last minute you know and we didn't have anyone else that was available.” Jenna said as she gave Mark a hug. Mark had really never noticed before how hot his sister was. She was a 5'4, brown haired, blue eyed woman with full C breasts that he was positive had no problem turning men's heads no matter where she went. She had on a tight fitting blue dress that went only about a 1/3 of the way down her thighs and he was sure that if she bent over he would see a fair amount of her ass. Right around this same time he realized she had a strapless dress on and he didn't feel a bra strap, but he did feel his cock begin to stiffen in his shorts which made his blush the faintest amount.
“No problem, I wasn't doing anything this weekend anyway. I don't mind spending time with my niece and nephew. Plus I have the pool open so they can take a dip and cool off from this heat.”
“Yeah, it might be good for them to spend the night with you Mark. I think they were getting a little cabin fever being around the house all day while Eric and I work.” Jenna said.
“Well, my house is their house. They are free to stay as long as you want.”
“Thanks, Ok kids I'm going to take off now. Be good for your Uncle Mark.”
“Bye, Love you” the kids said almost in unison.
Jenna pulled out of the driveway and was gone. Mark took John and Julie into the house and showed them some of his newest renovations, the reason why his yard is still in poor shape. He had recently finished off the basement with an entertainment room that was loaded with 60” LED TV, the latest game console with several games, a pool table, dart board, and various other smaller things like a fridge. There was also a spare bedroom, another full bath, and the laundry room that had just been redone.
“The couch is a futon so one of you can sleep on there and the other one can take the spare bedroom just through there.” Mark said gesturing to the door at the other end of the room.
“John can have the bed.” Julie replied. “He has the worst bed at home so he can take the better one here.”
“He didn't even have to fight you for it. Wow.” Mark said with a shocked look on his face.
“Oh don't worry ill get him back for it sooner or later” She replied with a mischievous grin on her face.
“The walls and ceiling were pretty much sound proof-ed when I redid this so feel free to stay up playing games or watching TV til whenever. Now though, I'm headed upstairs to shower. Feel free to use the pool if you'd like. Towels are in the closet in the bathroom both down here and upstairs.” With that Mark turned and walked up the stairs towards his master bath.

* * *

Mark went into his bathroom and stripped out of his clothes. He couldn't get his sister off of his mind. The way her breasts felt pressed into his chest, the way she smelled, the way the dress sat on her hips and ass and the shapely legs that she had. He was beginning to get hard and absent mindedly began lightly stroking his cock. It wasn't massive by any means but 8” long and nearly as thick as a beer bottle was something he'd never had a girl complain about. By now his cock was nearly hard as he thought about Jenna and stroked it.
Just then he heard the sliding door close and a splash in the water. It was Julie. Her brother John was just tossing his towel onto the chairs and he jumped in as well. Oh well, he thought, realizing he was right in front of the window jerking his cock with two kids around. He turned on the water and jumped in the shower thinking he'd make it quick so he could take a dip before dinner.
Mark didn't bother drying off but grabbed a swimsuit out of his dresser, threw it on and snuck out the front door. He ran around the back, hopped the fence, and crept up onto the deck. Just then he ran and cannonball jumped into the pool scaring Julie and John half to death as they hadn't seen him come around the corner of the house. When he went in the water he opened his eyes and saw John was on one end and Julie was on the other. What really caught his eye was what Julie was wearing though. She had on a semi skimpy bikini but it was white. Even from 15 feet away underwater Mark could tell it got see through when it was wet.
He hadn't made himself cum before when he was in the bathroom so he was getting hard again. Just then Julie jumped on his back and John rushed in to dunk both of them. It quickly turned into a game for all three of them. In the midst of all the dunking and splashing Julie ended up underwater and while coming back up pushed off Mark to get away but he had landed directly on his cock. He noticed immediately and when she came up she had a sexy little grin on her face.
The next time mark ended up underwater he made sure to brush her nearly visible nipples with his hand. This went back and forth for a couple minutes until one time Julie was underwater and she no longer brushed him but put her hand on his bulge and started to study it. Mark quickly moved away and played it as if it hadn't happened before going inside a couple minutes later.

* * *

Mark was confused. Why was he attracted to his niece. Then he figured it out. She looked just like his sister had at that age. Right down to the lack of breasts. At dinner everyone acted as if nothing had happened which he was happy for. The next several hours went quickly with everyone playing games together and watching a movie. Then it was lights out. The kids got ready for bed, John went into the bathroom and got ready then said goodnight and retired to the spare room, closing the door. While Mark finished his round in Call of Duty, Julie went to get ready.
Thinking nothing of Julie coming back to sit on the couch since this was where she was going to sleep Mark never took his eyes off of the screen. He was doing really well. 19-2 with a third of the round to go. For some reason Mark glanced to his right and did a total double take. There was Julie sitting right next to him with nothing but a pair of plain white panties on. Her firm pink nipples were proudly sticking off of where her breasts were just beginning to form and his mouth began to water just a little.
He forced himself to take his eyes off of her long enough to finish the round. Mark got up turned off the console and turned to talk to her. “Why aren't you wearing a shirt Julie?”
“Mom lets me sleep like this at home so I figured it would be ok here too.”
unfortunately Mark had worn a tighter pair of shorts without underwear to the basement earlier and his cock was getting harder by the second. Without having to look at it he knew that it was going to be noticeable if it wasn't already.
“Has your brother seen you like this?”
“Yeah once or twice. Usually I'm in my room for the night before I take my top off so he doesn't see.”
“Why did you take it off while I was still down here?”
“I didn't think you would mind. I felt how hard your thing was getting earlier in the pool and I remember my mom saying that happened when a guy sees a girls boobs.” Julie said with a slightly embarrassed smile on her face.
Marks jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Here was his 14 year old niece right in front of him with nothing but a thin pair of white panties to cover her body, and she did it deliberately. Hed never looked at her like this before but here he was sitting in front of her with his cock growing rapidly and the necessary blood for thinking his way out of this was headed right for the wrong head.
“do you like the way I look Uncle Mark?”
He was floored. “Yes I do. I shouldn't be down here though. We could get in big trouble.”
“I know you want to stay Uncle Mark.” she said as her hand made its way to his raging hard cock. “I've never seen a penis before. Can I see yours?”
Knowing he was defeated and at this point just needed to get his pants off because his cock hurt he stood up. “Ill show you just this once. You can never tell anyone about this. I could get in a lot of trouble.” With that he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His hard cock sprang free just a couple feet from his naked niece.
Julie moved closer as Mark instinctively closed his eyes and reached down to stroke his cock. She was mesmerized. As her uncle played with his penis is got bigger and bigger until it was roughly the size of her arm. Her mother had taught her about the birds and the bees so she knew where that was supposed to go and she had seen a small bit of porn so she knew about what to do with it but what she didn't know was how something that big was supposed to go into something so small. She had never put anything into her pussy before, except a finger, so she knew it was very tight still.
Julie looked up at her uncle stroking his cock in front of her and got an urge to taste it. She watched him for a few seconds. He was only using ¾ of the stroke. The entire area near the end wasn't being touched so still looking at him she leaned forward with her mouth open and closed her mouth around the tip sucking in lightly like she had seen her mom do with her dad one time in the living room.
Marks eyes shot open but he didn't move a muscle except to look down and see his beautiful naked niece with her mouth closed around the tip of his cock and her cheeks slightly sucked in from the vacuum she was producing. Right then he knew he had to have her. He had to make her his own. It had been a couple months he'd worked on the house and hadn't had time to go on dates. Now here he was with an opportunity and his little head wasn't going to let him pass it up.
Mark put his hand on the back of Julies head and helped her. She quickly got the idea and began to take a couple more inches into her mouth. Mark was in heaven and knew if he didn't stop her soon he'd blow his load into her mouth so he pulled on her hair just enough to get his cock out of her mouth and helped her to her feet. “Come with me” he said and he led her to the stairs.
Mark took Julie to his room and closed the door. “We can be more ourselves in here and not have to worry about John coming in” he said as he slipped off his remaining clothes while his large cock bounced at full erection.
Julie took her panties off, sure that she wasn't going to need them anymore tonight. Just than he helped her onto the bed and had her lay on her back. She quickly got the idea and spread her legs.
Mark looked at his young nieces virgin pussy for the first time and was stunned. It was hairless and perfect. He needed to taste it. Looking directly into Julies eyes he lowered his face to her pussy. With his tongue out he barely touched the top of her slit and tasted it, enjoying the flavor he slid his tongue between her pussy lips and found her clit almost instantly.
As soon as her uncle touched her clit Julie nearly shot up off the bed it was so intense. Her hand went to the back of his head and she mashed his face into her pussy. She hadn't had the time to play with herself today so she was 3 orgasms behind and desperately needed what was coming.
Mark greedily licked and nibbled her clit, greatly enjoying the taste of his virgin niece and her grinding his face hard with her pussy. He slid lower and pushed his tongue into her virgin hole while she pulled his head so hard into her pussy that his nose slid between her lips and pressed into her clit effectively blocking any means of him being able to breathe.
Julie didn't know she was suffocating her uncle, she just knew she wanted that orgasm right now as she wrapped her legs tightly around his head. About 30 seconds passed and she was almost there when she felt her uncle jerk a little. At first she thought he was playing with himself but then she saw both of his hands on her legs, then she realized what she was doing and it flipped a switch in her and she pulled him tighter. His jerking got worse as his lungs emptied and each time he spasmed she got closer. Just as he was going to pass out she exploded in a violent leg shaking loss of control orgasm. Be willed another second out of his lungs before gasping loudly and sucking massive amounts of needed air into his starved lungs.
Mark was watching her coming down off the orgasm he had just given her and saw a fire in her young eyes while she rubbed her nipples.
“Oh my god that was awesome Uncle Mark. Where did you learn to do that?”
“Practice hun.”
“Wow, id say you've had a lot of practice then.” Julie said while biting her lip. “Uncle Mark? Can you put your thing in my pussy?”
Shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth his jaw fell open as he stared at her post-orgasmic body. Coming to his senses he asked her, “you want me to fuck you?” she just nodded her head yes as she held her legs spread in the air.
“I don't have any condoms sweetie. We shouldn't do this without one.” He said getting kinda bummed out.
“I want to do this. I don't care. Please just put it in me Uncle Mark” she said using her sweetest, sexiest, most alluring voice while she batted her eyes at him.
Fuck it, I've gone this far what is a little more he thought as he slid between her legs and touched the tip of his cock to her pussy. “Ill pull out. You could get pregnant” he told her as he rubbed his dick up and down her slit. She was in a complete state of ecstasy and just nodded a little and closed her legs around his back, pulling him.
Mark took his cock in his hand and slowly pushed against her opening. With some effort and a little time he slid the head into her body. Julie jerked when it entered her. It felt enormous. And it was just the head. He pushed a little harder and slid in farther, noticing that she should have hit her hymen already he pushed hard and drove 7 of his 8 inches into her body.
Julie screamed. Loudly. It felt like she was getting ripped in half but at the same time it was the best feeling shed ever encountered before. Instinctively her legs wrapped around the back of her lover and locked her ankles, holding him buried inside her. Mark couldn't believe how tight she was. It felt like her pussy might be cutting circulation off in his cock but at this point he didn't care. He was nearly balls deep in his sisters little girl and wanted to give her the best virgin fuck that he could. At the same time her pussy was like a vice that was desperately trying to milk the cum out of him.
In an effort to stave off cumming too early Mark tried to pull out but Julies legs were locked tight. She wrapped her arms around him and whined “Nooo. Leave it in”. Mark managed to hold off and a minute or so later she unlocked her legs and Mark leaned down to kiss her while he slowly started to thrust in and out of her pussy.
Julie began to moan and instinctively thrust her hips to meet his and a short time later she felt something give inside her and his pelvis touch hers for the first time. Mark felt it too. He knew he had just made it past her cervix and into her womb. Just the thought of that made him even harder inside her and he knew she felt it as her eyes got wider.
Mark began to thrust again, this time making full strokes in and out of her with his large cock until he was pounding her hard. Her moans nearly became screams as her eyes rolled back and she lost control of her body while being wracked by a massive orgasm. Mark made half a dozen more thrusts and couldn't take it anymore.
“Shit I'm cumming!” Mark said as he buried his tool deep inside her and exploded so hard he saw stars.
“Oh god” Julie moaned while she wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him in tightly.
Mark flexed the for the last time as his balls emptied themselves and they collapsed next to each other in exhaustion, both gasping for air and covered in sweat. Julie put her head on his chest and his arm went around her holding her glistening body tightly to his.
“That was amazing Uncle Mark. Thank you” she said giving him a long kiss.
“You're welcome sweetie. Just remember you cant tell anyone what happened ok?”
“I understand Uncle Mark.”
They cuddle for a few more minutes before drifting off to sleep together.


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Would like another chapter. What about them including the nephew and then the mother/sister in a group fuck. He could also start to fuck his sister on a more regular basis.


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Yea. I would love another chapter. Bein an uncle myself this is hot. But I think they should soon become a couple


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